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4.0 out of 5 stars worth it, January 25, 2010
These aren't perfect but they work under some clothes, and as someone who really hates underwired bras they're worth it. It's cheaper to buy them on ebay in my experience, btw.
The colour is not a great match, and the outline definitely shows through with any clingy tops.
Google to see Victoria Beckham wearing them under a black top with them showing through to see the problem!
However for some summer tops they work, and if I'm wearing more than one layer - no problem. You just have to really pay attention to see if they show through. Sometimes the outline could pass as a lacy bra. Sometimes not!!
I have very protuding nipples and had to play around with where to site them on my boob to get them to work.
Definitely worth a go.

The Enneagram Workbook: Understanding Yourself & Others
The Enneagram Workbook: Understanding Yourself & Others
by Klausbernd Vollmar
Edition: Paperback
24 used & new from $2.84

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2.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing, December 12, 2009
I picked this up in a secondhand bookshop having read the excellent 'Wisdom of the Enneagram' by Riso and Hudson and hoping to learn more. I just wouldn't recommend it. I got very little from it, and compared to the depth of R&H's model it felt insubstantial and even confusing. I highly recommend Riso and Hudson's books as a starting point, especially 'Wisdom..' ... I really wanted to get something from Vollmar's book but ended up giving it away to a charity shop.
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Youthair Super Creme Hair Dressing for Men and Women, 10 Ounce
Youthair Super Creme Hair Dressing for Men and Women, 10 Ounce
Price: $7.69
11 used & new from $7.29

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1.0 out of 5 stars Youthair contains known carcinogen lead acetate, April 29, 2009
I was about to buy this product when I came across a California State warning that it contatins a known carcinogen, lead acetate. I looked it up and it's a neurotoxin and carcinogen that accumulates in organs. Sorry... I know it's really disappointing but is it really worth risking terrible illness, and/or death, for gray hair?
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Truth vs Falsehood: How to Tell the Difference
Truth vs Falsehood: How to Tell the Difference
by David R. Hawkins
Edition: Paperback
Price: $15.13
111 used & new from $1.44

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1.0 out of 5 stars A perspective from A Course in Miracles, February 26, 2006
Reading all the other reviews, I want to add a point to view from the perspective of A Course in Miracles (which Hawkins cites in his books and comments on) and The Disappearance of the Universe, a related title.

Hawkins agrees with ACIM that that we live in a universe of effects, not one of causes. We are seemingly located as separate individuals in a universe; but in truth we are the Love and Oneness that lies beyond form. So in terms of Who and What We Really Are the universe is essentially illusory, and the 'answer' to the 'problem' that we seemingly find ourselves in - being born into a separate body in this world - is never going to be found by focusing on the illusory universe as something to be judged and calibrated, and so made real. One very helpful way home (as given in ACIM) is to train the mind to recognize the meaningful as being internal and the meaningless as being external. This book encourages one to make the meaningless very real and significant, and indeed spiritually powerful.

And so to me, this book - and Hawkins' system of calibration into hierarchies - presents a great temptation for the ego. The indentification with conscious and unconscious thoughts of separation and specialness which we call the ego, needs above all else to be right and 'know the truth'. This is its main way of protecting itself from being wrong and vulnerable: by confidently projecting onto *outside* forms that *they* are mistaken, wrong or 'guilty'. All this bolsters its specialness and separation. To have a divination system which can tell you infallibly what is true and what is false; what is right and what is wrong; and produce hierarchies of what is better than what and what is worse than what.... What heaven for the ego! And indeed what heaven for the sincere seeker who just wants to know the best way and find the best teacher...

I have read reviews where people wrote something along the lines of: "Well my beliefs have been thoroughly challenged which is great, and I'm now adjusting them in the light to this book, which is causing some emotional challenges but lots of growth and it's all good really." To radically adjust your beliefs in the light of what you read in this book would only make sense to me if you had a good way of knowing that the book was right or wiser, and your previous beliefs were wrong or unhelpful. And yet plenty of highly experienced kinesiology practitioners have written reviews on this site. They all explicitly discredit kinesiology as a replicable system for discerning truth.

I was very excited by Hawkins until the penny dropped about why my ego loved him! I think the real wake-up call from this - certainly for me - is to acknowledge that the yearning for a Source of guidance is huge; and to remember once more at this can only be fulfilled by contacting It internally. Whether that be through your heart, your meditation practice, your intuition, by learning to hear a Voice of guidance through ACIM..... it doesn't matter. But ultimately, Guidance is never something outside of yourself. It is never some external divination system or person which can obligingly be relied upon to be infallibly accurate.

I would also agree with reviewers who say that there are things of use to people in Hawkins' work. I do think he has had a genuine awakening. Personally I found his map of consciousness gave me greater awareness of my ego structure, and obstacles to peace. It's also potentially helpful to a coach/therapist. I see it as a flexible, fluctuating map, whose roots are all in guilt at one side (an understanding gleaned from ACIM) and in Love at the other.

ACIM teaches that unconscious guilt is the cause of *all* effects in this universe of perception and indeed of the universe's existence. Forgiving every effect, person and form in this universe as an innocent illusion that cannot touch us is how we re-experience our own innocence and invulnerability, and so undo our guilt, and wake up to Truth.

Now who knows if that is true. But judging things as true or false, better or worse, (and so, *real*)and putting them in hierarchies is pretty much antithetical to the ACIM/ Disappearance path. I think this is worth pointing out as Hawkins sells a DVD of a workshop where he lectures at length to ACIM students. It's important to realize that he isn't a greater authority on ACIM than the Voice of the text itself. And for his readers to appreciate that his 'take' on ACIM is not necessarily true. But that certainly doesn't make the one path better than the other, or the one path true and the other path false.

There are different teachings, different paths up the illusory mountain, different systems which all work in some way in the end. You end up on the path which feels right to you. I don't think there is likely to be a teacher on the planet who speaks pure infallible truth. If there were, queues would form of seekers wanting to give their power away to him or her.

And just to be clear, I think that the dedicated student of Hawkins' spiritual teachings and methods will in the end steer clear of the temptations of the ego and awaken to Truth, just as any seeker will one day.

Good luck to us all!

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