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Stevia extract - 100% Pure Stevia Powder No Fillers -2 Pack 1 Oz. Shaker Botttle Stevia Rebaudiana Premium Part of Stevia Plant Water Extracted from the Sweet Leaf - Best Tasting Stevia Guaranteed!
Stevia extract - 100% Pure Stevia Powder No Fillers -2 Pack 1 Oz. Shaker Botttle Stevia Rebaudiana Premium Part of Stevia Plant Water Extracted from the Sweet Leaf - Best Tasting Stevia Guaranteed!
Offered by Stevia Select
Price: $34.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars DOES THE JOB, March 2, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
After 60 years, I've broken my sugar addiction. Before pure Stevia, I used Splenda and later Truvia/Purevia (Stevia cut with bulking agents) for several years. The Truvia/Purevia were better than Splenda, but both the Splenda and Truvia/Purevia left disgusting residues and just didn't taste right (because of the fillers or bulking agents added). More importantly for me, I could not fully enjoy my gourmet coffee with either. When I first began using pure Stevia, I appreciated the better flavor and lack of a residue, but it still did not taste quite like sugar to me. However, after a few months, Stevia tastes like sugar to me, and I am again enjoying gourmet coffee. In short, there is an adjustment period.

Perhaps more precisely, pure stevia is "as effective" as sugar for "cutting the edge" of bitter or sour drinks and foods---the way most people use sugar. However, it is not as intensely sugary-sweet, regardless of how much you use. For a rare, once-a-month "desert" cup of fine coffee, I still use real sugar and real cream. For lemonade and other very sour drinks, Splenda tastes better than stevia, to me.

For years I used KAI PURE STEVIA---until they started adulterating in. Then I tried another Chinese brand which claimed to be pure, but was "diluted" with some sort of filler. I'm not sure this Stevia is quite as sweet as the original KAI, but it is the best brand currently available that I've found.

One "tiny spoon" (included) of STEVIA POWDER = 1 teaspoon of sugar. The 1 oz jars are more convenient than the 3.5 oz jars, because the included "tiny spoon" can reach to nearly the bottom of the jars. It is hard to get near the bottom of the larger jars.

Power Toe Nail Clippers Cutters Trimmers Nippers Podiatry Instruments. Handmade Top Quality 5.5'' Premium Stainless Steel CE Marked
Power Toe Nail Clippers Cutters Trimmers Nippers Podiatry Instruments. Handmade Top Quality 5.5'' Premium Stainless Steel CE Marked
Price: $6.99
5 used & new from $6.00

5.0 out of 5 stars DOES THE JOB, February 25, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
> 5 1/2" x 1 3/4" X 1/2"
> Sharp, curved blade, 3/4" long
> Locks closed
> Spring holds open when not locked closed.

> Good design
>> Fits well in the hand
>> Operates and cuts well, even very thick, hard nails.

> Your nails will cut easier, with less likelihood of cracking, immediately after a shower or bath.
> If you cannot arrange to cut your nails after a bath, then soak them in hand-lotion for 5 minutes first.

> The sharp thin blade can be used to relieve pressure from ingrown toenails, but doing to will inevitably cause bleeding and the toe will become very painfully infected. So, if you perform ingrown toenail "surgery", immediately smoother the area in antibiotic cream and cover with a thick bandage. Change the antibiotic cream and bandage several times per day for several days. As a long term solution, file down the center of your toenail thin with nail-file, to will allow the toenail to "shrink" laterally---but that's over a period of months.
> To minimize irritation to ingrown toenails:
>> Keep the toenails short, with only a slight curve.
>> If you wear men's-type socks, wear them inside-out to minimize rubbing of the seam against your toes.

> Fit and finish less that perfect--but that is only a cosmetic issue.
> Operation slightly "gritty" which is easily fixed with a little silicon grease Permatex PERMATEX DIELECTRIC GREASE 22058. Apply the grease to:
>> The jaw hinge
>> The coiled leaf "spring"
>> The lock mechanism
>> Operated to spread the grease around and then wipe off all excess.
>> You could use ordinary household oil or grease, but silicon grease is better for this purpose and has many other applications.
> Latching the clippers closed is a little inconvenient and takes a little practice---but the silicon grease helps.

Atlas Shrugged Part III: Who is John Galt? [Blu-ray]
Atlas Shrugged Part III: Who is John Galt? [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Greg Germann
Price: $19.98
25 used & new from $18.97

4 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars WHY?, January 28, 2015
Do you wonder why the movie has such a large following (especially the first two parts), despite the cast changing with each part, despite the low budget, and despite the numerous shortcomings of Part 3? Or why there is such vitriolic hatred of Rand, the book, and the movies? Fact is, according to a Library of Congress survey, Atlas Shrugged is the most influential book in the English language (other than the Bible)---and that was a write-in, not even included among the suggested choices. How is that possible? Only by friends telling friends, "Atlas Shrugged has changed my life."

Here's why:


Atlas Shrugged is a captivating novel. The greatest "shortcoming" is that the book is over 50 years old. The heroine is the vice-president of a major railroad company, and most of the plot revolves around her desperate efforts to keep the railroad going. In the 21st century, when the age of railroads is long past, this is certainly dated. Indeed, Atlas Shrugged, although contemporary when written, takes on the feel of a grand masterful allegory perhaps like Dante, Chaucer, or Swift. It is just as much "fun" as Alice in Wonderland or Gulliver's Travels--and just as serious as the Divine Comedy. Yet, if you listen to a hour of local and national news on TV every evening while reading the book--half of the stories will sound as though they were lifted from the book--so timelessness and universal is Rand's story.

This will probably be the most important book (to you) that you read in your lifetime.

It is often described as "Capitalism versus Communism", or "altruism vs selfishness"--but both descriptions seriously miss the point. What this book is really about is much more fundamental. It is about the nature of good and evil, and beyond that, the very meaning of life.

"But I'm a good person, so what value is this book to me?"--you may ask. Answer: You have certainly noticed that adult "morality" is full of all kinds of exceptions and contradictions. The truth is, the world of "morality" we adults have constructed is a sham, a fraud. It is no more than "social convention"--which is to say, "what most-of-us more-or-less agree to"--and actually, despite all the "moral" justification, has absolutely nothing to do with morality or right-and-wrong, and often little to do with common sense.

Still, the question remains, "Why isn't simply accepting the current 'social norms' good enough?" "Go along to get along." Answer: To put it bluntly, the greatest evil the world has ever seen has been done by folks "accepting community norms" who thought they were doing good, or at least who could justify their actions as being "socially acceptable".

The truth is, you will be quite surprised when you learn the true nature of evil. Until you have read Atlas Shrugged, evil will remain a hazy mist floating just off your line of vision, which you don't look straight at, because you don't WANT it to exist. After reading Atlas Shrugged, evil snaps into sharp focus--and like a bully confronted--ceases to be a fear, and just becomes something distasteful to avoid.

As Rand richly illustrates: Just as eating too much fat can clog up your arteries, thinking "too much fat" can damage with your mental health. Some mental illness is physiological. But most mental illness is caused by unresolved internal contradictions. Reality is all there is. You do NOT have the option of living in your own private version of reality. Nevertheless, many, perhaps most, people live lives built on thier own complex lies. That turns smart people crazy, and stupid people mean and crazy.

How do you avoid "unresolved internal contradictions"? By knowing the difference between right and wrong, and never, ever, allowing a rotten board to be used in the construction of your mental house. The problem is the old "slippery slope". Lie to yourself just once, no matter how trivial the lie, and the next one will be easier. Before long, you realize that you can justify ANYTHING--and with the blessings of the popular culture. And before you know it, you've lost your soul.

As Rand preaches, the meaning of life is integrity. Living without compromise. To live a life filled with joy and pride in yourself, made possible by being free of mental conflicts. To know, not merely hope, that your mistakes were honest mistakes. To live with the knowledge that you are the best you can be, while striving to be better. To be a joy and comfort to the people you love. To give generously of your time, wealth, and love simply for the joy of doing so. To be a person who has changed the world for the better when you have gone. That's what Atlas Shrugged is really all about. All of the other themes, even Communism vs Capitalism are peripheral supporting themes. It is precisely because the fundamental issues are so basic and primary, that the implications are simultaneously universal--applying to all aspects of life.

DSLRKIT 2 way Macro Shot Focusing Focus Rail Slider for CANON NIKON SONY Camera D-SLR, New Updated Version
DSLRKIT 2 way Macro Shot Focusing Focus Rail Slider for CANON NIKON SONY Camera D-SLR, New Updated Version
Offered by KM Distribution
Price: $13.05
5 used & new from $11.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars DOES THE JOB, January 27, 2015
> 6 1/4" long X 3 3/4" wide X 3/4" high.
> Practical movement range: 4 1/4" (or a little more).
> 1/4" threads on the base for a tripod (etc.)
> 1/4"-thread thumbscrew on the stage for a camera.
> 1/4"-thread thumbscrew on the stage (movable) for a lens with a tripod mount (optional).
> Geared knob to move the stage; smaller knob to lock the stage in place.

> Attractive finish.
> The rail is unusually vertically compact (low), which is a desirable feature.
> The rail locks solidly in place with no "play", which is important.
> A fantastic bargain at $10, even with the following caveats.

> A poor design for a focusing rail. A better design would have been a long rail on the bottom which attaches to your tripod, with a small stage on top (which attaches to your camera). But that would have required a few more components, and increased manufacturing costs by perhaps 50 cents.
> The thumbscrews are held in place by retaining washers, which is a poor design which does not allow them to be completely retracted, nor easily installed/removed.
> The "D-handles" on the thumbscrews are hard to pull down when you need to. But conversely, they often fall down on their own and jam the movement. Similar thumbscrews (which probably cost 5 cents more) on my tripod have springs to keep the handles retracted.
> Caution: You can "drive" the stage all the way off the mount on one end, which could be disastrous. There are holes for "pegs" or "pins" to act as stops on both ends, but no peg on one end. Leaving out the peg probably saved 2 cents in assembly cost. I cut a small peg from a nail with a bolt-cutter. I pulled up the corresponding corner of the rubber mat to install the peg---the mat holds the new peg in place. Alternative, you could place a blob of J-B weld epoxy glue in the gear track at that end to act as a stop. J-B Weld 8265S Original Steel Reinforced Epoxy Twin Pack - 2 oz
> Initially the operation of the rail was very rough, especially when the rail was vertical--sometime I could even hear gears being skipped. The problem was that the tension set screws were too loose. Tighten them until you feel a little resistance.
> While using the focusing rack the first time, the drive knob came off in my hand--the set screw had come loose, which probably means that the hole is poorly threaded. It may be a good idea to dab a little glue into all of the holes of the set screws to keep them in place
> Practically speaking, you have to use either the camera mount (the fixed thumbscrew) OR the lens mount (the sliding thumbscrew), not both simultaneously. The tripod mount on lenses is rarely, if ever, at the same level as the tripod mount on your camera base. So this dual-mount feature is not as useful as it might seem.
> The long stage is likely to interfere with some large diameter lenses. Sure, you can mount the camera backwards, but then the rail is likely to jam you in the neck.
> The moving thumbscrew serves no useful purpose. It does NOT retract. You can slide it out of the way, but then it can slide back when you don't notice, and possibly scratch the bottom of your lens (depending on the camera and lens). However, anyone familiar with retaining washers can pop them off and de-install the 2nd thumbscrew, which is my recommendation, and which I did.
> The all Chinese retail packaging is adequate, but I would have preferred an appropriate storage box, or at least a storage pouch.

> Don't forget to tighten the setscrews as necessary (see above)--it makes a huge difference.
> The action can be made a LITTLE smoother with a little silicon grease Permatex 22058 Dielectric Tune-Up Grease, 3 oz. Tube
>> Moisten a cotton cloth with a little silicon grease, and spread it in the bearing surfaces.
>> Operated the rail the full travel several times to spread the grease around.
>> With a clean cotton cloth wipe off every trace of the silicon glue---the invisibly thin layer which remains is sufficient.
>> It is important to wipe off every trace of grease to avoid the possibility of transfer to a lens surface.
>> Do NOT use petroleum grease or vegetable oil. Petroleum grease or oil damages rubber. Vegetable oil gets gummy with time.
>> If you don't already have a tube of silicon grease, buy one. It has a thousand uses, including improving the battery contacts in your TV remote or the earphone contacts on your MP3 player.

Fineline Settings Platter Pleasers Scalloped Heavy Duty Tongs, 7-Inch, Black
Fineline Settings Platter Pleasers Scalloped Heavy Duty Tongs, 7-Inch, Black
Price: $3.75
2 used & new from $3.75

5.0 out of 5 stars DOES THE JOB, January 27, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
> Heavy black plastic, could last years of light home use.
> Ridges on handle helps to get a good grip.
> 7" long
> Jaws open to 3" wide
> Jaws ~2 1/2" x 1" wide

> Provides a solid grip with less chance of accidents. Food items can't spill or (e.g., spaghetti) slither out.
> Perfect for serving large round items, such as small to medium-size baked goods, sausages, whole medium-size tomatoes, medium-size potatoes, or whole boiled eggs.
> Perfect for serving spaghetti and similar dishes
> Good for serving most cooked vegetables.
> Good for serving salads.
> Sideways the bottom jaw will hold about 1 tablespoon full of liquid, and so can be used for adding small amounts of sauce, such as salad dressing to a small salad etc.

> Provides portion control---it takes several grabs to get much salad, spaghetti, or cooked vegetables.
> Larger tongs, say 12" would be better for quick serving at home of salad, spaghetti, or cooked vegetables.
> Larger tongs, say 9-12" would be better for serving larger pieces of fried chicken, bagels, or large other pastry etc.
> Allows excess juice to drain.
> Serving spoons are better if you want to serve vegetables with juices or non-stringy pasta dishes with sauces.
> Teethed tongs are better for serving small horderves or slices of turkey, roast, etc,
> Metal tongs are better for cooking,

> Presumably not heat proof, e.g., you shouldn't use them for frying bacon.
> Apparently dishwater safe. However any plastic can be damaged by the heating coils in your dishwasher. I learned this because my current Bosch dishwasher doesn't have a "drying" cycle, the metal pots and ceramics dishes dry from the heat they absorb from the washwater. The plastic doesn't dry at all---but it also remains undamaged, compared to my Frigidaire dishwasher which regularly damaged my plastic storage containers and occasionally plastic utensils. So, my suggestion is to either hand-wash plastic dishes, containers, and utensils, or turn off the "dry" cycle of your dishwasher (or choose a cycle which "air dries"). You'll also save a lot of electricity ($$$).

> Many reviewers report that the tongs are flimsy---those I received were heavy and strong.
> Some reviewers may have been reporting on similar tongs they purchased at the Dollar Store, or elsewhere.
> If the item is not sold by, or at least "fulfilled by" Amzn, other Amzn merchants may substitute lower quality alternatives. It depends on the type of item. If you are buying "Irwin brand Vise-Grip pliers" no substitution is possible. This is a "perfect" item for substitution. On items like this, beware of other Amzn merchants, particularly with better prices.
> If you receive damaged or unacceptable merchandize sold by Amzn, or "fulfilled" by Amzn---then return it, return postage is free; or complain and you'll get your money back (and the problem will probably be corrected.
> Check the "newest" reviews for an indication of what is actually shipping

Bluecell 5pcs Gun Smoke Color 5.5 Inch Aircraft Key Ring Holder Wire
Bluecell 5pcs Gun Smoke Color 5.5 Inch Aircraft Key Ring Holder Wire
Offered by Liroyal-led(Ships from Hong Kong)
Price: $2.43
14 used & new from $0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars DOES THE JOB, January 26, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
> Bare stainless steel "aircraft" cable, without a clear plastic coating
> 5 "key rings", each 6" long
> Each closed creates a ring 2" in diameter
> You can use more than one piece, for example 2 pieces makes a ring ~3 3/4" in diameter
> The "aircraft" cable is 1mm diameter--about half as thick as the photos imply
> The coupler is 3/16" (~4mm) in diameter
> So, you can string through ~3mm diameter holes, but for the key or other item to pass over the connector, the hole would have to be ~4mm or 1/4" in diameter

> It took a full 4 weeks to receive the package.
> Well made
> Closes smoothly
> You can use a LITTLE glue on the threads to keep the "key rings" from opening. Ordinary "white glue" works well, and you can still open the "key rings" if you want. DO NOT use "superglue" unless you want the "key rings" closed permanently. Elmer's Washable No-Run School Glue, 4 oz, 1 Bottle (E304)
> I did NOT receive a stylus, although I've purchased them separately. 10 in 1 Bundle Mini Capacitive Stylus / Styli Pen - Blue Purple Red Green Gold White Black Pink Silver Chrome - for Compatible Models
> The photo of the stylus is not to scale, it is larger, about 2" long with a peg which plugs into the earphones socket of your phone or tablet. I actually use one on the touch screen of my camera.

AF1805-A 5V 2.5A Switching AC Adapter for D-LINK
AF1805-A 5V 2.5A Switching AC Adapter for D-LINK
Offered by dealcharged
Price: $9.46
11 used & new from $2.49

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars DOES THE JOB, January 17, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
> I purchased, and received, a D-Link 5V 2.5A AC Adapter to replace a model "AF1805-A 5V 2.5A Switching AC Adapter for D-Link", However the item I intentionally (because it was half-price) ordered and received was a different model---yet Amzon claims that this was the item I purchased.
> Why am I telling you this? To explain why I am reviewing a different model here. And to advise you that you can get a D-Link adapter for half the price from Amazon. Just search for "D-Link 5V 2.5A AC Adapter". It is a different shape, but has the same critical 5V 2.5A output specification.

> The plug (that you plug into your router) size and shape matters. In my experience all D-Link adapters are the same.
>> If the adapter is NOT specifically "D-link" the plug tip could be a different diameter, too long, too short, or have reverse polarity. If you have an old non-D-link adapter lying around which is the right voltage and amps (see below), I'd try it, it will probably work.
> The output voltage matters. In my experience all D-Link adapters are 5V (volts).
> The output amperage matters. Your replacement adapter may deliver more amperage, but not less. One of my D-Link routers is 1A (amp), the other is 2.5A. Do not replace a 2.5A adapter with a 1A adapter; but you could replace a 1A adapter with a 2.5A adapter.

> Switching means that although the plug is American (for 110V AC), if (with an adapter) you plug it into a foreign 220V socket, it will work. If you plan to use it with 220volts AC, the adapter doesn't have to say "switching", nearly all such adapters are "switching" these days, however the input voltage should be listed on the adapter as "100-240V 50-60Hz" or something close to that.

> The shape of the adapter doesn't matter. However, the shape of the AF1805A is particularly handy because it only takes up a single space on a power strip

Leather Hole Punch Tool, Heavy Duty 2.0mm - 4.5mm
Leather Hole Punch Tool, Heavy Duty 2.0mm - 4.5mm
Price: $8.99
18 used & new from $6.14

5.0 out of 5 stars DOES THE JOB, January 16, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Note that the photos show two different items.
1) The first is apparently made of thin metal, either unpainted or painted a light color. It does NOT have plastic insert which identifies the size of each punch NOR a lock lever.
2) The second is made of heavier metal, painted dark brown. It features a plastic insert which identifies the size of each punch and a lock lever.
I received #2

Works great, will even cut perfect holes in thin paper.

> The die wheel is very stiff, but that can be fixed with a little grease.
>> Note that the wheel only turns in one direction.
> The locking lever on mine was extraordinary flimsy.
> There was a ding on one of the dies, which prevented it from punching a perfectly round hole, but I was able to easily straight it out with the round shank of a slightly smaller screw-driver.

> The dies are essentially "round" knife edges, but of less-than knife-grade metal. It is very easy to damage the cutting surfaces. Keep the punch in its original packaging to protect the dies. If you discard the packaging, then find some other way to protect the dies.
> A very thin layer of silicon grease applied (perhaps with a Q-tip)to the dies will probably help punch through leather, but will not stain the leather.
> You can also use silicon grease to lubricate the die wheel.

Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes - Fresh Scent: 40 Count Canister
Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes - Fresh Scent: 40 Count Canister
Offered by Deals on Main
Price: $4.00
48 used & new from $2.05

5.0 out of 5 stars DOES THE JOB, January 14, 2015
> For me, the one outstanding feature of "Wet Ones" as opposed to all other brands I've found, is that "Wet Ones" fit in the beverage holders of both of my cars (VWs), so that I can clean my hands every time I get into my car (other than when leaving home). It is especially important to thoroughly clean your hands after using gasoline pumps, or handling cash---both are cesspools.

> Since you usually touch your steering wheel before getting to the anti-bacterial wipes, remember to clean it after you've finished cleaning your hands.
> The wipes are also very helpful for cleaning bird crap or smashed insects from your windshield, cleaning your windshield wipers, etc.

> It can be hard to start a new roll.
> The lid is small, so it is hard to close without some of catching some of the wet towel, which will then wick out the moisture.

by Michael Crichton
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $19.96
899 used & new from $0.01

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars IMPORTANT READING, January 13, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Next (Hardcover)
In short, in NEXT Crichton presents the exciting, scary, and problematic aspects of current genetic research, and current applications, in the form of a very readable novel. Not as much fun as JURASSIC PARK, but still one of Crichton's best.

As other reviewers point out, there are a few too many essentially independent subplots to keep track of. Two exaggerated transgenic animals, an African Grey parrot and a chimpanzee ("humanzee") strain credulity. African Greys are impressive---an enhanced Grey might have astounding language stills---but not the reasoning skills to go with them that Gerard has. Similarly, a "humanzee" raised in a cage would be just at least as retarded as a human child raised in a cage. Dave is portrayed as being was well developed as a human child of the same age---albeit with a few peculiar quirks. Both are cute and provide comic relief. My only concern is that many readers will discount the other possibilities, problems, and threats Crichton presents which are not at all exaggerated.

Still, these are minor quibbles. If you have enjoyed earlier Crichton novels because you enjoy being educated while reading fiction---you'll love NEXT. I can't imagine anyone giving it less than 4 stars---must be folks with ideological axes to grind, and mad about some of Crichton's earlier novels.

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