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Kingston 4 GB Class 4 SDHC Flash Memory Card SD4/4GB
Kingston 4 GB Class 4 SDHC Flash Memory Card SD4/4GB
Offered by RS Enterprises
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1.0 out of 5 stars Unreliable - Disappearing Pictures, December 12, 2008
I had this card in a Panasonic DMC-TZ5 camera for about a month, and in that time the card experienced a "read error" on three separate occasions that resulted in all the pictures currently on the card disappearing. I called Panasonic customer service and the first question they asked was what brand card I had. When I told them Kingston, they advised me to get a new card, as nearly everyone who complained about disappearing pictures (in any model camera) had a Kingston card. I'd much rather spend a little more money and actually have my pictures!
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3.0 out of 5 stars A Lot of Money for a Sun Shade..., August 5, 2008
I researched doubles for months and after buying and returning a side-by-side finally took the plunge and bought the Vibe. For me, it was not a good buy.

First, the positives. FINALLY, Phil and Ted's has designed a sun canopy that offers decent coverage. The shade rotates freely and also slides up and down the frame, which is helpful in creating head room for the toddler in the infant/toddler mode. However, as another reviewer mentioned the shade is a bit flimsy, as the frame and the clips that attach it to the stroller frame are just plastic.

The stroller is a dream to push, and probably the lightest weight full-size double you can find. I do not know how the push compares with other P&T models. And of course, the configuration is entirely unique for a double stroller.

Now, for the things that annoyed me. Some other reviewers on various sites noted that they do not like the location of the parking brake on the center of the handle, because it is easy to engage accidentally. I did not have trouble with this and actually found I preferred having the brake on the handle, especially in the toddler/toddler mode with the doubles seat on the back. Also, I found the "ergonomic" handle rather comfortable. It is rather wide and flat more than round, so it is not condusive to wrapping your thumbs around it, but this didn't bother me. The thing about the handle that does both me is that when the handle is in it's highest position (where it is comfortable for me) and the sun shade is in it's normal position, you can't get your fingers around the handle without squeezing them in between the sun shade and the handle. I usually tip the sun shade forward a bit to avoid this.

The new "infinite" recline system on the main seat is VERY cumbersome. It is a strap that requires two hands to adjust and is not smooth at all. I do not think it is an improvement over the zipper/buckles system on the other P&T models, although those are also annoying. Plus you still have to use side zippers on the Vibe to get the full recline. The recline on the doubles seat is an absolute joke. First, the child must be short enough for his/her head to fit under the metal frame of the top of the seat in order for it to recline. Second, the recline is two inches at best and really rather useless.

As with the other models, the doubles seat when in the back has absolutely no sun protection. Do not believe that the main seat and the rest of the stroller provide shade; they do not. Plan on purchasing an extra shade for the rear seat if you use the stroller outdoors.

I am 5'9" and use the stroller for fast walking. With the handle in the highest position and the stroller in toddler/toddler mode (with the doubles seat on the back), I brush the top of the doubles seat with my knees with almost every step. Going downhill, the "brush" is more of a "crash".

Oh, the fold. I read a review somewhere that outlined no less than 12 steps for folding the stroller with the doubles seat attached; that seems about right to me. Once you get the hang of it, it is not complicated, but it is also not fast. In addition, the stroller is really quite bulky when folded with the doubles seat on the back, and the fabric of the main seat is conspicuously exposed - it gets rather dirty in my trunk.

The Bottom Line: The only real improvement I see between the Vibe and the Sport Buggy is the main sun shade, and even that has its drawbacks. If you have a Sport Buggy and are happy with it, I would not recommend "upgrading" to the Vibe. The Phil & Teds inline buggies are convenient and unique in their ability to fit two kids in the footprint of a single stroller, but if you are looking at the four models now available, I would suggest getting the Classic or Sport Buggy and adding sun shades. The Vibe just isn't worth the $700-$800.

Valco Baby Latitude Twin Stroller EX- Silk Black
Valco Baby Latitude Twin Stroller EX- Silk Black
Offered by "Cents"able $avings
Price: $174.99
6 used & new from $174.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good Compact Double, July 2, 2008
I have been using this stroller daily for about a month and for the most part really like it. Since it is difficult to find info on this stroller, here are some details:

SIZE: I use this stroller for a tall 18-month-old (about 34 inches) and a newborn. My older daughter is very comfortable in the stroller right now, but I'm hoping she doesn't have any growth spurts for a few months - her feet already rest on the foot rest with her knees slightly bent and she has little room as far as width in the seat. Her head is maybe 3 inches from the top of the sun canopy. All this is pretty reasonable given the size of the stroller (less than 29" wide - it fits through my front door with ease, and very compact front-to-back). The telescoping handle is good - I am 5'9" and I use it on the highest setting and it is comfortable. If I am walking very quickly or taking a long stride, I occasionally hit the parking brake (the foot step to engage it is right in the middle) with my toes, but never hard enough to actually put the brake on.

FOLD: This stroller does fold very compactly, IF you bend down and rotate the front wheels sideways after it is halfway folded (you can't align the wheels sideways before folding because they roll to forward facing as the stroller folds). It fits easily into the trunk of my Toyota Camry. The straps that lock the stroller closed are a decent idea - a short strap on either side with a plastic clip that slips over a rivet on the frame. Obviously an automatic lock would be better, but this is pretty quick and does the trick. Initially, the sun canopies popped off every time I folded the stroller. After some discussion with the retailer and Valco, Valco told me to recline the seats slightly before folding to avoid this problem. It sounds odd, but does indeed work; it's a little annoying to have to recline both seats before folding, but it's better than having the sun shades pop off.

SUN CANOPIES: The canopies are pretty generous for the size stroller, although if attached properly they do not rotate forward for when the sun is very low. I choose not to secure them to the frame with the velcro when the stroller is open, and this allows the shade to rotate pretty far forward depending on how far the seats are reclined. They do have a pretty high curve to them making for a little more head room.

PUSH: When I first got this stroller I put my 18-month-old in it by herself just to test it out, and it pushed fine even with the weight all on one side (and she's 27 pounds). I use it mostly outdoors on paved surfaces, and it is very easy to maneuver and handles the road/sidewalk bumps pretty well, especially considering it does not have air tires or suspension.

RECLINE: The one-hand recline by straps works smoothly and the seats lie pretty much all the way flat - simple to use if my toddler falls asleep sitting up.

STORAGE: There is no parent tray/storage or option for a child tray. I purchased a generic drink/cell phone/etc holder for myself but haven't received it yet. The under storage basket is very large (basically the whole width of the stroller), but the main support bar for the stroller runs down the middle of it so you can't fit anything huge in it. As with almost all strollers, the basket is difficult to access with the seats fully reclined.

ACCESSORIES: I haven't used the winter boot yet, but it is large and snaps on easily with two snaps. The rain shield fits well and covers well. I did not order the car seat adapter so I don't know how that works.

LITTLE EXTRA NOTES: I read on some web sites that the front bumper bar is adjustable, but it is not (I checked with Valco - it's not just mine). Also the "adjustable" foot rest has two positions: down or up (up being flat for younger babies) - they do not adjust in length for older toddlers with longer legs.

THE BOTTOM LINE: This is a compact double that makes the most of the space it takes up. However if you have older/larger toddlers, they may not be comfortable in this stroller for very long. Also if you're looking for something for daily long walks/rides or to use on anything other than paved surfaces, you probably need something more in the line of an "all-terrain" stroller. I give it four stars instead of five because it is still a bit heavy for a "lightweight" stroller, and the price is rather significant for a non-jogger, non-all-terrain double with few extras or outstanding features.

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3.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful, but lacks some practicality, February 16, 2008
If what you are looking for in a high chair is a piece of furniture that will fit in with the rest of your dining room or kitchen instead of another plastic monster lurking about your house, the Svan may be the chair for you. However I have found that I wish it were a little more practical at times.

1. Beautiful. Almost everyone who sees this chair in my house comments on it.
2. Adjustible. We started using this chair when my daughter was a little over 5 months and now at 13 months it still fits her perfectly. I have noticed when we have used some other highchairs that she often seems to be sitting down in a hole and the tray is often too high for her, and she is very tall for her age already. This is not the case with the Svan.
3. Small Footprint but Sturdy. I like that the chair is narrow enough that I can slide it in just about anywhere. It is also lightweight enough for me to move it around fairly easily. However even being narrow and fairly lightweight it is in fact quite stable - my daughter grabs the front of the tray and tries to rock it back and forth but it never moves.

1. Small Tray. At first I didn't notice this, but now that my daughter is more actively involved in her meals, I really wish the tray were both wider and deeper. I know nothing would keep her from throwing her food over the edge when she is determined to do that, but I can't even leave her sippy cup on the tray while she is eating because she accidentally knocks it off with her elbows.
2. Difficult Plastic Tray. I have to say I am very greatful for the plastic tray - I don't know how anyone used this chair before the tray came with it. However it snaps over the wooden tray very tightly, which I guess is both a pro and con. It definitely protects the wooden tray beneath, but I have caught my fingernails (which are very short) and fingertips numerous times trying to open the wrap-around hooks on the sides that keep the plastic tray secure. I guess this is just a minor inconvenience, but since I remove the tray at least daily for cleaning it annoys me sometimes.
3. Difficult to clean. I bought the fabric cushion along with the chair, but with or without it there are a couple crevices (actually, one specifically) in the seat that are difficult to clean. Whenever I get around to a "deep clean" of the chair, which always involves a vacuum for the crevices, I find various dried veggies and pasta and other unidentifiable items.
4. Not mobile. The chair neither folds nor rolls. For the most part this is of no consequence, although I have scratched my wood floors a couple times dragging it around instead of picking it up all the way. Obviously this is a result of me being lazy rather than a flaw in the chair itself, but it is something to consider if you are comparing with another type of chair that has wheels.

I think these are the major things I've noticed since I've been using this chair. Overall, I do not regret spending the money on it, but I think if I find myself ever needing another high chair I will probably look around at other options.

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