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Cree 60W Equivalent Soft White (2700K) A19 Dimmable 11W LED Light Bulb with 4FLOW Filament Design *New 8 Pack*
Cree 60W Equivalent Soft White (2700K) A19 Dimmable 11W LED Light Bulb with 4FLOW Filament Design *New 8 Pack*
Offered by NK Healthy Options
Price: $49.95
13 used & new from $43.75

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2.0 out of 5 stars Potential Savings Wiped Out by Replacement Costs., June 17, 2015
These are bright, the light is evenly distributed, and they turn on instantly, just like standard light bulbs.

But for me, they are also burning out at about the same rate as standard light bulbs. These are supposed to average about 22 years, but I am having to replace some of these, even without heavy usage, after 6 months. So, why am paying 3 times as much for them? (After buying a couple replacements, you have completely wiped out any potential savings from lower power consumption, and the savings estimates are based on more than two decades of usage!)

Part of the problem with these bulbs is that even though the LEDs themselves may last 22 years on average, the circuit that drives them does not: Since the drive circuits run pretty hot, they are under a lot of strain and can actually burn out fairly quickly.

Mugshots: Rae Carruth - NFL Hitman
Mugshots: Rae Carruth - NFL Hitman
Price: $2.96

2.0 out of 5 stars No More "Mugshots" For Me, May 18, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is the last "Mugshots" episode I will watch: This is the only show of its type where it tells you the story all the way up to the trial and then the episode just ends. Every other show of its type that I have seen, at a minimum, takes your through to the end of the trial, and in many cases, much farther.

I found this series about a week ago and have watch 8 or 9 episodes, and they did this exact same thing in most of them. Why would they do this? Why go through all of the trouble to put these documentaries together and then fail to follow through with a conclusion? In this episode, they even take your through much of the trial, and I am quite certain that they new the outcome of the trial long before this episode aired, so why not include the outcome of the trial?

The fact that the producers of this show consistently do this is so ridiculous and frustrating that I was thinking to myself towards the end of this episode that if they do this again here, I am simply going to be done watching this program. And sure enough, they did exactly that!

So, no more "Mugshots" for me.

Fatshark PilotHD 720p 30fps HD FPV Camera
Fatshark PilotHD 720p 30fps HD FPV Camera

2.0 out of 5 stars Not a Good FPV Camera, April 1, 2015
First of all, I bought mine new from another vendor for $29. I have no idea why another vendor would try to sell it for nearly 5 times the current market price.

Since this is a Fatshark camera, I had high expectations for it at least in terms of being a good FPV camera. And the fact that it can record seemed like just an added bonus.

Unfortunately, and I have found this to be true with every other FPV camera that records digitally, the TV out signal appears to be the digital image converted to analog composite output, and this never seems to work well. When I hook this camera to my AV transmitter, the image that is transmitted to my goggles is choppy, very dim and flickers, and it looks like I am getting about 10 frames per second instead of 30. And there is also some lag time. This doesn't work well for FPV flying! Even if the delay is sub second, it still throws you perspective off.

Again, this is actually common for FPV cameras that try to double as a DVR, and from my personal experience, I have learned that if you want to record, get a dedicated camera for recording and use a standard analog camera for FPV. Don't try to get both in the same camera. If you do, you will probably not get good results.

And as far as the recording goes, it's not all that great either. It's ok with the detail, but the colors are horribly over saturated and probably off a bit too.

So, the good news with this camera is it only cost me $29. The bad news is, it wasn't even worth the $29, and I will actually never use this camera for FPV flying. Maybe at some point I will find some other use for it, but for now, it is simply sitting in my parts drawer.

10-Pack: 6" x 9" x 2mil 3DXTech Kapton Polyimide Tape Sheets fit perfectly on heated platform (Ideal for Flashforge)
10-Pack: 6" x 9" x 2mil 3DXTech Kapton Polyimide Tape Sheets fit perfectly on heated platform (Ideal for Flashforge)
Offered by 3DXTech
Price: $17.95

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1.0 out of 5 stars Don't List This Product as Tape When It's Not Actually Tape, October 31, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is not tape! There is a big difference between tape and sheets that have no adhesive, and I specifically bought these because the seller not only shows a roll of tape in the product description but specifically mentions tape.

I don't care that this is Polyimide and can withstand high temperatures. It needs to be tape, because when it has no adhesive, you have to use clips to hold it onto your build plate, and when you do this, it never lays perfectly flat.

The most frustrating thing about this order is I bought it to replace cut sheets with no adhesive that I purchased previously that simply do not work. They bow in the middle when you use clips, and the clips are often in the way. And I ended up with the exact same thing here.

These are 6 X 9 cut sheets, not tape, and listing this product as tape and showing a picture of an uncut roll of "tape" is false advertising!

Flyzone Cessna 350 Corvalis Select Scale RTF RC Airplane
Flyzone Cessna 350 Corvalis Select Scale RTF RC Airplane
Price: $280.40
5 used & new from $279.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars because I really like this plane, July 16, 2014
I want to give this a 5 star, because I really like this plane, but I have some concerns about quality control on these:

First of all, not all of my navigation lights work. (No big deal. I don't care much about this.)

Secondly, the prop was so unbalanced that the plane would shake violently at full throttle. This is really bad, because it can damage the motor, break wires and cause other critical components to come loose. I ended up replacing it with a standard nylon APC blade. This is much more rigid than the stock blade. In fact, the stock blade is very flimsy. Really, Flyzone? These very strong APC blades only cost a few dollars. (You charge 300% more for your bendy, fragile, unbalanced blades.) Certainly, you could have done better than this. By the way, I lost some of the nice scale look by having to remove the chrome blade spinner to accommodate the APC blade and prop adapter.

More astonishingly, no thread locker appears to have been used on the critical mounting screws that hold the motor on! Again! Come on, Flyzone! Really? A low-quality, flimsy, unbalanced blade combined with no thread locker on critical screws? That's actually pretty pathetic. All almost-ready-to-fly and ready-to-fly models should be assembled properly with thread locker. Otherwise, it's not really ready to fly. And guess how you get to discover this? By having a critical component come loose or fail during flight. I was lucky: My motor was just barely dangling by one very loose screw after my 6th flight (the other screws were completely gone), and I didn't crash--or have my plane ripped up as the motor and blade flew off from the plane, probably never to be found again. Oh, and the plane might have crashed too. All because Flyzone didn't care enough to use thread locker. (Hey, Flyzone. I would be happy to spring for the extra two cents it would cost you to do this. This is much better than potentially losing my entire plane due to a flight failure.

Finally, the small Velcro patch that holds the battery strap down pulled off from the plane almost immediately. It seems that the glue holding it on is much weaker than the holding strength of the Velcro.

One more minor complaint: The ESC is not mounted at all. It is just flopping around in the battery compartment, and is always in the way of the battery as you try to insert it into the plane. Again, it would have been so easy for Flyzone to tape or glue this down. I just don't get why they wouldn't do this.

So, that's the bad. The good news is, I love the way this plane flies. It is very stable, does well in wind and lands very easily--with or without the flaps.

And I am even skeptical about the landing gear complaints left by another reviewer. My landing gear does just fine, and I have no fear of it breaking short of slamming it too hard into the pavement on a bad landing (probably what the other reviewer did :-) ). Even if the landing gear were fragile, you can land this plane so gently that you would probably still be fine.

Some have also complained about everything being molded into the foam body like, the front landing gear. This is true, and it would be hard to replace certain items, but that's expected with this type of ready-to-fly, scale plane, and I'm neither surprised nor bothered by this.

And what about 3D flying? Very light 3D? Yes. Aggressive 3D flying? Not so much. (With my first couple of loops, I wasn't sure it was even going to make it all the way around.) But then if you are looking at a plane like this, you're probably not looking for an aggressive 3D flier. Neither was I.

And it is a whole lot of fun to fly! I actually love this plane, and I still recommend it. And I'm glad I bought it, despite the flaws, which, by the way, all models have.

If you are curious (and if Amazon allows), here is a sample flight I posted on Youtube:

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