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The Ringer Cast Iron Cleaner XL 8x6 Inch Stainless Steel Chainmail
The Ringer Cast Iron Cleaner XL 8x6 Inch Stainless Steel Chainmail
Offered by Quiverr
Price: $24.99
3 used & new from $17.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Works well, seems very durable., December 16, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I used this for the first time tonight on my new Lodge wok. It doesn't have much seasoning yet so everything stuck. This scrubber was awesome! Other stuff I've used has either been to coarse or too soft. But this chain mail swatch is perfect. I also like that I can put it the dishwasher. Well done!

Plasticolor 004450R01 Star Wars Storm Trooper Lanyard/Key Ring
Plasticolor 004450R01 Star Wars Storm Trooper Lanyard/Key Ring
Offered by Dealsinstore4u
Price: $7.50
8 used & new from $5.12

5.0 out of 5 stars Good stuff!, November 15, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I bought this to wear at my job as an RN. It is a quality item, has the required break away feature and satisfies my inner Star Wars nerd. Good stuff!

Got2b Playful Texturizing Crème Pomade, 2-Ounce (Pack of 2)
Got2b Playful Texturizing Crème Pomade, 2-Ounce (Pack of 2)
Price: $8.44
14 used & new from $5.45

2.0 out of 5 stars Lousy for facial hair shaping, November 15, 2014
I didn't use this on my head as I shave it, but I did buy some at Target to use on my mustache to try and train it to the sides. I've never used pomade so maybe my expectations are off, but this stuff is lousy for my purposes. It's very runny, and has a strong chemical smell. It's ability to hold the facial hair to the sides is negligible. Facial hair is generally coarser than the hair on one's head, but I still felt some hold should be evident. For holding your face fuzz in place, try another pomade or a mustache wax. This stuff is fairly inexpensive, but not worth it in the end.

Swissco Tortoise Moustache/Boot Comb
Swissco Tortoise Moustache/Boot Comb
Offered by Ships Quick From USA
Price: $10.49

4.0 out of 5 stars I like the extra length of this comb compared to the ..., November 6, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I like the extra length of this comb compared to the Kent mustache combs, but I think the Kent is slightly better. It has a curve across the ends of the teeth that conforms to my chin and upper lip. Also, the teeth are set closer together on the Kent, which I think keeps the stache look nicer. But, this Swissco is a close second. It has a bigger handle than the Kent, so it's a bit more comfortable to use. I think It would work great if my beard was longer than it is. The teeth are nice and smooth, and don't poke your skin. You really can't go wrong with this boot comb (Let's be honest: At the end of the day, it's still just a comb!).

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor Hi Basketball Shoe
Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor Hi Basketball Shoe
Price: $21.00 - $189.21

3.0 out of 5 stars Loved the Look, Hated the Feel, October 13, 2014
I lived a sheltered and deprived youth wherein I was deprived of Chucks growing up. At age 32, I remedied that by buying them locally. My review will have some 'No duh!' moments to those of you who've worn these shoes before, but here you all go:

The look is classic and minimalist; there's no gimmicks here. No air cushions, pumps, LED's, springs or rocket thrusters on the bottoms. They are canvas and rubber. This becomes super obvious when you get the box - it's long and narrow like the box you'd see at a take-out Philly shop. The shoes are folded in on themselves. I can appreciate that.

What I found I didn't like was essentially everything else. I have the high tops, and I basically need to lace these bad boys all the way up to feel like they won't shift on my foot and ankle (they run big, BTW). And since they're just canvas uppers, lacing them up all the way still doesn't give the wearer a sense of support along the ankle. But I'm not playing basketball in these things, so that's probably not a big deal.

The soles of these get me though - no cushion or support. Stepping on a curb or a rock allows you to feel the entire contour of said curb or rock. The whole shoe contorts around the object and, subsequently, so does your foot. No real sense of support or even protection. I've had sandals that have had firmer arch support!

Really, these shoes are about style. I'm glad I bought them because I like the way they look. But I'll likely go back to New Balance or some such company whenever these Chuck's need to get chucked. I'm less interested in looks and more in comfort and support. But, again I should emphasize - they look pretty sweet!

Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Razor and 5 Shark Super Stainless blades
Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Razor and 5 Shark Super Stainless blades
Offered by Super Safety Razors
Price: $22.88

4.0 out of 5 stars Low Cost Entry to Straight Razor Shaving, October 12, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I wanted to try straight razor shaving on the cheap. I like shaving with safety razors, and this shavette seemed an interesting alternative to spending money on a razor that needed to be honed. This way I can snap my DE razors in half and use them with the shavette to experiment while keeping costs down.

This shavette is smaller than a typical straight edge razor (because the safety razor blades it uses are inherently smaller) so it won't cover as much real estate per pass. That's maybe a good thing for beginners, so they can concentrate on technique with smaller passes rather than having to deal with a larger blade.

This shavette is cheap, and it shows. The scales are slightly off in how they meet one another. The etching decorations are slightly pitted on the scales too. Also, the locking mechanism on the spine on the blade holder will come loose when the blade is folded into the scales too quickly. Thankfully, it stays locked in place during is use, and really isn't a problem. Loading a blade isn't too tough: on the outer, rounded end of the blade holder is a recessed portion that allows you to place a fingernail in to separate the two parts of the blade holder. In between those two parts are two copper pins that keep the blade itself aligned. When closing the two halves, you just need to slightly raise one over the pins, then click it down onto them, and swing the locking mechanism in place.

All of that sounds convoluted on paper, but if you have this razor in front of you it should make sense.

It's definitely a different shaving experience than with a DE safety razor. Invest in a styptic pen and/or alum bar. And go SLOWLY. Pay close attention to the angle of the blade. I generally have shaved well with it, but constantly nick my chin and upper lip. The more contoured portions of your face require special care.

Overall, I'm glad I bought this. I need a lot more practice with it. I think the shavette offerings by Dovo look like they are of a higher quality than this, but despite it's short comings, the actual shaving action of this Parker is consistent. As long as you realize that $20 gets you the bare minimum experience, this is a good entry to seeing if you might enjoy straight razor shaving.

Merkur 25C Long Handle Safety Razor, Open Tooth
Merkur 25C Long Handle Safety Razor, Open Tooth
Offered by Jaurasee
Price: $32.99
6 used & new from $28.98

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Well-made, Comfortable 'Beginner' Razor., October 1, 2014
I'm newish to wet shaving, and I have a total baby face. My facial hair is sparse, but if I let it grow out eventually it just looks creepy.

I own a Feather Popular DE razor (which works well, is inexpensive and very light weight). I also own a Merkur 34c because this is considered to be the 'catch all' razor that many websites claim sets the standard. It is much heavier than the Feather, and seems to be more aggressive in its shaving action. I've practiced with it, but often cut my chin and lips. And despite trying different razors, the shave quality hasn't been as close as I'd like.I find that odd since I don't have much to shave.

I then bought this 25c after reading that many felt it was a better beginner razor than the 34c. I have to agree with them. I actually get a consistently close shave with the 25c than the other two. This surprises me since the blade is situated in such a way as to be less aggressive than the others. I also feel more comfortable shaving faster with this razor. It's an overall more mild razor to use.

Unlike the Feather, it has the same heft that the other Merkur models have which greatly aids in the shaving action: no pushing the razor into the face, but rather let the weight of the head draw the blade down in short strokes.

Unlike the 34c, this has a long handle. I've since become more accustomed to the 3 inch handle of the 34c, but it took getting used to. I don't have large hands, but the short handle was uncomfortable to use at first. I enjoy the longer handle personally. I grip it the same as the short (like a dart, towards the end) because this allows the weight of the head to draw down across your skin more easily. Some say the shorter handle is better because you can maneuver it more easily along the contours of your face. I don't think it makes a difference. I flat out felt that the Feather Popular and this Merkur 25c were just more comfortable than the 34c.

The comb is interesting on this too. It's an open comb, unlike the bar that the Feather and 34c (and many others) sport. Its designed for allowing longer hairs and beard growth through to the blade more easily. Since I don't possess a manly beard, I can't attest to that. It DOES seem to keep more shaving soap/cream on my face right up until it meets the blade. Less seems to get pushed away. That might just be my imagination though.

On thing I dislike about this razor is that it comes apart in three pieces instead of two. The 34c is easier to replace the blade on because it is two pieces. The Feather is even simpler, as it is a butterfly style. The three piece can be slightly cumbersome to change out, but it's not rocket science. You get used to it. It's just a minor quibble of mine.

When I shave with this razor, unlike the others, one pass is generally sufficient and I don't get the stinging razor burn or nicks like I do with the 34c. My shaves are more efficient, and my skin is generally much smoother when using this razor. With the other two, I need to do multiple passes in various directions.

I guess this razor just agrees with my face.

Epson WorkForce WF-2530 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer, Copier, Scanner, ADF, Fax. Prints from Tablet/Smartphone. AirPrint Compatible (C11CC37201)
Epson WorkForce WF-2530 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer, Copier, Scanner, ADF, Fax. Prints from Tablet/Smartphone. AirPrint Compatible (C11CC37201)
Offered by SALE_4_U
Price: $109.69
17 used & new from $49.99

4.0 out of 5 stars it is a good multi-function printer for occasional home use, September 10, 2014
Overall, it is a good multi-function printer for occasional home use. The scanner is clear and easy to use. The ability to print from my iPhone 5 is appreciated (you need to download the Epson app for that) and the responsiveness of the wireless function when I hit 'print' from my computer is more than acceptable. It hasn't had a paper jam or feed error either.

What I really dislike about the printer is the fact that you MUST have the color cartridges in order to just print in black. The advertising says that you only need to buy the cartridge that you need. But I only bought a black cartridge and had to run out for the color pack just to print black and white. The company says that it uses a bit of each color when printing in black to keep the heads from clogging, but I find this suspect. As I understand it though, many other printer manufacturers do this as well so I guess it isn't just Epson making a money grab.

Diamond Select Toys Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country: U.S.S. Excelsior Electronic Ship
Diamond Select Toys Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country: U.S.S. Excelsior Electronic Ship
Price: $47.80
19 used & new from $44.00

5.0 out of 5 stars The sculpt is beautiful! The pain job is perfect to my eyes, August 10, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The sculpt is beautiful! The pain job is perfect to my eyes, the nacelles and saucer section are all straight as an arrow, and the voice clips are very loud and crisp! Finally, the LED's in the nacelles, impulse drive and deflector are bright and beautiful. The main deflector could be used like a flash light in a pinch!

The stand for the Excelsior is better than my TOS HD Enterprise stand. It's much more stable; no tilting forward in a nose dive (yet). I really dig it, and love having it displayed in my living room for guests to see.

Round 2 AMT ST Enterprise Set (3 in 1) NCC1701, 1701A, 1701B  1:2500
Round 2 AMT ST Enterprise Set (3 in 1) NCC1701, 1701A, 1701B 1:2500
Offered by Deep Discount Hobbies
Price: $14.75
27 used & new from $9.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Highly Detailed Mini-prise Models, Some Tweaking Required., August 10, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I loved the fact that these ships were to scale with the other 1/2500 Star Trek ships in AMT's line up. It's cool to get the sense of size progression as the ships evolved. Also, I live in an apartment at the moment, so I don't have a lot of room to display a big honkin' starship model. These are a nice alternative.

I actually bought two of these kits, one for a practice build and one a 'for real' build. There were a few molding discrepancies between the two, so quality control could be better. The upper saucer section of the TOS Enterprise had the rear impulse deck nearly missing, and both kits had considerable flash to remove. Also, a few ships had gaps in the hulls when assembled, again due to molding errors. Some time with putty, sandpaper and paint would likely mitigate the latter problem areas.

Other issues cropped up as well: a major one for me being the nacelles on the Enterprise B. They mounted very crookedly, and if you are familiar with the design (and I'm guessing you are since you're reading this far) the nacelles and pylons on that ship have a lot of 90 degree angles. That means that if any part of them is off or bent, it is very noticeable. On my practice kit, I've attempted to cut and remount the nacelles and pylons to correct this issue, but have met with little success.

The ships all come with a bunch of high quality, highly detailed decals. The Enterprise refit/A (yes you can make either, which is cool) and the B have some really nice ship-wide decals that mimic the famous Aztecing body panels of the movie models. I used acrylic paint to create a few details not covered by decals (Bussard collectors, sensor domes, etc.). Even the TOS Enterprise has decals which, although minimal, look very nice on the finished product. A gloss coat before putting on decals and then a dull clear coat after all decals are on brings everything together. The final dull clear coat is a nice protector of the decals and really makes the finished ships look cohesive!

The kit states that there is no glue required. I found this to be a dirty lie. The pegs on one plastic piece are very often too large or not lined up with the corresponding holes on the other piece. A sharp hobby knife to slice the pegs off level and the use of Tamiya Extra Thin Cement did the trick nicely. The extra thin cement is a liquid which wicks into the lines and crevices of the tiny ships, dries very quickly and clear. I recommend it!

The final 'issue' with this kit, which is inherent to the other Enterprise kits in this line (C, D, E) is the lack of display stands. It would be nice to have something to mount these things on, and even better to mount all of the Enterprises together in one large stand, but modeler is left to fabricate their own.

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