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Futuro Anti-Embolism Stockings, Knee Length Closed Toe, White, Large, Moderate (18 mm/Hg)
Futuro Anti-Embolism Stockings, Knee Length Closed Toe, White, Large, Moderate (18 mm/Hg)
Price: $17.99
7 used & new from $17.99

2.0 out of 5 stars Sizing Chart Didn't Work For Me, February 27, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Ever cautious about buying clothing on-line, I carefully took the recommended body measurements then, using the sizing chart made what I believed to be the correct selection. WRONG. Upon arrival, these socks were too large, fitting right at the knee rather the recommended 2-3" under. I have returned them in exchange for Mediums.

TurboTax Premier 2014 Fed + State + Fed Efile Tax Software + Refund Bonus Offer - Win
TurboTax Premier 2014 Fed + State + Fed Efile Tax Software + Refund Bonus Offer - Win
Price: $54.99

11 of 24 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Premier - 5 Stars, Extortion - Zero, eBay - Bargain, January 16, 2015
Most reviews focus on Intuit's ingenuous marketing ("bait-and-switch") and pricing scheme. For this I too would give the product ZERO stars. However, as I understand the purpose of these reviews, it is to evaluate the product itself and/or the delivery service, etc. Concerning the latter, TurboTax Premier 2014 continues the long tradition as a competent, user friendly product. I've been using TurboTax for years and never had a problem of significance. That said, I bought this year's Premier copy on eBay via bid for about $60, a 20% savings on the Amazon list price. Brand new. Installed perfectly. Preliminary work flawless albeit somewhat early given it is only mid-January. For anyone looking to bargain shop on eBay, or pay the Intuit extortion price, functionally, I can recommend Premier. Simply, it works.
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Fodor's Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire (Full-color Travel Guide)
Fodor's Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire (Full-color Travel Guide)
by Josh Rogol
Edition: Paperback
Price: $15.29
50 used & new from $0.01

3.0 out of 5 stars Decent Place To Start But Some Glaring Oversights, August 29, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This Fodor Guide is decent. I like that they have carved out these three states from Fodor's broader New England guide. Each state is divided into logical regions (e.g., Maine Coast; souther, central and northern Vermont) and then cities within each Refugio. Are discussed in a logical, sequential progression (e.g., City B is X miles west of City A; City C is Y miles northwest of B; etc). The guide also has nice side panels that focus on key regional characteristics (e.g., best dinners in New Hampshire; where to get the best Moon Pies in Maine; best routes to "peep leaves", etc,). Information is concise, clearly written, and supported by regional and city maps. Restaurant information and recommendations are good; lodging listings very from very detailed in larger cities (Portland, Manchester, etc) to very light. My main gripe, and this is an amateur historian talking, is that some of the historical information is spotty to nonexistent. One glaring example: only a mention - a clause in one sentence - about the Calvin Coolidge State Park in Plymouth Notch, VT. A pathetic oversight of a site well deserving a 2-3 hour stop. The coverage of Acadia National Park is also light. Barely a mention of South Harbor on Mount Desert Island. Nothing on the Penobscot Museum and Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain sites in Brunswick, Maine. So, a good source for somewhere to start. My wife and I have supplemented Fodor's with books from AAA and our own research.

Zoic Men's Black Market Plaid Bike Shorts with RPL Liner
Zoic Men's Black Market Plaid Bike Shorts with RPL Liner
Offered by BicycleSourceUS
Price: $48.47 - $71.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Very Promising But Size With Extreme. Caution, August 29, 2014
My issue with these shorts is two-fold. First sizing. At 6'0", 230, with a 42" waist, I bought the XXLarge. They fit but only barely. Very tight at the waist (e.g., better for those of you in the 38-40" waist range). The XXL Ethers I got from Zoic, however, fit perfectly.) So, Zoic needs to clean up its sizing inconsistency between models. My second gripe is the Velco fastener at the waist. I can see this as a potential weak point on several months down the road. How hard would it have been to put in a conventional button, snap or clasp? Other than these two points, I will have to reserve judgment. I'll be wearing the Zoic Ethers until I can get into a 38-40" allowing me to comfortably wear these and give them a proper test drive. That said, the subtle plaid is pleasing, nice pockets in the right places. Theses shorts have promise. Just be VERY cautious as to size (i.e., a 42" waist needs an XXXL; an XXL should be perfect for a 38-40" waist; etc.)

Zoic Men's Ether Short, Discontinued
Zoic Men's Ether Short, Discontinued
Price: $53.97 - $79.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Good Fit: Literally and Figuratively, August 29, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The principal issue with Zoic - indeed most bicycle pants - is sizing, specifically inconsistent sizing. First, my vitals. I'm 62, 6'0", weigh 230 and normally wear a 42" waist. Accordingly, I bought these Ethers in XXLarge. I also bought the Black Market Plaid in XXLarge. The Ether shorts fit perfectly; the Black Markets are VERY snug (i.e., if you normally wear a size 38-40 waist, the plaid pair would fit comfortably). Now, on to quality. Today I road a very comfortable 13.6 miles in the Ether shorts. Felt good. Lots of pockets for keys, cell phone, misc. The leg pockets are zippered and designed to hold the contents toward the rear-side of your leg so it is out of the way (e.g., not slamming against your leg as you ride). Very clever. The elastic band and Velro side straps allow easy waist fine-tuning. My only complaint with these pants, and a minor one, is that the outer shell is a tad loose, having a tendency to catch on the bike seat as you swing your leg over. That sometimes requires balance and quick readjustment to avoid an "involuntary dismount". I attribute 50% of that, however, to my age and lack of agility.

I give these a 5 Star rating. Well thought out, well constructed. Just came through a cold machine wash, air dry in great shape. Comfortable. A good "fit," literally and figuratively. (As others have noted, with regard to the Zoic Black Market shorts, how hard could it be for Zoic to standardize their sizing so an XXLarge fits the same guy across all models? Odd.)

Case Logic CPL-108BK Backpack for DSLR Camera and iPad, Black
Case Logic CPL-108BK Backpack for DSLR Camera and iPad, Black
Offered by Cameta Camera
Price: $59.99
4 used & new from $46.18

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Compromise of Size and Capacity, August 27, 2014
Bought this bag to replace a smaller Nikon kit bag, and it is perfect. The bag is an excellent compromise of size and capacity. Big enough to hold my Nikon D3000 with a 18-55mm lense attached and two additional lenses (Nikkor 55-200mm and Sigma 18-250) and still have two dividers free. Holds my cleaning supplies, small manual, polarizing lenses, spare battery and charger, cords and still have a convenient top pocket available for wallet, keys, snack; and a side pocket for misc. The bag is well designed, has been sturdy to date, and all of the interior walls of the main cavity are well padded. The interior cavity is Velcro friendly allowing me to customize (size) dividers to fit my space needs. The bag is not cavarnous; just the right amount of space. The size of a hiker's day bag, it fits under airline seats (check dimensions of some of the larger bags, which do not). Has a very handy, thought-out rain cover conveniently deployed from/returned to a hidden, bottom pocket. The bag wears comfortably, whether slung over one shoulder or worn over both shoulders as a pack. The tripod straps support a monopole or smaller, light-weight tri-pod. (The top strap is adjustable; the bottom is not, and a bit snug. This might be a redesign target for future improvements.)

After reading numerous reviews on a number of brands and models, and scouting bags at some local retail stores, I settled on the 108. It perfectly meets my needs.

Ballistic LS Case for iPhone 5/5s - Retail Packaging - Charcoal
Ballistic LS Case for iPhone 5/5s - Retail Packaging - Charcoal
Price: $7.73
19 used & new from $2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Great, minimalist case, August 17, 2014
Great, minimalist case. Fits my iPhone 5s perfectly; provides reasonable protection (my phone has survived two 4-5 foot drops; and is easy to slide in-out of pockets. Easy to put on and take off and, contrary to some reviews, I had absolutely no difficulty putting this case on over a screen protector (which this model DOES NOT include). This case is not a "tank" for those anticipating bouncing it off walls and concrete, but is perfect for basic protection for those who adhere to reasonable safety behavior (e.g., want some insurance against an occasional drop or jar).

Thundershirt  Dog Jacket for Anxiety, Large, Solid Grey
Thundershirt Dog Jacket for Anxiety, Large, Solid Grey
Offered by ABC TEACH
Price: Click here to see our price
60 used & new from $28.99

3.0 out of 5 stars The Thundershirt is a supplement to narcotics., August 17, 2014
My vizsla - not a particularly high-stung specimen normally - finds more relief on Benadryl and, in more severe anxiety producing circumstances, Xanax. According to my vet, a thunderstorm's static electricity raises the dog's hair, which is counterbalanced by the jacket. However, other anxiety situations may or may not be alleviated by Thundershirt. Sadly, in the case of my neurotic dog, medication is required. Caveat emptor: While I think the shirt helps it is not a panacea in all cases. I should add that my dog willingly accepts the shirt and seems to be content when wearing it, absent anxiety stimuli. Color (gray) is pleasant and the quality and fit (per the sizing chat) are solid.

Garmin nüvi 66LMT GPS Navigator System with Spoken Turn-By-Turn Directions, Preloaded Maps and Speed Limit Displays (USA and Canada)
Garmin nüvi 66LMT GPS Navigator System with Spoken Turn-By-Turn Directions, Preloaded Maps and Speed Limit Displays (USA and Canada)
Price: $173.61
41 used & new from $155.00

35 of 38 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great Device But Less Than Intuitive Activation, August 17, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
A long time Garmin user, I just upgraded from a 765. Some observations: Upon (prompt) arrival, a Garmin sticker on the face of the device claimed it is ready to go out of the box. Sadly untrue. Upon turning it on, the 66LMT locks on a screen displaying a screen suggesting (not clearly stating) to go to Garmin support. The 66LMT did not function prior to going online and downloading software updates and maps. With my U-verse connection this took about one hour. Once the download completed, the device just "sat there" with the same "Garmin Support" screen. A reboot - not stated in the Very Unclear quick start sheet - was required.

Once done, the 66LMT works like.a champ. The 6-inch screen is delightful. Deviating from the recommended navigation no longer brings a voice droning "RECALCULATING". Nice. Navigation is enhanced with icons along the route showing the location of restaurants, gas stations, etc. a convenience which, if annoying, can be deactivated. Programming in favorite addresses is fairly straightforward. The screen is much more touch sensitive than my older nuvi 765 (no serious double or hard pressing required). The "back" button is very nice. My device, however, insisted on starting me in Chicago. Changing this required a quick look at the online user manual and, while inputting a local address, I could change my base location (a fair if not intuitive work around). In road testing it, I found our local Shipley's Donuts is not found; odd since the shop has been there for two years. Makes me wonder what other stores, sites, etc. might be absent.

In short, this Garmin appears reliable and user friendly as have mine in the past. A caution, however, like Turbo Tax, I never totally rely on the Garmin. It is best to be aware of your destination, have your wits about your course, letting common sense override as appropriate. So, I give the 66LMT a 4-Star rating: a solid Five for the device's overall quality, performance and ease of use but only a Three for activation and set-up and some suspicion certain long existing sites may be absent. Garmin needs to put additional thought into their out-of-the-box imstructions. The fact I am a return customer, familiar with Garmin nuances helped; a newbie might throw up their hands before calling Tech Support. Regardless, the 20-page, downloadable user manual is comprehensive and a good fall-back where intuition or "searching around" fails.

Update (8/19/2014): The new map updates take up of the nuvi's space (all but 761MB, prompting a suggestion that a Micro-SD card be added (to the slot on the back of the device). NOTE: nuvis ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with a micro card larger than 8GB capacity, and may not work (depending upon your model) with a card larger than 2GB. Order accordingly.
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Harney & Sons Holiday Tea 30ct
Harney & Sons Holiday Tea 30ct
Offered by ToysNGamesEtc
Price: $13.99

5.0 out of 5 stars A Holiday Treat, February 7, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Tea is excellent. Hard to find locally, this is a treat and a fine value for the quantity of product received.

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