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Harold47 "Harold" RSS Feed (Chicago, IL USA)

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Touched By An Angel: Inspiration Collection - Faith
Touched By An Angel: Inspiration Collection - Faith
DVD ~ John Dye
Price: $6.39
24 used & new from $2.39

29 of 36 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Why Should I Buy This?, January 13, 2010
I already own the complete first 4 seasons of TBAA. All I know about this offer is that it contains 4 episodes, but what 4 episodes? Do I already own maybe 2 of them? Why would I want duplicates? Why don't they just release the complete seasons 5 thru 9? That's what I want.

I think TBAA was the best show ever on TV, but I am not going to spend my hard earned money on the slim chance that it MAY contain ONE of my favorite episodes, and it may also contain episodes I already own!

What are they thinking? I guess its the same old problem that plagues corporate America today. Profits before customer. They didn't make enough profit (boo hoo) on the first 4 seasons, so tough luck customer, this is what you get. Take it or leave it. Then they will sit back and wonder why they lost so many customers.

No thank you CBS or whoever decided you no longer care about what your customers want. You don't care what I want so I don't care to give you my money.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Mar 18, 2012 12:09 AM PDT

Touched By An Angel: Inspiration Collection - Hope
Touched By An Angel: Inspiration Collection - Hope
DVD ~ John Dye
Price: $5.80
25 used & new from $4.01

41 of 49 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars No Thank You!, November 24, 2009
I believe that TBAA was one of the very best shows ever on TV. Because of that, I own the first four seasons already. Next month will be 2 years I have been waiting for season 5. And this is what they offer? A few episodes that someone ELSE considers the best? Tell me, how many of them do I already own?

CBS and Paramount, can you spell c-u-s-t-o-m-e-r? Do you know what a customer is? A customer is the person that gives you his/her hard earned money (that stuff that makes you rich) for a product you produce because the customer wants it. I am one of your customers and here is what I want. I want ALL episodes of seasons 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

TBAA got better every year after season 4. You've served the appetizer and we are waiting for the soup, salad, main couse and desert. And all you can offer is another appetizer? Release the entire seasons 5-9 and I will be first in line to buy them. I have asked Amazon to email me as soon as there is an announcement of the release of the complete season 5 or season 6 or 7 or 8 or 9.

I guess you just don't want my money. I'm not giving up my hard earned money on the remote chance that this little appetizer might actually contain maybe, ONE of MY favorite episodes.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Dec 6, 2010 6:05 PM PST

Touched By An Angel: Season 4, Vol. 2
Touched By An Angel: Season 4, Vol. 2
Offered by Two Thumbs Up
Price: $9.85
29 used & new from $1.00

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best Show Ever!, November 1, 2009
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
TBAA gets my vote as the best ever on TV. The message is positive, but it doesn't sugar-coat life's problems. It is the only show I have ever seen that actually improved with age. I never grew tired of it and always finished watching each episode wondering how they would top it next week. But they always did.

Now that I own season 4 and rewatched the first really, really great episode in my mind (The Spirit of Liberty Moon) I am hungry for seasons 5 thru 9 which only get better because they had a lot more really, really great episodes. Season 9 was the best of all, I think. Unfortunately it appears that CBS and/or Paramount have taken the same sad approach that all of corporate America has taken.

When I entered the work force some 40 years ago, I took a job with a major oil company and my boss explained the company's philosophy. One, listen to your customers and give them what they want. Two, hire good honest hard working employees and go out of your way to reward good performance. Three, take another good look at numbers one and two, and the profits will come.

But that changed over the years to this. One, if you can't make $X profits on a product, stop selling it no matter how many customers want it. Two, find someone who will do the same work for less money even if product quality suffers and their jobs are moved overseas, putting Americans on the unemployment lines. Three, take another good look at numbers one and two, and our wallets get fatter.

My major oil compnay eliminated my job 39 years later in the name of profits. CBS and/or Paramount are willing to risk losing all of us as customers to fatten their own wallets.

I have been waiting 2 years for season 5. I'm getting angry and my patience is wearing thin. I have to seriously wonder if I ever want to give my hard earned money to either of them again.

Sorry, I needed to vent...

Bonanza: Season 1-50th Anniversary Edition
Bonanza: Season 1-50th Anniversary Edition
DVD ~ Dan Blocker
Offered by Expedited Warehouse
Price: $17.42
20 used & new from $17.42

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A Dream Come True, October 3, 2009
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I was 11 years old when Bonanza first aired. I watched every chance I had through my teens and early adult life. Since then I have tried to catch reruns whenever possible. I resisted buying those "Fan Favorites" offers because I knew what would happen. Maybe (or not) I would finally get that one episode that I liked best, but I would also get at least 3 duplicate copies of other episodes that I consider a little less than great.

Now I can get all 14 seasons with just one copy of each episode and be able to play my favorites when I want to see them. No more tuning in a rerun HOPING it is one of my favorites. I have watched about half of season 1 so far and am almost completely satisfied. Yes, I said almost.

It irritates me when I slip in a DVD of one of my favorite TV shows and there is no option to "play all." I'm settling back for a few hours of my favorite show, and I can't just say play all the episodes on this disk. I have to select the second episode after the first one is finished, then select the third, etc. It's not that selecting another episode is such hard work for me or my thumb, it is just sloppy programming. I worked with computers and did some programming, so I know it is not hard work to place such an option on the menu. I hope that will be corrected with season 2.

And please do not release half the seasons and then just quit on your customers. I have 4 seasons of another one of my favorite shows, and now have been waitng 2 years for the last 5 seasons. Don't do this to me again, Paramount!

7th Heaven: Season 1
7th Heaven: Season 1
DVD ~ Catherine Hicks
Price: $8.86
62 used & new from $1.19

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars You Won't Be Disappointed, August 6, 2009
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: 7th Heaven: Season 1 (DVD)
When it comes to TV, I am a sitcom junkie. I want to be entertained. Make me laugh and I am happy. I have collected the complete series of several sitcoms and am working on others as the seasons become available.

But sometimes I feel the need to get more serious and my 2 favorite dramtic TV shows of all time were "Touched By an Angel" and "Little House on the Prairie." I have collected the entire series of Little House and am impatiently waiting for the remaining 5 seasons of TBAA. In the mean time I felt the need to find something else like them.

So I did some searching and stumbled on "7th Heaven." It sounded good. A minister and a stay-at-home mom with five children ranging in age from 5 to 16. The Amazon reviewers promised laughter and tears. But I was skeptical and finally decided to buy the first season as a test. I wasn't disappointed. Over time I bought seasons 2 through 8 and am now impatiently waiting for seasons 9 to 11.

The show delivered exactly what I wanted and what the reviewers promised. One minute I was laughing and the next I was fighting back tears. Then suddenly out of blue, I wanted to stand up and cheer. The acting is not the greatest in some scenes, but there are some well acted scenes too.

It tackles some very tough issues and doesn't always try to come to some absolute solution. One example would be racism. There are episodes that are all about it and tackle it head on. But many more of the episodes show white and black people interacting with absolutely no regard to (or mention of) their differences. Isn't that what we really want?

It also has episodes where the minister father has to make peace with his God. He has to go through heart surgery and becomes angry that his God did this to him. He considers leaving the ministry. There are a lot of tough issues (like sex) that are not for very young children. But children in or near their teens can or maybe should watch some of them with parental guidance. I'm not going to set an age. You know your children better than I do.

It bothers me that Jessica Biel could not come to terms with the producers. Jessica, in my opinion is not that great an actress (at least in this case), and there are actresses that are much better looking. But the family jigsaw puzzle seemed to missing a piece without Mary. I thought Mary (not Jessica) was a very mixed up girl, and would like to have seen her wake up and smell the coffee. The producers just had her basically run away from home and we hear very little about her after that. Well, I've seen it before where an actor's ego (or greed?) takes over and they walk out on the very role that made them so popular in first place.

Is it real life? Of course not. Its TV. But it is good TV. If you want reality, turn the TV off. There is nothing on TV that is reality. So called "reality" shows are just real people puttting on a show for the camera. The closest TV ever came to having a real "reality" show was Candid Camera where people did NOT know they were being filmed. But even that was just a snapshot of the movie we call life.

All things considered, I think if you liked TBAA and Little House, and want to be entertained, you'll like 7th Heaven.

No Title Available

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars What Is Taking So Long?, May 7, 2009
Why is it we have to wait forever to get DVD's of a show like TBAA and shows that are constantly filled with sex and/or violence come out almost before they air?

I would also like to get TBAA's spinoff, Promised Land. I suppose I'm asking too much now. Two shows with good moral values?

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