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RCA 39LB45RQ 39-Inch LCD Full 1080p 60Hz HDTV (Black)
RCA 39LB45RQ 39-Inch LCD Full 1080p 60Hz HDTV (Black)

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Good picture but minimal features, February 23, 2013
I convinced my mother to buy this set for my dad as his old tube TV was going.

Before I go any further I would like to say this TV sells for $298 everywhere else and I deducted a star for the $400 amazon pricetag.

I need a simple TV for my non tech savvy elderly parents. They have standard cable and dvd player and that's it. So I figured all I needed was a cable jack and 1 composite input for the dvd player and this tv has that along with a nice picture.

I thought this was perfect for their needs and convinced them to get it. While setting up the TV I found one glaring audio output. The standard red/white RCA jacks are simply not there; only a headphone jack and digital audio output.

Well my father is hearing impaired and uses an in ear wireless headset that you might have seen people using at the movies and it connects to the TV guessed it the standard red/white RCA jacks that every TV new and old that I have seen came standard. So we may have to return it as adding a digital receiver would only serve to further confuse my already tech confused parents.

As far as inputs go to component and composite jacks are "shared" not separate inputs and it only has 2 hdmi inputs.

This would make for an excellent backup TV or one dedicated to a kids xbox but it's just too limited on inputs/outputs for anything more.

At $298 I would rate this 3 stars but at $400 no way

Arizona Decaf RX Stress Herbal Tea (Case of 4)
Arizona Decaf RX Stress Herbal Tea (Case of 4)

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Finally a great bottled tea in decaf! But not for $7/gallon, December 20, 2012
I have a paralyzed stomach which severely limits what and when I can eat. Basically the only thing I drink is bottled tea. I detest tap water and refuse to pay for bottled water or for anything that falls from the sky free several times a week.

Soda is full of sugar and empty calories and gives me horrible heartburn. Regular bottled tea has always got caffeine in it which gives me horrible heartburn. This stress tea is decaf and it is light on sugar and calories without being or tasting "diet". Diet drinks taste horrible and both my wife and I are allergic to fake sugars; She has trouble breathing and I get head splitting migraines. This tea tastes great, is not overly sweet non acidic and very well tolerated by sensitive stomachs in my case anyways and I highly recommend it. I can't say anything about the stress relief claim other than it is decaf and that in itself is stress relieving.

Arizona Stress tea has about half the calories/sugar/carbs of soft drinks and comes in a gallon size for $2.50-$3.00 (almost always on sale for 2.50). Do not buy from this vendor. he is charging just over $7 per gallon which is a huge rip off. Go to shop rite or wallgreens and load up a whole lot cheaper. I go to Shop Rite and have them special order for me at $10/case. $29 is just a sick joke.

Homeworld Cataclysm (Jewel Case)
Homeworld Cataclysm (Jewel Case)
11 used & new from $12.91

5.0 out of 5 stars expansion to one of the best games ever made, December 15, 2012
Nuf said. Homeworld was awesome and made when developers took the time and effort to make GOOD games not just rush a game out unfinished and hope the pre sale hyped orders cover the cost of making the game then finish it later if you're lucky.

This game plays just fine on my system running Vista 64 bit with no tweaking whatsoever.

Siberian Tiger Italian Charm Bracelet Link
Siberian Tiger Italian Charm Bracelet Link
Offered by Clearly Charming
Price: $4.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Nice charm, December 15, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is a very nice and easy to see charm. The only downside is it's oversized and square so it doesn't match the size or shape of standard charms which might be annoying so some.

Schipperke Dog Photo Italian Charm
Schipperke Dog Photo Italian Charm
Offered by JewelryAdviser
Price: $33.88

2.0 out of 5 stars Real nice....up close, December 15, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
We have a Schipperke so my wife had to have the charm. On the screen it looks beautiful but in your hands it's so minuscule that all you see is a green and black smudge then combine that with this being a narrow charm; makes it nearly impossible to tell what it is. It also cost $20 where other charms are i to 99 cent to $5 range made me very unhappy with this product.

Lavie "LadyBug" Coin Money Bank: Blue
Lavie "LadyBug" Coin Money Bank: Blue
Offered by Altlog LLC
Price: $7.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Very nice, December 15, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
My wife loves Ladybugs and her favorite color is blue; Ladybug items are usually very hard to find so I bought it for her and she loved it so much I got her the other 3 styles/colors. The bank is very light and feels like it could break easily but I bought this as a collectible not for it's functionality. The colors are bright and vivid and have a glossy finish. The blue bug has clouds instead of spots. The other 3 are red with black spots, yellow with black spots (kinda plain as the body is yellow to) and the green is the most detailed with daisy's instead of spots. The antennae are springs with soft red puffballs on the ends.

I would not give this to a child. It's ceramic or clay not plastic, so fragile and it was made in china so don't want a toddler licking or handling and item that is most likely covered in lead paint but for an adult that likes Ladybugs this makes an excellent collectible and you can't beat the under $10 pricetag.

Took off 1 star because of the unknown poison paint possibility and having to go out and get a lead paint test kit every time I buy a made in china product.

VIZIO E601i-A3 60-inch 1080p Razor LED Smart HDTV (2013 Model)
VIZIO E601i-A3 60-inch 1080p Razor LED Smart HDTV (2013 Model)
Offered by iSHOPusa
Price: $1,299.99
13 used & new from $550.00

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great TV with a lot of features and CHEAP!, December 13, 2012
I purchased this TV on cyber Monday but through Walmart it was $300 cheaper at the time. I would have preferred Amazon but the competition had the better deal that day.

The picture is unbelievable. At some times it looks almost 3D or that you're looking out a window instead of into a screen. I won't even consider another brand than Vizio after seeing this tv. As far as I can see the picture is as good or better than a Sony or LG or any other brand costing several hundreds more for the same size screen but fewer features or inputs.

I only have 2 gripes. One is the sound. The volume range is 0-100 and I usually have mine set in the 40-50 range to understand what people are saying and i'm directly in front of the tv at 10 feet yet when I go into the adjoining rooms I hear and understand the speech much better? My guess is the ultra thin design just doesn't make for good speakers or speaker placement. It's like the speakers were put in facing the back or something.

Lastly that on non HD programs I sometimes see thin white horizontal lines like bits of string at the very top of the screen that move left and right and change width with the movement of the show. This may be a defect with my particular tv I will be taking this up with Vizio support. But I can elliminate the problem by simply switching to the HD version of that channel...lines gone. And why would I want to watch/record a show in 480I if it's available in 1080I (cable DVR's display only 1080I to save bandwidth. To get 1080P you need Satellite DVR's I want G4 and AMC so I'm stuck with 1080I cable) anyways and 90% of what I watch is on networks with HD available.

UPDATE: The white line issue was a senior moment on my part. This is my 1st Flat screen TV all I had to compare it with was PC monitors and my laptop. I was unaware you could adjust the screen left/right/up/down These features are greyed out and unusable on my PC monitor. moving the screen just 2 points vertical eliminated the white lines. So I am upgrading the TV to 5 stars.

About support; Vizio is outstanding. I made a call when the tv arrived because it was very cold outside and wanted to know if I needed to let the tv acclamate to inside temp before turning it on. My wait time was less than 5 minutes and I actually got to speak to a very pleasant person who could actually speak ENGLISH for a change!!! No outsourced support with an Indian guy named "Bob" and an accent so thick you can cut it with a knife speaking through a crappy scratchy sounding headset. Clear crisp English that I had no problem understanding with my tinnitus. It was a pleasure to speak with them instead of a chore asking them to repeat every other word over and over again.

UPDATE regarding support. I think it's also worth noting that Vizio reads customer reviews and comments and attempts to resolve any issue a customer puts in his comments at least on That just shows their level of commitment to their customers. I am just blown away by the quality of support I see and have received.

I wish I could give this TV and Vizio a 4.5 out of 5 instead of just a 4.

Because the white line issue was my ignorance and not the TV I raised my review to 5 stars. I don't like to give 5 star "perfect" reviews because so many customers default to 5 stars or 1 and that's an emotional reaction not an accurate rating of the product. Like it automatic perfect 5 one small issue and people hit it with a 1 out of anger not taking into account the good things about it or the issue could be with them and not the product as was with me an the white line issue. I would prefer to rate items like PC software is rated. I would give it a 96/100 because I'm still having audio issues with hearing but not understanding speech when I'm in front of the TV yet hearing it fine from the sides or rear of the set even from another room. I'm listening at 45 and my poor wife who's trying to take a nap is getting blasted with like a 75 in the bedroom 25 feet away. I'm no audiophile I just want clear sound so I don't do external sound setups nor do I need another remote to misplace. I may just get wireless headphones to keep the peace in the house :)
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XCOM: Enemy Unknown [Online Game Code]
XCOM: Enemy Unknown [Online Game Code]
Price: $29.99

6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great game but not up to expectations, October 13, 2012
I was blown away in 1994 when I bought the original X-COM. The graphics and sound effects were better than anything I had ever seen before and I loved the turn based aspect being visually impaired it gave me a chance to really look things over. Real time games were/are very frustrating for me having to react to the screen as fast as the CPU or a person with 20/20 vision.

This remake is great but not as good as the original. I don't think it's possible to duplicate the quality of the original. I like the graphics upgrade but after 18 years to "ponder" a remake I expected better especially on the cutscenes. The animation is dated and the faces look bland and expressionless compared to other games out now or even a few years old. I Also wish they had added a speech option for all of the text. You get speech when requested to research or build or starting a research project or before a mission but the after action report is the same sentence repeated over and over depending on the mission results, and research reports are text only. Really how much would it have cost to pay some unknown voice actor to work a little longer or hell pay the Janitor a few extra bucks to come in and read a few pages of text into a mic. As far as I'm aware there are no celebrity voice overs in the game ala command and conquer. So c'mon put in the full effort and throw the handicapped a bone at the same time. This is a peeve of mine since my ears are my primary sense so a person with normal sight might not mind or even notice. I'm not usually one to gripe about how "pretty" a game is; I prefer quality over looks but It's been nearly 20 years and original X-COM looks like crap on hirez flat screen monitors and most games come out now with cutscenes that look movie quality and gameplay that is unbelievably realistic so I expected no less from the new X-COM.

I like that they did not just dupe the original like so many others have and just slightly altered the names/appearance of aliens or weapons. What I don't like is not being able to outfit my troops. The original had 25 slots for equipment this game has 4: armor , primary and secondary weapon and 1 open slot for med kits or a grenade or whatever. It's a good idea in that you don't have to load up on clips of ammo all the time you just use a turn and click reload. But you only get 1 grenade or no grenade if you decide to equip anything else. This gives me a dumbed down feeling. Equipping your troops is a very important tactical move that's been all but removed in this game. For instance I would be in serious trouble if I went on a night mission without stocking up on incendiary weapons to start fires to provide light or I'd be fighting blind. In this game even night missions are well lit thanks to street lights. I used to sit there watching the earth revolve hoping my ship landed before the mission site was consumed by the night. Now it makes no difference.

I like the addition of character specialization with the choice to choose a special trait upon promotion but the traits are limited. Almost every game allows only 2 choices left or right light or dark good or bad and this game is no different. I would like to see several skills not just 2.

Stand squat and prone positions are gone as well though you can see what level of cover moving to a specific location will give you and in what direction which is good. Aimed burst and snap shot are gone for every character except as a learned skill for a specific class only.

Weapon choice is gone you MUST choose a weapon specific to your specialization. I was REALLY annoyed when I finally researched laser rifles, made enough to equip each soldier only to find only 2 classes could use it support and assault. Cost me a lot of cash and time and my heavy and sniper characters had to wait and use outdated weapons until I was able to research then produce a sniper laser and heavy laser for them and the laser shotgun for the assault class who can use a standard rifle but with limited effect.

Your class is assigned at the first promotion and is totally random as far as I can see. Have 1 soldier take out every alien in a mission and you could be assigned to the support class instead of the sniper. The classes don't seem to confer the attributes their titles infer either. I can have my assault soldier run right up to an alien point his shotgun directly at it's chest and miss?!? Also I have a sniper that can't hit the broad side of a barn

As far as the weapons they all do the same damage or at least that is what the info screen says the starting weapons do 4 normal damage 6 if it's a critical hit. The only modifier to damage that I can see is chance to hit and chance for critical hit. Shotguns have less chance to hit at range and sniper rifles have less at short range but on paper the pistol has the same damage potential as a sniper rifle or shotgun.

Everything is destroy-able in the game which is great. Hide behind a car and the car gets hit it explodes and you take damage. What looks to be missing is any damage from building debris. Hit a wall next to an alien and it explodes but I've not seen any damage so far nor does hitting the ceiling above an alien cause a cave in and bury it. I say hit because you can't shoot at anything but aliens you just get a no target available message if you try. This leaves out a ton of tactical opportunities that can technically still happen but only if you miss an alien and hit something else by accident. Alien hides behind a tree I should be able to shoot the tree with a laser weapon and start a fire causing heat damage to the alien as an example. The two exceptions are the grenade and rocket launcher. You can throw a grenade anywhere you want within throwing range and I've taken out 3 aliens at once by firing a rocket at one alien and the blast taking out 2 others nearby which is really nice :)

Interceptors are another gripe. I have 4 planes but can only attack with 1 which is instant death for the plane against anything but a small scout.

I like that they have you dig and carve out areas to add facilities instead of just dropping them on a grid and that bonuses are attached to putting like facilities next to each other but I don't like only being able to have 1 base and that it never gets attacked.

I preordered to get the "elite soldier pack". Must be my bad eyes but I expected an elite soldier or elite class not what is more or less a Barbie dress up game where you can pick 2 types of armor designs the 2nd is merely superimposed over the original armor and multiple color choices. The face altering features seem to look pretty much alike except for gender, hair style and skin color. All of which I could care less about.

I like that I was able to play the demo on my 4 year old laptop 2.0 ghz dual core 512 mb radeon 4500 series video 4 gigs ram (my PSU died a week before release go figure) and it runs smooth as silk on my now fixed 5 year old desktop 2.5ghz q9300 quad core pre I7,5,3 radeon 5670 1gig with 4 gigs ddr2 ram with all effects maxed out at 1920 x 1080.

Despite what I would call dumbed down or deleted basic features, a blind sniper and shotguns that apparently shoot marshmallows instead of buckshot I really like the game. I feel a bit let down but I've been waiting nearly 2 decades after all. Hopefully things will get better once patches start coming out.

I gave this game 4 out of 5 stars but I consider it a 3.5 until it gets patched.

Kindle Fire (1st Generation)
Kindle Fire (1st Generation)
232 used & new from $70.00

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A good device with some flaws, July 14, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Bought this for my wife. This $200 tablet ended up costing well over $300. $40 for a case that should have been included and another $50 for the warranty. My wife loves the Kindle fire but gets very frustrated with things like loss of wifi connection, youtube videos are basically a coin toss as if they will play or not, lots of broken images on webpages, Netflix would not work, random lockups and most serious the micro usb port became so loose she had to fiddle with the cable forever to get a connection so she could charge the thing. The micro usb cable/charger that comes with it is short only 4 feet and the connector is long so using the Kindle plugged in puts stress on the port and loosens or breaks it very easily. The reason for using the kindle on AC instead of battery is that with wifi on the battery drains fast. I had to return the first kindle because of this. Her new one is better at playing youtube videos, netflix works now and it's generally more stable but still has connectivity problems when my laptop is showing 3 or 4 bars at the same location. I refuse to use the kindle cable and instead bought a right angle micro usb connector by StarTech (see my review) and it works great. It fits flush against the Kindle so no more stressing the port and no more cable poking you in the chest. Unfortunately it does cover the power button but that's a minor quibble just unplug the cable to turn it off.

Overall I think The K Fire is an excellent device for the money. They should have done a better job with flash video organized the port, jack and power button layout a bit better and reinforced the frail Micro USB port.

One thing I REALLY do not like is if a Kindle breaks and needs replacement; it's a toss up if you get a new or refurbished replacement even with an extended warranty. I asked specifically and was told they didn't know what I would get for a replacement; that it would depend on where the replacement shipped from. I'm sorry but I don't want someones cleaned up hand me downs especially since I spent extra on the warranty. UUSBHAUB6LA 6 Feet Micro USB Cable - A to Left-Angle Micro B UUSBHAUB6LA 6 Feet Micro USB Cable - A to Left-Angle Micro B
Price: $6.99
49 used & new from $1.95

8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, July 14, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
My wife has a kindle fire and she has had to replace it after just a few months because the straight micro usb connector is quite long and the mere act of holding the kindle while plugged in put pressure on the port and loosened it to the point where you had to fiddle with it for nearly an hour until you got lucky and made a connection so you could charge the device then gently put the device down so as not to disturb the loose cable and hope the connection held up till the kindle was charged. Now the whole point of using the Kindle Fire on ac was that the wifi connection drains the battery FAST so my wife uses it plugged in for extended use.

The startech angled cable makes a tight snug fit that does not put pressure or tug on the port when moving around and it's very short; only sticks out about 1/2 of an inch when plugged in. The straight jack that came with the Kindle was very long like 2 inches plus the cable hanging down from it and was constantly bumping into something and pulling on the kindle port. My wife pairs the cable with a usb to ac adapter/charger she got at Walmart for charging or running the device on ac.

The cable really has only two downsides depending on if you get a left or right angle you will block the headphone jack which is a problem if you connect to speakers or the cable will block the power button which is really not an issue just unplug the jack to turn on or restart the Kindle then plug it back in again. The other downside is the cable is thin so you have to be gentle with it. Just don't go yanking it around and it should be fine. If it ever does fail...well I only paid $7 for the 6 ft cable shipping and tax included so no big deal. So if you use headphones or speakers a lot get the right angle otherwise get the left to not block the power button. User preference. Personally My wife uses speakers a lot when listening to podcasts so she uses the right angle mostly and she loves the 6 foot cable. The kindle cable is only 4 feet to my knowledge.

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