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Polk Audio 4Shot Headphone for Xbox One (Green)
Polk Audio 4Shot Headphone for Xbox One (Green)
Offered by Zouk
Price: $69.99
12 used & new from $64.95

1.0 out of 5 stars Skip this headset. Too many problems. Too much rigmarole. Too expensive. Still no boom mic. 2 sets tested., January 28, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
- good sound quality
- comfortable

- not really completely wireless. this is more likely MS's fault than anyone else. if they're not going to figure out Bluetooth then they need to figure out a no latency wireless protocol or other tech to get rid of ALL the damn wires. They get tangled up when you store them away and it's REALLY annoying. The additional adapter that plugs into the bottom of the controller is additionally annoying. It's 2015, figure it out.
- no feedback/monitoring (you can't hear yourself). MS's own headset also has this problem. Again, it's 2015. What the hell is this about? You'll be yelling to hear yourself. People that are hard-of-hearing do this. It's annoying to you and you'll be annoying to other people so that's doubly annoying.
- the color scheme / style doesn't really feel like it matches that of the Xbox. The black might pass, be the other colors don't make any sense. The green stripe in the white set doesn't match any Xbox green in their color some jackass in marketing just said "what color should we make it?" and some other idiot said "green....those xbox jerks like green." "what type of green?" "bah, doesn't matter...let's just shove it out the door." I guess this is nitpicky but I'm not sure why? not many after-market brands out there seem to be able to figure out these very difficult concepts like color and paint.

- firmware was necessary just to get things working somewhat (didn't fix the mic problem however). for a $100+ set, this seem rather lousy.
- The mic is not near your mouth so it would need to be EXTRA sensitive. It isn't. They screwed this up so bad they had to release an extra attachment to get it to work properly. I registered 2 of these headsets at, but over a month later, nothing arrived. I had to call to get them to send something and they still haven't. It would help if they would show a picture of this boom mic thing so I could see what it looks like and try to conceive of how it might help (or be yet another additional problem). Since the original mic is designed to be retractable, I assume this boom attachment will stick out and render the retractibility useless.
- Separately from the mic's insensitivity is the pressure required to get it to retract or release. I nearly sent my first set back because I had to press down so hard to get it to stick (retract inside) I thought I might break it. I thought it was broken because it wouldn't stick. A 2nd set also had this problem.
- For whatever reason, the mic didn't initially seem to work at all on either set. Flat out no response. Then after retracting and multiple times it magically worked. Will it stop working at some point? Is the connection loose? It's really hard to have faith in this product.

I tested this set with what everyone uses: Call of Duty, regular Xbox chat, Titanfall, Halo, etc...


I own several Polk speakers and they're solidly built and work reasonably well especially considering the price. They should not have rushed this product out the door. They clearly didn't test it well enough and they obviously don't have enough (or any) experience in multiplayer gaming audio. This headset fiasco kind of tarnishes their brand just a little...Stick with Turtle Beach, Astro, the brands that have some experience and proven track records...Polk's first foot forward into gaming is a stumble...

Skip this headset. Too many problems. Too much rigmarole to deal with considering the $100+ price tag...Can't even tell you whether the boom makes anything better over a month later because I still don't have it...That's silly considering the return window to Amazon would already be closed for my 1st set...

Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Offered by DealTavern
Price: $34.97
119 used & new from $28.87

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Yikes, December 5, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is the buggiest Xbox One release I've played thusfar. You'd think they'd wanna get their flagship product working right.

- Halo 2 Anniversary. Yay! It's awesome. The switching back and forth between new/old graphics is awesome
- awesome number of mulitplayer maps (but see CONS below)
- the sheer volume of content makes this an awesome value akin to Valve's Orangebox release years ago
- awesome story-playlists to play through across campaigns
- achievements and career stats that track across all campaigns (but see CONS below)

- there are possibly too many bugs to mention
- bug fixes are breaking other things
- matchmaking is broken
- some achievements don't unlock, some unlock without you doing anything
- Halo2 progress didn't save for me while playing on legendary which is rage inducing
- the TV miniseries thing is deplorably bad. you will not care about any of these characters. it's not about Master Chief, so why even list it on the "Master Chief Collection"
- career stats listed in your game, online at xboxlive and on halo waypoint aren't consistent. it'll say you've done something in one place and in another place it'll say you haven't done it. broken.
- the terminal / halo channel on xbox one is completely broken. sometimes you'll go to a terminal and it'll access the channel and play something. sometimes (about half the time or more for me) it'll just go black and play nothing
- sometimes save/quit gets you a game freeze and sometimes it'll appear to work but won't save anything (YOU SHOULD MAKE SURE YOU COMPLETE A LEVEL TO ENSURE YOU DON'T LOSE PROGRESS!)
- "untracked build won't upload" error. This is the weirdest glitch I've seen all year. It just randomly appeared while going through Halo 4.
- due to all these (and other) glitches above, I've had to both soft and hard reset the game and console multiple times. is that good for the console?
- there are other general glitches you see like you see in other games (like clipping issues).
- other things I've forgotten (seriously, there are so many)

I can't believe there are people attempting LASO (Legendary All Skulls On), getting through it, and not being rewarded for it because of bugs. That is mega-lame.

It is really sad because if these bugs didn't exist, this would be a 5/5 for a lot of us...

Think Geek Minecraft Light-Up Diamond Ore
Think Geek Minecraft Light-Up Diamond Ore
Offered by Tru Inertia
Price: $20.15
36 used & new from $15.79

8 of 11 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars cool but inconsistent and no way to leave on..., November 17, 2014
It's a really cool item but no way to leave on and you have to tap hard to get it to respond. Once it comes on, there is an auto-shut off (probably to save battery life) that happens after a few minutes...What if I don't care about batteries and want the thing to stay on - I mean, these are only LEDs right???

Also, tapping on the thing felt inconsistent. The exact amount of pressure to get the thing to turn on was hard to figure out. You certainly can't simply touch the thing and have it come on (which is what I and probably everyone else at Think Geek was expecting...)
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Dec 12, 2014 9:20 AM PST

WD My Cloud WDBCTL0020HWT 2TB Personal Cloud Storage
WD My Cloud WDBCTL0020HWT 2TB Personal Cloud Storage
Price: Click here to see our price
25 used & new from $119.99

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars buggy and slow, October 26, 2014
USING FIRMWARE v04.00.01-623

I'd planned to use this as a media server, use it's DLNA to stream to an Xbox or other things. It's supposed to be accessible over the internet. It's the most unstable error-riddled device I've ever used...I tried suggestions of others (use a static IP address, turn off power saving things that make it not wake-upable) but these things didn't help any...browser access fails, desktop app fails, WD quickview app fails. there are too many failures to be believed. the software controlling the device is unbelievably janky. I've never seen a device with so many errors...Ever.

A sample of the errors that have occurred post install (which also had errors):

- HTTP Status 404 - TCP relay failed - Socket connection retries exceeded

- Unable to retrieve data. Make sure there are no network connectivity issues and try again. (200005)

- Unknown error. Retry your last operation. If the error persists, contact WD Support for assistance. (200000)

- browser error in connecting to the device: "Unable to connect" in Firefox or "This page can’t be displayed" in IE, etc...

There are 7 or 8 or maybe even more ways to access the device (which is frankly too many and that causes some confusion as each app or way to get into the device has a different UI and gives different info):

- a desktop app (gives a certificate error when it actually does work which is insane)

- MyCloud quickview (a quickload desktop app which will autostart when your computer starts if you want)

- WD SmartWare app (not even sure what this does)

- ip address of the device via browser (which requires user name/password and WILL NOT REMEMBER PASSWORD EVER)

- via browser. This gives a different UI/options than just using the IP address which I don't understand, WILL NOT WORK IN FIREFOX (despite the claim that it works with all browsers) and the "remember me" option in IE only remembers the user name, not the password so YOU WILL HAVE TO LOG IN WITH A BROWSER YOU MAY HATE and IT WILL NOT REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD THUS YOU ARE FORCED TO LOG IN EVERY SINGLE TIME. IE worked but gave a JAVA warning EVERY SINGLE TIME. This is how (I guess) you're supposed to get your files over the internet, at the office, on the go, etc. As others have indicated, it's horrendously slow. Even while at home, on the same network, on a fiber optic connection with all category 7 Ethernet cables, this was slow beyond belief. it took a full minute to stream a regular mp3 of a few thousand kb...I wouldn't count on streaming a movie this way...If you're on the bus, you'll already be home by the time the thing starts...Didn't try Chrome.

- you can set the drive up as a regular network drive if you're handy with Windows which is what I did. This seems like the best way to go about working with this drive at home (if you can get it stable) as an NAS, because it doesn't ask for credentials every single time the way everything else does and will automatically re-establish a connection to the share once you start your computer up (again assuming this thing is stable, up and working which is NOT guaranteed AT ALL). Playing the same mp3 file as above was instantaneous. So it might be usable as an NAS if you can get it up and stable...

- Of course phone apps exist. They even have a WP app, which is commendable. But who cares, the whole device is so buggy, why does it matter...

I've had to restart the thing at least 10 times and it requires maybe a half-hour more to fiddle with to get it up. I had planned to install this thing in my ceiling secured to it's K-slot and let it sit there forever, but there's no way in hell that could ever happen since I'll have to restart it again...I would skip this device until they figure it out. Even when it works, there are too many interfaces, too many logins, too many things that don't work, too much nonsense.

Note: I was able to get the XboxOne to recognize media on the drive via it's new update (which FINALLY includes DLNA). I haven't tested PS4 yet but I would assume it works too...
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Oct 27, 2014 3:29 PM PDT

Xbox 360 500GB Media Hard Drive
Xbox 360 500GB Media Hard Drive
Offered by Feel Good Sales
Price: $91.49
43 used & new from $73.99

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Solid., October 26, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
works fine. people will still razz MS over the cost and that's a legitimate point, but these hard drives have never failed. They're solid.

Price: $14.99
96 used & new from $9.00

8 of 12 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars 8 reasons Thief is the worst game I've played so far of this new generation, July 23, 2014
This review is from: Thief (Video Game)
8 reasons Thief is the worst game I've played so far of this new generation:

the game is so dark i can barely see anything half the time. there is no in-game brightness slider - the game tells you to use YOUR OWN display to adjust brightness. what? just for this one stupid game? then adjust it back for everything else I use it for? and back-n-forth and back-n-forth constantly over-and-over again? that's incredibly inconvenient and flat out stupid. it didn't matter, the game was impossible for me to get through so I had to do it just to be able to see where I was. after adjusting the brightness and contrast, I still struggle to see anything properly and whatever beauty I'm supposed to be witnessing is now completely washed out. this game may end up being the one that has actually physically harmed me (my eyes) the most...Note: I use a projector but there is NO issue with my display as ALL other games function as they should (BEING ABLE TO SEE THEM!) We joked as I went through, "wow, progressive values have really taken hold. I never thought I'd be able to play a game developed BY BLIND PEOPLE!!!!" Others in the room joked, "they should have called THIS game 'The Darkness'"

at the end of the first level the game completely froze during what was obviously (based on the latter dialog of other characters) a VERY IMPORTANT cut scene. i completely missed what happened in the story as a result. Something happened to the main female character. alive? dead? missing? were there bad guys there? did they kill, abduct her? me? something happened to me...I have no idea what the hell happened - that scene is gone...stupid. at the end of the game, you beat a boss (the battle itself is a bit stupid). You go from beating the boss in the middle of a ship, to a confounding cinematic in which the boss is somehow dramatically hanging on a ledge of the ship (like at the end of Die Hard) nowhere near where they once were (did they teleport?) the 7-year-old in the room remarked "why does that even matter, there's water below"). The boss acted as if they would fall to their death. Why? The fall looked like 20 feet at the most and into gentle water. Can they not swim?

3 - TONE
the main character seems to have 2 tones, sarcastic and sarcastic a-hole. actually that describes everyone's character. what motivation is supposed to propel the gamer through toward the end? why steal everything? for what? to live in the worst, most miserable city ever? It's like a medieval Detroit. The Theives Guild series of quests in Skyrim, which were somewhat generic, at least made some kind of'll stole a bunch of stuff to restore the guild to it's former glory and rose in it's ranks...but why are we here in Thief? we appear to be stealing everything not nailed down, even from poor harmless victims...for what? so now the city will even be worse? not much back story to explain the main character's motivations. I liked or sympathized with 0 characters in this game. if you nuked it from orbit, I wouldn't care, nor would you...probably nor would they....

the map is utterly useless, even counter-intuitive. if you can't remember how to get back to such-n-such place (which will happen regularly as quests are assigned) and consult the map, the map may lead you into a solid wall, a complete closed off area, etc... you also continuously LOSE the smaller corner map every time you save, transition, etc. Annoying. Also annoying are the multiple button presses that it takes to get to the big map. as the map isn't very pretty or inspiring, at least they should have made it useful. the map coupled with struggling to be able to see things properly made getting from point A-to-B maddening. Navigation and mobility, which you'd think you'd want to be functioning well as you're a thief, are the biggest (unintentional) challenges in the game.

dialog is idiotic and repetitive. all the characters bitch that they wish they had some coffee. is this world barren of coffee? robotic character animations are repetitive. if you have subtitles turned on, you'll see inaudible dialog repeated over and over and over. i turned it off. the audio is weird in many places. you'll overhear characters that are supposed to be inside (giving you clues as to where treasures are), as clear as day...

enemies annoyingly constantly re-spawn (similar to Farcry2). no way to get rid of them permanently. once you feel like you've stealthfully gotten past them once or twice in the proper ghostly way, you'll get bored of that...I ended up just running past most of them for the rest of the game...combat isn't particularly interesting. you can fire an arrow or 2 or hit someone with a sap. and that's it.

the game's called Thief, so hows the stealing part? pretty mundane. it's not particularly broken. but it isn't unique or interesting relative to other games. sneak past dude. crawl. sneak past some other dude. steal thing. unlock thing. steal other thing...sneak and escape. unlocking stuff is a simple affair. rotate thumb stick...based on some of the other fundamental things being completely broken (being able to see, navigation), I'm actually glad they didn't decide to do some extravagant unique auteur idea probably would have completely misfired...

the game's natural competitors are Assassin's Creed, Dishonored, Hitman, and other similar stealth-based titles like the original Splinter Cell...Thief has NOTHING over any of these games. Not even 1 unique bullet point or thing-that-works-better or aesthetic or anything at all...Go play those games instead. I can't compare it to other games in the Thief franchise. I haven't played them. This entry does not make me want to...

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DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 - Jet Black
DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 - Jet Black
Price: Click here to see our price
97 used & new from $34.99

0 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Greatest controller ever made thus far...OBJECTIVE REVIEW, June 12, 2014

I have nearly every console ever made and controllers for most of them...even esoteric ONEs such as the Nintendo "Wavebird" and the more professionally made 3rd party controllers such as the Logitech ONEs with IR receivers for PS2 and the original XBOX (which tended to have some degree of noticeable input lag). Prior to the PS4 DS4 controller, I would say the 360 was the most solidly built controller ever. It felt great to hold and I felt like I couldn't break it with my bare hands the way I could with the PS3 controller...I love controllers.


MS reportedly spent $100,000,000 developing the XBOX ONE controller. They spent 100mil to develop a controller inferior and less ergonomic to the 360 controller. My "DAY ONE" XBOX ONE controller has a less solid, more "plastic-y" feel to it (similar to the PS3 controller) and the seams tend to cave in as I grip it. I am forced to grip it much much harder because it's wider (for no apparent reason) and that forces my hands apart. Worse, as professional critics have noted, the shoulder (bumper) buttons no longer depress on the outer portions of the button - can't fathom the stupidity of that. If you're used to being able to push the shoulder buttons in anywhere (as you should) you'll screw this up over and over again and fail to throw a grenade or do whatever action the button is supposed to do. I see no intelligent design reason for this. It's just stupid. The only big noticeable things the ONE controller has over competitors are trigger rumble and a removable battery.


The XBOX ONE controller dead zones are supposed to be better and the D-pad is improved. I bet that will please the folks that play stuff in Major League Gaming, but I never really cared about those things to begin with and 360 controller revisions had already fixed the d-pad with a cool interesting transforming method. I can't tell if latency or lag has improved yet. They made it uncomfortable to hold and nearly no functionality was added. NOTE: my TITANFALL controller (which you'd think would be identical) seems to not have the same caving-in-at-the-seams problem the DAY ONE controller has...So there's that...


Even the way the controller interfaces with the ONE OS is worse. The ONE OS stupidly didn't launch with a battery indicator (patched later) but the controller itself still has no low battery warning indicator (the 360 controller did). So if you're in the heat of battle and the team is counting on you for the big win, your controller will just die randomly...Thanks Obama.
Also, the ONE controller has a menu button (previously start) which mimics current website and mobile standards (which is good), another redundant button (previously back) and I don't even know what the hell you call it (app switcher button?) and yet another to turn on/off (the classic middle X button). The middle X button used to be more functional. Tapping it would take you to a very fast, responsive and convenient text-based shortcut menu on the 360, but this was abandoned in the ONE OS rendering the button less useful and more redundant. Worse, when you receive a game/party invite, you're supposed to HOLD the middle X button (IT TELLS YOU TO DO THIS). Because of buggy OS latency problems here, this never works fast enough and takes you to the "turn off" menu instead. You're supposed to only hold it down for a few seconds, but IT DOES NOT SAY THAT - you'll learn the hard way and maybe accidentally turn of your system (this still has not been patched). If you're coming from PS to XBOX or are new to XBOX, these buttons may not make any intuitive sense to you at all, may be difficult to get used to and game/party invites will confuse you...Because of all this crap, these 3 buttons really should be ONE button the way it is on the PS4...There isn't enough functionality to them thus there isn't a good reason for them to all exist...


The PS4 controller feels much more solid than the PS3 controller and yet is light and pleasant to hold. It is improved in every way to its predecessor, has better button placement and more functionality than the XBOX ONE controller. I like the 1-button-tap in the middle to take you to the dashboard (or back to your last app if already at the dashboard) or hold-down-to-turn-off. I don't particularly like the PS4 dashboard (XBOX ONE wins here hands down in my opinion) but this review is for the controller not the dashboard...The PS4 controller has new (or moved) buttons near the shoulder buttons that are OUT OF THE WAY and innocuous. Don't use the share button if you don't want to and you probably won't ever hit it by accident.

Many people have remarked that they don't like the big interactive light bar but I find it pleasant and informative (bad things happening on screen = red, good things = green and so on). Nevertheless Sony SHOULD LET YOU TURN THE DAMN THING OFF for those that hate it and Sony claims the won't or can't. That's dumb.

I like the speaker addition. This was always a cool function with the Wiimote (a thing it had over other controllers at that time) and now Sony has it as well. This gives developers the ability to play 1 thing over the controller and another over other speakers (audio logs in KILLZONE for example). Also has a built in stereo headphone jack. XBOX ONE controller - you have to buy some extra thing for this and it sticks out, adds major girth and is obtrusive...

The clickable touchpad is a great addition. As much controller real estate as it consumes, it's still relatively out of the way. I wonder if they could even improve it more and make it a TOUCHSCREEN! Maybe down the road when the added costs wouldn't be prohibitive.

The sticks are much improved, less floaty and wobbly.

The SIXAXIS gyro thing was the only benefit the PS3 controller had over the 360 in my opinion...and I believe this tech was changed for the PS4. But so far I haven't played anything that uses it, so I can't comment on it...It was always a cool function but most games never used it and a few that tried to implement it in a serious fashion made gamers hate it and wish it was dead (LAIR).

One of the dumber things about PS3 was that the trigger buttons were often not used AS TRIGGERS in shooters - the shoulder buttons were instead confoundedly used for this. As someone that is fairly console neutral, I can't tell you how annoying it is to pop in a shooter, proceed to hit THAT BIG THING THAT LOOKS LIKE A FREAKING TRIGGER ON A GUN to shoot an alien or whatever-it-is and instead a grenade or some other dumb thing pops out. The PS3 trigger buttons themselves were horrible anyway. Holding them down would cause the entire controller to move which is NOT what you want in a twitch shooter or intensely hard gaming session. Somebody at Sony apparently got a brain and fixed all this...

Note, there are no real PS4 unimprovements, the way there are with the ONE (other than the lightbar annoyance - which doesn't personally annoy me).

Other than turning the touchpad into a touchscreen, the only way I could imagine they could improve this thing is to add a microphone...


CTA Digital Xbox Kinect 30 Foot Extension Cable for the Kinect Camera
CTA Digital Xbox Kinect 30 Foot Extension Cable for the Kinect Camera
Price: $20.01
24 used & new from $15.84

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Hot Trash, June 9, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Read the reviews. They're right. Tried multiple times. The most I can get this thing to do is to turn on the green Kinect power light. It will then say "starting Kinect" multiple times, failing each time. It will repeat this process several times and then give up completely, followed by a red light. That's it. Clearly it has enough juice to send a signal, and power at least the LED lights on the Kinect, but that's it.

Don't know who CTA is but this was the longest extension cable for Kinect so I picked it. So far, CTA sucks...Returning.

Also note at fault here is Amazon's star review system. This product looks like it might actually be good if you look at the star rating alone. Clearly not the case...It's hot trash.

Kinect Sensor TV Mount Clip
Kinect Sensor TV Mount Clip
Offered by EGiant LLC
Price: $4.79
49 used & new from $1.00

1.0 out of 5 stars attaches perfectly to Kinect, falls right off TV, May 19, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This thing attaches perfectly and securely to the Kinect, the problem is that it won't attach to my TV securely whatsoever. It's completely and utterly useless unless you want it to just "rest" on the TV and hope nothing touches it ever...The clip has no tight gripping tension-like function that will hold it in place, at least not in my particular application.


Economy Beer Line Cleaning Kit
Economy Beer Line Cleaning Kit
Offered by KegWorks
Price: $48.00
4 used & new from $48.00

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Works well, a bit pricy, May 19, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Economy Beer Line Cleaning Kit
This works perfectly well. I had no issues and there's not much to remark on. Ya put the solution in the darn bottle with some water, you attach to your keg hoses and ya pump the stuff...There were no leaks anywhere....$50 seems like a lot for this...Ding....

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