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MegaGear ''Ultra Light'' Neoprene Camera Case Bag for Sony NEX-5TL, Sony NEX-5R, Sony NEX-3N with Sony SELP1650, Sony A5000, Sony A5100 16-50mm Lens (Black)
MegaGear ''Ultra Light'' Neoprene Camera Case Bag for Sony NEX-5TL, Sony NEX-5R, Sony NEX-3N with Sony SELP1650, Sony A5000, Sony A5100 16-50mm Lens (Black)
Price: $19.99
9 used & new from $15.00

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars MegaGear case is far better than the Sony LCS-VA15/B, December 11, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I purchased the Son NEX-5TL camera, as well as the suggested case (Sony LCS-VA15/B). While the Sony case is nice, it is entirely too large and allows excessive room for the camera to slide around (I estimate the camera fills no more than 60-70% of the main storage compartment). This case by MegaGear is absolutely perfect for the NEX-5TL and the attached 15-50mm lens. It's a skintight fit (requires just a little effort to get in), but provides excellent bump and scratch protection for both the camera and the lens.

-Due to the closure mechanism (velcro flap), I would not recommend this as a solo beach bag, as sand would easily slip in and scratch glass surfaces. A second bag (the Sony or to a slightly lesser extent the included suede bag) is recommended.

As a side note, I did not realize that I had ordered anything other than a neoprene case. Opening the package and seeing both a super large/soft cleaning cloth and a luxurious suede bag as well completely made my day. MegaGear has exceeded my expectations!

Inventions for Market One Click Stick Butter Cutter with Stainless Steel Blade
Inventions for Market One Click Stick Butter Cutter with Stainless Steel Blade
Price: $14.99
7 used & new from $9.50

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Gimmick that's amazingly useful, March 19, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
When I ran across this, I snickered about how useless it was. A bit later, a light bulb went off... and I realized I need this. This cuts a nice slab of butter without having to pull out a knife, and it's so much easier. I know, it's not exactly hard to cut butter; still, you'd be surprised how much time this saves.

-Butter doesn't drop straight down- it flys about 1-3" to the side. Not a big deal- you'll just sometimes have to pick up a pat of butter.
-Spreading still requires a knife (unless you just let butter melt or you're making a recipe).
-Blade looks (and sounds) like it could deal quite a bit of damage. KAAA-SNNNICK!
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Apr 19, 2013 12:08 PM PDT

Global Amici Italian Shot Glass, 5-Ounce, Set of 6
Global Amici Italian Shot Glass, 5-Ounce, Set of 6

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome glasses, March 18, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
TLDR: These glasses are awesome, buy a bunch! Beware of broken glasses though.

I ordered these glasses as my previously biggest shot glasses were 3 oz, which is too small for a few drinks. The first delivery got delivered to somewhere other than my house, so Amazon sent another order. This order arrived, but every single glass facing downwards was broken (3 out of 6). I called Amazon yet again, and they issued me another order (have I mentioned how good their Customer Service is?). This one arrived with one broken glass, so I now have 6 glasses + 2 spares!

De'Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker
De'Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker
Price: $99.95
97 used & new from $49.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome Espressos!, January 26, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This espresso machine make perfect espressos. There's a couple of annoyances, but nothing too big.

The Good:
-Perfect espressos
-Fairly quick warm-up (~10 minutes from start to 1st espresso; simply run 3-4 times w/o coffee to warm up)
-Milk Frother works well

The Annoying:
-After frothing, you have to run it once at the coffee setting to cool it down. Tip: do this right before the next batch... otherwise it doesn't seem as good.
-Doesn't come with cups, thermometer, frothing cup, etc. Basically, just buy stuff when you get the machine so you don't have to wait.
-Machine vibrates enough to move coffee cup. It's not much, so just keep an eye on the cup to make sure it stays under the spout.

Tips I've discovered (not trying to sound pretentious, but these really helped me and I hope you benefit as well):
-VERY IMPORTANT: clean everything as soon as possible to make it easy. If you wait, it becomes difficult to clean. I personally rinse the milk part as soon as I'm done... the frothed milk likes to dry sticky (and quickly as well).
-Get a thermometer! The frothed milk is best at ~140 degrees F.
-Don't bother getting a steel frothing mug. After going through several, I discovered that a 1 cup Pyrex works perfectly (better than a steel frothing mug).
-Get a metal tamper. It's MUCH easier. I suggest "Terry's Tamper", also found on Amazon.
-Frothing skim milk is easy, but it doesn't taste anywhere as good as full-fat milk. It's a bit harder to foam, but worth the effort in my opinion. Also, you CAN froth half and half (though it's a REAL pain); I'd suggest no more than 1/2 of the total milk be half and half. It gets too rich.

Belkin Conserve Power Switch, F7C016q
Belkin Conserve Power Switch, F7C016q
Price: $8.94
19 used & new from $3.95

5.0 out of 5 stars It works like it's supposed to..., December 5, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I'm not sure what to say about this... you plug it into the wall, and plug stuff into the plug. I plugged a power strip into it, and it doesn't have any troubles passing through enough power for my desktop pc and entertainment system. Basically, it does exactly what I expect it to!

I wish there was a version with the switch on the left. Aside from that, no cons.

Bodum Pavina Assorted Color 2-1/2-Ounce Espresso/Shot Glasses, Get 6 Promotional Set
Bodum Pavina Assorted Color 2-1/2-Ounce Espresso/Shot Glasses, Get 6 Promotional Set

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome little glasses, December 5, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I purchased an espresso machine, and of course all of my glasses were too large to fit under the spout... triggering a frantic round of Amazon seaching. It was a choice between these and the all-glass ones. I got these for the simple reason that it came it 6, meaning that I don't have to wash the cups every time I have espresso (yes, I'm lazy).

There's a few cons, but not many or large ones.
a) The silicone coating isn't quite enough to completely protect from the heat of the espresso. While it's not burning, you can definately tell something hot is in the glass! [medium importance]
b) The glass seems a little thin to me... but it just means you need to be careful with them. I'm ...uncomfortable with all delicate glassware, and while this isn't fine crystal or anything, I still worry about breaking it. If you're comforable using a teacup, you'll be fine with this. It doesn't seem likely to break unless you drop it though. [low importance]

WMF Manaos / Bistro Espresso Paddle, Set of 4
WMF Manaos / Bistro Espresso Paddle, Set of 4
Offered by Featured Brands
Price: $18.75
2 used & new from $7.99

5 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome spoons... but TINY!!!, December 5, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
First of all, these are really cool! I love them, and they're the perfect size for stirring both coffee mugs and espresso cups. The only thing I wasn't expecting is how tiny they were. I seriously burst out laughing when I saw them... they look like toys! I was mentally expecting full-size spoons. These are about 4 inches long, and about half an inch wide.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jul 27, 2015 8:24 PM PDT

Denon DHT-391XP 5.1 Channel Home Theater System (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Denon DHT-391XP 5.1 Channel Home Theater System (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

5.0 out of 5 stars Had a few problems, but it's perfect now, November 16, 2011
I read a lot of reviews of this before I ended up purchasing it, so I knew it was prone to freezing. I bought it from Best Buy (because I expected that I might certainly be getting a different model), and it worked great for about a month. After about 3 weeks, it started freezing... but I didn't have time to return it. By the time I finally had time, my 30 day return window was up. So, I was resigned to simply having to unplug it and replug it every time I used the system. However, after a couple of weeks, it started working perfectly. It's been almost a month since I've had any freezing whatsoever, so the system fixed itself!

As far as sound goes, it sounds great, but it was a pain to set up. It DOES have a lot of customization options though, which means that you can get the perfect sound. I ended up replacing the included wire with 16 gauge, which really improved the sound (and meant I had to recalibrate).

Start-up time is around 5 seconds, and shut-down time is instantaneous.

One note: this unit controls sound using decibels (-85 dB to 60 dB I think). For anyone who isn't comfortable with this, when you add/subtract 3 dB, it doubles/halves the sound intensity (ie loudness). Each click up or down raises/lowers it by 0.5 dB.

Currently, I have an Xbox 360, a Bluray player, and my pc (HDMI + optical sound) coming in. The unit switches easily between them, and it sounds great no matter what platform I'm using (which means it does what it's supposed to do).

Motorola DROID X2 Android Phone (Verizon Wireless)
Motorola DROID X2 Android Phone (Verizon Wireless)
3 used & new from $42.99

31 of 34 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great phone! Not perfect, but pretty close, June 6, 2011
The good:
This phone is simply amazing when it comes to games, music, and applications. Everything runs smoothly without any crashes, and I've found a total of 1 program that runs slowly (which says that the program wasn't coded correctly). The screen is simply phenomenal, and movies look great on it. HDMI mirroring works very well, and can actually "mirror" everything shown on the phone screen (as the name says)... instead of simply displaying media on a tv. The form factor is nice; it's a huge phone, but very thin... which surprisingly enough adds up to being very comfortable to slip into a pocket. This phone has Gorilla Glass: this is impressive stuff, which will REALLY help protect your phone. HOWEVER... you should still get a screen protector. Gorilla glass is strong, but not unbreakable or unscratchable...just break and scratch resistant (ie... water resistant on a watch is not water proof, as I found out...)

The simply-informational:
This phone is VERY similar to the Droid X, with a few updates. From my perspective, you don't need to fix things that aren't broken... so I'm not saying that it's a bad thing. Anyways, the differences are slight but important: 26% more pixels in the X2, dual cores, updated interface, and the lack of a physical camera button. The form factor is exactly the same, as is the battery, the camera, the keys, etc. What you should take away from this is that it's not a significant jump from the X to the X2, so it's not really worth it to upgrade if you want to see a huge difference in your new phone. However, if you're coming from a "feature phone" or something like that, the Droid X2 will blow your mind. Some possible deal-breakers for some people are the lack of 4G, and the lack of a front facing camera... but I wouldn't be using either of those features anyway, so they're not important for me. If you need them, you might want to wait for the Droid Bionic, which is coming out fairly soon.

The bad:
The only real drawback I've found with this phone is how hungry it is for batteries. I had wifi, gps, and background data off; screen brightness as far down as possible; and not vibrating (for anything, including games or notifications). With all of these things, I was expecting a whole day of use, or at least 12 hours or so... but I'm getting 6-7 hours of continuous use on games and applications (8 if the cpu isn't working hard). I ordered several replacement batteries because I was charging my phone from 5% about 2 times/ day and again at night. For typical usage, 3 batteries total are a safe bet and you'll probably finish the day with close to 50% charge on the third battery. Fortunately, the battery isn't hard to replace, so you can up and running again within ~3 minutes of the phone dying (including the startup).
One note about the extended battery: if you get it, you can't use the car dock OR the standard cases OR the media dock. Plus, it only adds about 20% power.

The annoying (this is going to sound a bit whiny... you have been warned):
First, the phone is quiet in general, including playing media, talking (both your voice and the other person's voice). The vibrator function feels "gentle", especially for text messages, and it doesn't repeat the notification in a few minutes. It's easy to miss texts if you're sitting just right... but if you're thinking about it, you feel it buzz just fine. EDIT: A brilliant commenter (JonnyK) suggested using a progam called SMS Popup. This app works very well, and completely gets rid of this problem.

Second, the speaker for media playback is on the back. This means if I want to see the screen and listen to music I can either blast music so I can hear it (which I don't want to do), or I can...hmmm... put in headphones (which aren't as comfortable)

Third, Verizon sells the phone with an 8 GB card. Realistically, if you plan to put music or movies on the phone, you're going to want at least a 16 GB card... but it's easy enough to upgrade. I ended up getting a 32 gb card so I could put most of my media collection on it... and so I don't have the hassle of upgrading when it's full.

Fourth, I can't take my SD card out without removing the battery. Every other phone I've had, I could simply pull open a cover, remove the card, and stick it back when I had put stuff on it. This is the least annoying in day to day life, but it does get annoying really quickly when you have take the card back and forth between your pc and your phone multiple times.

Fifth, when you put the phone into a dock, it automatically puts it into car dock mode, which is a pain to use. It's not user-friendly, and applications don't play as well together inside the dock program (ie... you're using google maps, you launch a song, and you can't get back to the maps program without undocking it)

The overall:
Get the phone. It's not perfect, but it's still pretty amazing.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jun 6, 2011 4:25 PM PDT

NOVICA Multi-Gem Sterling Silver Beaded Earrings
NOVICA Multi-Gem Sterling Silver Beaded Earrings

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful, April 5, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
These earrings are stunning... even better than the picture. Shipping was reasonable (especially with the Feb '10 snowstorm), and it arrived in perfect codition. I got these for my fiance, and she loves them. These are definately a must-have set!

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