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Head (1968 Film)
Head (1968 Film)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Psychedelic, June 23, 2006
This review is from: Head (1968 Film) (Audio CD)
This was the soundtrack album to the Monkees movie "Head". Unfortunately the Monkees popularity was dwindling, and both the movie and the album bombed. I think it's a shame, because there is some of their best work on this album, and certainly their most psychedelic. The album is a collection of songs and sound bites from the movie. I will do a review of the songs:

"The Porpoise Song" - One of the Monkees most psychedelic songs, and definitely one of my favorites. Everything about this song is great, and it really should have been a hit. I think perhaps this music was a little too advanced for the Monkees audience (which were mostly younger children) and that's why it didn't do so well. 10/10

"Circle Sky" - This version of "Circle Sky" is the studio version. I'm not really sure why this was included over the live version from the movie, but it's certainly nowhere near as good. You can barely hear Mike's vocals, and it just sounds poorly produced. I usually program the live version from the bonus tracks in place of this. 5/10

"Can You Dig It" - This is one of the two songs written by Peter for this album. This version features Micky singing, and is yet another very psycedelic song. 9/10

"As We Go Along" - The flipside of "The Porpoise Song", and a very relaxing, enjoyable song. Another underated song...I seriously think that if some of this stuff had been released maybe a year earlier it would have been a lot more popular. 10/10

"Daddy's Song" - Has that older almost 20's feel to it. It's a pretty cool song, with a catchy beat. Davy's vocals aren't the greatest though. 6/10

"Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again" - Peter's second offering for the album, and another great song. This one has some nice guitar work, and is once again very psychedelic. 10/10

Those are the only songs from the actual album, the rest are cool sound bites from the movie. There are some good bonus tracks on this cd...the best, in my opinion, being the live version of "Circle Sky", which is from the movie. There is also a version of Peter singing "Can You Dig It", and Mike singing "Daddy's Song".

All in all, a great offering by the Monkees, and I think it often gets overlooked as some of their best.

Pisces Aquarius Capricorn & Jones Ltd
Pisces Aquarius Capricorn & Jones Ltd
44 used & new from $0.34

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wow!, June 17, 2006
One simple word I would use to describe this album would be "wow". The Monkees were performing were once again performing as a band together (although you find out from reading the liner notes, that they had many more musicians involved on this album). This is the beginning of some of the Monkees psycadelic work, with songs like "Daily Nightly", "Star Collector", and "Words". This is my second favorite Monkees album, next to "Headquarters", and it is fantastic. Here is my review of the songs:

1. "Salesman" - A perfect way to start off the album with a great rockin' Mike song. Very catchy tune, that sounds like classic Mike. 9/10

2. "She Hangs Out" - This is definitely one of the Monkees more popular non-singles. They usually perform it at their concerts. Good Davy song. 8/10

3. "The Door Into Summer" - This is a song written by Chip Douglas and sung by Mike. Excellent song, with a great chorus, and one of my favorite Monkees tunes. 10/10

4. "Love Is Only Sleeping" - A fantastic song, which was originally supposed to be a single, instead of "Daydream Believer". I like this song more everytime I hear it, and might be in my top 10 Monkees songs. 10/10

5. "Cuddly Toy" - Definitely not one of my favorites, although it's a fairly popular song. It's just kind of a cheesy Davy tune to me. 5/10

6. "Words" - The flipside of "Pleasant Valley Sunday", and a very psycadellic Boyce/Hart song. Has a sound that defines this album, and even features some vocals from Peter. 10/10

7. "Hard To Believe" - Probably my least favorite song on the album, and it seems like it just doesn't fit in with the rest. I usually skip over it. 5/10

8. "What Am I Doing Hangin' 'Round" - This is another very popular song that was not a single. It's classic Mike with his country rock, and it was always one of my favorites when I was little. 10/10

9. "Peter Percival Paterson's Pet Pig Porky" - Just an intro by Peter to "Pleasant Valley Sunday".

10. "Pleasant Valley Sunday" - I'm sure most people know this song, as it was one of their more popular singles. It was also probably their most psycadellic to date. And I think this single really shows how the Monkees were trying to break away from that bubble gum image. 10/10

11. "Daily Nightly" - This is a song that was written by Mike and features some great Micky vocals. The best part of the song, however, is Micky's incredible use of the moog synthesizer. Very psycadellic. 10/10

12. "Don't Call On Me" - Perhaps the strangest song on the album. It's a Mike song which almost sounds like lounge music. I never liked it when I was younger, but it has definitely grown on me. It might not seem like it fits in, but I think it's so weird that it just works for the album. 10/10

13. "Star Collecotr" - Might be the most psycadellic song on the album, with a whole lot of synthesizer, and keyboards. Another strange song, but I think it's great. 10/10

Nothing jumps out too much in the bonus tracks, excepts "Goin' Down", which was the flipside of "Daydream Believer", and never released on an album. Most everything else is different versions of the songs. The most interesting one of those is "Daily Nightly", without the synthesizer. You can really see what Micky added to the song.

So, in my opinion, this is just an amazing album, and definiely worth a purchase, whether you are a Monkees fan or not.

More of the Monkees
More of the Monkees
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4.0 out of 5 stars Bubblegum Isn't Always Bad, June 3, 2006
This review is from: More of the Monkees (Audio CD)
Well, this was the Monkees second album, and it shot straight up to number 1, knocking their first album (which still held that spot) to number 2. However, as most people know the album was pretty much made by Don Kirshner, and as the story goes, the Monkees didn't even know the album was out, until they saw it at a store. They had virtually no imput, and their vocals were pretty much their only involvement. Despite all of this, it's a very solid selection of songs. Some songs are not the greatest, but this album is filled with hits. Anyway, here is my review of the songs:

1. "She" - Excellent way to start the album with a great Boyce/Hart song that probably could have been a single. 10/10

2. "When Love Comes Knockin' (At Your Door)" - Not the best song on the album, but certainly not the worst. Fairly solid pop song. 7/10

3. "Mary, Mary" - One of the two songs written by Mike on this album. Featured in a few episodes, and one of their more popular non-singles. Great song, one of my favorites. 10/10

4. "Hold On Girl" - Another Davy song that's not great, but again isn't the worst. Average song, that gets in your head. 7/10

5. "Your Auntie Grizelda" - This was the first Monkees song on an album that featured Peter on lead vocals. Just a goofy novelty song, but it's a classic. 8/10

6. "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone" - One of the Monkees most popular B-Sides, and a definite classic. 10/10

7. "Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)" - An obvious Neil Diamond song, and definitely the strongest Davy song on the album. This may be pure bubblegum, but it's still great. 10/10

8. "The Kind of Girl I Could Love" - The second song that Mike wrote for the album, and the only one he sings (for some reason). Not the best Mike song ever released, but it has that country-rock-pop appeal. 8/10

9. "The Day We Fall In Love" - This is my least favorite Monkees song. I don't even know if you could call it a ballad, it's just a lot of cheesy Davy talking. Definitely not good. 1/10

10. "Sometime In The Morning" - Micky definitely shines on this song, vocally anyway. Solid song, that is squeezed in between two bad ones. 9/10

11. "Laugh" - Another horrible choice by Kirshner. Not only is it a bad song, but the quality just doesn't seem like it's finished. How this ended up being on two Monkees episodes is beyond me. 4/10

12. "I'm A Believer" - I'm sure everyone knows what this song is...possibly their most popular. 10/10

Nothing too much from the bonus tracks...Peter singing "I Don't Think You Know Me" is interesting.

This cd is definitely worth a purchase, and it's a very good listen. I'd probably give it a 5/5 if the Monkees had at least had knowledge that it was coming out.

Missing Links: Volume 3
Missing Links: Volume 3
15 used & new from $23.37

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4.0 out of 5 stars Last, But Not Least, May 29, 2006
This review is from: Missing Links: Volume 3 (Audio CD)
This cd was the last release of the Missing Links collections. Although I don't think it's quite as good as volume two, there are some great rarities on here. Any Monkees fan will definitely enjoy this one. Here is my review of the songs:

1. "(Theme From) The Monkees" - This is the version of this song that was used as the intro to the tv show. It's cool to see this released, because this version had never been on an album before. 9/10

2. "Kellogg's Jingle" - You can hear this song in many of the Monkees episodes, right after the intro. Just a short jingle, but it's pretty cool.

3. "We'll Be Back In A Minute" - Just another short jingle type song. It was apparently used on reruns of the Monkees tv show.

4. "Through The Looking Glass" - Here is the first full song of the cd. This is a very good version of this Boyce/Hart song. I think it's just as good if not better than the version used on Instant Replay. 8/10

5. "Propinquity (I've Just Begun To Care)" - Yet another solid unreleased Mike song (the Missing Links cd's are filled with them). Has that classic Mike country sound, and I believe he used this song on one of his solo albums. 8/10

6. "Penny Music" - Ouch! is all I could say to describe this song. Has sort of a catchy tune, but Davy's voice just sounds very off. 3/10

7. "Tear The Top Right Off My Head" - This is a very good Peter song. You could actually hear Micky and Peter perform part of this in the "Hitting The High Seas" Monkees episode. It's one of my favorites on the cd, and Peter just always gives it his all. 9/10

8. "Little Red Rider" - Another great unreleased Mike song, and another one that I think he used in his solo career. Good work by Mike. 9/10

9. "You're So Good" - I usually always like Micky songs, but this one just isn't very good. It doesn't even sound like a typical Monkees song, kind of odd. 4/10

10. "Look Down" - I find this to be one of the better songs on the cd. Good performance by Davy, and maybe if re-recorded, I could see it having been on an album. 8/10

11. "Hollywood" - Ok song, not one of my favorite Mike ones. I'm usually a fan of the Mike country/country-rock stuff, but this one's a little too much country for me. 6/10

12. "Midnight Train" - Decent Miky song, that is slightly different from the version used on Changes. You could hear a lot of Micky's sister in this version. Another song that's not really typical Monkees style, but it's ok. 6/10

13. "She Hangs Out" - This is a good Davy song, but I don't like this version even close to as much as the album version. It's just a little too slow for me. 6/10

14. "Shake 'Em Up" - This song has almost the same style as "You're So Good". It just doesn't sound very good, and it's really odd. 3/10

15. "Circle Sky" - This version isn't quite as good as the live version, but it's better than the album version. It's very similar to the album version, except Mike's vocals are actually audible. Great rockin' Mike song though. 8/10

16. "Steam Engine" - It has a pretty catchy chorus...I usually find myself singing along with it. But altogether, it's kind of an average song I could live without. 6/10

17. "Love To Love" - This is an obvious Neil Diamond song, which sounds very similar to the other one's he wrote for the Monkees. It's probably the best song on this cd, and easily could have been used on one of their albums. 10/10

18. "She'll Be There" - It doesn't sound like this song was finished to me, but it has good lyrics, and great vocals from Micky. I think a finished recording could have been album quality. 8/10

19. "How Insensitive" - Might be my least favorite Mike song. It's another one that's just a little too country, and I'm not a fan of the vocals. 5/10

20. "Merry Go Round" - Another solid Peter song, that has a very addictive sound to it. 8/10

21. "Angel Band" - See "How Insensitive". 5/10

22. "Zor and Zam" - This was the version used on the tv's a great song, but the album version is a little more intense, and a little better I think. 8/10

23. "We'll Be Back In A Minute" - Just a slightly different version from the song above.

24. "Tema Dei Monkees" - Simply (Theme From) The Monkees in Italian. Kind of neat.

As you could see, it's not the best cd, but it is a nice collection to have, with many quality songs.

Missing Links
Missing Links
25 used & new from $15.82

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3.0 out of 5 stars Some Good Songs, May 28, 2006
This review is from: Missing Links (Audio CD)
This collection of missing links has some good songs, but you could see why many of these were left off the Monkees albums. In my opinion, this is definitely the worst of the three Missing Links albums...they really improve with the other two. The solid collection of Mike songs is the only thing that really saves this album. Here are my reviews of the songs:

1. "Apples, Peaches, Bananas and Pears" - Sounds like a worse version of Last Train to Clarksville or Tear Drop City. Not a terrible song, but certainly not enough quality to be included on one of the Monkees albums. 6/10

2. "If You Have The Time" - Kind of a catchy song...again not horrible, but just not enough quality to be on an album. 6/10

3. "I Don't Think You Know Me" - This is a very good song, however, I don't like this version sung by Mike quite as much as the one sung by Micky. 7/10

4. "Party" - Probably one of the worst songs on the cd. Just another kind of cheesy song written by Davy that I can't get into. 3/10

5. "Carlisle Wheeling" - Finally the ablum picks up with a great song. This is just a very beautiful song by Mike, with some great lyrics. 1010

6. "Storybook Of You" - Yet another song that is ok, but just doesn't quite have the quality of a solid Monkees song. 6/10

7. "Rosemarie" - A very interesting song written by Micky. Doesn't really song like a Monkees song, but it's kind of hoppin' and catchy. 7/10

8. "My Share of the Sidewalk" - A song written by Mike and sung by Davy. Another kind of catchy and upbeat song, that almost sounds jazzy. 7/10

9. "All Of Your Toys" - This song was originally slated to be a single released off Headquarters. It's a nice, fun song that has a very Monkeeish (if that's a word) sound. 9/10

10. "Nine Times Blue" - Another great offering by Mike. Has a very country sound to it, but it has some good lyrics, and it's just a quality song. 9/10

11. "So Goes Love" - This was a song recorded very early on by the Monkees, but never made it to an album. I think Davy does a good job on this song, and I could definitely have seen it on More of the Monkees (certainly would have been better than "Laugh or "The Day We Fall In Love"). 8/10

12. "Teeny Tiny Gnome" - This is kind of a fun and goofy song, but some very corny lyrics. Again, you can see why this was not included on an album. 7/10

13. "Of You" - Very high quality Monkees song, that I think could have been used on an early album. Has that great early fun lovin' Monkees sound. 10/10

14. "War Games" - Another kind of poor Davy song. The lyrics aren't quite as bad as usual, but the whole song just is not good. 4/10

15. "Lady's Baby" - This is a great Peter song. I always feel that Peter was very underated in the Monkees. He might not have the best voice, but he writes some excellent songs. 9/10

16. "Time and Time Again" - A solid Davy ballad to end the cd. Certainly one of his better songs on the album. 7/10

As I said, this collection has some good songs, and for a Monkees fan, it's a cool cd to have. However, I think it ranks the lowest of the Missing Links cd's.

Missing Links 2
Missing Links 2
23 used & new from $19.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Collection, May 19, 2006
This review is from: Missing Links 2 (Audio CD)
Many times albums that are released like this consist of a collection of odd, random songs that are nothing more than average. That is certainly not the case with this one, and not only is it a great album, but I think it's the best of the Missing Links series. It features many great unreleased songs, and a lot of songs that had been used in Monkees episodes, but never appeared on an album. Here is my review of the songs:

1. "All The King's Horses" - This is a classic Mike song that had been used in a few Monkees episodes, but for some reason never made it to an album. 8/10

2. "Valleri" - Another version of a song that had been used several times for the TV show, but was not released on an album (a different version of Valleri appeared much later on the Birds the Bees and the Monkees album). I actually like the later version better, but this one has some classic appeal. 8/10

3. "St. Matthew" - Mike seems to have the most amount of unreleased material on the Missing Links series, and the majority of them are excellent songs. This one, like most of the unreleased ones is very country. I'm not a huge fan of country music, but his songs are just great. 10/10

4. "Words" - This was a version of Words that had been used in one Monkees episode of season 1. It's not a bad version, but I think the later version that became a single is far superior. 7/10

5. "Some of Shelly's Blues" - Another extremely country Mike song, that he also recorded in his solo career. This may be one of his most popular unreleased songs, and another great showing. 9/10

6. "I Wanna Be Free" - This version of this song may be even more well known that the album version. This is the much faster version, which was featured in the Monkees pilot episode. It also has a small amount of Micky vocals in the middle. I like this version much better than the ballad version on the album. 9/10

7. "If I Ever Get To Saginaw Again" - Although Mike did not write this song, it sounds almost exactly like one that he would write. Has some very good lyrics, and I think it's sung wonderfully by Mike. 8/10

8. "Come On In" - Good old Peter always seems like he's trying to get some stuff on the albums. This is a good song, and maybe one of Peter's best vocal efforts. 7/10

9. "I'll Be Back Upon My Feet" - This is the earlier version of this song, which was used in several episodes of the TV show. I actually like it better than the version the ended up later using on the Birds the Bees and the Monkees. 10/10

10. "Michigan Blackhawk" - Not one of my favorite Mike songs, but it's not terrible. It has that good old country rock sound. 6/10

11. "Hold On Girl" - Just a different version from the one on More of the Monkees. I'm glad they went with the other version, because this one just doesn't do it for me at all. 5/10

12. "The Crippled Lion" - Yet another unreleased Mike song, that seems to have that trademark sound of the majority of the unreleased Mike songs. It's enjoyable. 7/10

13. "Changes" - Not one of my favorites on the album. I've said in other reviews, I just can't get into the stuff that Davy writes. I just think the lyrics are kind of dumb. 5/10

14. "Mr. Webster" - Slightly different from the Headquarters version, using drums instead of the tambourine, and a slower tempo. 7/10

15. "You Just May Be The One" - This is the earlier version, which was used in many episodes of the TV show. It's very good, but I think the Headquarters version is better. 9/10

16. "Do Not Ask For Love" - Great song, with some excellent Micky vocals. This song is also song by Peter in 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee. It might take a while to get hooked on, but I think it's one of the best on this collection. 9/10

17. "Circle Sky" - The live version of this song, which should have been used on the Head album. It was used in the movie, and I think shows how great the Monkees really were as a band. Why it was never released on an album in the first place is beyond me. 10/10

18. "Seeger's Theme" - A cool instrumental (I think mainly featuring Peter).

19. "Riu Chiu" - Song used in the Christmas episode of the TV show. Shows the Monkees vocalizing together very well. 7/10

Very good cd, and if you're looking for a collection of Monkees rarities or unrleased stuff, this should definitely be the one.

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Best, May 19, 2006
This review is from: Headquarters (Audio CD)
If you are looking for the best Monkees album, in my opinion, this is definitely it. This is the first album after Don Kirshner was fired, which meant the Monkees were finally allowed to have more creative control and play their own instruments. Just from listening to this album, you could tell the amount of excitement and enjoyment that was put forth into making it. The sad thing is that Headquarters often gets overlooked because it hit number 1 for one week, then Sgt. Pepper's came out by the Beatles and immediately took over that position. Also, there were no singles released in the US off this album. However, every song is high quality, and I think the Monkees best work. Here is my review of the songs:

1. "You Told Me" - A Perfect way to start off the album. This is a classic Mike song that features some great banjo playing from Peter. One of my favorite Monkees songs. 10/10

2. "I'll Spend My Life With You" - This is a Boyce/Hart song that was originally recorded for an earlier Monkees album. It's a slow song that features some great vocals from Micky. In my opinion this song can be overlooked, because it's sandwiched between two amazing songs. 8/10

3. "Forget That Girl" - This song was written by Chip Douglas, and has some good vocals from Davy. Very catchy song. 9/10

4. "Band 6" - Not really a song, but just a short session of the Monkees practicing in the studio.

5. "You Just May Be The One" - Another excellent Mike song, which had been recorded earlier and featured in some Monkees episodes. This version, with them playing their instruments, is much better, and really has a classic Monkees sound. 10/10

6. "Shades Of Gray" - This is sort of a "grown up" song for the Monkees, with great lyrics that were much different from their bubblegum image. Also features a small amount of Peter vocals. 10/10

7. "I Can't Get Her Off My Mind" - Probably my least favorite song on the album (not that it's bad, but there had to be one). I think it's a little more bubble gum sounding, and kind of takes away from the rest of the album. 7/10

8. "For Pete's Sake" - Classic Monkees song, written by Peter, and perhaps the most well known on the album. It was used for the end credits in season 2 of the TV show. 10/10

9. "Mr. Webster" - Not a bad song, but not one of the standouts on the album. It's a slow song that tells a story. It features a whole lot of tambourine from Davy. 7/10

10. "Sunny Girlfriend" - Mike really puts out some great songs on this album. This has his classic country rock sound. Great song. 9/10

11. "Zilch" - Not really a song, but just a bunch of spoken words by the Monkees. Kind of entertaining.

12. "No Time" - They pick it up with a very rockin' tune here. Perhaps one of the fastest and most catchy songs on the album. I've always enjoyed it. 10/10

13. "Early Morning Blues and Greenes" - A slow, kind of toasty, Davy song, which may be another one that gets overlooked, being sandwiched between two great songs. 8/10

14. "Randy Scouse Git" - This was released as a single, and became a hit in the UK under the name "Alternate Title". This was written by Micky at a party the Beatles threw for them, and may be one of the most cult Monkee favorites. They definitely show that they are trying to shed their bubble gum image with the lyrics in this song. 10/10

This cd also features some fairly solid bonus tracks. There is a version of Mike singing "The Girl I Knew Somewhere", and a different version of "Nine Times Blue". Also, the band playing the theme from "Peter Gunn's Gun", which sounds pretty good, and some studio hyjinks in the track "Jericho". The best bonus track is "All Of Your Toys", which was at one point going to be a single for them. It's a very good song.

Altogether, I think this is definitely the Monkees best album, and I'm sure most people will agree.

47 used & new from $4.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Not So Bad, February 4, 2006
This review is from: Changes (Audio CD)
Well, this was the last album for the Monkees (until the 80's), and most people believe it was a sad end. I will actually disagree with most people and say this album is not so bad. Now, to anyone who has never heard this cd, I will say that it is probably their most "bubblegum" album. Which is the reason why most people don't like it, considering they had faught all those years to be their own band.

For anyone who doesn't know, by this time the Monkees popularity was pretty much gone, and the group was down to only Micky and Davy. As a last grasp for a rebirth of the Monkees, Jeff Barry, who produced I'm a Believer, was brought in to produce for this new record. He brought in a team of songwriters, and the Monkees were back to where they began. You could say Barry failed, because this was the only Monkees album not to reach the Billboard's top 200. However, I think looking at this album from a pop standpoint, it was very good. The Monkees were dead by now, and no one was buying anything, no matter what it sounded like. Lets say Davy and Micky were never in the Monkees, and an album by "Davy and Micky" came out with all these songs, I think it would have been very successful. Most of the songs are very catchy. Maybe the Monkees had gone against what they faught for, but that doesn't take away from this being a good pop album.

Let me review the songs:

1. Oh My My - Very catchy song, and probably one of my favorites on the album. This could definitely been a popular song had the Monkees not been over by now. 9/10

2. Ticket On A Ferry Ride - Not the best song on the album, but it's not terrible. Sounds kind of like a typical 60's pop song. Almost sounds like Tork in the background. 6/10

3. You're So Good To Me - This sounds almost like a Partridge Family song to me. It's probably one of my favorite Davy songs. Again, unbelievibly poppy and bubblegum, but who cares...that doesn't make it bad. 9/10

4. It's Got To Be Love - This is a solid love song sung by Micky. Kind of cheesy, but it's pretty good. 7/10

5. Acapulco Sun - Another decent song. Has a catchy beat to it. 7/10

6. 99 Pounds - This was a song recorded I believe in 1966, that was passed over at that time. It's decent, but could get kind of annoying. An obvious attempt, in my opinion, to be very Beatle esk. 6/10

7. Tell Me Love - A pretty good love balad sung by Micky. Another song that I think could have been popular in the early days, or if the Monkees weren't done. 7/10

8. Do You Feel It Too? - A very good Davy song, and yet another one that I think sounds like it could have been sung by the Partridge Family. 9/10

9. I Love You Better - This was the flipside of the Oh My My single, and perhaps the most catchy song on the album. You just can't help but sing along with it. 9/10

10. All Alone In The Dark - This is kind of a changeup song. Sounds much different from the rest of the album. Not quite as poppy. 7/10

11. Midnight Train - This one was actually written by Micky. Not one of my favorites however. A different version of this song is also on Missing Links Volume 3, and is on reruns of the Chaperone episode. 5/10

12. I Never Thought It Peculiar - Average song...typical Davy I guess. 6/10

Bonus Tracks:

13. Time And Time Again - This is a nice Davy ballad. Kind of makes you fall asleep though. There is another version of this on Missing Links Volume 1, which sounds very similar. 6/10

14. Do It In The Name Of Love - This was a single under "Davy and Micky", which I believe was by Bell records if I remember correctly. Very good song, which both guys sing. Another one, where you just can't help but sing along. 9/10

15. Lady Jane - This was the flip side to the last song. Again, it features both guys on vocals. Has kind of a catchy beat, you could get into it. 8/10

So, I hope this review will show people that Changes doesn't deserve all the criticism it gets, and it's actually a solid pop album.
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The Birds, The  Bees & The Monkees
The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees
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4.0 out of 5 stars Strange, May 29, 2005
The only thing I could think of to say about this album is "strange". This album was the in-between point of when the Monkees went from being on top of the world to the bottom of the pile. The previous Monkees album (Pisces Aquarius Capricorn and Jones) was #1, and the album that followed this one (Head) was a disaster, sales wise anyway. This was also the first album to be released after their TV show was cancelled. The Birds The Bees and The Monkees really reflects their in-between period, as there are huge hits such as Daydream Believer, and Valleri, then there's a lot of odd songs not typical of the Monkees style at the time, such as Magnolia Simms and Writing Wrongs. It's not one of my favorite Monkees albums, but it's still very good. Here are my reviews of the songs:

1. Dream World - Not a very good way to start the album. It's not a horrible song, but it's definitely not one of Davy's best efforts. 5/10

2. Auntie's Municipal Court - They pick it back up here with a very good Mike song. All of Mike's songs on this album are very different sounding and experimental. He puts on a great showing. Micky on vocals and Mike backing always sounds great. 8/10

3. We Were Made For Each Other - Sometimes I don't mind the sappy Davy songs, but I'm just not a big fan of this one.


4. Tapioca Tundra - Interesting choice to go with this as the flip side of Valleri. It's an excellent song, but I don't think that the young Monkees fans of the time were in to this stuff. However, I think this is yet another great Mike song, with some great lyrics, and actually really catchy after a while. 9/10

5. Daydream Believer - I won't really say much about this. Obviously one of their biggest hits. 10/10

6. Writing Wrongs - Once again Mike comes with a great song, and one which sounds different from his previous two. Some people may get bored with this, considering it's a little over 5 minutes long, with about 3 minutes being instrumental. I think it's amazing, although I'm partial to Nesmith's songs. 8/10

7. I'll Be Back Upon My Feet - Classic Monkees song that they brought back and re-recorded from the early days. Personally I like the original version (which was on the TV show) better. This one's real good too, just a little faster, and some horns added in. 9/10

8. The Poster - All I could say is that I just can't get into the songs that Davy writes. This song is kind of catchy, but the lyrics are just so dumb. There's only about 1 or 2 songs Davy wrote that I like. 6/10

9. PO Box 9847 - Well it's not exactly a Boyce/Hart masterpiece, but it's not bad. I think it grows on you after time. 7/10

10. Magnolia Simms - The worst of the four Nesmith songs, in my opinion and not one of my favorites of his. This is another one that kind of grows on you after a while. Either that or the fake record skipping in the middle of the song will drive you nuts after a while.

11. Valleri - Another big hit for the Monkees and a very cool song. I actually like this better than the original version they used for the TV show.


12. Zor and Zam - For some reason I just love this song. It's just some intense vocals from Micky, and it tells a story. I've always liked it since I was a little kid.

Nothing really stands out too much on the bonus tracks. I like the version of Lady's Baby with the sounds effects of a baby crying at the beginning.

So with the mixture of pop hits, and experimental songs, this album gets a strange, but good review.
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The Monkees Present
The Monkees Present
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great Late Period CD, June 15, 2004
This review is from: The Monkees Present (Audio CD)
In my opinion, this is a very good album, especially considering that the Monkees were pretty much over by this point, and that the album had very little success. This really shows how talented the Monkees truely were (especially Mike and Micky), and that they weren't just some bubble gum pop band. Here are my ratings of each song:
1. Little Girl - Not the best song on the cd, but a strong writing effort from Micky, and a good way to start the album. There is also some great guitar work on this song, courtesy of Louie Shelton. Rating: 7/10
2. Good Clean Fun - Well, I'm partial to Mike Nesmith songs, and this one is no exception. This was definitely the most country sounding of his "popular" songs to this point. It has a great tune, and that classic Mike sound. Rating: 9/10
3. If I Knew - I've never been a big fan of the songs that Davy wrote, and this song is kind of slow and boring. It's not his worst, but I usually skip over this track. Rating: 4/10
4. Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye - Another solid writing effort from Micky, and has a very catchy tune. A rate it similar to Little Girl. Rating: 7/10
5. Never Tell A Woman Yes - Not one of my favorite Mike songs, but it's an interesting writing style. He pretty much just tells a story, and puts a beat to it. It's not like any of his other songs, although it's very country sounding. Rating: 5.5/10
6. Looking For The Good Times - This is a classic Boyce/Hart song, and in my opinion Davy's best offering on the album. It sounds like the earlier Monkees stuff (well it should, considering it was recorded in 1966). I think it sounds almost similar to Valleri, and has some more great guitar work from Louie Shelton. Rating: 8/10
7. Ladies Aid Society - Probably a tie for my least favorite song on the album. It's just a poor attempt at recreating a great novelty song like Gonna Buy Me A Dog. Rating: 2/10
8. Listen To The Band - This is simply put, a great song. I think it's the best song on the album, and it's one of my all time favorite Monkees songs. It's classic Mike Nesmith writing, and the awesome country rock sound. One of their best ever in my opinion. Rating: 10/10
9. French Song - This is the other song that's tied for my least favorite on the album. It's a typical boring Davy song. It's not a terrible song, but I just don't like it at all. Rating: 2/10
10. Mommy And Daddy - This is one of Micky's best, if not his best writing effort ever. He talks about controversial social/political issues, and it's excellent. Anyone who calls them bubble gum would certainly change their mind after hearing this song. I always thought that Micky was a great writer...Mommy And Daddy and Randy Scouse Git alone prove that. Rating: 9/10
11. Oklahoma Backroom Dancer - Another great Mike song. I can't really say much for this song, except that it's very upbeat and enjoyable. Rating: 9/10
12. Pillow Time - Kind of a boring Micky song, but it's not bad. Although if you're very tired, this will definitely put you to sleep. Rating: 5/10
For the bonus tracks, the best two are Calico Girlfriend Samba, which is a good Mike song that has kind of a Latin feel to it, and the alternate version of Mommy And Daddy. This was the original version of the song, that was appartenly too controversial to release. There is also an alternate version of Listen To The Band, a Monkees Present Radio Promo, which is kind of cool, and a poem called The Good Earth, which is spoken by Davy.
Altogether I would rate this as a very solid album. I would definitely recommend buying it, especially if you are into the post Birds, Bees, and Monkees stuff.

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