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Youngblood Volume 1: Focus Tested
Youngblood Volume 1: Focus Tested
by Joe Casey
Edition: Paperback
Price: $8.88
26 used & new from $4.88

5.0 out of 5 stars Wish this title was still going strong, June 22, 2014
This is a witty, well-written reboot of one of my favorite superhero team books that takes the whole "superheroes as celebrities" premise to a interesting place - reality TV. The team line-up consists of a good mix of original characters (Shaft, Badrock, Cougar, Diehard) and some from Alan Moore's short run (Johnny Panic, Doc Rocket, Spacehunter's daughter). My only gripe is that this run ended so soon. But isn't that the fate of all of Liefeld's creations? The man is great at designing fistfuls of comic characters who pop off of the page, but he's not great about giving them a consistent title to exist in. Youngblood is such a strong premise that if Liefeld would have stuck to the title it would have been in the 100s by now, long with Spawn and The Savage Dragon. Liefeld though, was so bursting with ideas and created so many titles that came on quick and left just as quickly. He really seems to be in love with first issues and new beginnings. I'm impressed that with his recent relaunch of Glory, Prophet, Youngblood and Bloodstrike he went back to the original numbers, so these new titles didn't start with #1's. Alas, his flagship title Youngblood hasn't seen a new issue since July 2013.

In the issues collected in this short run, Youngblood been re-branded as a team of reality TV superheroes who take on the menace of Mayhem, Inc, who are lead by the villian Giger. Both teams are coached by the TV production. In a way, Shane Black's Iron Man 3 script touched about some of the stuff going on in these issues. The real reason behind this is the government wants a set of media darlings who they can eventually send overseas to fight their wars for them and have all of America rooting for their TV stars. Suffice it to say, this doesn't go over too well with team leader, Shaft. To complicate matters, Shaft is having visions of some alien female warning him of some coming apocalypse. Its not long before the team gets out from under the thumb of their TV producers and fights for what's right again.

I don't know what the future holds for Youngblood, but if Liefeld was smart and didn't want to keep rebooting this title, he would be wise to go the route of Sin City, Hellboy or Astro City by releasing a series of on-going mini-series that are all connected to each other. This way he gets the best of both worlds - 1st issues and on-going continuity. He could spotlight the many characters of the team that don't get to shine with such a large roster. As fun as these issues where, I missed Vogue, Combat, Photon, Troll, Suprema, ete. Long live Youngblood!

Power Rangers Megaforce: Ultimate Team Power
Power Rangers Megaforce: Ultimate Team Power
DVD ~ Power Rangers: Megaforce
Price: $9.49
40 used & new from $5.25

15 of 19 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Quit ripping people off if you want a better review., September 26, 2013
So, are you cool with paying $50 for a 20 episode season of ANYTHING? Didn't you think those days were long behind us? (Well, unless you're paying for some HBO series on Blu-ray that is, but still). Apparently Lionsgate doesn't think so. At least for fans of Power Rangers Megaforce. So, let's see 4 episodes for $10 times 5 equals $50. WOW! They must think we are stupid, or their tactics worked before. I, like many fans, refused to by PR Samurai because Lionsgate released it 4 episodes at a time. Same old greedy tactics. "It's NEW - Let's make em pay through the Nose!" Then Lionsgate got their act together (I thought) and released Super Samurai as a complete set - all 20 episodes. Now with Megaforce they are back to 4 episode releases? What the heck is going on here? Greed wins the day again? Screw that. Why in God's name would anyone, outside of a desperate parent, buy this release? Don't support their greedy tactics. Don't reward them, otherwise they'll keep pulling this crap. If they sell a ton of these, they'll NOT release a complete season set - they didn't for PR Samurai. We're finally getting full seasons of past seasons of Power Rangers, with many more episodes, for about $15-$20 per season. Reward that! Even though these are currently on Netflix, they won't be forever and fans should support these full seasons releases. Make Lionsgate bite it. If you really want to see Megaforce, just check out dailymotion, nick or hulu.
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Rise of the Guardians
Rise of the Guardians

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars An instant classic. How did people not connect with this? What is your center???, April 4, 2013
I went to this when it came out, because the concept looked cool, even though the trailers for it didn't really sell me. Critics were kind of "meh" about it, but the every person review said it was great. I've learned not to listen to the critics. I'm so glad I didn't. I was really blown away by this film. Something about Jack's story of not being seen and not knowing your purpose in life, until you're called into action, that really spoke to me. Was it the music pulling at my heartsrings? Was it Chris Pine's terrific voic acting? Was it the amazing character design and animation? I've seen it 3 times since its release - twice in the theater and once now on DVD - and it's just as powerful each time. This is one of the best film of 2012. Don't let anyone tell you differently.
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John Carter: World Of Mars
John Carter: World Of Mars
by Peter David
Edition: Paperback
Price: $12.02
71 used & new from $1.23

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Prequel. Makes me hungry for more., April 30, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I waiting on picking this up before seeing the movie, because I thought it was just an adaption of the film. Oops! Actually it's a prequel and it's really good. It's just enough to tide me over until the film is released on DVD, but not enough to keep me busy until a sequel is made. I recommend picking this up and supporting this great film. There is so little merchandising for this film, it's a shame. Please make more spin-off comics based on the film/novel just like this. The art is amazing. I really miss seeing these characters in action. Back to re-read my Barsoom novels. Counting the days until Disney wakes up and realizes they messed up the promotion of an amazing film....

The Art of John Carter: A Visual Journey
The Art of John Carter: A Visual Journey
by Josh Kushins
Edition: Hardcover
18 used & new from $84.99

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing art Book - Now where can you buy it?, April 24, 2012
I was fortunate enough to be able to buy this magnificent art book at less than cover price (had to get it from I wish I would have bought two. The design work on the Tharks alone is work the price tag. Every page is worthy of being framed. You would think that at the rate at which this book sold out and put up for resale at over $100, Disney would realize something and put out more John Carter merchandise. I just don't get how badly they dropped the ball on marketing the mother of all sci-fi/fantasty stories "A Princess of Mars". I don't care that the film version of of the story came after Star Wars, Avatar, etc - it's the source. The film's failure in the US is not any fault of the film. It deserves a sequel or ten. It's a real shame what happened with the US release of this film. Foreign markets seem to "get it". If you "get it" or know someone that is one, believe my hype, this is the ultimate John Carter fan gift.
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John Carter (Four-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD + Digital Copy)
John Carter (Four-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD + Digital Copy)
DVD ~ Taylor Kitsch
Price: $27.80
57 used & new from $12.67

13 of 16 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A must buy! I can't say enough about this great film! This is THE SOURCE for all science-fiction fantasy action adventure films!, April 17, 2012
If you didn't get a chance to see John Carter in theaters you really really missed out. I've been there. I used to listen to critics and I missed out on some great times at the movies. I hope after you finally get around to seeing JOHN CARTER and you LOVE it, you'll regret listening to those critics and internet trolls and NEVER EVER do so again. Why would anyone listen to those who decided, like a mob, to gang up on this great film, or those you who made snap judgments based on trailers only, only to bully it from obtaining box office glory - glory which it deserved like no other action-adventure film in recent history? (Overseas audiences apparently still think for themselves).

If you're one of those folks who listened to the critics pile on this great film, and decided to stay away, now is your chance to right that wrong. Buy the Blu-Ray/DVD! I hope after you see JOHN CARTER, and this great FILM sinks into your being, you spread the word and that like wildfire, JOHN CARTER gets the respect and attention it so rightly deserves. It's already destined for CULT status, that much is guaranteed. (Hello Blade Runner!) I just hope it gathers enough of a cult following to generate a sequel - the other books in the series it's based on deserve to be put on screen. Us fans need to get really loud and be heard. I hope if you are a fan of adventure films, you give JOHN CARTER a try.

You may be thinking, oh I've seen this story before. But you haven't. This film is epic and tragic and wonderful and happy and funny and though-provoking. Bottom-line: it makes you feel like the child you were when you first started liking these types of films - films about adventure and a hero's journey. Up until now, you've only seen the version stolen by others (no disrespect meant - I love most of these films). But this is the great, great, great grand-daddy of all science-fiction/fantasy action-adventure films. This is it - the source. There's something refreshing about seeing that finally put on film. Only took 100 years!

It is not a CG-laden crapfest that so much big budget sci-fi has become. (Hello Transformers and Star Wars Prequels I'm looking at you!). The action is focused. The backgrounds are real and/or look real - not a scene in it looks like bad green screen work. The characters have real emotions and motivations. The villains are evil and the heroes are good old-fashioned heroes - not cynical whiny jerks. Taylor Kitsch brings a lot to the title role. He's a reluctant hero and you really feel for when you finally grasp why he's so reluctant. Lynn Collins transforms herself into a Princess that could show Leia more than a thing or to. She's that type of character you so rarely see - strong, sexy and smart. Not helpless. Not a bimbo. Not a vacant-eyed supermodel. Mark Strong and Dominic West make for a great set of villains. And the CG characters in this are AMAZING! They don't come across as animated, they come across as real characters. I can guarantee you that TARS TARKAS, SOLA, and WOOLA will stick in your memory as fully-formed Martian creatures who just happened to be caught on film.

The story of John Carter has been ripped off by countless science-fiction films from Lucas of Cameron. And the damn shame is, our culture is so uneducated, that the media and masses saw the trailers for John Carter and immediately thought they were just seeing a STAR WARS or AVATAR clone. How ironic is that? Edgar Rice Burroughs CREATED the genre of science-fiction-fantasy in 1912 with his novel A Princess of Mars, upon which JOHN CARTER is based. Yes, I said 1912. 100 years ago - imagine that. He created the names SITH, JEDDAK and BANTHS (Sound familiar Star Wars fans?). George Lucas tells the story of how he couldn't get the rights to make Flash Gordon, which itself was inspired by Burroughs' Mars books, yet doesn't credit Burroughs for the names and ideas he outright stole. So, if the arena scene in the trailer looks it's from Attack of the Clones, that's because Lucas stole the idea from Burroughs books in the first place! (Gladiator-style battle between man and beast, with a crowd of alien onlookers, check! Burroughs was there first buddy-boy.)

The media and internet trolls treat the films that stole ideas from JOHN CARTER like they are the originators of the tales and JOHN CARTER is treated like some also-ran. They just don't get it. That needs to be corrected. See this film and judge for yourself.

I sincerely hope that you see JOHN CARTER and fall in love with the story, the characters, the score and want to go back. I hope you are mad that you were tricked out of seeing this cornerstone to science-fiction/fantasy by all the negative reviews and bad publicity surrounding it's release. I hope you DEMAND a sequel and call Disney out not doing their part to properly market and promote of this amazing action/adventure/science-fiction/fantasy/romance. This should have been a summer movie release. Don't get me started on how mad I am at Disney right now. The only way they can correct it is to greenlight a sequel. And the only way that's going to happen is for you to buy this DVD/BLU-RAY and spread the word.

If you get time, check out the facebook group "Take me Back to Barsoom! I want a John Carter Sequel!" Thousands of fans have already started to rally around the idea of a sequel. If DVD sales are strong enough, maybe it will happen. I guarantee when you watch the end of this film, you'll want to go back to Mars (Barsoom) ASAP and be VERY VERY curious to see where the story goes next. Book two is amazing. I want to see it on film.

(Please note - I am a huge fan of all science fiction fantasy action adventure films. I love Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, StarGate, Avatar, Blade Runner, Alien, The Thing, Conan the Barbarian. The list is endless. But my love for all things sci-fi-fantasy began with exposure to ERB's Barsoom (Mars) series of books. JOHN CARTER is the foundation for all of this love. It may be old school, but as a fan, old school is where it's at. Pulp fiction is where it began. I hope fans of comic books realize this as well and check out John Carter. In many ways it's like a superhero film - John Carter gains the powers that the early Superman had - super strength and super jumps!

Explore the roots of this whole crazy fandom by checking out JOHN CARTER. Leave your preconceived notions at the door. Honor its legacy by making this - the original - your own.
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The Last Airbender (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)
The Last Airbender (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)
DVD ~ Noah Ringer
Offered by Perception Products
Price: $18.99
80 used & new from $1.87

13 of 28 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it. Surprisingly good - after all of the hate directed at it., January 14, 2011
In brief: This is a deeply moving, spiritual fantasy film that differs in some ways from the cartoon series on which it's based. Understand going in that it's a condensed version of 20 episodes and, as such, there were changes to be made. Any rational person could see that would be necessary. Even the creators of this series, who mixed both Western and Eastern story-telling elements, knew and approved of these changes. Many of these changes are for the better and deepen the flow, reality and, ultimately, the heart of the film. If you re-watch the first season you can see where M. Night took the heart of the episodes and crafted an even better and emotion-filled core and ending for this series.

Many of those who rallied against this film fall into one major category - obsessed fan-boys with no sense of perspective. They are a heartless bunch. Many of them even got tied up in the race of the characters - characters voiced by white actors in the cartoon, a cartoon which was created by two white dudes, and animated in style that mixes both Eastern and Western animation styles. This is a fantasy world people! And even so, M. Night took the most inclusive approach possible and said, hey let's show as many races as we can - we can have Asians, Whites, Blacks and Indians in this fantasy world. But no. The fanboys got offended and started an internet-based political movement against this film: the so-called race-bending controversy. In doing so, these fanboys became the very thing they accused the filmmakers being: flat-out racists. Racism is when you don't accept someone for the color of their skin. They couldn't accept Indian firebenders or white waterbenders. Who are the real racists here? All told, they've shown themselves to be as a whole a group of heartless, nit-picking navel-gazers, lacking the souls necessary to really appreciate this great film. They've flooded the internet with hate. They won't stop. Even now, months after the film's release, they post on message-boards (and here on Amazon) just to tell you how much they hate it. Who does that? They don't want to see a sequel - by any means necessary.

I for one want a sequel - badly. The film made over $315 million world-wide. Apparently, I'm not the only one who wants a sequel.

I love the show and I love this movie. Both have a place in my heart. I guess I root for the underdog and when so many critics rag on a film you have to take a step back and wonder what's really going on. This film made over $315 million worldwide, so there's hope for a sequel. I for one don't really get all of the hate. What film did the critics see? It seems to me like there was a studio-driven campaign against this movie to fail. Maybe one lead by FOX who put out the other Avatar in name? There was a massive media blitz against this film. Can you think of any other film with so much hate directed against it? Think about that for a moment. Can you?

All of the so-called super-fans of the TV show need to relax. There is no way that they could show all of the countless characters and locations that are in season one in one movie. Think of all the stuff that gets cut of of a Harry Potter novel for just one film - 2 films for one book doesn't make it twice as good. Realistically, how many movies should they have made just about season one? Even if you did two for season one, you'd have no story arc. It wouldn't have been as satisfying. The movie and main character had a great emotional arc, in my opinion. This was also a more thoughtful film than critics would have you believe. I bought it on DVD. I have all of the Avatar Season Box sets as well. Changes were made for the sake of a movie, but overall it was an enjoyable ride. Don't listen to the critics. Judge for yourself. Stop the hate.

Noah Ringer is Aang. Shaun Toub was amazing as Uncle Iroh. Devel Patel was terrific as Zuko. The special effects were great. The score was beautiful. The story had great emotion and moved me. M. Night did a great job. Bring on Books Two and Three.
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DVD ~ Freddie Prinze Jr.
Price: $6.98
70 used & new from $0.01

3 of 6 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Delgo is very cool. A strange alien world that's fun to visit.., September 28, 2009
This review is from: Delgo (DVD)
Are you noticing a trend here? Great independent animated films are getting released with next to no studio support and then are dumped on DVD with next to no studio support. It's almost as if they were getting buried on purpose. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but wow, it's like there's PIXAR and DREAMWORKS and that's it. Well, if you like talking animals and fart jokes then you'll be happy with these two powerhouse studios releasing at least two of these per year, but I myself like animation that pushes the medium in new directions. That's why I recommend you check out Delgo. Delgo is a simple, yet effective all-ages tale set in an alien world of warring tribes.

It seems like with the technology we have that Hollywood would be making the next Star Wars, but there seems to be a vacuum in the Sci-Fi realm. There are plenty of human-based sci-fi fantasy shows on TV (Battlestar Galactica, StarGate, Doctor Who), but where are all rich, fully realized alien-based fantasy worlds? Cameron's making Avatar , but in the mean-time you should check out Delgo (and the recently released BATTLE FOR TERRA). Both are fun, emersive sci-fi/fantasy adventures that explore new strange worlds in detail. I expect with the release of AVATAR and The Princess of Mars, the floodgate will be opened and we will see more films like Delgo. It's a cool fantasy film and deserves your support.

Battle for Terra
Battle for Terra
DVD ~ David Cross
Offered by Chicago-Media
Price: $5.78
89 used & new from $0.09

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful Animated Film with Big Ideas - Perfect for Blu-Ray, September 26, 2009
This review is from: Battle for Terra (DVD)
First off, the still screen images and the DVD cover art (if you can call it that) really don't do this great little independent film justice. If you've seen the design of the Terrans you might think this film is silly or only for kids. It's not. It's great, moving, beautiful to look at and probably the best Sci-Fi movie and animated film I've seen in quite some time. This film has an ending that no Pixar or Dreamworks director would touch. It doesn't leave you with that empty feeling like a lot of animated films do - at feeling of disconnect. It's a heart-felt film with big ideas. As one reviewer said, it made me think "What would I do it a situation like this?" If you're worried about the celebrity voices or stunt casting, don't. David Cross is perfect and actually quite serious in his role. Evan Rachel Wood makes you care for her Terran character. James Garner is haunting as an elder Terran. Justin Long is funny as usual. Luke Wilson was a surprise as well. The director has created a perfect little world that I want to go back to again and I might just upgrade to Blu-ray for this movie alone. The music is terrific. If you're a lover of world-building sci-fi and great animated films you owe it to yourself to buy it. I recommend this highly to any fans of animated scif-i movies like Light Years, Fantastic Planet, Heavy Metal and Titan A.E. just to name a few.

The Island of Dr. Moreau (Unrated Director's Cut)
The Island of Dr. Moreau (Unrated Director's Cut)
DVD ~ David Thewlis
46 used & new from $3.50

5.0 out of 5 stars Lions, Tigers and Hyena-Swine. Oh my!, April 10, 2009
Great make-up effects and story. This film has some terrific Stan Winston creations. The Hyena-Swine, Lo-Mai the catman, the Sayer of the Law (Ron Perlman) and Temuera Morrison (of Jango Fett fame) as the creepy man-beast Azazello. Fairuza Balk is a catgirl. There's a dwarf that looks like Benjamin Button. Rat People. This thing has it all. Don't miss it! 5 Stars!

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