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Extra Texture
Extra Texture
Price: $12.88
44 used & new from $9.19

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4.0 out of 5 stars Although it has its share of filler, "Extra Texture" delivers a slick melodic album-remaster sounds quite nice but 1 bonus track, October 1, 2014
This review is from: Extra Texture (Audio CD)
Critically blasted when it was released, it seems the reaction to "Extra Texture" was a bit unwarranted and extreme. It's a good album from Harrison although the material isn't quite as strong as what came before, Harrison took the criticism of the production for "Dark Horse" to heart in making this album which, ironically, lacks the extra texture that was evident in the production style for the preceding albums. "Extra Texture" is a glossy, polished album and plays very much like counterparts to John Lennon's "Walls and Bridges" and Paul McCartney's "Venus and Mars" although in the case of the former Lennon had (with Elton John's help)a #1 with the catchy "Whatever Gets You Through The Night" and Paul's critical standing was high again due to the success of "Band on the Run".

The album opens with the punchy "You" which was written back (and demoed)in Feb. 1971 but left off of "Living In The Material World"(and possibly written with Ronnie Spector in mind just as "Try Some, Buy Some" was). George is in strong voice on "Extra Texture" a marked contrast to his hoarse singing (although that "style" worked well with most of the material for "Dark Horse" in retrospect).

"The Answer's In The End" and "This Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying)" are both strong, attractive songs the former inspired by an inscription in George's home and the latter a sequel of sorts to "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". There's a marvelous alternate version (with guitar played by Dave Stewart)that closes out the album as a bonus track and it's a terrific alternate version of this song (pardon the pun). Humor was creeping back more directly into George's music over the course of his solo career and "Extra Texture" is no exception with jokes on the mini-LP sleeve backpacking here that mimic the original.

Although the material is a bit uneven after these three, there are highlights to be found on the album.

Like "Walls and Bridges" slickness is the salvation even on the weaker material for "Extra Texture". While the troop of L.A. session musicians may lack the gritty, raw edge that would have given this material the texture it deserved, their precise playing does keep the melody at the forefront which is probably what George wanted.

The only criticism I can throw at this reissue is the lack of bonus material. The original unadnored 1971 version of "You" which formed the basis for this version (Harrison and crew overdubbed parts for the version here and he added a new vocal)would have been nice to have here as would surviving demos that George recorded. I suspect these are being held for some sort of later rarities compilation.

The remastering is quite nice--the original CD incarnation was (more or less) a flat transfer of the mastertapes but this remaster has added depth and "texture" evident in the mastering.

The booklet does a nice job of summerizing what George was attempting with "Extra Texture" as he quickly returned to the studio to "atone" for the sins that critics pointed out on "Dark Horse". While he isn't completely successful, "Extra Texture" has enough enjoyable moments to make it essential for Harrison fans.

In some respects, "Extra Texture" has aged better than "Living in the Material World" an album always more highly regarded as there were fewer expectations and the opening three tracks are substanial songs.

3 1/2 stars.
3 1/2 stars.

Error in the System / Fehler Im System
Error in the System / Fehler Im System
Offered by Fulfillment Express US
Price: $16.15
27 used & new from $11.65

4.0 out of 5 stars Major Tom returns to Earth--Schilling's first album (both in English and German) reissued in no frills package, September 30, 2014
The surest way to have a hit? Imitation or, in the case of Peter Schilling, doing a lyrical rewrite of a popular David Bowie song ("Spaced Oddity")with music just as catchy. Schilling's first album was more than imitation though--it had a series of strong tracks and when "Major Tom" became a worldwide hit (thanks to MTV in the U.S. and a clever video)it's clear that Schilling had chosen the right career path--singer rather than soccer player.

The sythesizer based (there is plenty of guitar, too)sound of the album reminds one of the 80's perfectly. "Major Tom (continued)" is a moody instrumental that is every bit the equal of the hit single and was, if I recall correctly, the flipside of the single (a good choice, too). The last track on the album entitled "Silent Night" (no, it's not the Xmas song)is sung in German just as it was on the original German version of the album so there is one duplicate track here (it would have been nice to have the extended single version as well here). "The Noah Plan" differs for the English version as new overdubs and other parts were re-recorded for the U.S. version.

Wounded Bird has picked some odd titles to reissue in the past but, in this case, they made a terrific choice as the album hadn't really appeared on CD before (at least in the U.S.). The description for this title by Amazon is inaccurate--it states that this is a 2 CD set; it isn't. Instead, it has two albums--the original German version of the album (Schilling's native langauge)and the popular English version both on the same CD (the English version leads off the album).

The sound quality is pretty darn good--Wounded Bird's no frills approach means this gets what sounds like a flat transfer of the original mastertapes. This reissue comes, as do all things from Wounded Bird, without any notes on the album and nothing beyond a barebones booklet with the original credits for the album. I do wish that Wounded Bird would reissue this stuff like Real Gone or Omnivore with a booklet that has recording information on the album or artist as it is nice to read a bit about the making of the album. Heck, I would have done it for free (or a nominal fee).

Wounded Bird has also done a good job with the other two albums that Schilling released on Elektra/Warner back in the day but keep in mind they are presented in a no frills package just like this one and, since the music IS the most important part, it's nice to see all of these in print again after drifting in out-of-print space for so long.

Supernatural: Season 9 [Blu-ray]
Supernatural: Season 9 [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Jared Padalecki
Price: $39.98
45 used & new from $28.99

4.0 out of 5 stars The ninth season finds the series on stable ground as Sam and Dean deal with the angels and demons...can't they just get along?, September 28, 2014
After a wobbly sixth season "Supernatural" gradually steadied itself and was able to walk away from confrontations with demons, angels and all manner of supernatural creatures and be perfectly satisfying.


At the end of the eighth season Sam was moratally injured completing the tasks that would allow Sam to close the gates to Hell. Metatron tricked Castiel to help engineer the closure of Heaven and all of the angels being thrown to Earth. Castiel loses his grace when Metatron robs him of it to power the closure of Heaven making him mortal.

At the beginning of season nine Sam is dying. Dean pleads with any angel within ear shot to help his brother. Dean accepts the help of one angel named Ezekiel(Battlestar:Galatcia's Tahmoh Penikett)who agrees to help Sam heal but must inhabit his body--both will heal in the process but Sam CAN'T know that the angel is there or he might cast him out and Sam will die. The holy grail here is the weapon that Cain used to kill Abel. Dean needs this weapon to kill Abadon.

The ninth season wasn't flawless--there were a couple of episodes that did little more than tread water or that were weak including "Bloodlines" a misguided backdoor pilot for another series. It's the least involving episode with Sam and Dean very much peripheral characters and a not very compelling generic plot that could have played out on ANY other horror/thriller series.

The ninth season on blu-ray like the previous 8 squeezes 5 to 6 episodes per BD50 (dual layered disc). As with preivous seasons, whomever is doing the compression work during the transfer has done a pretty darn good job as there isn't much in the way of compression artifacts visibe. Is it perfect? No. Ideally, this should have about 4 to 5 episodes per disc but the presentation is quite pleasing with accurate color, nice detail and depth.

The audio is presented in 5.1 DTS-HD, Spanish 2.0 with subtitles in English, Spanish and French.

Special features are pretty good for this season as well. We get the Comicon appearance by the cast and members of the crew from last year. We also get six unaired scenes cut for time. Commentary tracks aren't generous but decent-- we get three commentaries including one with fan favorite Mark Shepard (who plays Crowley). The epsiodes with commentary tracks are "Blade Runners", "Mother's Little Helpers" and "Bloodlines".

As usual we get the gag reel, "The Men of Letters Interactive Set Experience". Finally "Beind The Scenes of Supernatural" A Fan's Perspective" a featurette hosted by Misha Collins (it's one of those "mockumentaries"). Unless I'm missing something there are a couple of featurettes mentioned in the booklet that aren't on disc four (or any of the other discs--usually all the featurettes and special features are mentioned on each disc even if it is on another disc). Strange. I should also mentioned that the dialog at one point goes out of synch with the gag reel. It's not a big deal but it is kind of sloppy.

There is also the usual Ultraviolet Digital HD versions of the episodes available for streaming.

The ninth season of "Supernatural" pushed boundary of the storyline laid out in season eight in an effective story arc taking the Winchesters in a new direction. The Blu-ray presentation is very good with a nice lossless 5.1 mix and a lot of very good special features.


Exorcist III: Legion [Blu-ray]
Exorcist III: Legion [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ George C. Scott
Price: $15.28
11 used & new from $11.73

4.0 out of 5 stars Strong thriller and sequel to "The Exorcist" receives a weak blu-ray release, September 27, 2014
With the name "The Exorcist" tainted by the box office flop of "Exorcist II: Heretic", it never occurred to production studio Morgan Creek that it might NOT be a good idea to title "Legion" "Exorcist". Unfortunately, this fine sequel to "The Exorcist" got caught in the backlash against that film.That's too bad because "Exorcist III: Legion" (originally titled just "Legion")is an excellent thriller on its own with strong performances and an eerie atmosphere.

"The Exorcist III" follows Detective Kinderman (George C. Scott) hunts a serial killer with an MO that mimics that of the Gemini Killer--a man executed fifteen years before. All of this ties in to the case of Regan McNeil and her exorcism fifteen years ago as well.


I am thrilled that this underrated sequel has finally arrived on Blu-ray but disappointed at the execution by Warner Home Video. To master a film like "Exorcist III" for blu-ray would be a challenge particularly if it is put on a BD25 (which is a single layer blu-ray disc). Unfortunately, the film has excessive video noise (which can sometimes appear to be grain--but it's not)due to excessive compression because Warner was too cheap to master this for a BD 50 (a dual layer disc that can handle films like "Exorcist III"). Warner has fumbled this release by going the cheap route which is a surprise given that even Warner Archive uses BD50's for their releases to ensure that the image quality is exceptional. As a result, the images are often soft without as much detail as one might expect from blu-ray.

The audio isn't very well balanced. for a 5.1 mix, the English audio is driven primarily to the center. A very poor 5.1 remix that needs to be redone. The foreign language audio, on the other hand, is perfectly balanced. Subtitles are provided in English SDH, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German SDH and Dutch.

Special features? You've got to be joking. Warner had previously released "Exorcist III" on DVD in a bare bones edition. They've elected to do the same here. Perhaps that's a good thing since this is on a single layer blu-ray and the image quality would be worse. If Warner had used a BD50 here, we could have gotten a retrospective featurette on the difficult production and birth of "Exorcist III". As of this writing Blatty and Brad Dourif are both still around to provide their perspective on the making of this unusual and well made sequel to "The Exorcist" (Blatty hated the sequel made by John Boormann and actually laughed during the premiere of the film).

For those who are unaware, "The Exorcist III" was conceived as film sequel after the success of "The Exorcist". Blatty's original screenplay languished in development for ages. He finally wrote the screenplay as a novel and, at that point, Morgan Creek became involved commissioning a film. Blatty's original film had no exorcism in it and Morgan Screen insisted that the third act be reshot including an exorcism. Blatty reasoned that it would be better if he wrote and reshot the footage and the film is, largely, successful even though it strays from his original vision. The original footage has been missing for years and it is believed that it was tossed by Morgan Creek after the failure of the film at the box office. Nevertheless, it's not like an exhaustive attempt to find the footage has been done. With such a fasincating and difficult history, "The Exorcist III" would be a prime example (along with "Exorcist II: Heretic")of a film that would benefit from a documentary on the making of the film.

There is another version of the film out there in the vaults somewhere. The preview version before the alterations that director/writer William Peter Blatty made. It would also have been nice to get a commentary track from Blatty but that would require paying him and it's clear that Warner doesn't want to put the effort into this. All of that would be forgiveable IF this were a better looking, sharper transfer that was state of the art.

Is this a big upgrade over the original DVD? No. It does improve ever so slightly over the original DVD in a lot of areas but this is hardly a state-of-the-art transfer and a cheap release from Warner.

It's a shame as the film deserves better.

It would have been nice to get this released properly with special features and a top notch transfer. This isn't it. Shame on Warner for going the cheap and shoddy route with this reissue.

When Daylight Appears
When Daylight Appears
Offered by Fulfillment Express US
Price: $19.31
9 used & new from $15.21

4.0 out of 5 stars Tilbrook "demos" why Squeeze is a great band with this collection of solo demos, September 26, 2014
This review is from: When Daylight Appears (Audio CD)
Demos are a funny thing. Some people like to hear the raw, first draft of a song that was recorded as it often provides a nice contrast to the final version. The result often adds freshness to music that might have been over exposed.

That's the case here with much of "When Daylight Appears" one of Glenn Tilbrook's demo releases highlighting four Squeeze albums--Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti, Babylon & On, Frank and Play.

Glenn plays all the instruments and does all the singing so, for example, on tracks like "Striking Matches", if you wondered what Glenn's version might have sounded like, you have the chance to hear it (Chris Difford sang it on "Babylon and On").

As with the other releases in the Tilbrook demo series, this comes in a cardboard sleeve (mini-LP style) with a cardboard inner sleeve that holds the CD.

The sound quality on the demos is quite good as Tilbrook did most of these with his 24 track recording set up.

The demos for the albums included here arn't always the best albums by Squeeze but Tilbrook selects the best tracks from each album for this release (for the most part).


Exorcist: Complete Anthology [Blu-ray]
Exorcist: Complete Anthology [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Various
Price: $32.38
14 used & new from $25.45

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars A substandard release with only the first film looking the best, shoddy work from Warner on "Anthology", September 26, 2014
"Exorcist: The Complete Anthology" has some problems with it. The original film still looks and sounds great as we basically get the stand alone release that was reissued recently. The special features for that release are also outstanding but what about the rest of the films that accompany this anthology?

While it's nice to get all the films on Blu-ray, there are two major issues with this set:

1) Warner used BD 25 discs. What that means is that the films had to be compressed in such a way that there is quite a bit of digitial noise and with a bit rate hovering around 19. So that means that ALL the films except "The Exorcist" is on a BD 25 which doesn't allow for optimal rendering of the film once you add in multiple soundtracks, etc. The first film is here and is just like the previous 2 disc edition that was released with all the same special features without anything new. For this price I really didn't expect much in the way of new stuff but I did expect, at least, exceptional looking transfers for the rest of the films. That didn't happen either.

2) None of the films have any new extras and, in fact, in the case of the film that I was most interested in getting in this set "Exorcist III", only the teaser trailer is included. There exists somewhere in Morgan Creek or Warner's vault an alternate cut of the film and scenes that were shot before Morgan Creek required writer/director William Peter Blatty to retool the film to include the exorcism in the finale. While I appreciate the final version (and personally think it does work with the ending that was released with the film), I would have liked to have the original version here as well.

"Dominion" and "The Exorcist: The Beginning" both also receive the BD 25 treatment. While I don't expect new special features for all of these movies, at the very least, we could have gotten better transfers.Special features for the original DVDs have been ported over for the second film and two prequels.

The set does offer good value for the money BUT this isn't the best treatment for all the other films (outside of "The Exorcist"_ that could be offered by Warner. I find Warner's decision to use the BD 25's (which can hold signficantly LESS information without compression problems compared to the standard BD50 used by most studios for releases)perplexing since Warner Archive now releases most of their Blu-rays on BD50's for precisely this reason.

While this is a good set overall, there are image problems for ALL the films with the exception of "The Exorcist" due to overcompression resulting in excess video noise (which can sometimes be perceived as film grain by some people). The results are that all of the films with the exception of the original film are soft looking with less noticeable detail and not the most reliable looking image quality.

In the past something like this might have been released with some sort of new extras to entice viewers to double or triple dip but such is not the case: the only advantage here is that you get all the films at a good price point comparable to the original film in its deluxe edition by itself.

The fact that all of these are also available as individual releases (although much more expensive than buying this set)makes this set hardly essential.

Warner should go back and remaster these and reissue the titles in this set that haven't been released before on BD50's with new extras ("Exorcist III" largely regarded as the second best film in the series is poorly served here without the alternate original ending, the footage cut prior to wide release and it could have used a short documentary on the production problems that director/writer William Peter Blatty faced with Morgan Creek as well as a commentary track)for fans of the films.

While I'm happy that the rest of the films have finally received a blu-ray release, the substandard version from Warner isn't worthy of the quality product they've been putting out since the introduction of Blu-ray. Whomever is making these decisions (bean counters most likely who have no love for films), is making a dreadful mistake in putting these pacakges out the way they are. Most fans would pay a bit more for these to be put out in the best format possible and this shoddy release reminds me of the type of work that Universal would use for their catalog films before they improved a couple of years back.

Is this worthwhile buy? Hard to say but, given that the other films probably won't receive an upgrade in their image quality since they are considered "lesser" films and didn't do as well at the box office (and have less sales potential), this is about the best we will probably see these which makes it all the more disappointment.

For what its worth Warner DID make one correct decision--releasing each of the other titles here as individual releases for fans that already have the original film. Those stand alone releases do retain special features from the previous DVD releases but nothing new in terms of content.

Shame on you Warner!

Past Has Been Bottled
Past Has Been Bottled
Price: $26.02
8 used & new from $20.23

5.0 out of 5 stars "East Side Story" demos in a fine collection, September 25, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Past Has Been Bottled (Audio CD)
A terrific collection of the demos recorded for "East Side Story" (including four songs that didn't make the album "Misunderstanding" , "Holiday Makers", "Depression", "I Don't Like Love" and "Trust") is only marred by a single demo from the original album that is missing. The sound is, overall, extremely good although you shouldn't expect the same sound as a professionally recorded album the vocals and instruments (all dubbed to 4 track by Glenn) are clear.

The packaging is minimal--the CD is presented in a mini-LP cardboard sleeve with an inner cardboard sleeve. The inner sleeve has a brief paragraph discussing the demos (including Tilbrook's regret at using flanged vocals on one track).

This is an exceptional collection of songs that formed the basis of "East Side Story". Since we never got an expanded, deluxe version of that album, this along with the reissued CD with bonus tracks, will be as close as we get.

The Time Ships
The Time Ships
by Stephen Baxter
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: $7.19
184 used & new from $0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars Sprawling sequel to The Time Machine, September 24, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Stephen Baxter's The Time Ships acts as an offical sequel to H.G. Wells' The Time Machine. Although the narrative does ramble on a bit and the novel could have benefited from some tightening up in the structure, it's a very good novel and well worth reading.


Picking up where The Time Machine left off, The Time Traveler returns to the future he left behind only to find that sharing his story has, somehow, changed the future; the Morlocks still exist but they live in peace with the Eloi and Weena is nowhere to be found in this new future. At first confused and believing that the Morlocks are attacking him when he arrives, he defends himself only to find that he was surrounded by and injured Morlock children who were only curious about the visitor. He is quickly subdued and taken prisoner by the Morlocks.

Placed in a featureless room where food mysteriously appears and waste disappears, The Time Traveler finds that he is the subject of scientific curiosity and has a Morlock assigned to study him named Nebogipfel. It turns out that Nebogipfel wants to learn the physics and secret beyond the Time Machine itself so that the Morlocks can use it. Not trusting Nebogipfel, the Time Traveler crreates a plan to dupe them into taking him back to his machine so he can escape not realizing that his further adventures in time create massive "changes" creating alternate timelines from each trip.


Baxter's style is engaging and he adopts Wells' voice from The Time Machine to tell his story. Indeed, he begins the novel with a preface indicating that he discovered the manuscript in 1995 and is presenting it unedited.

Baxter's novel isn't flawless however as many of the characters are somewhat one or two dimensional although he does a good job of developing the main character and even the mysterious Morlock reluctant companion Nebogipfel.

As I mentioned the complex plot does keep you interested but, be aware, that the narrative could have been tightened up by eliminating some of the subplots that don't amount to much when it comes to the outcome of the novel. Most of the subplots, however, turn out to be important to the conclusion and to living up to the title of the novel.

I'd give The Time Ships 3 1/2 stars--it's a good, solid novel that could have benefited from better character development and pruning of the plot here and there. Still, for fans of Wells looking to find out what might have happened at the conclusion of The Time Machine, The Time Ships certainly will be a worthwhile investment of time.

Rose in a Garden of Weeds: A Preamble Through
Rose in a Garden of Weeds: A Preamble Through
Price: $16.98
18 used & new from $10.00

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Band In The World That You've Never Heard--Pugwash anthology collects tracks from 5 albums plus a b-side in overview, September 24, 2014
Ireland's Pugwash remains a secret among the general music buying public. They don't do American Idol style cheese. They don't do Katy Perry or Lady Gaga style stuff. They create memorable hooks, thoughtful lyrics with just a trace of 60's and 70's influence in the music. If you're a fan of XTC, Jellyfish, Jason Falkner and that style of music, you'll love Pugwash. Heck, even if you're NOT a fan of thos bands the songwriting, hooks and playing will win you over. Add in a vocalist/songwriter (Thomas Walsh) who sounds a bit like Jeff Lynne and you'll get a sense of the band's sound.

"Rose" is an anthology of their best work gathering three tracks or so from a variety of their albums (along with a rare b-side) but, what's surprising, is how cohesive this collection is from Omnivore who prove, once again, that adventure in music isn't dead and that there are people out there who care about the quality of the music rather than just hype.

Nicely package in a digipak, this has a great booklet with two brief essays discussing the band and their music (as well as briefly touching on their influences). The mastering by Gavin Lurrsen and Rueben Cohen (who worked on the Apple Years George Harrison releases) is pretty good certainly more dynamic than the Pugwash release in 2012.

Even if you are a fan of the band and have all of this stuff, this collection would be a worthwhile purchase to give to a friend to expand the Pugwash bridgade.

The opening track moves from a power pop style sound into classic Brian Wilson territory within a heartbeat which demonstrates how diverse these guys can be.

The songs are as follows (and their respective albums):

From "Eleven Modern Antiquities:
"Take Me Away"
"At The Sea" (co-written and featuring Andy Partridge of XTC)
"Here" ( Jason Falkner as a guest on guitar or Dave Gregory of XTC on guitar)

From "Almanac:
"Keep Movin' On"
"Anyone Who Asks"

From "Almost Tea As Served by Pugwash"
"Finer Things in Life"
"Shine On Norville Jefferson"
"Two Wrongs"

From "Jolity"
"A Rose In The Garden of Weeds"
"It's Nice To Be Nice"
"Anchor"(co-written with Andy Partridge of XTC and also featuring Eric Matthews)

From "The Olympus Sound"
"Fall Down"
"Answers On A Postcard"
"Be My Friend Awhile"

B-side of "Answers On A Postcard"
"Heal Me"

While there are lots of guests spread over the tracks its ultimately Pugwash as a band that shines here and Thomas Walsh's songwriting/singing.

Dreams Are Made of This
Dreams Are Made of This
Price: $23.99
21 used & new from $12.85

5.0 out of 5 stars Third set of demos covering 1974-1980, September 23, 2014
This review is from: Dreams Are Made of This (Audio CD)
Covering the earliest period of Glenn's songwriting partnership with Chris Difford, "Dreams Are Made of This" features some terrific songs. Glenn's homemade demo tapes (recorded to four track) are the most primative sounding of the demos in this five part series (the fifth disc hasn't been released as of this writing) so just be prepared that you won't get the smooth sounding studio sound of Squeeze's releases much less the fourth set in the demo series.

Although a bit compressed, this will be essential for fans. The packaging is pretty bare bones--we get a brief essay by Glenn discussing the recordings. The cardboard sleeve comes with an inner sleeve for the CD.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Take Me I am Yours
2. Trixie s Good Riddance
3. Out Of Town
4. Trixie s Hell On Earth
5. Stage Revolved Around
6. Up The Junction
7. Slightly Drunk
8. The Knack
9. Touching Me, Touching You
10. Another Nail In My Heart
11. Here Comes That Feeling
12. Vicky Verky
13. Doo Wop and Wang
14. I Think I m Go Go
15. Listen or Listen
16. Separate Beds
17. What The Butler Saw
18. Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)

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