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DVD ~ Dwayne Johnson
Price: $8.49
177 used & new from $0.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars ROCK SOLID..........mostly, March 5, 2011
This review is from: Faster (DVD)
Dwayne Johnson plays Driver a vengeful ex-con out for blood but anyone who uses a .44 magnum to paint a wall with a tele-marketers brains, is a friend of mine. Well maybe a pen pal. LOL. Faster is one of those movies that's hard to praise but even harder to criticize. It is what it is. Johnson is the Driver for a bank heist but the heisters get heisted by a rival gang and during that confrontation Johnsons brother is murdered. Driver himself is shot execution style but survives and now has a steel plate in his head. After serving 10 years in jail for the bank robbery, Driver leaves the pen, hops in a fancy car stored for him, loads his magnum and begins his vengeance--first stop-the tele-marketer. But let's be fair. Driver had just set out a tray with a Tv dinner and was about to sit and eat supper when he took a call asking him to subscribe to Better Homes and gardens magazine.(made that up but tele-marketers always know when you are about to eat, make love, use the potty)

The movie is just mindless entertainment and features Billy Bob Thornton with a bizarre hairpiece that rivals Javier Badem in "No Country For Old Men."
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Virus X
Virus X
DVD ~ Jai Day
Offered by SourceMedia
Price: $10.99
40 used & new from $0.95

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1.0 out of 5 stars DARK CHOCOLATE SYRUP, March 5, 2011
This review is from: Virus X (DVD)
A scientist who has created a vaccine to cure the H1N1 virus is funded by a transvestite looking uber-rich dame to develop a deadlier form of the virus which will speed the time between infection to death to three days. Since she controls the vaccine the world will fall at her knees for the cure and she will make billions. The scientists fellow doctors, lab assistants etc. are confined to an almost empty equipped lab in a basement while the doctor upstairs observes them on a monitor. Also observing the doctor and those below is an albino henchman of the rich witch and with his long white hair he looks like a cross between the blonde, crazy dude from "Die Hard" and a wet mop. Amongst the confinees in the basement is a plant who has been exposed to the deadlier form of bird flu and his job is to infect those below. The plan is after he has infected the group he will sneak away, treated with the vaccine and paid handsomely. He accomplishes his goal by walking among the doctors coughing his lungs out but of course he is double-crossed and ends up trapped with the other guinea pigs.

One by one they start feeling sick and begin to cough and spit up what looks like dark, chocolate syrup. Soon enough a couple of the sickies pair up and do what bunnies do best and as I have always said..and I quote myself..."Nothin' does lovin' better than matin' while coughing and spittin' up dark chocolate syrup on each other."

The doctor has a twinge of conscience and actually goes down to the basement to apologize to the doomed. He also reveals the location of the vaccine and the address of his benefactress. This so enrages the albino that he races down to the basement semi-automatic in hand and scolds the doctor by blowing his brains out. Someone jams a hypodermic needle in the albino's eye and since most clear thinking albinos like two eyes, this one puts the gun to his own head and shoots. Funny thing is the blood spurt from the exit wound looks suspiciously like dark chocolate syrup. To make a long review a little shorter, two escape, apparently find the vaccine and the uber rich dame ends up infected and confined to the basement while the cured couple watch. The End.

The movie had a little potential despite being reasonably far-fetched but the movie ran into a couple of problems.

It sucked. The actors sucked. The photography sucked. The dialogue was written by a retard on crack and that sucked. The production values were thread-bare and shoddy and I'm guessing the bulk of the budget was spent on......dare I say it?----dark chocolate syrup!

I have to admit though I was sucked-in by the DVD cover and that really sucked but even so, I am sure that is easier to swallow than say a cup of...DARK CHOCOLATE SYRUP.
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My Soul to Take
My Soul to Take
DVD ~ Max Thieriot
Price: $7.99
91 used & new from $1.55

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2.0 out of 5 stars 7 KIDS, A SERIAL KILLER AND AN AMERICAN CONDOR., February 20, 2011
This review is from: My Soul to Take (DVD)
Why and how the condor fits into this story doesn't make sense but then again nothing else does either. The first ten minutes or so are tense and exciting fooling the viewer into thinking they are in for a fun thrill ride-it doesn't happen, even so within that ten minutes is one of the dumbest sequences I've seen in a long time.

Would a policeman fire multiple shots into a knife-weilding maniacs back when that policeman knows that standing in front of and facing the madman is a 6 year old girl?

The bulk of the movie is badly paced, all fits and starts-kinda like an arthritic chipmunk on crutches. 7 children are born the same night the serial killer "dies" and 16 years later his spirit returns to off the birthday teens, even his spirit moves between them so one or more of the kids is murdering the others. But which one? Maybe it's the one who has a fascination with American condors-maybe it's the oddball-maybe it's, who cares?

The climax of the movie is ok but ruins itself by slowing down and going on too long making one think something is going to make you jump but just like that arthritic chipmunk it just limps off.

And I have to confess I didn't understand all the importance of the American condor in the film. I guess maybe there is supposed to be some connection between a condor and a serial killer.

A very disappointing film from Wes Craven--but Scream 4 will be released soon.
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I Spit on Your Grave (Unrated)
I Spit on Your Grave (Unrated)
DVD ~ Sarah Butler
Price: $10.19
63 used & new from $3.96

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4.0 out of 5 stars WHEN THE SPIT HIT THE FAN, February 19, 2011
In 1978 when the original movie was released the movie was criticized as vile, disgusting and loathsome but not for the reasons you may think.

Jennifer a writer leaves the big city and rents a cabin in a secluded wooded area near a lake to write her book. She hopes the attraction of peace and quiet will inspire her writing. What she does attract is a quartet of mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging rednecks. She is pounced upon and beaten and raped mercilessly numerous times in one afternoon and they leave her bruised and bloody on her cabin floor. After she heals she doesn't get mad-she gets even and wreaks bloody vengeance on the knuckle-draggers. It was these scenes of revenge that were noted by critics as vile, disgusting and loathsome.

The remake follows the same story with some major tweaks including the quartet is now a quintet. The payback scenes are even more graphic than the original including a new way one of the attackers loses his family jewels. The movie is sometimes hard to watch, the just desserts handed to the rapists is easy to watch, and after all it's only a movie and considering the real world we now live in these monsters are often treated as mis-understood by bleeding heart liberal judges and if these creeps had ever gone to trial they probably would have received a slap on the wrist. So if Jennifer delivers her own form of justice, all I can say is, "You Go Girl!"

This is a little mix and match the method of revenge game. How many can you guess?

1: Pliers A- Bathtub Water Boarding

2: Fishguts smeared B- Teeth extraction
on eyeballs

3: Hedge Clippers C- Exit wound through mouth

4- Water and Powdered lye D- Crows pecking eyeballs

5- Shotgun in Anus E- Snipped jewels
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Husk (After Dark Originals)
Husk (After Dark Originals)
DVD ~ Devon Graye
Price: $9.99
37 used & new from $5.48

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2.0 out of 5 stars "HUSKERS", February 7, 2011
This review is from: Husk (After Dark Originals) (DVD)
I saw this movie on the SyFy channel and be prepared that very soon a cornfield of "plant" reviews will turn up. Keeping with the theme of this movie, let's call these reviewers "Huskers" but a "plant" by any other name is still a "plant".

Husk is not the worse movie about deadly doings in a cornfield(Children of the Corn and its gazillion sequels retains that honor) but it's not the best and although the movie does have a few good kernels, most of the kernels remain un-popped.

The start where a van of 5 gets stranded at the edge of the cornfield is pretty standard but its how the van gets side-tracked that's pretty cool as a flock of crows kamikazees themselves on the windshield of the van. Four of the friends make it through the field where they come across a crumbling old house. 1 of the friends has already disappeared and the rest of the movie involves the house and the cornfield but as usual the group as a whole are morons and venture out alone.

One of the friends is a nerd who has visions of long ago events at the house but he explains everything using a chessboard?????? The explanation for the cursed house/field is a modern take on Cain and Abel except this time the older brother is ok while the younger brother is the useless one.

So, the movie is pretty lame but for two salvageable events. The kamikazee crows and someone uses a PITCHFORK. (maybe it's just me but I like pitchforks in horror movies).

Final thought.....the movie as a whole is as tasty as a bowl of creamed corn.
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Let Me In
Let Me In
DVD ~ Kodi Smit-McPhee
Price: $8.34
91 used & new from $1.60

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5.0 out of 5 stars BEAUTIFULLY TOLD........, February 6, 2011
This review is from: Let Me In (DVD)
I am at a loss for words trying to think of a way to describe this minor masterpiece about a friendship between two misfits. "Let Me In" is the American remake of a recent Swedish film "Let The Right One In" and although there was much I admired about the foreign film, I much prefer this remake as it is beautifully told, the casting is perfect and the cinematography and background music all mesh to tell this touching love story, albeit with a nasty and violent twist.

Owen a lonely 12 year old whose parents are divorcing, lives with his drunkard of a mother. He is also a magnet for every bully in his school who torment him mercilessly. Abby is the newly moved in 12 year old girl next door and sensing a kindred spirit in each other they develop a special bond. The twist is, Abby has been 12 for a very long time and is a cold blooded monster who needs human blood to survive.

i will not detail any more of the ins and out of this movie's story and although there is blood and violence, it is mostly kept in check and even though the film retains the curious ending of the original film, it leaves you to wonder-what does the future hold for Owen and Abby.

i was also pleasantly surprised that the movie was directed by Matt Reeves of "Cloverfield" infamy. The movie that was filmed by someone doing the jitterbug while riding a skateboard. Thankfully he learned his lesson as "Let Me In" has been directed and photographed with a sure and steady hand and the results are wonderful.
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The Killing Machine
The Killing Machine
DVD ~ Dolph Lundgren
Offered by newtownvideos
Price: $4.68
54 used & new from $0.69

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3.0 out of 5 stars THIS MACHINE NEEDS SOME LUBE...AND A CHISEL, February 5, 2011
This review is from: The Killing Machine (DVD)
Dolph Lundgren may be a cold-blooded hitman but the emphasis is on cold. Some actors have been accused of being wooden but Mr Lundgren is a solid block of granite.

The film is one of those double crosses, triple crosses, betrayals, former KGB operatives, CIA, yadda yadda yadda, ferocious gunfights kind of movie but surprise of surprises Mr Lundgren knows how to hold and shoot a gun with only a few glitches. However with his Sasquatch paws even a gun elongated with a silencer looks like a toy.

The movie is mindless but entertaining but I have to confess, with his lantern-jawed and granite-like facial expression I kept watching Mr Lundgren's face for any sign of a muscle movement. Almost happened but....
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Saw: The Final Chapter
Saw: The Final Chapter
DVD ~ Tobin Bell
Price: $8.96
72 used & new from $1.98

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4.0 out of 5 stars THE ULTIMATE TWIST, January 28, 2011
This review is from: Saw: The Final Chapter (DVD)
The original Saw with its "didn't see that coming" twist ending for me was the best of the series. Now we have Saw 7 with its "I really didn't see that coming" twist ending. However I had to smile-my leg had been pulled and I enjoyed every tug.

The new entry revolves around Bobby who has made a fortune claiming to be a survivor of Jigsaw. He's a liar and must be punished involving rescuing the syncophants who have helped him in his deception. Too bad he isn't good at saving lives as he is lying. But hey this is Saw--there's no fun if the victim is saved.

But the main attraction of the Saw movies are the ingenious and gruesome deathtraps, and this movie ups the ante in this department with all the blood and gore splatter, sometimes even a bit on the gross side.

The movie does tie up a lot of loose ends from the previous 6 films and be prepared for a doozy of the ultimate twist.
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Neighbor (Unrated Director's Cut)
Neighbor (Unrated Director's Cut)
DVD ~ America Olivo
Price: $9.07
37 used & new from $3.94

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2.0 out of 5 stars RAMPAGING SLAUGHTER, January 26, 2011
Neighbor is a plotless movie that is strictly made to show a series of sadistic and horrifyingly systematic torture and slaughter of helpless victims. The sadist is a young woman, obviously insane but no explanation is given who she is and why she is doing these unflinchingly depicted murders. The unknown actress playing the role has to know this will be her first and last movie role because who in their right mind would ever hire her unless it was the Marquis DeSade.

Since there is no real storyline I will cite a few of the ways people are tortured so this will be a warning to whether someone out there would ever want to watch this sickening piece of trash.

A young girl has her mouth sawed open leaving her with a lop-sided grin that stretches ear to ear.
This same young girl is cut open from the crook of her elbow to her wrist until her blood gushes out faster than an over-flowing bathtub. However the stage blood in this scene is not even convincing stage blood and looks like watered down tomato juice.

She really goes to town on this same girls' boyfriend. She uses a sharp instrument to turn his big toes to mush. This is the nicest thing she does to him. She also punctures his cheek with a dentists' pick. uses an electric drill to bore through his thigh and de-caps his knee with a pizza cutter. She also inserts a long sharp instrument into the young mans' penis and although it's obvious it was a prosthetic the scene is so vivid and squeamish I felt the pain in my own penis.

The sadistic young woman also electrocutes, poisons and burns someone alive.

This, I hesitate to call it a movie is a gorehounds delight and from the five-star "plant" reviewers you would think this is the best movie ever made. It isn't. Not by a long shot. And since there is no reason for the gruesome going-ons(even Freddy Krueger had a motive in the original "Nightmare On Elm Street), i can not recommend this sadistic piece of trash but it does deliver in the gore department and blows even "Hostel" in the torture genre out of the water.

I happened to see the R-eated version of this picture and there is an unrated directors cut out there. God help us.
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DVD ~ Elisabeth Shue
Price: $9.49
142 used & new from $0.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars GIRLS GONE WILD vs. FISH GONE WILD, January 15, 2011
This review is from: Piranha (DVD)
SPOILER ALERT: The fish win.

Cast a lakeshore with wall to wall clad and mostly unclad college spring breakers(beautys all-both male and female), reel in a wet tee shirt contest and for bait, stage a full frontal lesbian underwater ballet, then toss in a tsunami of rampaging piranhas to gobble up the unclad spring breakers, the wet tee shirt contestants and the lesbians and I was caught-reeled-in and completely hooked.

The last third of the movie features a non-stop attack by the hungry piranhas until nearly the entire cast of extras have been shredded and sushied.

The plot doesn't hold up to scrutiny but who cares about a coherent script when you have a platoon of gorgeous hot chicks, killer fish, shredded and mutilated bodies(unfortunately most are the hot chicks) and a neat little twist at the ending.

Watch this for the hot flesh and the shredded flesh and you may be happier than a goldfish in a bowl.
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