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KEEN Women's Venice H2 Sandal,Petrol/Twilight,8 M US
KEEN Women's Venice H2 Sandal,Petrol/Twilight,8 M US

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Sizing recommendations may not be so accurate, but fit is great when you do find the right size!, August 29, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I've worn Keens for 10 years, but new versions of the Keen Newport pinched my little toe no matter what I did so I tried this style after the Keen Whisper left me without any real arch support, not to mention how narrow they are.

The recommendation on the Amazon page (and the Keen home page) for the Venice was to buy a half size larger. I wear 8.5, so I ordered the 9 - they were like water skis. So then I sent them back and got 8.5 - better, but the arch support didn't line up that great and for this money they need to fit perfect. I decided I'd try one more time and got the 8 - SO glad I did.

With regard to the shoe itself, I like that the footbed isn't like the Keen of old where there was a leather topper on that which retained smells no matter what you did. These easily wash up and look great each time. I wash them with Sport Suds, though I imagine any detergent will do.

Since purchasing these in Petrol/Twilight I've purchased 3 other colors - all within a 2 month period. They are the only footwear I've worn all summer. Perfect for walking, cycling and other activities, yet they look cute with a cotton dress-down capri pant or jean skirt too. I get comments all the time like, "Where'd you get those? They look SO comfortable." When they ask how much they cost I sometimes get comments like, "You paid WHAT for those?" But for quality footwear you have to be willing to pay more. That's the way it goes with quality. If these are as hearty as my first pair of Keens they will easily last me 4-5 years - small price to pay for quality and comfort if you ask me. No sense in penny wise, pound foolish.

I'm an amputee (left above knee amputee, with prosthesis) and I need to protect the only foot I have left. I am willing to pay good money for footwear so long as they are quality, supportive items and these certainly have been. I can easily work all day in them, then go grocery shopping, and for a walk without once saying, "man, time to get these off!" As an amputee I am SO picky about footwear, so any shoe getting my endorsement I feel is a winner. Your experiences may vary, but it's certainly worth a try in my opinion.

So again, just because the product write-up recommends a half size larger that it doesn't necessarily mean it will work for you - half size smaller is what I personally needed. When Amazon is the retailer they almost always provide free returns on footwear within 30 days so if you don't know your size for this exact sandal I suggest you use Amazon as the retailer on here, at least until you know what size really works for you. Some colors that Amazon sells are not directly through them, so be aware that you may have to pay return shipping if they don't work.

InterDesign Axis Over The Cabinet Paper Towel Holder, Bronze
InterDesign Axis Over The Cabinet Paper Towel Holder, Bronze
Price: $12.99
3 used & new from $11.45

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Attention Travel Trailer/RV owners!!!, July 14, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
A great find for use in my very small travel trailer where space is limited. Stays on the cabinet nicely and is at the ready. Bronze finish looks rich on oak cabinets. Highly recommended!

NFL Denver Broncos Purse Plus Touch
NFL Denver Broncos Purse Plus Touch
Price: $17.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars If using at a stadium this size is perfect with new NFL regs!, August 21, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I went back and forth wondering whether to get this clutch/cross body purse or a "regular" Broncos purse. I'm SO glad I went with this one since the new NFL stadium regulations indicate that ALL bags must be clear and no larger than 12x12x6. Many things that used to be allowed in no longer will be, but this shouldn't be a problem since you can also have a clutch that's about the size of the palm of your hand (which this is). It will easily hold a small point and shoot camera, cell phone and some money. The backside, which is clear, doesn't do much for me and is supposed to be there for easy access phone use, but my iPhone 5 doesn't fit well in there - I keep it under the front blue flap with the Broncos logo instead.

Can't wait to use it at a Denver game this year along with the NFL Clear Ultimate Carryall Bag. A cute, useful accessory that I feel is pretty reasonably priced (vs. what you'd pay on the team's website).

Casio Women's LWS200H-1ACF Solar Runners 120-Lap Black Digital Sport Watch
Casio Women's LWS200H-1ACF Solar Runners 120-Lap Black Digital Sport Watch
Offered by bythaishop (100% New. We send package with tracking number)

4.0 out of 5 stars 4.5 stars, August 21, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I wasn't necessarily seeking a watch with this level of function on it - I just wanted a fairly solid watch to wear when I'm camping or doing other outdoor activities and don't want to worry about being rough. It wasn't too hard to set, but don't toss those directions out - you'll need them in the future, esp. if you want to use more of the functions. I haven't tried the other functions given that my intended use is for a no-nonsense, inexpensive yet solid outdoor watch that doesn't require batteries. When I first received it and set it up I had it charging in pretty direct light for about 3 hours. When I woke up the next morning there were no numbers/characters on it at all - I was bummed thinking that I bought junk. I turned my bedside light on and within a few moments the watch was displaying the correct time. About once a week I make sure it gets several hours of solid sunlight to keep it fully charged. It's worked flawlessly since then. I often wake with the numbers not showing and this seems to be a power saving kind of mode - again, within moments of even dim light the numbers appear.

The only things I'm not thrilled about, but can easily live with, are that it's kind of big for a women's watch and the wrist band could be a bit more comfortable. Recommended.

I purchased on Amazon from a retailer other than Amazon who offered it with free shipping so I didn't have to make a $25 order for free shipping. It arrived within 3 days. I liked that option since there are times I just don't have anything I want/need to take advantage of super saver shipping.

NFL Broncos Cooler Quad Chair
NFL Broncos Cooler Quad Chair
Offered by Dept229
Price: $33.59
14 used & new from $33.59

5.0 out of 5 stars Great gift for an outdoor loving football fan!, May 12, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I am a dyed-in-the-wool Denver Broncos fan and had purchased a Broncos product here and this came up as a recommendation. What a fabulous value at what I paid (a Jackson and a Lincoln). It's got a nice wide seat that is pretty well reinforced in the seat area. A "solid", but not overly "solid" person could safely use this chair (says 300, but I wouldn't go much above 250 to be on the safe side and to maximize chair life - and definitely do not "plop" into it). It has nice little extras such as the cup holder, side pocket for small items and the insulated cooler sleeve on the left arm. It won't hold a 6 pack, but it would easily hold 2-3 beverages with a small blue ice freezer block in it to keep it really cold. Overpacking it would cause too much stress on the zipper and it's not meant to hold enough for a 3 hour game - stock back up at halftime. Don't count on that cooler sleeve to be as good as a "real" cooler for an entire day of cold storage, but for a few hours with that ice block your beverages or small food items it's a great item. It fits back into the storage bag easily and the bag even lets others know what team you pull for.

This is a chair that you'll want to make sure someone keeps an eye on if you have to step away for a little bit - count on it to be gone if you leave it unwatched since it's that nice of a product. Perfect guest seating for a "fan cave" that can fold up to be out of the way and go with you wherever you'd like.

I like it so much I might even buy one for a Giants fan I know - may the best Manning win!

HHI TuchiFlip5 Flip Case for iPod Touch 5th Generation - Red
HHI TuchiFlip5 Flip Case for iPod Touch 5th Generation - Red
Offered by HandHelditems

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great protection for the iPod Touch 5, May 12, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I have an iPhone 5 and an iPod Touch 5 (I know it seems redundant, but different products for different needs). I chose the orange case for the iPod Touch and think it's a great case for protection against scratches and minor drops. I would NOT recommend this product for a "tween" or teen, for someone who is clumsy or somewhat careless - get an Otter Box for those folks. But for those of us who are slipping the device into a purse or bag and just want a little protection for the screen and/or for an occasional drop it is fine. I like that it's offered in a variety of colors. I actually am about to order one for my iPhone - I ordered a similar case for my iPhone and the phone slipped out the same day and gratefully only a small corner of the phone had a little ding in it that didn't damage the phone itself. Though it's a pretty snug fit at first I know my iPhone will NOT slip out of this and the much thinner iPod Touch hasn't budged a bit in this case. Having a variety of colors means I'll grab the right device and the magnetic closure works well. I've ordered many an iPod/iPhone case since these devices came out and I truly, truly like this brand the best.

The Everything Family Guide To RV Travel And Campgrounds: From Choosing The Right Vehicle To Planning Your Trip--All You Need For Your Adventure On Wheels
The Everything Family Guide To RV Travel And Campgrounds: From Choosing The Right Vehicle To Planning Your Trip--All You Need For Your Adventure On Wheels
by Marian Eure
Edition: Paperback
84 used & new from $0.01

2.0 out of 5 stars Purchase only if you are absolutely new to the idea of getting an RV/travel trailer, March 21, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This book is written for the ultra novice regarding RV's/travel trailers. It is NOT for someone who has already purchased one and wants to learn a little more about how the unit works. This guides the reader through the different types of units available, sometimes to the point of inane obvious comments.

There is a small section that was somewhat beneficial in explaining the workings of the unit itself which is what I was aiming for. That being said, I have an app for my iPod Touch (RV Ref) that I got for a whopping dollar that explains things far more extensively.

The campground listing is sparce, outdated and really not useful.

The information found in this book can be obtained by talking to other RV owners, picking up an RV magazine somewhere, looking up things on the internet and by purchasing a few apps related to RV's - some are even free.

Not the worst book around, but even for me as a first time unit owner it was written on a far too elementary level. It's outdated and better resources at reduced prices or even free are available nowadays. Try those first.

Carabiner-style Mini Speaker System for IPOD®/MP3 Players
Carabiner-style Mini Speaker System for IPOD®/MP3 Players

5.0 out of 5 stars 5 stars given the size and price!, March 21, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Expecting a Bose-level of sound? Keep looking. But if you're looking for a small little speaker to enjoy on a day trip, camping trip or next to the pool this is a great little product for the price. I like how the 3.5mm cord is built right into the unit and am even more pleased that this operates off of 2 AAA batteries. I like to use rechargeable standard sized batteries rather than an internal battery that has to be plugged in and charged up. Once these batteries die down you can just replace them with a spare set of AAA rechargeables rather than wait hours for it to charge up. If I'm camping there's often no place to plug things in to charge up - use of standard sized batteries addresses this issue and rechargeables keep it more environmentally friendly.

I played "Don't Come Around Here No More" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers on my Sony 5.1 surround sound home theater system and then on this. Obviously the Sony blew it out of the water and I was able to hear little background tones in the song much better. However, if I was at a state park having a picnic for the day I'd be very pleased with listening to my music on this.

I wish it had a FM tuner on it though, but I'm not going to knock down the star rating over this. For the insanely low price I paid I'm pleased and think this would be a nice gift for a "tween" or someone who is on the go a lot and enjoys their music, but isn't a critical audiophile. I may even pick up a second one just to have on hand for myself. The vendor I used via Amazon had quick delivery. Very satisfied.

Black / Blue Hybrid Rugged Hard Silicone Case Cover w/ Stand for Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation 5G 5
Black / Blue Hybrid Rugged Hard Silicone Case Cover w/ Stand for Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation 5G 5
Offered by EF-Cloud
Price: $2.62
18 used & new from $0.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Has some decent features, but overall not impressed, January 23, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
For the price this isn't necessarily a bad case. It's no Otter Box by any means, but as a responsible adult who won't let children even hold the device it would be fine for my overall needs. That being said, I won't be using it.

1. Reasonably priced - worth a shot at this price point, but once you get it you may find it looks pretty chintzy.
2. Reasonable protection for the careful user - along with a good screen protector will probably be fine for most adults. I wouldn't trust it for clumsy adults, clumsy teens or anyone in the "tweens" or younger category - if you're considering for those users I'd definitely spend more for the Otter Box.
3. The covers for the lightning charger and earbud jacks are nice and will keep those areas free of debris.
4. Stand holds nicely horizontally which is nice for watching your own videos, YouTube, etc.
5. Was able to use the power and volume buttons easily.

1. Stand is not very secure at all when vertical and this is the mode I want it in the most for signaling to my Bluetooth speaker. When I have a playlist on and want to go to a different song or playlist I end up holding the unit. Given the sensitive touch needed on the Touch I shouldn't have to do that. After looking the case over quite a bit I'm not sure why they couldn't have made this a little bit wider - I don't think it would have impacted its performance - it probably would have markedly improved it. This is my biggest gripe about the product.
2. Stand seems pretty fragile and was not easy to loosen from the main part of the case. I was sure I would end up breaking it, but once I got one side loosened a bit I used my library card to gently slide around the rest of it for fear I'd put too much pressure on it with my own hands. I have not secured it entirely back into the slot and leave it loose - I know it will break very quickly if I don't.
3. Rather cheap looking. No one will say "where'd you get the neat Otter Box with a stand like that?"
4. The silicone doesn't feel like it has a good grip in my hands. Not awful, but not as secure feeling as my Amazon Basics 4th Generation Touch skin was.

I don't regret giving this case a try given the inexpensive price. It's not a horrible product, just not the right product for me - it might be the ideal solution for others though. The next person I know who gets a 5th Generation Touch will probably be offered it free of charge. I think as more people purchase the 5th Generation Touch there will be better cases with more secure stands. I'm actually happier with an inexpensive orange skin I purchased and a small folding stand I purchased when I bought my 4th Generation Touch that allows me to have the Touch in vertical or horizontal mode. I was hoping this one product would take care of both needs, but for me it didn't - your results may be very positive, but mine are neutral at best.

Tech Armor Apple New iPod Touch (5th / Latest Generation) Anti-Glare and Anti-Fingerprint (Matte) Screen Protector with Lifetime Replacement Warranty [3-Pack]
Tech Armor Apple New iPod Touch (5th / Latest Generation) Anti-Glare and Anti-Fingerprint (Matte) Screen Protector with Lifetime Replacement Warranty [3-Pack]
Offered by Tech Armor

5.0 out of 5 stars Upgrading rating from 3 to 5 stars..., January 19, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I ordered this at the same time I ordered the new iPod Touch and installed it as I pulled the fake screen off of the iPod itself so I didn't even have to use the enclosed screen cloth. It went on easily enough and I had no bubble problems. But the screen is just so grainy looking. I'm not a professional photographer, but have some of my very good professional-level published pictures I uploaded from my computer on the iPod. This screen protector just doesn't do those photos any justice because it's grainy.

I was showing the new Touch to my sister and her first words within seconds were "why is this so grainy? Your pictures really don't pop out like they did on the other one." I have no doubt that this will keep the screen from being scratched by the careful user and it seems durable - as such I don't think it's a bad product necessarily, but I'm not as pleased with it as I was with Armor Shield for my 4th Generation iPod Touch. I had to use the cloth once in a while for fingerprints, but I'd rather do that and have my pictures come through the way they should. The 5th generation is supposed to have the retina display, but you'd never know it with this (in my opinion anyway).

If your primary use is to get some of your e mails, play a game here and there and other things that don't really make a huge difference in appearance then this is probably a good product for you. For those using the iPod to have their photo collection on, watching video, etc., I'd suggest a clear screen protector instead. No regrets in trying it - it's all about how the product fits your needs and this one just doesn't fit mine.

UPDATED REVIEW: MAY 2013 (original review gave 3 stars, now upgrading to 5 stars)
I had been meaning to update this a little sooner. After I wrote my review I was contacted by the company who offered to replace the matte finish with the clear finish - I received it very quickly and am very impressed with the company's commitment to customer service. The clear finish shows fingerprints more than the matte finish, but also allows your pictures to really "pop" out more with the retina display. The kit comes wtih a cleaning cloth anyway so it really isn't a big deal. A quick swipe against a soft cotton T-shirt cleans up the screen nicely too.

My overall recommendation: If your primary use for the iPod Touch is to use some apps, access the internet, general "messing" around with, etc., then I'd probably recommend the matte finish since it is good about concealing fingerprints. If you use your iPod Touch for showing photos then I'd recommend the clear finish - your pictures will come through much more nicely. Both products are quality, as is the manufacturer. The difference is in what your primary device use is for.
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