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Swiffer Sweep & Trap In The Box Starter Kit, 1.000 Kit
Swiffer Sweep & Trap In The Box Starter Kit, 1.000 Kit
Price: $20.99
13 used & new from $19.90

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not sure what It could do well...., January 21, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I just got my new Swiffer, put her together, and went to work on the tons of grass bits, dust and debris that I had tracked in while moving some plants inside to protect them from a coming freeze. It went together easily enough but I was not happy to see the same rubber attachment "teeth" I had on my old Swiffer floor mop. It quickly lost the ability to "bite" and hold the clothes in place. I had to use rubber bands after they then began to break off completely. In the end it became too much trouble and I threw it away. I was also a bit confused about the cloth which didn't do very much other than push around the dirt that the sweeper didn't pick up. The "blades" that are supposed to pick up the dirt are also made out of the same ultra soft rubber as the "teeth". And what DOES the sweeper pick up? Not much either in size or amount. To make matters worse, storage of what it does pick up is limited to a VERY small plastic tray.

The cloth is basically a soft napkin that will get dirty very quickly and need to be tossed. It did push some dust from one side of the living room to the other. I had hoped that at some point the dust would be swept up. That never happened. It did manage to pick up a few small blades of grass, some shredded puffs of towel and a bit of a paper tissue. It left behind small and larger, up to 1/8 inch particles of dust and dirt, some of which was nearly weightless. In the end I had to pull out the vacuum before I could use my Hoover Floormate for the final wash and clean. Bottom line is that I can't recommend this. If you want a sweeper get a real metal sweeper, not this cheap plastic one. BTW the debris tray attaches in a very flimsy way and I doubt it will last a month.
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The Testament of Sherlock Holmes - Xbox 360
The Testament of Sherlock Holmes - Xbox 360
Offered by game-ware
Price: $18.95
36 used & new from $8.79

3.0 out of 5 stars Major Glitches, January 21, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
At first I couldn't get past looking at the piano music in the first scene because none of the controls would show me the needed icons. I reloaded and got that to work then got as far as the second case at the Bishop's house and found I was repeatedly unable to talk to a priest I need to make leave the room. There is no free flow to this game. You have to do everything in a certain way or you can't advance. For instance I figured out where the "stolen necklace" was hidden at the beginning of the first scene. The "crime" was not that challenging. I then had to go through all the clues before an inspector would show up. This gets very boring. The cut scenes also get old. I have another game, "Game of Thrones" which uses extensive cut scenes but it holds my attention. One reason is that I can move around freely and have lots of options for dealing with situations. If you like to play games with your kids and they like hidden object or similar games this could be fun. I personally didn't enjoy it.

Freshware CB-118RD 12-Cup Silicone Muffin, Cupcake, Brownie, Cheesecake and Cornbread Pan with Heat Tunnel, Red
Freshware CB-118RD 12-Cup Silicone Muffin, Cupcake, Brownie, Cheesecake and Cornbread Pan with Heat Tunnel, Red
Price: $14.66
3 used & new from $12.16

5.0 out of 5 stars Generous size and depth, January 16, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I love these silicone molds for doing a number of things, everything from making soap and resin jewelry to baking. This particular sheet offers generously sized 1 1/4 deep by 2 and 6/8 wide molds. The space between each edge is 7/16ths of an inch allowing for the use of taller cup inserts. The sheet itself is rather large but I love the fact that the silicone cuts very easily to allow for easy access while working on individual resin and jewelry pieces. It also allows pins or nails to be inserted to create holes for jewelry mounting.

Jarrow Formulas Acetyl L-Carnitine 500mg, 120 Count
Jarrow Formulas Acetyl L-Carnitine 500mg, 120 Count
Price: $20.45
22 used & new from $18.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Finally A Jarrow Product with no Soy..., January 16, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
The uses for this supplement are listed above so I won't repeat them. It is hard to say if it works because if you are healthy you won't know whether it did or not. If you are looking to purchase Acetyl L-Carnitine 500 this is what I can add to your knowledge of this brand. The type is Acetyl L-Carnitine hydrochloride. The serving size is one capsule once or twice a day. The capsules are filled with white powder and measure 1/4 inch by 7/8 of an inch.
The product is distributed by Jarrow but manufactured by a Amino Carnitines Sigma-Tau Health Science. You can visit their website for more detailed information about the product but here is short summation taken from that site...

"AminoCarnitines® are Sigma-tau HealthScience’s globally patented, and exclusively manufactured, branded line of 4th generational carnitines. AminoCarnitines® simultaneously deliver a uniform ratio of carnitine and a specifically associated amino acid within the same molecule. As dissociation of the AminoCarnitine occurs, a specific amount of amino acid becomes simultaneously available for absorption..."

Over Bed Table
Over Bed Table
Offered by Med Shop & Beyond
Price: $59.85
9 used & new from $53.38

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4.0 out of 5 stars Nice Table but some things to watch out for...., January 15, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Over Bed Table (Health and Beauty)
The base is sturdy enough to hold quite a bit but the table section is held to the base by 6 shallow screws that screw into the press board top. I have had products with this match up before and they can last a very long time but also fail suddenly if too much weight is put on them.

A good assembly rule is NOT to use an electric screwdriver so you know that none of the screws are stripped or nearly stripped into the press board. If your table starts to get loose at some point and screws won't tighten you can drill through the top and use a small flat head bolt and nut to improve its life significantly.

Also, not mentioned in the directions is the need to remove a screw that freezes the upright during transport. If you look at the front of the upright you see three screws near the top. The top one looks different with a red ring of cellophane around it that says remove. If you don't remove it, the upright will not adjust.

No More Secrets, No More Lies: A Handbook to Starseed Awakening (Sirian Revelations)
No More Secrets, No More Lies: A Handbook to Starseed Awakening (Sirian Revelations)
by Patricia Cori
Edition: Paperback
Price: $11.67
84 used & new from $2.15

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Good Summation of History and Discussion of our Government, January 10, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I've read a great deal in this area and find that Cori has provided what reads like a well referenced compilation of many sources. This includes referencing (intentionally or not) Edgar Cayce's information on man's racial heritage which contains most of what she has to say in the chapter on race, Zecharia Sitchin on DNA, and David Icke on the New World Order. I am not advocating that she is a plagiarist who simply copies these works because if what all of these people have seen is true then the same information should exist for whoever she is channeling. The question becomes, is it well told and does this book add "more" to the body of knowledge in useful ways.

The book starts with an explanation of the origin of the Shadow Government and this assessment alone is worth the price of the book. Her contacts via channeling called the Sirians inform us that all of our world governments are just puppets reporting to a Shadow Government run by aliens or alien hybrids known as the Annunaki. If you have read Sitchin you are well aware of who the Annunaki are, a group in possession of very high technology with historical roots going back to Sumeria and perhaps even pre-Atlantean. If you follow what our corporations are doing to food and water supplies around the world for a few days, you see this shadowy hand. From Monsanto forcing its genetically modified seed on the world to the sudden need to frack farm land, thus injecting millions of gallons of precious water, tainted with toxic chemicals into the ground, it all speaks of complete and total control of things we need to see the sun rise tomorrow. It doesn't matter what you call the people who are doing this. The plan is worldwide and if you look back in time represents the culmination of a hundred years or more of destroying the resources of any group who dared to be "self reliant". Anyone who doubts this might find "Jefferson's Letter to Governor Harris," available online for free, mind blowing. It describes how to "civilize" anyone by binding them to debt and taking their land.

If you believe that we are alone on this planet and that the only kind of intelligent life is based on biochemistry you will learn much from her discussion of other dimensions...mainly that they exist...How they function is not well explained and like the latter part of the book on ascension and many books and articles I've seen that are written from a "new age/spiritual" perspective, explained in a way that seems designed to appeal more to intellectual pride in the reader who can wade through it, than clarity or usefulness. Again, she may be transcribing this word for word...but the question is, if you can't sit down with a 10 year old and tell him in plain language what you just read, what good is it?

Discussion of who these Sirians are is limited to who they say they are. According to them their intentions are purely to see us advance. It should be considered that lacking a body and living in another dimension does not make one "good". Shaman have certainly encountered all sorts of entities while on vision quests and it is very likely that we are literally swimming with an infinite variety of dimensions and beings of all types who might not even understand what being "good" means. They are also part of a high council dedicated to seeing us ascend to a new level of human advancement. This is a story I've heard before too. I've also seen the "Dear One" and "Children" salutations used many times, including on a graphically beautiful scam run by an angelic looking guy named Greg Giles that ran for a few months promising that a race of aliens was going to appear any minute and save us from the evil government. When he went of Facebook and had to deal with real questions about his statements, the whole thing began to unravel. The perpetrators acknowledged that it was all an experiment and they were using Greg so don't be mad at him. He is still around claiming to represent the Ashtar Command. Thankfully the Sirians are not promising to save us by landing ships, only advise us and given this book dates back to 2001, it could be that Greg found the meat of his ideas here.

But the scam with Greg does bring up the question of whether she is at least some of the time being contacted by a highly developed Annunaki propaganda system which other sources seem to suggest is very active in the New Age Community. It likes to take good information and at some point bend it or make it unintelligible. We know from many "UFO" stories that both the "good" aliens and the ones who abuse genitals can use telepathy. This suggests that it is more than a spiritual connection. It is also a technology. We are also told we would only have picked up the book if we were special, light workers of the highest order! I am always a bit put off by that kind of flattery and while I believe in synchronicity I also believe that feeding intellectual and social conceit can be a powerful form of control. Is this information a frothy mixture of truth and fiction with propaganda cross talking over credible information? It promises everything will be fine in the end and that we will ascend shortly but the book was published in 2001 and so far, while the government predictions have, in my opinion all come true, and people are becoming more aware that things are not as they seem, ascension has not arrived in any visible form.

When evaluating this book it also helps to look at the history of predictive warning messages. Jacque Vallee in his book Dimensions gives a blow by blow comparison between another set of messages and UFO encounters, those being the apparitions of the Virgin at places like Fatima. When the details are carefully examined they have all the ear marks of telepathy and advanced technology and come with predictive messages. The similarities include hologram-like glowing figures, altered states of consciousness, strange lights, buzzing sounds, dry rain, sudden healings, and "voices with messages only the chosen could hear". Many of Edgar Cayce's predictions also involved telepathy. Who was prompting him by showing him the Akashic records?? What is different about the Sirians is that they stop short of saying what will happen after giving a very good description of what is going on now. But isn't that what you wanted to know? What will happen? What will it feel like? What will we see?

When asked directly about ascension the book suddenly dives into obscure language and explanations that digress continually into technical discussions that can only be seen as intentionally confusing and downright confounding. Cori even interrupts at one point to ask for a better explanation. The effect of the convoluted story is to make the reader feel that he or she has been given the answer to what will happen but is just not smart or evolved enough to understand it. Whether intentional or not this is a technique often used by "guru's" to show their superiority. I'm not saying she is trying to be your guru, but our pure minded Sirians (or whoever is breaking into their story) might as well put on turbans. I've seen this sudden turn in other books. And there is just enough "love and heart" jargon inserted to keep the seeker reading. Again, I don't blame Cori for this. I trust my gut and when I hear her talk I believe she is both honest and intelligent and unlike the above mentioned Greg Giles, a real person. She believes what she talks about. Could it be that when people get too close to the truth of our future that some of her Annunaki propagandist cut into the feed?? The best propaganda is at least half truth.

Cori says that there is a grid around our planet that keeps us from advancing and protects us from uber friendly life forms like the Sirians. It is also ON the planet..just look at the huge number of cell towers with arm sized cables going up their sides. They put out a frequency and if you do some reading you will quickly learn that frequency can do many things to people, most of them unhealthy. Even good ole Dr. Oz is telling up to keep our cell phones at least 5 feet away from us when we sleep. Recent solar activity has and will make this grid harder to control, we are already seeing its affects on things like GPS, with planes crashing short of runways and landing at the wrong airport. I believe we live in a purposely generated frequency grid and cell towers frankly give me chills. Frequency can disrupt both physical and mental functioning. Its use fits the current mindless power lust that weaponizes everything with no care or concern for human or animal life.

Though the scientific truth of what is happening is somewhat obscured by calling the Sun Ra and treating everything as an entity (even though I agree that both the Earth and Sun qualify as living), it is very true that we are moving through an area of of the galaxy we have not visited for 10's of thousands of years and this is having an affect on our Sun's CME, or coronal mass ejections known to disrupt the earths magnetosphere and all electrical grids. This movement into a new area of space has also increased sightings of things like intelligent plasma bodies, be they orbs or other strange manifestations of ghostly clouds (check out Florida UFO Swimming Pool on youtube). We are learning that the Earth is home to more than we have ever imagined.

The book is a good page turner for about the first 65%. At that point it takes a turn to what I mentioned above. If you are looking for a description of what it will feel like and what you will see when ascension occurs (so you can have a serious talk with that 10 year old) you won't find it here. The Sirians slip away from that answer to a discussion of death, reincarnation and the intricacies of DNA that could be much more easily explained...It made me that the real answer? We are all going to die at the hands of the government? Given the beginning of the book that door is left open but what is the good in activating unused DNA in our body if we are not going to be alive in any traditional sense to use it? I've read a good bit on sudden mutation in species occurring at this time. Go to youtube and look up "cats with wings" for a sample. Something is happening to DNA on our planet and it doesn't seem to require special effort on our part to experience it. That said, I would be wary of the meditation they offer that tell you to invite a host of light beings to move through your body. Inviting unknown entities of any supposed persuasion into your body is never a good idea unless you are leaving it for good and don't much like your relatives! This is not to say all the meditations in the book are questionable. There are many good ones scattered throughout the book. Again, while I trust Ms. Cori, I don't completely trust in the idea that all the beings talking to people, especially after you have found a source of truth, are the epitome of good. I believe in good and evil, and I also believe in ordinary, and a rich cosmos full of in between. She offers a great deal of food for thought and further research here.

Update: Today the Iranian News Agency FARS reported that the US has been run by aliens who were also responsible for the Nazi science advancements ....interesting.
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Jarrow Formulas QH-Absorb, 200 mg, 30 Count
Jarrow Formulas QH-Absorb, 200 mg, 30 Count
Offered by VitaLife Store
Price: $21.99
23 used & new from $16.00

5 of 11 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Here is what I can add to your knowledge., January 9, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I have always loved Jarrow products and was hopping that there would be a difference between the 100 mg supplement I reviewed a while back and the 200 mg either in size or soy content. Both are large (roughly 1 inch by 3/8's of an inch-roughly 5 times the size of every other Ubiquinol I've had) brown capsules identical in size and both contain soy which is NOT labeled as non-Gmo. The label says gluten free so I would assume if they care about that they would make the non-gmo claim if they could. The capsules are smooth and easy to swallow if you can get past the size, which I know is a problem for some.

The efficacy of this product, though hard to prove on a personal basis, since I am very healthy anyway, has been written up in numerous studies. If you don't know, ordinary Q10 is not well absorbed by people over 40. Ubiquinol is the type that is, and this QH is even higher absorption. It is also prescribed in high doses for people with early Parkinson's Disease. All this is very good...

Unfortunately I now have to add another concern to my list.. Back when I reviewed the 100mg it didn't bother me that the Q10 was from a company called Kaneka out of Takasogo Japan. As much as I feel for the people of Japan and their economy, there has just been too much lying about the radiation there and I can not in good conscious recommend ingesting products that come from Japan. Normally knowing that Japanese technology was involved would be a plus for me. Jarrow isn't the only brand featuring this kind of Ubiguinol. If you decide you don't want a product made in Japan at this time, make sure you check the label of any brand you buy. Next to the Ubiquinol content on the back it will have in parenthesis Kaneka QH. Hope this helps.
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Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag - Xbox 360
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag - Xbox 360
Price: $15.20
243 used & new from $10.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Spiderman run Fast, January 9, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I know at some point I will actually get to sail but I am SO tired of endlessly chasing people while trying to pry my "hero" off walls, out of any available haystack and getting him to jump at the right time. This version makes the hero much too sticky and I find no gamesmanship in chases. I dread each new encounter.

Gilded Reverie Lenormand
Gilded Reverie Lenormand
Offered by Appstore - US - MP - Offer
Price: $4.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Needs Work on the Original Kindle Fire, January 8, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Gilded Reverie Lenormand (App)
Works fine one minute and freezes the next. Some times restarting the Kindle will help. When using "The Reading" which allows you to pick individual cards you have to "lock down" the spread to read the cards. All the buttons freeze. I've also had it kick me back from reading a card to the top menu.

Updates: After trying several alternatives I've figured out that it only works the first time you do a reading where the cards are free to be moved around. After you view the cards (double click to enlarge, again to read meaning and again to go back to spread-do not use back arrow to return to spread) you have to use the arrow to back completely out of the app. You can just go back to the menu page and select Reading again you have to back all the way out to the carousel and then re-enter the program. Shame its a beautiful deck!

Returning to the Lakota Way: Old Values to Save a Modern World
Returning to the Lakota Way: Old Values to Save a Modern World
by Joseph Marshall
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $19.05
49 used & new from $3.00

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars We Are the New Indians...but first we have to see it..., January 3, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Marshall's book alternates between Indian mythology and stories of the reality of the Indian's place in society that he experienced growing up. He uses the stories to explore and dissect the American ethic and what emerges isn't pretty. As I read them, I found myself asking if "no Indians on Main Street " was that different from our new "enlightened" approach of "stop and frisk". Doesn't that easily translate into "be on Main Street at your own peril"? His descriptions of Indian schools as places of regimented indoctrination are also echoed in corporate run, teach for test schools that discourage critical thinking and send children home with reams of machine graded homework that leave them with no time for family life, values or culture.

Every year I have my students read a document you can find online, Jefferson's letter to Governor Harrison. I encourage you to read it as well. What it outlines is the REAL policy the US Government used on the American Indian. It is one of enslavement to debt. The formula hasn't changed. Marshall drives home some very good points though some of the stories are overly long.

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