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iSound Fire Aluminum Rechargeable 3.5mm Aux Portable Speaker (Black)
iSound Fire Aluminum Rechargeable 3.5mm Aux Portable Speaker (Black)
Offered by Everything Authentic
Price: $18.95
8 used & new from $14.00

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Wow this thing is GOOD. Bumps hard!, July 23, 2012
Nice, powerful, balanced sound comes out of this thing. I am ny no means an audiophile but I do love music and I can appreciate quality sound when I hear it. The isound Fire offers just that. It is so reasonably priced as well.

It actually feels really sturdy as well. I would recommend this product to all my friends. Great for the beach or going by the pool.

My friend has the iSound twist which connects to media players via BT. That is also an awesome product.

Allersoft 100-Percent Cotton Dust Mite & Allergy Control Standard Pillow Encasement
Allersoft 100-Percent Cotton Dust Mite & Allergy Control Standard Pillow Encasement
Price: $11.19
9 used & new from $10.98

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome Pillow Case - effective for my allergies, April 29, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This pillow case is so soft, and feels great. More importantly, it it has really helped me sleep better at night. I would have problems waking up in the middle of my sleep at night. It became quite irritating and I'm sure it was unhealthy. I became irritable and even had to go to the doctor.

Thankfully, this pillow has helped my sleep immensely.

I would strongly, w/ full confidence, recommend it to anyone looking for a smooth, comfortable pillow case at a very affordable price.

A Lawyer Walks into a Bar
A Lawyer Walks into a Bar
Price: $2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars A Pleasure to Watch!, December 20, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This documentary is well made. It was intelligently put together. It did not get boring nor dull.

I think any law student, graduate attorney and even non attorneys would enjoy viewing.

The people studying for the bar on the doc are personable, for the most part.

I would highly recommend this film. It was the first film I had ever watch on Amazon's instant view and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Gen Hard Disk Drive Case Enclosure for Xbox 360 Slim Hard Drive (Enclosure Only, Hard Drive NOT Included)
Gen Hard Disk Drive Case Enclosure for Xbox 360 Slim Hard Drive (Enclosure Only, Hard Drive NOT Included)
Offered by HEZONG
Price: $5.38
13 used & new from $1.99

4.0 out of 5 stars good way to save watch out which version you buy, November 29, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
easy to take out the old HDD from my 60gb xbox jasper. There are some reviewers complaining about an improper fit. However I had no such problems. The fit was snug and precise.

the install is easy and doesn't take a tech geek to perform it properly.
However, contact the seller and make sure the item fits the description. Mine did not. You should get the one with 6 screws and padding. The containers are vary but I don't care much for that.. The picture was changed after my order but I would double check with other merchants as there are several versions of this product.

Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones
Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones
Price: $155.46
149 used & new from $99.50

487 of 543 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars An Owner of the HD555, HD558 and HD598, April 29, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
In a hurry so I will try to be quick, but thorough. Forgive the lack of proper structure but I think you will find the review quite informative.

I think it would be quite helpful to do a comparison. In contrast to the 598s, the HD555 are quite affordable to most for a beg head fi headphone, and they do sound good. Also, yes the foam mod "works" when done on the 555 in that it opens up the headphones, bass is more prominent but still remain tight (this is a popular mod that is well known in the head-fi community).
The 558 mod (foam removal) will NOT make the 558 like the 598. It will make the bass somewhat heavier/looser (slightly overlapping the mids) which some may find as a negative.

The casings where the drivers sit are different and the drivers are tuned differently.

The sound on the 555 is laid back and the 555 is not as airy and open as the hd558 or the 598. The 558 is also laid back and darker than the 598s.
The 558s and 598 are more refined and the frequency is smoother throughout relative to the 555s; the 598s are undoubtedly more refined than both the 555 AND the 558.

The 598s are brighter than the 558, the 598 are awesome for vocals, that is, the vocals are more up front and pleasant (especially awesome when listening to female vocals, I love my Adele :)and piano (awesome with piano), the 598s definitely shine with classical music as well. The 598 also excel in a wide genera of music including pop, jazz, classical, jrock, jpop, acoustics.
Bass is weightier on the 558s and tighter on the 598s (tighter bass is what I prefer, I like the tight punch). Not only is the 598 relatively bright when compared to the Senn signature, but it is funner to listen to as its mids are more forward than both the 555 and the 558.
The 598s have a Grado approach without the treble being overly sharp.

Like others have said, and I concur, the 598s def open up/come alive when coupled with an amp/ decent DAC. But at 50ohms, an amp is not necessary to drive these babies.

A number of audiophiles have stated that: The sound from the hd598 are UNMATCHED by ANY other headphone. AGAIN, that doesn't mean they are better than, for instance, the hd800s but rather that they are unique, nonetheless, a notion is to be taken in a positive way.

Comfort is great on both the 558 and 598. BETTER than the 555/595. If you call Senn they will tell you that the clamping force is the same BUT I as well as a couple of others I know all agree that these are MORE comfortable, you pretty much forget that they are on your head (that says a lot especially because I wear glasses and I'm really sensitive to the pressure in that area).

If you are going to be playing electronic, house, metal then these headphones may be a bit slow for you, they could use some speed. If you want that, then I recommend the HD 25 1 ii. DO NOT get the hd25SP (easily mistaken since the picture is incorrect on The hd 25s are closed back, awesome for portable use and the no.1 DJ headphones in the world. They are also used by the broadcaster in NBA, NEWS etc (their version has a special mic attached of course).

If you were to do a AB testing bw all 3 like I did, you would definitely notice the difference, the HD598 is the clear winner in my estimation.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT and thus should be noted, as stated by another reviewer there has been incidents in the past where there has been cracks that have been formed on the headbands of the 5xx series. Although Sennheiser essentially ignored the problem for several years they have INDEED taken corrective steps in manufacturing as of last year to prevent this. Further, they come w/ a two year warranty replacement and Ive heard pretty good things about the CSRs there.

Lastly, is it just me or do you guys also cringe when people/"reviewers" complain about sound leakage when reviewing an OPEN BACK HEADPHONE.
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Ear Force DSS 7.1 Channel Dolby Surround Sound Processor
Ear Force DSS 7.1 Channel Dolby Surround Sound Processor
4 used & new from $14.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Product. Does what it says!, April 5, 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Great SS. Use this with my 598 Sennheisers. They are awesome. I was going to get the astro mixamp but these are pretty much exactly the same and half the price. I returned my px5s and got this.

I chose this over the astro Mixamp (also very popular) bc not only is this half the price but also it has a bass booster which I found to be very nice, clean sounding (little to no distortion) a feature that is lacking in the astro. Also, you can you the 5.1 bypass and use it to listen to you favorite tunes!

I would highly recommend this for any FPS player. It will help you game A LOT, and really immerse you...

Ear Force PX5 Programmable Wireless 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound Headset with Bluetooth
Ear Force PX5 Programmable Wireless 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound Headset with Bluetooth
22 used & new from $66.64

37 of 43 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars After Hrs of Research/Reading, These were the GAMING headsets for me!, March 19, 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The Turtle Beach's PX5s are here to replace its predecessor - the X41s.
My best friend had those headphones but returned them because of this hissing, cracking sound that was god awful. However, TB has rid of this problem as it is no longer happening in the PX5s. THIS IS HUGE. If you do your research you will see a plethora of complaints about the X41s having this issue.

Further, if you are really into FPS games such as killzone, COD, BFBC2 etc, then you will appreciate some of the presets such as silent footsteps; some presets really immerse you in the game. Some ppl speculated that the presets may just be a gimmick or ploy from TB but INDEED THEY ARE NOT AND THEY WORK.

NOTE: Make sure to use ninjo pro on BO to really get the advantage or else you will end up hearing the sound of YOUR OWN footsteps, which is not desirable.

Lastly, you should know that MLG recommends the ASTRO A40s, which are also awesome but come with an even heftier price tag of 350+[(when you include the wireless option. Of course, these are wireless and have more features (voice changer, downloading more presets, comes with DUAL bluetooth capabilities which is something that you CANNOT get on the astros)]. The latter feature helps a lot since my gf likes to bother me while I'm gaming and my Android can be answered by a click of a button through the PX5s; pretty cool, eh?!
Also it is helpful for you to know that the Astros are known for really good Ambient sound and Narration. Also, the astros made an improvement with their 2011 edition giving better bass containment then they offered before. The px5 don't have a bass booster toggle like the x41s, however, this is no longer a single-option-feature since the presets coupled with the ability to self adjust/customize the sound at an even greater depth is ALL at the user's fingertips.

The Px5 are probably the most advance and best WIRELESS GAMING headsets you can get on the market right now and with amazon's superb CSRs and pricing, you can't go wrong.

PS please don't bother comparing these to the Tritton Pros and/or the 720s - it really undermines the Px5s, they are not in the same league.

Update 4/1/2011

After muh more use and playing around with the headsets, I decided to give an update. Honestly, I have a issue with the lack of proper bass; that is there is not a fair balance of adequate/tight/clean bass - ESPECIALLY is you are on preset 2 or 4. If someone throws a grenade and it lands by me or if there of many sounds going on out once, there is CONSIDERABLE distortion. This is not acceptable for such an expensive headset. So yeah, it has a multitude of features, but what is the point if you are not getting quality sound. Aside from that, the mids and highs are pretty good.

Here is what I wrote in response to a comment: "Now honestly, these are not going to sound as good as the 598s, or 555, the guy who has some distortion in the bass does not have a defective product, it's just like someone said here, these aren't going to be comparable to HD cans from a company like Senn,denon, etc. I swear they sound pretty good and I enjoy them but of course they are not up to par with some of the foregoing headsets mentioned above. Do they blow the Tritton 720/pros (crap madCatz) and px21s out of the water? Yes! But don't plan on getting the best GAMING headphones (on balance) and expect sound quality which you would receive from a similar priced audiophile aint gonna' happen (at least not right now)"

Hope this was helpful...

OH and ONE LAST THING, to the guy who said he got 20hrs plus, YEAH RIGHT. That is NOT true unless you have the mic and bluetooth off. Sorry. Just had to clarify for everyone. It is entirely feasible and average for 6 hrs use if the bluetooth function is on all the time bc boy does that sure drain the batt.
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Hamilton and Booth's Black Letter Outline on Corporations, 5th
Hamilton and Booth's Black Letter Outline on Corporations, 5th
by Robert W. Hamilton
Edition: Paperback
Price: $32.11
32 used & new from $2.08

5.0 out of 5 stars Must Have For Corps - ESPECIALLY if you have Hamilton's CaseBook, January 13, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This supplement is well organized, thorough and clear. I was assigned Hamilton's CaseBook which was not too helpful in understanding the complicated concepts of Corps law.

I highly recommend this book to anyone taking Corps/Business As.- indeed, well over the E & E supplement for Corps which I also purchased but was not happy with (although there is a general consensus that the EandE series is awesome for law students, it is not across the board; you can check the reviews for that book yourself). I will also keep it for the Bar!

PlayStation 3 160GB System with Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time and SingStar Dance Party Pack - Family Bundle
PlayStation 3 160GB System with Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time and SingStar Dance Party Pack - Family Bundle

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Value...Loads of FUn, December 13, 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Not much to say but that this is an awesome deal relative to all the other retailers out there. YOU CAN"T BEAT IT.

Great system. Good games for the family, but if you're a hardcore gamer, you will need to buy others to get started.

Also, CNET rates the BluRay player as one of the best and fastest in the industry.

If you are lookiing for a PS3, you can't go wrong but to buy it from

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Playstation 3
Call of Duty: Black Ops - Playstation 3
Price: $21.94
389 used & new from $7.50

2.0 out of 5 stars DO NOT BUY THIS GAME (yet), December 11, 2010
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)

The FPS is horrible at the moment of writing this post. They have a patch that should be released next wk (1.04) HOWEVER, the FPS issue has NOT been mentioned as a fix.

Below is a comprehensive list of verified issues. I do not take full credit but rather partial credit for the issues listed below. The majority of credit goes to the wonderful PS3 community and moderators that report problems on the OFFICIAL, website.

I am not sure that the developers have the capacity to make the appropriate and much needed fixes so to have the ps3 version run as smoothly as the 360 version. Apparently, frame issues are priority for develops and to concede, the Ps3 is indeed much harder to code relative to microsoft. Some claim that it just is not possible to fix. Further, the issues are not limited to online gameplay.
This game is far superior on the 360. I am not a 360 fanboy. In fact, I hate m$ for a multitude of reasons. Nonetheless, all my friends are on the PSN so I added the PS3 BO version to my collection as well. Thus, I have both copies.

There is screen tear and FPS issues on campaign as well, dropping to as low as 15FPS. Google this or go to the call of duty office website and go to forums. You will see the plethera of complaint that corroborate my review.

I would also like to mention that I have a 20mb download and 5mb upload with a WIRED connection and DMZ host open and well as port forwarding!!! Also, MW2 runs quite smoothly so MY ISP is NOT the culprit with respect to the following issues.

Here is the comprehensive List of the issues the most troubling from multiplayer to campaign mode, respectively.


-FPS regularly dipping below 25.
-Connectivity issues regarding everything from connecting to games, staying in games, lag, searching, parties, locale players being mixed with overseas players. Unable to stay in a party after managing to get into one for more than a few games.
-System Freezes/XMB not responding. Usually when joining multiplayer games.
-Host experiencing horrendous lag, sometimes resulting in crashing, disconnects or host migration.
-Host migration system flawed.
-Unable to enter games - stuck waiting for others.
-Unable to leave game when stuck waiting for others - results in forced manual shutdown / system "3 beeps".
-Unable to shoot, in seemingly good rooms (green pings).
-Delayed shadow loading / short draw distance / pop-up shadows.
-Delayed texture loading.
-Settings not saving.
-Settings resetting, promting screen set and brightness adjustment.
-Lack of Boot to Multiplayer - Minor.
-Lack of any sort of separate optimization for PS3 system.
-Random code flashes on the screen.
-Random code occasionally taking the place of next-map shown in playlist lobby.
-Disconnect to Combat Training Lobby or Theatre. Including checker-board effect.
-Players booted abruptly followed by the message "Disconnected from PSN".
-Players with NAT 2 on PS3, may suffer with moderate NAT on Black Ops. Possible cause for migration issues.
-Repeated B-52 Bomber/Napalm sound. Once when it flies over head and once when you respawn.
-Players using Hardline Pro are unable to cycle for a different Killstreak when team mates are trying to steal the Care Package.
-Aim Assist is far too helpful. Similar Campaign style Aim Assist will suffice.
-Overall sound range of unsupressed weaponory is short.
-Footstep sound extremely quiet.
-Some users reporting experiencing an irritating popping sound which happens from time to time.
-Game Countdown (after map lock in) freezes at 0 (or a random number).
-Speaker Icon / VOIP Icon disappearing from lobby after games.
-Target Assist (Aim Assist) following through solid objects when not Aimed Down Sights (ADS), even over a medium distance.
-Backed out to Theatre with "Player Name*" / random code* has not selected a clip", in film/clip image box. Usually occurs when host leaves lobby after/before a game or when certain players diconnect.
-Napalm reaching through rooftops and walls.
-On rare occassions under apparently specific conditions, 3rd person is enabled - [...]
-Leaderboard tracking incorrectly.
-Locale Search doesn't seem very Local.
-On rare occassions the RC-XD killstreak can fall through the map.
-People are able to glitch for coloured tags, which is otherwise a Prestige 13 reward.
-Prestige Hack achieved through Combat Training
-Weapon changes to enemy skin/emblem after killing with a weapon other than a gun. Noticed here when on a ladder - [...]
-Spawn System spawning Player next to enemies, even in open areas.
-Needed/Close message indicating progress of challenge merging with challenge description.
-When disconnected from party after playing a game, unable to re-party unless all participants leave multiplayer entirely (Main Menu) and then go back to Multiplayer.
-"Gas, move!" or other similar remarks related to close proximity of Nova Gas, is sometimes continuously repeated by the Player.
-Split Screen Player (2) of either team, of a seperate system, (not the person experiencing the issue) cannot be muted.
-COD points randomly cleared.
-Full room but still awaiting players before game starts, thus game doesn't start.
-Killstreaks not being rewarded.
-Downloading Game Settings time out. Servers unavailable.
-Selecting a Class after death, whilst viewing a killcam skips the killcam. As a result, if the wrong class is picked you are stuck with it until you die again and change your class. X for selecting the class skips the background killcam.
-FPS issues making the sniping more difficult. Especially with silenced rifles.
-Hosts not seeing Squad/Party members as blue.
-Glare on Optics in all environments. Including dark environments, or in shaded areas in well lit environments. Mades using the dot difficult instead of easier than the iron sights. Makes using custom dots (other than red dot) harder to use.
-Wager match Hosts leave when they lose, mostly on One In A Chamber. Most games result in host migration, approximately half of which fail to migrate.
-Killstreak: Dogs cannot enter the map at certain Dog entry points on Array Map.
-Killstreak: Gunship occassionally getting stuck in mountains on Array.

Playercard Customisation

Warhammer Outline creates an endless line to raise from the top of the default image outwards.


-Low FPS in most Campaign levels.
-Audio levels appear to be lower on Campaign than on Multiplayer - Minor Issue.
-Cinematic audio significantly quieter than Campaign audio or when in the chair. Most noticeable during interrogations when Mason is in the chair.
-Static soldiers with no AI, no gun, arms extended/raised, no expression or animation. Experienced when playing as Mason inside Rebirth Island - Major issue.
-Veteren Trophies not unlocking. Similar issue among PS3 & Xbox 360.
-Super Bright/Saturated environment through "magic window" in Vietnam Mission before rat tunnels.
-"Rat tunnel up ahead", being repeated multiple times.
-Soldier/s appearing out of thin air - rare incident.
-Escaping Yamantau via Truck/MG. Extremely low FPS.
-Invisible barrier near entrance to lab after Nova Gas section on Rebirth Island when playing as Hudson.
-Extremely low fps (<10) on final mission before attempt to access the control panel.
-Screen shake enchances the unplayability when FPS is low.
-On select missions, game music drowns out dialogue. Gun noises drown out both. Random mashing of audio is a complete mess.


-Zombies video loading after each play of Zombies when unlocked.
-On "Five" there is a glitch when two people get into the teleporter at the same time, they will both get downed, as a result the game ends.
-Glitch on Kino Der Toten. If the player gets attacked by zombie monkeys (wall climbers) while standing in front of the auto-turret and then jumps whilst being attacked, the player is able to get on top of the turret and becomes unreachable. Thus invincible.
-Player numbers not indicated.

Combat Training

-Settings do not always save.
-On occassion, custom names for custom classes are changed, when partied with 2 other players. When Player 2 accesses the classes, even if they are unedited, all custom class names are reset back to their default names, i.e. Custom Class 1, Custom Class 2 etc.
-Prestige challenges cannot be aqquired due to prestige not being available.


-Only Player 1 has a saveavle profile, as a result, create a class for Player 2 is reset. Could be intentional.
-Only Player 1 receives Killstreaks.
-Player 1 control scheme influences Player 2's control scheme choice.
-Non-Default controls must be reselected every few games.
-In Offline Splitscreen: Game brings up a black loading screen while it tries to establish a network connection. If the player is not connected to PSN, an error message appears, which means you can no longer play over a network or play multiplayer. Zombies continues to function. Patch must be deleted and reapplied to allow network and online multiplayer functionality. Need more reports (someone test it out)


-Clips indicating 30 seconds, cannot always be rendered. Example for cause: 30.37 seconds.
-Theatre Control Settings not saving/resetting.
-Theatre freezes. Similar to Multiplayer join game freeze. Occurs occasionally during "Loading Film".
-Theatre upload quality of rendered clips on YouTube appear to be poor in comparison to other platforms.

I hope I have been informative and that you now have a better feel of the issues and what to expect from this game. While these issues may be fixed, they are significant and you should seriously consider them prior to making your purchase.

Please feel free to comment. I am looking forward to hearing from my fellow gamers!
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