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The strangling of Persia; a story of the European diplomacy and oriental intrigue that resulted in the denationalization of twelve million Mohammedans, a personal narrative
The strangling of Persia; a story of the European diplomacy and oriental intrigue that resulted in the denationalization of twelve million Mohammedans, a personal narrative

4.0 out of 5 stars Corrupt Foreign Policy and American gullible honesty, February 24, 2012
I was listening to the Mark Levin Show when a Persian called in and discussed the current affairs re: Iran and mentioned this work by W. Morgan Shuster. As one who has intensely read on Middle and Near Eastern history I purchased a very neat Fist Edition of this book and read it from cover to cover. A very worthy work by an American Accountant requested by the newly comprised Constitutional Government of Persia, now "Iran", to come to Persia to comprise a new system of Financial, Accounting, Taxation and Fiscal responsibility with the ultimate goal of freeing herself from crippling foreign debt brought on by formerly corrupt succession of Shahs that bankrupted Persia by perpetual loans from Foreign sources; England and Russia. Two foreign powers that both were at the height of the Imperial march to power seeking "spheres of influence" in Persia thus making the country a "client" state for their "interests" keeping Persia from being an independent Constitutional Republic based on a Western system.
During Shuster's efforts to bring some standard governing financial practices to an archaic feudal system for the purpose of regulation and control over an over extended, unmonitored and totally antiquated third world, though with great potential, nation ruffled a few feathers.
Perhaps the most observant comment made by Shuster upon his return to America was to the benefit of European/British Imperialism by introducing civilization and progress to savagely barbaric peoples throughout the world. Although a very "politically incorrect" observation today would vastly undermine the distorted socialist egalitarian relativist multicultural schema Shuster's comment was entirely deserved especially when comparing the various cultures, faiths and civilization the Brits/Europeans encountered during their exploration and "imperialist" stages; something thoroughly discussed by Dinish D'Souza and Thomas Sowell. Although, not perfect and, like today, probably lead by numerous corrupt elitist minded individuals Shuster, a champion of Constitutional Persian independence stood as an irritant to the Imperialist Powers of Russia and England.
With the former comment relayed, one can outline Shuster's nearsightedness, or shortsightedness, to the culture and religious aspect within the Persian society which we see repeated on similar basis by those enlightened minds that entangle the West, through similar questionable politiking, within the quagmire of the Muslim World, namely the Middle East.
Shuster lives through the seemingly never ending corrupt world of Imperialist-politics between Persia and her two expanding Western Empires being Democratic Imperial Britain and her enemy/"partner" Dictatorial Czarist Imperial Russia.
Shuster's role within, and the Persian Constitutional government, were directly in the path of these two powers rivaling powers and therefore both were removed via corruption, deceit and pressure from the aforementioned regimes for the purpose of "protecting their interests". Seems familiar within today doesn't?
In any event, many of Shuster's innocent observation re: corruption (cultural backwardness), scheming and the various conflicting social movements are pandemic qualities within the Middle East/Near East, probably due to Muhammadism itself for which the works by Toby Huff, Bat Ye'or, Robert Spencer or Ibn Warraq discuss further in detail. I'm suspecting that had Shuster became acquainted with the Muhammadan religion and Muhammadan/Persian culture prior to his partaking this esteemed venture, like those within the halls of power within the Western nations today, he'd had made very different observations and relayed a more detailed reasoning for his choices and concerns.
A very good book. Happy reading..
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God and Man at Yale: The Superstitions of 'Academic Freedom'
God and Man at Yale: The Superstitions of 'Academic Freedom'
by William F. Buckley Jr.
Edition: Paperback
Price: $12.05
132 used & new from $1.84

11 of 14 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars More applicable today then in 1951, November 9, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
There is no question that the entire Western World is collapsing, one can only guess why. Buckley, supplies us one centered and specific inquiry toward one particular reason for our decline. Although there are many problems one must state within this work there are many more that are absolutely applicable to the realities highly practiced, advocated and professed today within the vast majority of Western Academic institutions; at all levels. One must give credit to the late Bill Buckley Jr. as very few individuals, especially those today, at his age could compile, compose and compliment such a necessary analysis of their alma mater for public reference to future students, graduates and parents footing the bill.

Buckley cannot be condemned for the very narrowly focused work due to his title stipulates the realities within one academic institution; Yale, however does transpose his theory and beliefs to most others in operation during his day. I contest as a graduate from multiple universities and academic establishments that the main thesis offered by Mr. Buckley; Individualism being stomped out to support Collectivist theory. The economic theories advocated by Von Mesis, Hayek or Friedman: Capitalism crushed for society slaughtering Socialism of Keynes or Marx. Morality molested toward the promotion and justification of amorality. Truth being tarnished for factually void sociopolitical anti-intellectual theory. The Judeo-Christian culture that produced the entirety of the Western, once civilized, World being held captive to the relativist principles of Social Pseudo-Science of all are "equal", "good" and "worth of embracing". One could lay, for right or for wrong, the entire subject of "Man Made Global Warming" where, as with all the aforementioned, the use of "Academic Freedom" is employed to entirely censor one side while only affording a positive arena for the psychological conditioning of the other onto the minds of the benighted student body.

Although dated and presented within the narrow confines of impressions Mr. Buckley witnessed while attending Yale, his work; this work can be transposed toward any Academic Institution at any level from elementary school to grad school. Mr. Buckley might well have come out with a second issue of GAMAY only up dated with the introduction of the proliferation of this thesis through other highly pertinent areas as media, legal, political, social, cultural as they effect/infect or effected/infected by today's "progressively" dumbed down Academia.

A colleague of mine (ret) head of Psychiatry and University Hospital within Canada's most prestigious academic institution stated to me "To find a Conservative in Canadian Academia today is like searching for a diamond in a toilet."

Upon closing this review; to which all concerned parents should read (this book) prior to making the choice of whether to send their child to University or Trade School (inclusive of a free library card and a computer to listen to Conservative News Talk Radio: Levin, Savage, Limbough, Hannity, Prager etc. and SunTV) I'd like to suggest a list of other well researched and substantiated works to assist in the validity of Mr. Buckley's work and the effects his concerns has had on society ever since.
1. "Dumbing Down", "The Underground History of American Education" and "Weapons of Mass Instruction" - John T. Gatto
2. "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America" - C.I. Thompson
3. "Why Johnny Can't Tell Right From Wrong" - W. Killpatrick
4. "The Great Deceit; Social Pseudo-Sciences" and "Keynes at Harvard" - Z. Dobbs
5. "Foundations, Their Power and Influence" - R. Wormser
6. "Intellectuals" - P. Johnson
7. "Fabian Freeway; The High Road to Socialism in America" - R. Martin
8. "Intellectuals and Society" - T. Sowell
9. "Illiberal Education" - D. D'Sousa
10. "None Dare Call it Education" - Stormer
11. "Capitalism and Freedom" - Friedman
12. "Revolution Via Education" - Bloumenfeld.
Happy Reading...

America's political dynasties
America's political dynasties
by Stephen Hess
Edition: Hardcover
12 used & new from $3.53

5.0 out of 5 stars Understanding History Predict the Future..., October 28, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Stephen Hess is undoubtedly well qualified and competent writer as well one who is schooled in the social and political life of his time. The work thoroughly documents the life, beliefs and times of the various political dynasty families since Adams to Kennedy. Hess is a true scholar that takes painstaking time to document the 17 families that made America what it is today. Some families have "died out" from the Political passion of their elders while others remain with us, and in some cases tragically, to this very day.
What is very interesting is the realities of the past that get contorted to pass off political schema/agenda today either by white washing historical fact or contorting it to match with "politically correct" "education". Subjects like the Anglo-American relationship that had existed ever since the first Europeans came to America. Dr. Carrol Quigley, Bill Cinton's mentor, identifies the on-going historical connections between the two within his book "Tragedy & Hope" and "The Anglo-American Establishment".
What Stephen Hess does here is thoroughly documents the founders of America as a Constitutional Republic and the great pain staking detailed investigations into their various histories, fortunes, achievements and intermarriages to form an actual "elite" or Ruling Class that was supposed to be ridden from with the foundation of the Constitutional Republic.
Perhaps when one reads Quigley's works, the works by Antony Sutton, "The Naked Capitalist" by Skousen, the Reece Committee investigations by Rene Wormser one thoroughly understands the immense, and continued, power held by these fortunate few - interwoven - relations to this day.
With the continual depressing news and witnessing the entire West collapse and decay; legally, socially, culturally, morally, religiously, economically and politically, it is ok to have an opinion however an informed opinion is much more worthy...
Happy Reading.

The Menace of Multiculturalism: Trojan Horse in America (Literature; 71)
The Menace of Multiculturalism: Trojan Horse in America (Literature; 71)
by Alvin J. Schmidt
Edition: Hardcover
77 used & new from $0.01

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Something every elementary school teacher should read., October 25, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I must congratulate Mr. Schmidt on this little work of great importance. Personally, I feel this book should be introduced to Grade 5-6 teachers to read and teach the basics to their students that have, are currently and will continually be dumbed down by a, in my opinion; coordinated, Socialist indoctrination system that masquerades as "education". Schmidt's work clearly outlines many of the follies of and behind the "progressively" "enlightened" ignorance that is bombarding Americans, via every facet of their social, cultural, educational and political development - or shall I say repression.

Schmidt rightly deals with such pertinent issues as "multiculturalism", "hate" crimes, gay "marriage", Political Correctness and the reasoning behind them which, most often, even their most hard core advocates do not and cannot comprehend.

I would have given Schmidt's work a 5 out of 5 however due to a few areas of disagreement or questioning hope, in all reality, that Mr. Schmidt might pick up where this book has left off and produce an up-dated "vol 2".

Some of my disagreements with his thesis is that the Author does not believe America's Social, Spiritual/Religious, Moral, Educational, Legal, Political etc. digression is coordinated ergo; the ever dreaded "Conspiracy". I personally feel that it is and will provide the reader, and author in hopes of his partaking an extended edition or "Vol 2", with some, of many, applicable works, events and outlines proving thus.

Schmidt outlines that "Politically Correct" appears to have originated in a speech that Karen deCrow made in 1975 while President of the National Organization of Women; NOW. In actual fact, outlined by historian Arthur Herman within his book "Joseph McCarthy: Reexamining the Life and Legacy of America's Most Hated Senator" that the title was coined in 1929 by Joseph Stalin with PC ideology controlling the speech/propaganda practices by the Comintern to always favor the agenda of the Kremlin. However, two other authors take this ideology back further relating it to those behind the French Revolution; Eugene Methvin's "Rise of Radicalism" (Conservative) and (Liberal) James Billington's "Fire in the Minds of Men". The ideology itself is clearly Socialist at base; which includes the collectivist Communism and Fascism.

Another area that I question is the subject of inter-racial adoptions and unions. Of course it is solely up to the individual however as the author suggests a "Tower of Babel" logic one must, or can, also relate the logic that all peoples are created different; or that God created different peoples for a reason. This is not bigoted in any way or manner just simply stating the obvious fact that any minimal intellect or observation can conclude. Perhaps the subject's differentiation is skewed simply for political or pseudo-social reasons where whites adopt non-whites it is criticized by the non-white community however non-whites so rarely adopt white children and adopt "their own"; for logical reasons. Schmidt places emphasis on the racist views of non-white community leaders onto those whites who adopt black, or non-white, children however, today through purely Leftist agenda, the opposite is true. The most Liberal/Communist of Hollywood adopt turd world children en-masse, encourage political elites toward the "end poverty" politics; obviously using American Tax dollars thus making America poor in the process through corrupt socio-political schema that these Hollywood individuals seem to use, rather narcissisticly, toward self promotion.

Schmidt erroneously defines "Racism" within the work to equate with bigotry. Racism, in its most purest form, was - before it was perverted - commonly known as "Racialism" which was the belief that one's race; your race, is superior to another's. Thus no hate ever involved just, as Schmidt rightly accesses that all are different. One might research the works from the Left "The Bell Curve", "The Naked Ape" or the "Right" "Race Evolution and Behavior" which all have their merit and follies. Of course these "rankings" of superiority or whatever are more obvious when it comes to religion or culture and nation specific criterion. Therefore, "Racism" contains no hate whatsoever as shown, and practiced, by African tribal chieftains within the documents/memoirs of Dr. David Livingstone and Henry M. Stanley.

One might note some problems with Schmidt's equation of the historical Greek and Roman theorists on Natural Law and the Jew's Moral Law; of which Logic, Reason and Nature do lay base. The discrepancy between the three cultures were entirely different in that the Natural theories professed and taught by the Greek and Roman thinkers were never put into practice within their societies in comparison with the Jews Torah or the Judeo-Chistian culture/society based around their common Ten Commandments. Some applicable examples, aside from Schmidt's pointing out of Plato being a Homosexual and historical "father", perhaps, of Utopian Socialism/Communism did also preach the unnatural nature of homosexuality which was pervasive within both Greek and Roman Hellenistic culture. Hellenism, akin in many ways, to modern day Socialism/Humanism (or Communism under various Dictators/Emperors) did not value the concept of marriage or women. The Greek and Roman cultures did not value life or individuality. For example Women were seen as basically property to which one uses for "stress relief" and procreation. Whenever a child may be born that did not look "right" it was discarded with the rubbish and left to die. These very big differences between the practices of Greek and Roman Hellenism, did not relate to Natural Law nor the Jews: Judean's Moral Law, from the Old Testament which gave rise to the Revolts in Israel to Greek Hellenism under the Maccabees; to which the Jews celebrate their Hanukkah and again against the Romans as outlined by Judean: Jewish historian Josephus-Flavus which also gave rise to the a-historical perverted realities today within the Arab-Jewish conflict over the region of "Palestine". (Very interesting considering the Jews: Judeans were the original "Palaestinian" People dating back to this time as indicated by the Arch of Titus. Another very good example of how Communist lead disinformation is promulgated by all facets of Politically Correct mediums: "educational", political, social, cultural, media and accepted as "truth" by the dumbed down masses....however this is another subject to which one might wish to read up on: "From Time Immemorial" by Joan Peters, "Bible and Sword" by Tuchman or "Fabricating Israeli History" by Karsh (an interesting note is that there are no "Palestinian" People in the Bible; New or Old or the Qur'an which tells any thinking person that Moses, Jesus and Muhammad didn't know any either. See how Communism/Socialism and the dis-information is practiced and taken as truth?

There were a few other areas that I wished to critique in hopes Mr. Schmidt reads this toward, in hopes of, a new edition.

To entertain my first and final critique I will conclude by relating that the dumbind down and proliferation of this Leftist, Socialist, Egalitarian schema is, in fact, a conspiracy. One example is the Reece Committee investigations found there to be interlocking directorates/hirelings between Big Politics, Big Banking, Big Industry and Big Education. A work by Rene Wormser, for one, outlines the findings. Bill Clinton's mentor further outlines these connections, and interconnections, their history and their reasoning within his two academic tomes; "Tragedy & Hope" and "The Aglo-American Establishment". John Dewey, who Schmidt, provides positive light within this work was also a big party toward the unraveling of American Education and the proliferation of Socialism.

Aside from the Reece investigations one might investigate the Scopes Monkey Trial for example which, like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. realities are highly censored from the public and highly coordinated events with profound, and misunderstood effects. For example the ACLU (Founded by/in concert with the Fabian Socialist Society) were behind all three. Schmidt affords praise to Mr. King however never tells the reader that King, himself never practiced what he preached as a philandering adulterer, liar, plagiarist and fraud. As one who actually worked hard to get into University and complete his study without catering to any "Affirmative Action", quota system or plagiarism the realities around Mr. King Jr. are offensive especially considering he is the only individual to have a Day named after him; which should be changed to 'Civil Rights Day'.

Other books that connect the dots to America's-Europe's Elites to the dumbind down and Socializing decay of the West are shown through "Underground History of American Academia" and "Dumbing Us Down" by John. T. Gatto, (there are many informative interviews on you tube of Mr. Gatto as well), "The Dumbing Down of America" Thompson, "None Dare Call it Education" Stormer, "Why Johnny Can't Tell Right From Wrong", "America's Secret Establishment" - Sutton (as well an interview on You Tube entitled "The Best Enemies Money Can Buy" and "The Naked Capitalist" by Skousen all show this connection.

Further, if one studies the Communist/Socialist movement and history one will, without doubt, be made aware of it - like all revolutionary movements - are not "spontaneous" as the dumbed down co-conspiratorial mainstream media continually implies but very coordinated, highly financed and well planned events. The aforementioned works deal with many topics directly related to Socialism, Communism, Education and the decay of the West however for Communist Specific works that too outline the immense Socialist infiltration into nearly every aspect of Western society I might suggest "The Black Book of Communism" by Mark Kramer, Jonathan Murphy, Nicolas Werth and Jean-Louis Panne, "You can Trust the Communists; to be Communists" and "Three Phases of Revolution" by Schwartz, "The Naked Communist" by Skousen or "The rise of radicalism; The social psychology of messianic extremism" by Methvin, "New Lies for Old" by Golitsyn, "Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America's Enemies" by Evans or the various works by John T. Flynn. These aforementioned suggestions all outline the theology of Socialism and how it works, its goals and its workings. A very informative video is available on You Tube via interview with Larry MacDonald (D-Georgia) where he outlines the nature and dealings between the Socialist/Communist movements and organizations with those elite business and political elite here in the West. The most important reality that adds credence to my premise is that it shows the coordination and conspiratorial nature behind the operations of the Communist/Socialist organizations and the so-called "globalist" elites (Anglo-American Establishment) oft termed as "The New World Order" and the various Islamist organizations. David Horowitz outlines this within his "UnHoly Alliance" as does Bat Ye'or within her fabulous work "Eurabia". "World Upside Down" by Phillips and the works by Robert Spencer and Mark Styn too outline the collusive nature of these three movements.

If one wishes to get into organizational specifics that show how one organization influences the wider social realm one might refer "Fabian Freeway" by Rose Martin, "Keynes at Harvard" and "The Great Deceit" by Zygmund Dobbs which outline the history of the Fabian Socialist Society and their history of dealings that wrecked England and are hard at work here in the West to wreck it as well by leading, coordinating and financing; with their ideological kin, each and every subject Schmidt deals with inside this great work.

There are many biographies that outline, in part and allude to this interconnection; Keynes, Rockefeller or Goldwater. Some suggest that the reason why the Establishment created "McCarthyism"; who was proven more correct then wrong; akin to Britain's Enoch Powell or Israel's Meir Kahane, was due to McCarthy's possible connection of all the aforementioned and realizing that, at the top, it is an interlocking one party system that has been progressively Socializing or "Globalizing" America (the West) since the days of Woodrow Wilson.

A very good book and I do hope the author partakes in a vol.2.

PS: From my Memory the Author gives mention to both the Bush and Clinton Admin as negative effects on Education and forwarding the disease of "Multiculturalism" which only adds validity to the above realities....

Happy reading...

The Occult and the Third Reich: The Mystical Origins of Nazism and the Search for the Holy Grail
The Occult and the Third Reich: The Mystical Origins of Nazism and the Search for the Holy Grail
by Jean-Michel Angebert
Edition: Hardcover
27 used & new from $32.76

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Worthy if one wishes to learn about ideology of Nazism, October 20, 2011
I managed to find a cheap soft cover copy of this work however I suggest, should it be found, one to purchase the hard cover due to it including various pages of pictures which provide visual to the reader that is unavailable in the soft cover version.

The previous critiques have already outlined the thesis of this book in being the connections between the Gnostic Eastern / Persian Manichaeism; with its beliefs can be seen as a synthesis re; Zoroastrianism, Hinduism and Buddhism as they relate to the 11-13th century Catharism/Albagensianism and the Nazi development of their ancient Germanic Gnostic "Thule" faith re: The Thule Society with-which numerous Nazi leaders were members and practitioners; Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Alfred Rosenberg, Otto Rahn etc.

There is no question that the various power hungry dictators of that era; Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, Franco etc. all took the basic egalitarian Communist/Communalist or Socialist ideology and adapted it toward their own means to attain personal and/or party power; in Hitler's case cult/society power over the "volk" of Germany.

When one researches World War 2, Hitler and the Nazi Movement there is no question that both Communism/Socialism was the political base where the Nazis imposed their "Thule" or Gnostic Germanic Pagan philosophies (with which this book details) in developing their Germanic Social, Cultural and pseudo-Religious Order.

The author does a fabulous example of connecting the dots from the history of Catharism to those that were behind the development of the Nazi racialist hierarchy / philosophy. Most who have read on the subject understand that this was the time of the study of Racialism or "Racism" in its proper context however the Nazi; "New Age" philosophy distorted racialist studies with highly bigoted beliefs combining culture, nation, faith and ethnicity. Of course the Nazis weren't alone within this venture as it was common in America, England re: Marx and Communism, George Bernard Shaw and the Fabian Socialist Society and, to be honest, practiced by every non-Westernized "Judeo-Christian" society on Earth today within their own ethnocentric, nationalistic and uni-cultural way.

What sparked my reading was the connection between Nazism and the Gnostic-Christian sect known as the Albagensians/Cathars which held a Gnostic/Enlightened belief based on the attainment of Knowledge to create a "super being" or superior race: Atlantian or Hypoborean and the development of a society befitting ancient Germanic-NeoPaganism.

I do recommend this work which supplies some very worthy hypothesis on Hitlerism/Nazism and their beliefs as well to the reasoning behind Hitler's quirks; not taking a wife, family, vegetarianism etc. Some suggest that he was a homosexual like many others within the Reich as placed forward by "The Pink Swastika" and "The Hidden Hitler" however that may well be true although another theory was his deep beliefs in the Occult as a "Priest" like head of a "Thule" nation.

There are many other reads I'd recommend; "The Rainbow Swastika" by Hannah Newman which is a work both outlining the paganism, gnostic beliefs and development of Nazism by the Nazis sending out their pseudo-Academics throughout the Near East, and obviously Cathar France re: Otto Rahn, to bring back all the mystical pagan/gnostic teachings to the "Priests" of the Thule - later Nazism.

The author, in many places; especially that of Newman, place forward the various and numerous contradictions between the Jewish (or Judeo-Christian) theology and the more gnostic teachings of the East that the aforementioned had always been in conflict with and continues till this day. This conflict may be the crux to Hitler's, and company's, hate for the Jew and anything "Jewish" including Christianity.

I think there must be some related reads that must be suggested to accompany this one so the reader will attain the full perspective of the realities behind the Nazi ideology as it relates to both a sociopolitical and a theopoltical construct. To cover the old dialectical "Right Wing" vs. "Left Wing" spectrum I think I'd suggest to the reader to pick up "Wall St. and the Rise of Adolf Hitler" by Antony Sutton as well Eugene Methvin's "The Rise of Radicalism" which details the impact the theology and ideologies of the more Utopian, Egalitarian anti-Judeo-Christian belief constructs are tied to various political movements. Both are Conservative or "Right Wing" authors and very worthy and highly capable. From a "Left Wing" perspective I'd suggest a very dry but worth tome by Bill Clinton's mentor; Carrol Quigley "Tragedy and Hope; A History of the World in Our Time" and another good piece written by Librarian of Congress James Billington called "Fire in the Minds of Men" which basically connects the Secret Societies of Europe and the Occult/Gnostic teachings to various political and social movements, many of which still are applicable today.

From a strictly "theology" perspective I'd suggest the works that Angebert bases much of his work to be read; H.S. Chamberlain, Otto Rahn, Hitler and Alfred Rosenberg however to attain a deeper impact one might wish to give the works on Theosophy by Helena Bvlatsky which also played a large role in the development of Nazism as well the New Age movement today. "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" by Manley P. Hall is also a worth read to understand the numerous beliefs that went into Nazism, too the New Age and the popular Environmentalism/Green "isms". Of course, although shifting however a bit related I might suggest some works that relates the New Age cult to Angebert's work being "The Aquarian Conspiracy" by M. Ferguson as well "Inside the New Age Nightmare" by "Inside the New Age Nightmare" by R. Baer. Both works will provide the reader - as will all the aforementioned - a very informed perspective on the account of the development of Nazism from the beliefs of the Cathars, Atlantis/Hypaborian Mythology, Theosophy, New Age and all the combined Nordic/Eastern Esoteric Gnosticism.

The reader will walk away with a/the political base to allow Angebert's work to hold more meaning.

A very worthy read. Enjoy.

Suleiman the Magnificent
Suleiman the Magnificent
by Harold Lamb
Edition: Paperback
28 used & new from $6.50

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Another credit to Harold Lamb, October 17, 2011
I picked up this book for a few dollars and it was well worth the read due to my interest Islamic, Eastern and Arabian history as it relates to the realities surrounding us today. Lamb does a fabulous job outlining the life and times of the Turkish Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent; from his Osmanli heritage to the after math and downfall of his Empire. Lamb outlines the various thoughts of the Sultan, deeds and changes within his leadership role as well the various Wars on land and sea through the infamous Barbarossa or his Greek Christian Vizier Ibrahim.

I would have given Lamb's work 5 stars however I think the reader, prior to reading any of Lamb's works dealing with Islamic/Eastern readers might well become learned on Islam itself, its history and its theo-political jurisprudence: Sharia as within Lamb's books on Suleiman, Omar or Tamerlane the author continually uses and makes references to different Islamic subjects without, either understanding therein himself or simply thinking the reader understands the meanings or influence of such within the theology of Islam. For this, I feel it would be very much worthy to pick up, even something easy like the works by Robert Spenser or Bill Warner or something more studious by authors; Bat Ye'or, K.S. Lal, Ibn Warraq, or Andrew Bostom for a strong background that will allow the reader immediately recognition of different theological concepts mention, however brushed over, buy Lamb. Some other background books that too would encapsulate the times and dealings of the era would be perhaps reads by Thomas Madden, Victor Hanson or even the fabulous book by Barbara Tuchman "Bible and Sword; Britain and Palestine from the Bronze Age to Balfour. Some examples include repeated mentioning of and dealing with taxation, slavery, deceit, "lands of war", "infidel", "umma" etc. however never explaining what they are and how they apply to both the Muslim and non-Muslim from a Islamic perspective. Placing them into perspective allows the reader an entirely different, and more accurate, ingestion of the words read. If one has knowledge of the theological concepts of "Umma", "teqqiyya","dhimmitude", "jihad", "hudna", "salah","jizya", "kafir", "dar al Harbe" etc. etc. the read becomes entirely understandable from an informed Eastern and Western perspective.

Aside from this bit of advice the only real discrepancy I hold with Lamb's works are that they seem to come across from an Eastern or disenfranchised Western perspective similar to that of the 19th-20th century "Arabist" that went to "dar al Islam" and "turned native". Of course this too has various and numerous problems because the perspective bias of the author can, and often does, mislead the uninformed reader. A very good example is the contortion of Islamic Spain; Andalusia and its so-called "Golden Age". Even Vlad Tepes "The Impaler" fought against Islamic Jihad at the borders of his Wallachian kingdom.

The combining of the overlooking of various Islamic concepts and numerous areas within Islamic history itself paints an entirely different picture upon reading Lamb's related works. My last example comes in disagreement with his critique on the Siege of Vienna in both 1529 and by his Grandson in 1683. Although Lamb mentions various Islamic concept he fails entirely to place explain them and forward the meanings to the reader. Lamb tells the reader that the "Gates of Vienna" ordeal was generally created mythology by Europe to overshadow their greatness in the face of the Turks thus saving Europe from certain Muhammadan occupation, similarly to Charles Martel at Tours 800 years earlier. Lamb states explicitly that Suleiman had no intention of occupying Vienna but also states his intention was really to "recover" Budapest. When one reads through the book the concept of Islam pillar; Jihad is mentioned, though never explained, that wherever the Sultan (Caliph) sets foot it is forever under the ownership of Islam; Allah. Suleiman may well have never intended the "occupation" of Vienna, but it is certain, like Buda, Greece, the Balkans, Hungary etc. all would pay yearly tax to the Caliph/Umma (Muslim People) for their "Freedom". The outcome of such practice is today seen within the realities today in the Balkans, Levant (the once Christian Lebanon), the Coptic and Zabaleen Christian in Egypt and most assuredly the Jews in Israel and the Hindu in India all having conflict with their, or under their, Islamic neighbors/governments. This is, in fact, directly related to the theology of Islam. Therefore, had Vienna fallen in 1529, the peoples of that region would be forced to have paid a head tax, the proliferation of Mosques would occur, as is today in the West, and both silent and overt Muslim immigration thus turning a very important part of Christendom into another Balkan religious conflict zone as Islam does not recognize any other religion but Islam which is seen by the various methods of conversion employed.

What most do not understand is that the beliefs that drove Suleiman and all the Caliphs before and after since the days of Muhammad the Prophet of Islam, more specifically since the Nakhla Raids, has been the driving force behind Global Islamic Terrorism today as well the main crux within the highly perverted, contorted and media driven Arab-Jewish conflict over the region of Palestine. Once one delves into Islamic theology, jurisprudence and history re: Jihad one attains a very different view of such individuals as Charles Martel, Vlad Tepes, Pope Urban II, the history of the gypsies as well numerous events in related history: Ridda Wars, Battle of the Trench, Battle of Yarmouk, Battle of Tours, Battle of Delhi and the fall of the Hind, the fall of Constantinople, Spain/Portugal's Reconquista, America's Barbary Wars and, of course, the Arab-Jewish conflict.

A very good read however, I suggest the future reader to become thoroughly acquainted with Islam, its history and its theo-political jurisprudence thus placing Lamb's works into their truly deserved perspective.

Sharia Law for Non-Muslims (A Taste of Islam)
Sharia Law for Non-Muslims (A Taste of Islam)
by Bill Warner
Edition: Perfect Paperback
Price: $8.95
14 used & new from $8.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars Very good intro to Islam's theo-political jurisprudence: Islam, September 5, 2011
A very interesting comment BettyH. The reason I say is that I believe this book to be a very good introductory work however for something more advanced I'd suggest reading Robert Spencer's works or that of Ibn Warraq. If one is looking for something more scholarly they might research the Islamic texts themselves especially the Hadith and other works surrounding Islamic theology re: "Milestones", "Reliance of the Traveler" and then move into the works by Andrew Bostom or Bat Ye'or. I do think that BettyH is a bit off due to there not being any Muslims in the Old Testament. Of course Muslim's killed Jews. They did so due to the Jewish community turned away Mohammad as a foolish Arab and not the last prophet. This is why Islam is violently anti-Jewish and is the crux against any peace in the Middle East. Islam has not, cannot and will not afford peace with the Harbis only the 'hudnah" or temporary truce. Be that as it may even the Qur'an outlines that the lands belong to the Jews Qur'an 5:20-21 for example. On an interesting note is that neither Moses, Jesus or Muhammad knew any "Palestinians". Mohammad had never been to Israel or Jerusalem which is why there is no Jerusalem or "Palestine/inians" in the Qur'an and due to the aforementioned is why daily Muslims turn their backs on Jerusalem and pray to Mecca. The region of Hadrian's "Palaestina" and the region of the League of Nation's Mandate "Palestine" were never countries, states or nations ergo any "nationality" is a-historical unless one wishes to seek the truth of the matter which is currently displayed, and has been on display since 82AD, on the Arch of Titus on the Via Sacra in Rome. There are no "Palestinians". There is no "West Bank". There are no "Occupied "Palestinian" Territories". There is no "East Jerusalem". This is nothing more then revisionist sociopolitically guided agenda on a realpolitik level and teqqiyya/kitman on a theo-political: Islamic agenda level.

This comment was both for the book review which I thought to be very good for an introductory read to Islam and its Theological Construct: Sharia. There is no "Militant" Islam. Islam has not been "Hijacked" and there is no such thing as "moderate" Islam. If one reads the Islamic texts, refers to both its history, its theo-political jurisprudence: Sharia and the realities of its prophet one must, beyond any reasonable doubt, conclude that the Jihadists are the real Muslims following the classical Islam of its founder Muhammad. How does one think Islam spread from Asia to Spain "submitting", today, over 50, once non-Islamic, lands nations and peoples?
A very good introductory read. I would recommend the works by Robert Spencer, Fitna by Hon. Geert Wilders and many other websites like Jihadwatch, GatesofVienna, TheReligionofPeace and many others.....enjoy.
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Media Cleansing, Dirty Reporting: Journalism and Tragedy in Yugoslavia
Media Cleansing, Dirty Reporting: Journalism and Tragedy in Yugoslavia
by Peter Brock
Edition: Paperback
Price: $19.95
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5.0 out of 5 stars A fabulous presentation of the realities on Yugoslavia, August 21, 2011
I purchased this book after being in Yugoslavia just prior to the wars commencement. Of course as a young stupid teenager brainwashed by the politically correct educational system I had always wondered why the realities didn't mesh with what had been reported on the tele. Peter Brock does an excellent job outlining the bias, who was responsible for it and what was both why and the aftermath. Without giving away the details within I did some background research by reviewing a fabulous essay by Hugh Fitzgerald on his website HiR Home, "Peacekeeper: The Road to Sarajevo" by Maj.Gen Lewis McKenzie of the Canadian military which didn't seem at all to portray the same story that the mainstream media were portraying. With some additional background information concerning the region during World War 2 "Genocide in Satellite Croatia, 1941-1945: A Record Of Racial And Religious Persecutions And Massacres" by Edmond Paris, "The Legacy of Jihad" by Andrew Bostom as well as Bat Ye'or's books "The Dhimmi" and "The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam: From Jihad to Dhimmitude : Seventh-Twentieth Century" provided the necessary background to supply base for, and more truthful presentation, backing the works by Fitzgerald, McKenzie and Peter Brock's "Media Cleansing". One will be both shocked and disgusted at the level of collusive and expansive criminality between the highest levels of governments in the West and their cozy relationship with the mainstream media to justify their Geo-political realpolitik goals. After reading this and other works concerning those within and affiliated to the Clinton Administration known, as his mentor Carrol Quigly writes within his "Tragedy and Hope"; the "Anglo-American Establishment" makes one truly wish R.I.C.O. could be used to bring down all of these "globalist" criminal parasites and thwart their narcissistic power quest for their "Utopia". A fabulous work especially the last chapter on oil pipelines, resources and collusion...

Honestly, I hope Peter Brock teams up with someone like Joan Peters, Eugene Narrett, Mitchell Baird or Melanie Phillips to write a "Media Cleansing" on the Arab-Jewish Conflict over "Palestine". Now that would truly be a worthy task considering the subject is entirely related re: corrupt Geo-Politics, Islam, Communism and those same criminals behind the Yugoslavian War contorting the Serbs, who were Allied during the World War 2, into NATOs cannon fodder in the same way the mainstream media has invented and disseminated the a-historical lie of there being a "Palestinian" people simply due to the fact that neither the region of "Palaestina", from Hadrianic antiquity, nor the region of "Palestine" under the League of Nations Mandate were ever countries, states or nations. The real "Palaestinian" people are, and have been since 82AD, depicted on the Arch of Titus located on the Via Sacra, Rome. The media has created a "West Bank" and have thoroughly erased, not only Israel from history but Judea and Samara in their attempt to erase the Jew: Judean: Judah: Israel from history and invent a criminal and thoroughly antisemitic relationship between Arabs: Arabians; whose homelands are the Arabian Peninsula to a "West Bank" in "Palestine" and sold to the dumbed down dopes as "Palestinians".

There are no "Palestinians" in the Bible; New or Old and there are none in the Qur'an therefore Moses, Jesus or Mohammad didn't know any either and neither did Mark Twain....

A thoroughly related and highly contorted situation that Mr. Brock might well be up for the test. I do hope he accepts this challenge.

Enjoy... JV

Rescuing Sprite: A Dog Lover's Story of Joy and Anguish
Rescuing Sprite: A Dog Lover's Story of Joy and Anguish
by Mark R. Levin
Edition: Hardcover
372 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars Sad but inspiring little read, August 11, 2011
A number of years back, I read this little gem of a book by radio show host Mark Levin and thought it very well written and from the heart. Of course Mr. Levin is neither a Zoologist or "the dog whisperer" but places forward thoughtful insight toward his particular situation with his rescue Sprite. Amongst his personal the heart tugging story Mr. Levin includes letters from other owners, rescues and one story involving a two dogs, a pool and a thoughtless sub-human .......
Very good little read....

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous review of South African Political History, July 10, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
It is a given that much of what is learned from modern "progressive" education or see within mainstream media is skewed to meet the popular "politically correct" sociopolitical schema of the day while, perhaps most often, being factually unsound or even void of any factual specificity whatsoever. One such case is the perception and reality of the South African history and the Apartheid System entirely.

This book provides a very astute history lesson from European settlement in the 1650s and their development of the lands of South Africa into a first world thriving economy that rivaled that of Europe and the Americas. Unlike today, with the entirely failed Socialist schema of "multiculturalism", that has nearly killed all semblance of Western Judeo-Christian culture, heritage and societal infrastructure the settlers of South Africa decided a more logical and seemingly sound schema that had been employed successfully but did not meet the desires placed forward onto them by the Soviets, Fabian Socialists within Whitehall and the Kennedy/Johnson administration. Their policy was to boast European Judeo-Christian/Capitalist policy and social infrastructure while keeping all the different peoples (from differing, and most often conflicting, backgrounds separate; whether they were Black, "colored", Asian, Indian or White). Their problems with "multiculturalism" were settled differently as there was no slave system embraced within South Africa when compared to North America.

In any event this work goes on to explain the Soviet/Chinese/Cuban Communist intentions to systematically undermine South Africa via internal and external means to bring down this productive enclave within a sea of ignorance, poverty, genocide and moral debasement. Although much as happened since this work was published, I'd suggest that the premise of "defeating" communism and dismantling their apparatus did largely work however, comparable to all Western countries today, the Communist agenda didn't end but only change into a milder form of Socialism which has lead to societal-decay and atrophy.

Happy reading...

PS: A very good example of how much the author's work holds importance and the realities behind the authors over statement of defeating Communism was published by South Africa's black leader Nelson Mandela "How to be a Good Communist." ;-)

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