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FIFA 14 - PlayStation 4
FIFA 14 - PlayStation 4
Offered by PNP Games
Price: $19.51
184 used & new from $10.49

19 of 28 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars NO TOURNAMENT MODE IN THE PS4 VERSION!, November 16, 2013
There is no tournament mode in the PS4 version of FIFA 14! If you are like me and only buy FIFA to play tournaments (by yourself or with friends), DON'T BUY THIS GAME!!!
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Nov 18, 2013 5:29 PM PST

Dell Inspiron i14z-2501sLV 14-Inch Ultrabook (Moon Silver)
Dell Inspiron i14z-2501sLV 14-Inch Ultrabook (Moon Silver)

11 of 28 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Dead after one day., July 26, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Got this computer on one day and it died, all of a sudden, the next day. Lost 8GB of pictures that I had just transferred from a sim card. Returned to Amazon for a full refund and bought a Sony Vaio instead.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Oct 12, 2012 2:05 PM PDT

ASUS G53JW-3DE Republic of Gamers 3D 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop (Black)
ASUS G53JW-3DE Republic of Gamers 3D 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop (Black)

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Best laptop ever! If it wasn't for three problems that make it totally useless..., February 26, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I bought this computer in November 2010, here in the United States, to use it in South America, where I was working at the time. I am telling you this because the reason I chose this computer over an Alienware was the Global Warranty Asus supposedly gives this computer for two years. This was supposed to be a way for me to be able to have a very powerful laptop while abroad, which would allow me to play games and work. Well, that was not what happened.

First, the positives: this computer looks like a dream laptop for gamers. Any computer game available on the market today is going to run smoothly in it. 3D is also great. It actually make regular notebooks look like a different species and desktop computers jeallous of its mobility.

Now, everyone who understands a little bit about computers knows there is a clear trade-off between size, battery life and performance. In other words, you can't have a computer that is, at the same time, slim, energy efficient (meaning long battery life) and powerful. You have to pick two out of these three or, even, one, if it is really what matters to you. I knew that when I bought it, so I won't complain that this computer is REALLY big and heavy. Neither will I complain that battery life is an issue with this computer (battery only lasts around one hour if you are playing games that asks too much of your graphics card).

So, now comes the part where Asus created the perfect storm that makes this computer completely useless: if your computer has a short batery life, you will have to keep it connected to a power source almost for the entire time you are using it. Also, since it is a laptop, you certainly bought it to use it on your lap, usually when you are in bed. However, as this computer is really heavy, it will put some pressure on the very thin pin that is inside the whole where you connect the power charger and it will certainly break inside the charger. Your computer will not charge anymore and you will have to send it to an Asus service center. This happened two me after only two months I owned the computer, while I was in South America.

The first thing I thought was: no problem, I bought this computer because of the two-year Global Warranty. I will just contact Asus and they fix this defectve unit right away. Well, when I checked Asus Global web-site at the time, I found out that the closest point for repair was the United States and that I would have to send them the unit for repair, paying around 200 dollars for shipping through Fedex or DHL and wait for a total time of around two months between the date I shipped and the date when I was going to receive the unit back. This looked to me as a total sham, as the "Global Warranty" advertisement never mentioned anything about being much more useful in Asia (where Asus have plenty of repair centers) than in other parts of the world. Global was supposed to be Global, so I thought.

Well, as I was coming back to the US in two months anyway, I decided to wait and send it to repair after I was back. When I did that, Asus waited for one month and then let me know that they did not had the part they needed, so they offered me a replacement unit. When I received this new unit, I thought my problems were solved.

However, which I did not realized was that my original unit was not a defective unit, but that this model had a defective design. The perfect storm I mentioned is still there and it happened again with the replacement, after only six months after I had received it. The "charging pin" is still too fragile for the weight of this computer and it broke again. I am sending it back to the repair center and I am expecting to be at least one month without it. Also, I will have to backup all my data again (before battery runs out).

All in all having this computer was not a very good experience and dealing with Asus was even worse. I am never buying any Asus product again, no matter how good they look at first sight. Asus seems to be an untrustworthy company for me:
- They designed and sold a product that is defective;
- They advertise to warrant their products globally, which is not true (after all, using Asus concept of Global warranty, any company can say they have global warranty: all they need to do is to tell consummers worldwide to send the defective product back to them in their country - and pay for shipping - fix or replace the product and ship it back to wherever the consummer is).
- The replacement unit they sent me had "90 day limited warranty" sticker on it, despite the fact that the original unit still had 18 months left. Asus service representative told me over the phone that the original product warranty was transferred to this replacement unit, but, if this is true, why still send the replacement with this sticker on it? To make it confusing for consummers?
- Asus does not refund consummers for their defective products or replace them for a different model. This means that they will send me another G53JW which will certainly have the same problem. In other words, Asus makes a mistake design a product and you are forced to stick with it after you bought it.

Sigma Basic Eyes Kit
Sigma Basic Eyes Kit
Offered by Beauty Collection
Price: $79.00
10 used & new from $73.36

5.0 out of 5 stars Great!!!, July 22, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
First, I am Rodrigo's wife, my name is Luisa.

I am very happy with my eyes kit! The brushes are great and so far they do not lose hair. They work very well with my eye shadows and the results are very good. The ones that I liked the most are the pencil brush (Pencil - E30) and the Small Angle - E65, the results are excellent! =D

Also, the shipping was really fast. I was expecting the package to arrive at the 28th, and I got it today, the 22th.

Five stars!!!

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