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Carlos A. Lane "CArthurLane" RSS Feed (Bethel,AK USA)

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Offered by Watson Gold
Price: $7.00
5 used & new from $7.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Track pad works..., April 9, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
But the smart phone it goes to doesn't... I want to blame the seller but I can't, cause that wouldn't make sense, so instead I'll suggest something about the 8520; press really hard on the power button until it turns off.

Halo 4 - Xbox 360 (Standard Game)
Halo 4 - Xbox 360 (Standard Game)
Offered by Shopville USA
Price: $18.69
604 used & new from $2.08

5.0 out of 5 stars I like Halo 4 more..., January 31, 2013
I was part of the vocal minority that spoke out against the decisions that 343i were making in regards to Halo 4's multiplayer... I saw myself as a classical Halo truist, and didn't feel comfortable seeing the beloved game I grew up playing stray from the tried and true formula that Bungie has created a decade prior. I was even a fan of Reach, having little over a month's worth of playing time just in multiplayer alone, I saw myself siding with Halo's original studio and developer and following whatever decision they ended up making as a result.

So when I finally gotten around to getting the game a month after it came out, I had entered the campaign with high hopes, but I already had my mind made up about the online component. I think my personal opinion was swayed by the plethora of online discussions and arguments over Halo somehow turning into a call of duty-esque experience and how 343i were lacking any creative liberties, and were instead following what was apparently the industry standard in game design. While there's some parallels with what has been said and done, I feel like in my mind that this game does in fact create a sand box in which grants players a new way to experience and participate in Halo in a new and creative way that is not only exclusive to Halo but perhaps in gaming in general.
It wasn't until AFTER I have unlocked all the loadout weapons and options that I have started to discover what makes this game so great... everything has a counter and nothing should be taken for granted, and the best part is that the community is given the room and chance to evolve their tactics to fit the environment that the players ultimately create in the game. How the game will be played a year from now will be drastically different then how it's generally played today... the fact that Halo 4 has these hidden possibilities and opportunities waiting for the player to take advantage of suggests that Halo may still be on the cusp of being the industry leader in online multiplayer design. That is of course the developer fails to see what potential lies in this direction and instead opts for a more conventional and streamlined approach.

A lot of fans are making a ruckus about being able to create `load outs' and that there are certain weapons that are more efficient in taking out opponents over the other, while these complaints do raise valid questions and concerns... one would need to delve in the mechanics of the game and dissect the game on a technical level before making such conclusions. With each weapon I have found there is a reasonable counter, and how these weapons interact with each other may not be so obvious or apparent to the typical gamer who are not as discerning in how the game is set up. As of right now I feel that the options are moderately weighted in congruence with each other and that one particular tool or option carries enough importance to consider being used without completely making other counterparts seem unnecessary.

And perhaps that's why I'm having fun with this game, I like seeing how different options render different results... and how that the game caters almost meticulously to specific playing style. However, I must admit that the latest Call of Duty offers more options and more freedom on how a player goes about playing, but I honestly can't play that game without wanting to put in Halo 4 instead... unless it's zombies, I like zombies.
So all in all... I love this game.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Xbox 360
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Xbox 360
Offered by Isomergames
Price: $17.99
95 used & new from $2.70

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great game... but where's the Flood?, October 11, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I thought I would write this review to waste some time, and time wasting is something I can sure do, that is why I bought this game, so I can be more productive, and sure enough as soon as I play it I can feel my mind and body become transcended beyong anything I have ever felt before, I am amazed at what a great job sid meiers did with making this game as good as it is, it's not just good, good is a word that noone uses to describe perfect so I will use it in the context of the word perfect, it is a good perfect, which is better then just perfect, because anything with just a word by itself is assumed to have nothing attributed to that particular adjetive but guess what I just went there so yeah, big woop huh? Was that a question mark, that wil be just a one time thing... holy crap there's some periods, where's a period joke when you need one huh? Oh I did it again... back on topic.

This game is a great, and if you buy this game you should feel great, because in the end when we buy something with sid meiers on the box we should all feel great. People will like you, poverty will cease to exist, but not really you should really consider adopting a child from an impoverished country so that they can get the chance to meet Katy Perry, because at least here in America they can at least get that chance... not like anywhere else where the water is contiminated or soemthing. So... yeah. Back on topic.

This game is great... oh... already typed that, so I guess I'm done, that's what she said. LOL
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Oct 14, 2012 11:49 AM PDT

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
Price: $17.40
241 used & new from $6.34

5.0 out of 5 stars Digital Ecstasy, July 13, 2012
Single Player Mode: I found myself turning the HD off while playing the 'indoor/corridor' segments... while switching it back on while playing in the 'outside' environments. Revealing that the best approach is often the most simple one.


Anniversary Slayer: 4vs4 AR/Pistol- This playlist has the fastest kill-times -out of the Anniversary playlists- as most everyone will be using their (buffed) pistols (Power weapons are less profound as a comparison). Camping isn't a problem as most everyone will be running and gunning (unless it's an objective game)... team work is an advantage, however (depending on your tactics) you can do equally as well on your own (K/D wise) in almost any situation (even in 2 on 1 encounters if your good enough).

Anniversary FFA: You'll have the option to play with AA's in this playlist, but the classical mode is often favored over the contemporary counterparts. This plays out more randomly, there are 7 tartgets engaging each other at different times and at different targets... so depending on the situation, you can benefit greatly from the chaos, or suffer; (less control over the situation). I'm assuming this accounts for the lack of players entering this playlist (compared to the others). This is the one playlist in the Anniversary edition where AA's are benefitial to the overall experience as it provides the players with options and variables on how to approach a situation.

Firefight Anniversary: Everyone mainly congregates at the center part of the map where it offers the best tactiful position, so the games plays out as a shooting gallery.

Anniversary BTB: Equipped with the DMR and Pistol, the player's experience is more defined by what mode and map one plays as opposed to weapon type. This mode in my opinion is most tactiful and skill-based as everyone has limited movement (no sprint) but immediately equipped with the DMR (Medium-Long Range), and the Pistol (Mainly used for Short range as it has a higher firing rate but at the expense of accuracy)... so matter what situation you find yourself in, depending on how you react and how well, the game's outcome will favor the players with them most skill and caution (unlike that of FFA). To me this is the perfect model of competitive gaming, as the choices you make throughout the game impact every player (whether the choice to lone wolf or pair up) will change the dynamics of the game but not so much where it grants one team an unsourmountable advantage.

Overall: Great -Blam!-

No Title Available

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great way to pass time... like a stone., July 13, 2012
Having only played a demo back in 2005 of the Room, I wasn't too sure of what to expect when I spontaniously bought the game just for the sake of leaving the store with something in hand. I brought it home with fingers crossed, and played a couple hours and found myself immediately delighted with what I was seeing.

On a technical level it wouldn't impress even the most leneint critic (for being on the 360/PS3 it should've done more), although I read somewhere it was a significant leap over the original... but the value came in the form of connecting me with a (familiar) raw and visceral gaming experience that demands your entire attention in progressing through the game. It was also mentioned somewhere that it is best played with classical controls, as the sense of horror is made more prominent with the lack of finesse in manuevering the character around those things that also walk around.

The bad guys are kind of pathetic at first... a dude with their arms infused with their torso that throws up on you; like a bunch of amputees roaming a town after a frat party or something. Then the game just gives you stick... and with the limited controls, your standing there swinging and swinging while the paralegic is spewing an endless supply of 'vomit mist' which has minimal effect on you (on a normal setting).

The camera can be frustrating at times... but like most nostalgic adults these days, this lack of attention to detail can be summerized as 'enhancing the horror effect' by limiting what you can see on the screen. But you and I know it's lazy programming, which inadvertantly has the said consequence. The SOUND could be better, some of the sounds in the environment are 'contained' (not dynamic), as a gamer I would like to know where a sound is coming from (and how far away it is)... but just like the camera it could just all be deliberate and is held as a part of the whole 'experience'.

The one thing I like about the game is that it doesn't hold your hand like most games these days, infact when I encountered an enemy for the first time... it was awkward. As I was standing there in a small confined space with a wooden plank in hand being spewed on for a couple of minutes before I figured out the unintuitive controls *(which again aids in the whole experience). Soon as I figured out the controls, the combat felt campy... and it reminded me a lot of my time with WoW. Your character and the enemy stands in one place (with a melee weapon) exchanging blows until one invariably dies of a depleted health bar. Actually some enemies don't even die, they lie down and start squirming around on the ground in a creepy fashion.

The story is pretty good so far... speaking solely from having only played through the title sequence and a brief cutscene with some random woman in a graveyard. It's worth the money if you're willing to spend it on this... and it's a steal of you really really like it, if this type of game is not your cup of tea; then you will be shafted. I hope this review helped.
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Battlefield 3 - Xbox 360
Battlefield 3 - Xbox 360
Offered by MJ Marketing, LLC
Price: $13.95
571 used & new from $0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars From a CoD perspective, March 16, 2012
This game will probably not appeal to the average consumer, as it calls upon cohesive teamwork which can be strung together by either through networking online or having a social circle of like-minded gamers. CoD, you can just simply jump in without mcuh thought going into it, but with BF3, it's much more worthwhile to have a circle of players that you get along with and can work as a team, but it's getting together that can be tricky. If you plan on Lone-Wolfing it, this game is actually quiet lame... but with a buddy it's an experience that excels beyond what the competition can bring forth.

Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition
Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition
Price: $12.88
138 used & new from $4.26

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4.0 out of 5 stars This game is home, March 16, 2012
This game seems to divert from what made Fallout 3 so revolotionary as far as level design... instead of a predominantly urban environment, you'll find yourself basically in a desert. This in of itself isn't bad, cause with the 'Hardcore' setting and how it encuorages you to play, it really comes together in a completely different experience then it's predecessor, with equal to greater merit! I have gotten the first 3 DLC at launch (I'll be getting the last one soon enough), and what justifies their cost is a priceless surrealist experience that can't simply be described... I played the first DLC under the influence and I would say didn't so much as 'played' the game as opposed to having 'lived' it. This game for it become enjoyable requires your investment in time and emotional involvement... some of the places I saw and gotten to experience in this game preside happily as one of the most enjoyable and serene moments of my gaming life.

Also... there's a overall thematic effect that this game seems allow you to indulge in, and that's the feeling of being on the verge of discovering something new if you simply pursue the horizon for just long enough.
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Medal of Honor - Xbox 360
Medal of Honor - Xbox 360
Offered by Fulfillinc
Price: $10.78
211 used & new from $0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars Please give your review a title., March 1, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The only thing that this game is missing a good number of players filling in the server to play with, other then that, this game is a blast to anyone who wants a grade A shooter and for a good price. I'm an avid Halo and CoD player, it was just recently (when my internet finally upgraded) that I was able to experience this game to it's full potential, and it by far exceeds my previous empression when it first came out. It was also just recently that I got to really try out a DICE multiplayer, and honestly I'm finding myself more and more engulfed in it's gameplay and overall feel... which for me to say feels actually weird.

I mostly spend time on the squad death match, and in this area it really depends on what type of players your playing with and against. If your a sniper, there's a plethora of sniping spots with incredible lines of sight, and if you a run and gun... there's series of building's to traverse as your making your way across the map. If your a Run and Gun type of person such as I am, you won't have much luck moving around certain maps as highly skilled players with a 'particular sniper' will basically dominate the game. Although these players are hard to come across, and you may not find them a problem if you do, but be warned.

DLC: Get the Weapon Time Saver Pack (unlocks ALL weapon unlocks for MP) if you want to invest your time beefing up your K/D ratio, as it does take a fair amount of time to upgrade your weapons otherwise. And especially do this if your into sniping, as it unlocks a holy of holy of sniping guns. HOWEVER don't get the DLC where it offers a new playlist, as there is absolutely NOONE on it, if you look at the player count for all the DLC playlist, there ALL ZERO!!! Great Game for a Great Price!!!

Duke Nukem Forever - Xbox 360
Duke Nukem Forever - Xbox 360
Offered by founderdirect(We don't ship to HI/AK/PO BOX/APO/FPO
Price: $11.70
312 used & new from $0.29

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5.0 out of 5 stars Pure awsumbness, February 25, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I rlly dont know wat the bad reviws are 4... I played htis gme and I relly enjoy it. really funny and cool!!! I' cant wat for the 2 nd 1!!!

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars Three words... NICE!!!, February 7, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
It applies super easy, and it looks and feels awesome... I like how it looks like it came straight from the manufacture with 'that' design. Only complaint is that the image (I got two different dragon designs) looks a little out of focus and low quality, but really easy to overlook considering how everything else looks really good.

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