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Stargate Atlantis Season 1 [HD]
Stargate Atlantis Season 1 [HD]
Price: $29.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, July 9, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
All the star gates are good, but I think Atlantis is the best.

KME Diamond Knife Sharpener with Gold Series Hones and low profile jaws - Base Included
KME Diamond Knife Sharpener with Gold Series Hones and low profile jaws - Base Included
Offered by Best Sharpening Stone
Price: $168.95

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Very nice sharpener and great customer service., May 5, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is an excellent sharpener, works very nicely, a large selection of stones, hones, strops and emulsions to sharpen virtually anything.

Henry at Oldawan Tools is great to deal with, is quick to answer any questions. Also, Ron at KME quickly shipped out a replacement hone.
When mine came in one hone, the 600 grit had a weird couple of spots on it that caused the knife to either stop or if you pushed hard enough bump over it in two places so using it was very annoying was like a train track, bumpity bumpity bump. You could not visually see anything wrong with it, would have had to have been used in order to know if it were defective.

So a great sharpener with outstanding customer service from both Oldawan and KME..

Dough-Joe® Pizza and Baking Stone 14.5" Round by 7/8" Thick (USA)
Dough-Joe® Pizza and Baking Stone 14.5" Round by 7/8" Thick (USA)
Offered by Falls Culinary, Inc.
Price: $40.97

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best Pizza Stone out there, May 4, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The best Pizza Stone by far.
7/8" thick, Cordierite, 14.5".
I have made about a dozen or more Pizzas on it so far, works perfectly.
Unless I drop it or do something stupid it should last me a lifetime.

The ONLY complaint I have is just that it's not "Amazon Prime" shippable, but the stone is great.
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Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife with SpeedSafe
Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife with SpeedSafe
Price: $39.49
97 used & new from $34.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Very nice, well made knife, March 22, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Only had this knife a few days so this is just a cursory review I will add things later as needed.

First, I guess that either I got one that wasn't exactly sharpened like everyone elses or maybe my definition of "insanely sharp" is much different than everyone elses.
Mine came in the box I would say at best "somewhat sharp" or "utility Sharp" it wasn't dull by any means but not even remotely scary sharp, hair popping sharp, and all the other degrees of sharpness extolled in all these reviews.
No biggy, I will sharpen it soon.

It feels nice in the hand, although for me personally a bit on the small side which is fine because I bought this for my wife which has small hands.
It does feel good though, feels well made, slight bit of heft to it for its size.
The blade looks nice, has a great shape.
Opening is super easy and smooth, flick the index opening with a little extra flick of the wrist and BAM, its there instantly as if by magic can't even see it open.
Closing it is "slightly" more difficult than a non assisted opening knife but still easily done with just a few minutes of practice.

It is very thin, has a great clip so you do not even feel it in your pocket, goes in and out of pocket very easily, can reach for it, pull it out and have blade open easily within 2 seconds.

I bought this as I stated for my wife mainly for her to EDC when she goes out walking the dog without me sometimes.
For her, with her hand size, she is only 5.2 with tiny hands this should be about the perfect size for self defense.
I think I am going to name it "Sting"
3" long blade that I WILL sharpen to hair whittling razor sharpness with this blade shape, very pointy will easily put a severe hurting on any attacker not armed, one or two cuts in the right places and they will not being doing anything but trying not to bleed to death.

All in all very pleased so far, it is clearly a well made knife and has a lifetime warrantee from a company that by all accounts is very good to deal with and its well under $50.
Probably be the best knife made for that price.

Tilley Tilley Winter Hat
Tilley Tilley Winter Hat
Price: Click here to see our price

5.0 out of 5 stars Great hat, very well made, March 22, 2015
Number one, the fit on this hat will be 1 to 2 sizes larger than what your measurements actually say.
In my case, measurement wise I am supposed to be wearing a 7 1/4 size, my head is exactly 22 3/4" around when loosely measured in the exact way you need to. That is 7 1/4 hat size on Tilleys charts.
I went to REI and tried this hat on, lots of them, 7 1/4 was not even close, I could squeeze it on my head but was so tight I would get a headache if I actually tried to wear one that small.
I had to actually go UP TWO SIZES for the perfect fit.
So getting the perfect fit may be troublesome for some people if you do not have a place nearby so that you can actually try several sizes on.
But Tilley states very clearly to always buy one size larger than normal, in my case two sizes larger though so do not be surprised if one size larger is still a wee bit too tight for perfect fit.

I have had mine for a couple months now, winter is over so wont be wearing again for probably 9+ months.
I got a chance to wear mine in the snow and in for here at least fairly cold in the low single digits weather.
The hat seems plenty warm down to 4 degrees even with a 10mph wind blowing.
The brim is perfect and keeps snow off my glasses and face nicely, also keeps snow from going down the back of my neck.
Even though after a few hours of being in the snow and snow covering the hat completely, the hat got a bit wet on the outside but my head stayed dry and warm.
In fact the only time my head got a little wet was from sweat when I tried wearing it for the last time of the year when the temp was in the high 50s and I was walking a couple miles with the dog.
So anything over about 50 degrees is too warm and probably less than that if you are exercising at all.
So comfort range seems to be probably -10 maybe even lower to up to +50 degrees.

The ear flaps are nice little addition and are great to keep ears from freezing down to the low teens but will not keep ears "warm" especially if there is a good wind blowing in your face.
What I used to keep my ears warm was a nice thin merino wool and angora neck warmer that I put over my ears and pulled the ear flaps over the neck warmer, THAT kept my ears totally warm down to basically zero with a stiff wind.

The hat is very well made, the materials are top notch and it was well worth the $69 I paid for it at REI

Kick Away Shoe and Boot Cleaner, Heavy Duty Commercial Model
Kick Away Shoe and Boot Cleaner, Heavy Duty Commercial Model
Offered by J&D Manufacturing
Price: $39.99

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Decent, January 15, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This boot cleaner is OK, this is probably about the best of its type but this type of boot cleaner only does a so so job of cleaning boots. There is really NO WAY that you are getting your shoes clean without using water PERIOD.
This does as good as any of them ever will but without water there is only so much it can clean.
If you can somehow have a shallow pan a bit larger than your shoes with about 1" of water in it sitting close to this so you can stomp around in the water then use the brushes then water then brushes, OR somehow rig up a water hose to spray up under this then you would have a real boot cleaner.

Most of my shoes have funky nooks and crannies in the sole and this just will not get that dirt out.

So this particular brand I think it the very best of this type of boot cleaner but don't expect your shoes to come out actually "clean" this will only brush off the main big chunks, but the stuff in the lugs and especially in small tread is going to stay there until you run water over it.
This is well made and probably your best bet for this type.

The bottom brushes wear out fairly quickly though.

I installed mine onto about a 80-100 Pound piece of granite.
I used a 5/16ths Hammer Drill bit to drill 4 holes about 4" deep into the granite, bought a piece of 1/4" stainless threaded rod and cut the rod about 4 1/14" long and used large stainless fender washers and stainless nyloc nuts.
You epoxy the rods into the granite with JB Weld, wait a few days for it to 100% cure and then give each one just a good 1/4 turn to tighten.
That way this is literally solid as a rock.
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Emile Henry Butter Pot, Azur
Emile Henry Butter Pot, Azur
Price: $23.99
3 used & new from $23.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great way to keep spreadable butter, January 15, 2015
I have had this Butter Pot for about 5 weeks now so long enough to give a review.
I make my own butter out of the finest Grass Fed Organic Heavy Cream that I can get my hands on, only takes about 30 minutes total start to finish.
I buy 32 oz of cream which makes exactly 16oz of butter and close to 16oz of butter milk.
a full 8oz of fresh butter fits into the butter pot, the other 8oz I blend with whatever seasonings, usually either fresh Basil Pesto, or a Lemon, Pepper, Dill mix.
The Herb Butter I put onto a piece of parchment paper and then roll it into a log about the dia of a quarter or slightly larger, fold the ends and then put that into the fridge to firm up. (shown sitting next to butter pot in picture)
I just cut medallions of the herb butter when needed to cook with.

The butter in the butter pot I use just for spreading on bread.

Now for us, 8oz of fresh butter last between 6-10 days, in up to 10 days this butter seems just as fresh as the day I put in there.
Now we also keep our house in the winter time about 63-64 at night and about 65-68 during the day.
Have not had this during the summer time yet but the temps will only be a few degrees higher, usually about 68-69 at night and 70-71 during the day in the summer.
So far the butter is just barely spreadable which is exactly where you want it, its not super soft, little bit firm but it does spread onto bread without tearing it up especially toast.

I use it every morning and usually before I put the top back on and just dump the old water and put new in from the water dispenser on the outside of fridge, takes like 10 seconds, so in 6 to 10 days I probably change the water 5-8 times.
Other than the butter being spreadable I notice no difference at all between butter in the fridge Vs in the butter pot.
I am sure butter in the fridge would last longer like MONTHS vs Weeks but if you do not use 8oz of butter in less than 3 weeks then you really don't use butter.
I make a fresh batch every 7-10 days.

It is so much better to store it like this, I used to store it in a 16oz mason jar in the fridge and butter was a bit of a pain to use for toast.
This is just always there and spreadable.

Never had any problems with butter falling into the water, one time when only a small amount was left in the bottom it came lose while I was dragging the knife over it but before I put the top back on the water I simply pushed the butter with my finger and it clings tightly to the dish and never falls in the water.
The whole container remains rather cool to the touch at all times.
Cant even imagine this ever growing mold.

Works great for us.

The pot itself seems very well made like all Emile Henry stuff is.

I ended up getting mine for free, got it at another site they had it on sale for $12 but UPS messed up and shipped it all around the country and it took like 3+ weeks for me to get it, the company refunded our money without us even asking and even though it wasn't even their fault it was UPS that messed up.
Anyway, we ended up getting it for free.
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Teva Men's Bormio Insulated Boot
Teva Men's Bormio Insulated Boot
Price: $74.99 - $179.95

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great winter boot so far, October 3, 2014
First thing I think I need to get straight here is this.
I have seen numerous reviews here and other sites state that the boots were at least 1 full size too small if you buy your usual size.
That in my case was complete nonsense, since so many said this I bought both a 10.5 and an 11.5 so that I could try both sizes and send the other back.
I normally wear a 10-10.5M and in a boot like this 95% of the time a 10.5M.
The 10.5M fits perfect, with just enough room for thick socks, I did not even try on the 11.5, never even took them out of the box.

So in my case these boots were dead on size wise, both in width and length.
So either some of these boots were made on a "N" Narrow last and shipped as "M" Medium OR some people just do not know that they are actually a "W" wide?
But for anyone that is a standard "M" width then I would suggest you buy your normal size you would for boots and do not do what I did.

Now that that is out of the way.
The look of the boot is nice, it appears quite well made, good materials, tread is very nice, leather is quality, with the short time I have had to check them out they appear to me to be what I would classify as a 10 year winter boot for those us that only have maybe a 30-45 day winter.
I tested them immediately for waterproofness by running cold water into the bathtub and standing in the water at ankle height for 5 minutes.
I felt zero water intrusion and felt zero temperature change, the cold water from our tap in about 55 degrees.
The gusseting on the tongue goes down fairly low, probably about even with your ankle, so actual "total" waterproofness is limited to about ankle height not to the top of boot.
I wore them around the house for awhile they felt nice and light, more like a "walking shoe" than the usual Sorel type Herman Munster Boots, so should have no problem driving a vehicle while wearing them.
They felt comfortable, BUT I have not worn them long nor walked far so that could change but initially they feel rather nice.
They feel like they will definitely be warm, but again do not really know yet.

Once I get some actual data, some empirical evidence about anything else I will update this review accordingly.
That will be at least 3 more months.
So far though I am impressed.

I Paid $59.87 BTW for these boots on another site.

(Edit) Oct 5th
Small update, I couldn't wait for cold or snow to try them so went on a 2 mile walk today in the woods.
Comfort wise no break in needed, they are comfortable right outa the box. I even forded a small stream about ankle deep no problems no leaks.
They felt like Walking Shoes instead of the usual winter boot.
It was 70 degrees out though and by the time the 2 mile walk was over I was more than ready to take them off as they were definitely too warm, although my feet were not wet with sweat, they were still comfortable just way too warm.
These are going to be awesome once the temps drop below freezing.
will update again in probably a couple months or so.
I also just ordered a pair of "Microspikes" complete with tote bag for $51.96, so a grand total of $111.83 for what appears to be the perfect winter boot for -10 to +35 temp range. The Microspikes will be perfect for those icy conditions.

(Edit) January 13th 2015
I have now worn these walking the dog for about 30 miles or more, totally comfortable, so far longest walk was 6 miles and were no problem very comfortable. I have decided that these are too warm to wear anything above about 35 degrees if I am going to be walking more than about 15 minutes in them. Lowest temp so far was about 19 and feet were toasty with light to medium weight socks.

(Edit) March 23rd 2015
Winter is over boots put away, I have walked easily well over 100 miles in them so far.
soles look like brand new, performing great still no problem at all, super comfortable.
I have worn them now down to -4 degrees and in deep watery slush and snow, feet stayed toasty warm and dry.
I did on a few occasions need to slip on my MicroSpikes to walk on the ice the combo of this boot and Microspikes was perfect.
no change in rating, still a fantastic boot, very pleased.

High temp Nomex gasket fits Vision Grill, self stick w/ Lavalock (free damper gasket)
High temp Nomex gasket fits Vision Grill, self stick w/ Lavalock (free damper gasket)
Offered by Island Outdoor, LLC
Price: $26.95

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Nice gasket, self stick is the way to go for sure., July 26, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Been using this gasket 3 months now, have done I think about 6 pizza's during that time which is really the hardest thing on any Kamado gasket and see no signs of it burning or failing in any way.
Have done several cook outs with Burgers, Chicken and several low temp 225-275 smoking Boston Butts.

It installed very easily, I saw no need to take off the top dome for any reason because the self stick works so well it is just not needed.
In 3 months it shows no signs of coming unstuck so I don't see any reason that it will until it needs changing again.

The only thing I think that could be better is instead of having it bright white in color is to make it BLACK, would remain looking good that way.

Teva Men's Churn Performance Water Shoe
Teva Men's Churn Performance Water Shoe
Price: $46.81 - $107.14

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect all around comfortable shoe, July 26, 2014
I have been wearing basically nothing but these Tevas I would conservatively say 330+ days a year for the past I think it been about 5+ years now. In all that time I have not yet even worn them IN the water for their so called intended purpose, I wear them for everyday walking.
I have used them for Kayaking, mostly on SOT fishing Kayak but have barely gotten them wet.
So I can not even comment on them as far as a "water shoe" but that is not what I bought mine for anyway, I just wanted a very comfortable hot weather shoe.
I wear mine 100% of the time with a nice cotton or "walking sock" that wicks perspiration and since this shoe is so airy my feet and shoes stay bone dry and nice and cool. As I walk I can feel the breeze through the shoes they are almost like wearing sandals.
I normally wear a size 10-10.5 but in these I get an 11 and that fits perfect WITH socks, so I am thinking that Teva's sizing may be because you are supposed to be wearing these without socks, if I wore these as they were intended, no socks as a water shoe then my normal size of 10.5 would be perfect.

I have 3 pair of these, first pair from at least 5 years ago are now relegated to working in the yard or something like that, they are almost worn slam out but still holding together no problem and still comfortable they just look like I dragged them behind my truck, little rip hear and there and paint and deck stain on them and the rubber sole is worn thin.
My second pair I am wearing right now, been wearing them for at least 1 1/2 to 2 years now and they still look fine, probably at least 2 more years left in them. Mind you since I am wearing these virtually every single day all year long that is a lot of wear, probably more than most people would put on them in the timeframe.
My 3rd pair is in the closet in a box waiting in reserve.
and I am always looking for pair number 4, I just wait until someplace has them on sale for under $60.
If I can get 3 more pair that 6th pair I will be using them to scuff around the old folks home and be buried in.

For me these are the perfect shoe and other than in the dead of winter when I will most likely be wearing snow boots or my leather moccasins I wear in the house, I wear nothing but these Teva's because they are more comfortable than any other shoe I have ever worn.
They are lightweight, cool and breezy, excellent traction on any terrain, great for walking long distances.
I could literally wear these shoes to bed, they are that comfortable.
I always try to keep at least one brand new pair in reserve, if I see them on sale anywhere for $50 or less I will go ahead and buy 3 more pair and I am set for shoes for the rest of my life.

Edit: (August 9th 2014) I just found these for $37.77 at another place and bought them today for my 2nd pair in reserve. I now should have these for at least the next 10 years or more before I need another pair.
These are honestly the ONLY shoes that I wear anymore.

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