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Battery Tender Voltage Indicator
Battery Tender Voltage Indicator
Offered by C.B.C. Supply
Price: $11.14
2 used & new from $11.14

5.0 out of 5 stars this handy device is great to make sure that no battery is being forgotten ..., August 31, 2014
This review is from: Battery Tender Voltage Indicator
I have three (3) bikes, but, only two (2) trickle chargers, so, this handy device is great to make sure that no battery is being forgotten during any season! It's literally 'plug n play' automatically turning on when plugged into a pigtail, and, it stays on for 20 seconds or so, while making sure that you have a solid & complete connection, as well. Idiot proof, it's a good value for people with lots of small battery powered devices: Lawn Tractor, ATV's, Motorcycles, etc... If you've already pigtatiled all of your batteries (like I have), it's a no brainer. When the batteries have outlived their useful lives, you will know, as they will not hold a charge for any length of time, either. Bad cells, and, bad batteries are more easily swapped when YOU are ready, not after they fail- when you need them most! Small price for that insurance! And, 1 is enough for all of your needs- perfect!

Lucas 10003 Upper Cylinder Lubrication & Injector Cleaner 32 oz.
Lucas 10003 Upper Cylinder Lubrication & Injector Cleaner 32 oz.
Price: $8.49
38 used & new from $7.54

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I have mixed results- in some cars it has worked beautifully: smoother running, July 10, 2014
I have been using this product for years-in a variety of vehicles.I have mixed results- in some cars it has worked beautifully: smoother running,quieter engine at all RPM's and load & improved MPG's. However, I have also had vehicles where it hasn't worked well-or,at all? I have enough confidence in the Lucas Oil product that I just purchased a brand new motorcycle and put it the very 1st tank. I have been getting exceptional gas mileage since 0 miles. Even during break-in, it has been getting over 10% better mileage than identical motorcycles as measured on As the engine break-in ends,and it loosens up,mileage has been increasing to over 20% from the average! I am not doing anything special, hypermiling,drafting, coasting, etc. as the motorcycle is meant to be ridden hard, cornered at high G's and ridden to redline as often as possible. And, that is exactly what I am doing,yet, my last 3 fill up's have averaged 50 MPG, when all others are averaging 43.4. My most recent fill up was 52.3 (+9 MPG) in mixed use driving- most of which was very aggressive.

This is my most recent experience using Lucas Oil Upper Cylinder Lubricant & Injector Cleaner. I have other,similar experiences with other vehicles over the years-but, not all of them! So, I recommend that you try it, you may have outstanding results like mine above. And,generally,even if you don't have great fuel economy- you will probably have a smoother running engine,and,perhaps you get a few more HP. Or, and this HAS HAPPENED- there will be no real improvement and,like me, you can stop using it! Small expense,small hassle for the potential of genuine savings,engine longevity & a quiet, smooth engine. I think it's worthe the small expense & risk.

I use it on another owned motorcycle,and, I get a much quieter engine & more modest MPG savings. But, I love the quiet!

Zeikos ZE-TR125B 75-Inch Black Photo/Video Tripod Includes Deluxe Carrying Case. Can be Used with Camcorders and Digital Cameras
Zeikos ZE-TR125B 75-Inch Black Photo/Video Tripod Includes Deluxe Carrying Case. Can be Used with Camcorders and Digital Cameras
Price: $29.99
3 used & new from $29.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Inexpensive- but, functional, July 2, 2013
I'm always torn when buying tripods, as I'm trying to balance cost vs. strength & durability. I've owned (3) of the smaller Zeikos 72" tripods and 2 years later- there is only 1 that is fully functional (elevator tube was bent on 1 and plastic handle broken on the other). However, I'm only balancing Binoculars, the fluidity of movement is not even a consideration. The smaller tripods, similarly equipped with bag and design, were capable of holding my smaller binoculars, but, I was completely uncomfortable even mounting the HUGE, 11Lb Zhumell 25x100mm binoculars when it was collapsed.

But, this larger, heavier gauge set up for a moderate price is rated for the weight and even if the quality is a little lower, it is far less than 1/2 the price of the next level up the scale. I feel better knowing that it's rated for the bulk & weight and I never had an issue with locking the head on the smaller ones- even when the glasses were unbalanced.

For those with lightweight camera bodies & expensive heavy telephoto lenses, there was a small $9.95 slider attachment listed below the tripod that would help to balance the weight of the long lens- all in for @ $50.00 & free shipping? Sounds like a great deal to me and an answer to keeping everything moving more smoothly as well.

Celestron 93230 8 to 24mm 1.25 Zoom Eyepiece
Celestron 93230 8 to 24mm 1.25 Zoom Eyepiece
Price: $51.95
50 used & new from $48.31

8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome, but...., November 13, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I purchased this in April 2011-after the March Supermoon and it quickly became my primary eyepiece! AFOV is wider than my standard MA (Modified Achromat) eyepieces and the wide exit pupil allows for an easier stance over whatever telescope I am using at the time of viewing. I will admit that while adjusting the zoom the view would often show some distrortion, but, in the beginning, I was able to spin the zoom function back and it would self correct. Over time, that 'self-correction' stopped unless at either stop (8mm or 24mm focal length).


1) See above for distrortion issues. (Mine may have passed QC by mistake).
2) Weight. Small, beginner scopes are impacted severely. Most impacted are refractors, as they 'balance' on the mount.
3) No clicks during focal length. Must turn on light to see where length is.
4) Overall EP assembly gets loose. I needed to tighten the chrome sleeve to the body of the assembly every time I used it.
5) Mine cracked during use on a cold night? The focus changed and the view went distorted. No visible broken glass, but, something went loose (I can hear it when I shake the EP!)

With these things noted, I must say that while it worked- it worked great. I'm not sure if all of the glass was mutli-coated because I did get quite visible reflections- but, the view was clear with a nice big exit pupil. So large in fact, I was able to use a high quality, multi-coated (multi lens) 3x achromatic Barlow lens with it- creating very crisp lunar views under exceptional seeing conditions. However, that only worked on my largest GOTO scopes: a 90mm refractor & 114mm reflector-both of which needed to be balanced with all of that weight mounted. Anything smaller was at risk of toppling over and could not be locked down hard enough to bear the excessive load.

So, if you have a smaller manual refractor, say 60mm, 70mm or 80mm or even a smaller manual reflector- make sure that your mount will bear the load and that you can acheive balance prior to buying one of these. Otherwise, you'll be very frustrated!

I strongly recommend this EP to someone who has limited funds for buying a variety of high quality lenses. If purchased with a very high quality 2x Barlow, it will cover many lenses that can be purchased separately. I think mine passed QC in error, or was dropped during shipping because my distrortion issues & constant need of tightening haven't been mentioned by other reviewers. Also, I cannot imagine that mine would 'crack' during use, unless something was already defective.

Now, I'm hoping that Celestron will repair or replace mine (it's still under warranty), but, I don't want my issues to prevent someone from seeing the value in this pretty high qaulity eyepiece. The glass is very clear, the exit pupil is very forgiving and the views can be tremendous!

Clear skies to all!

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Samsung N145-JP02US 10.1" Netbook Black
Samsung N145-JP02US 10.1" Netbook Black
4 used & new from $155.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Very nice, modestly priced- works very well!, September 15, 2011
Well, I have too much experience with notebooks & netbooks now. But, with 4 kids (2 middle school & 2 high school), a computer literate partner, not to mention my computing needs- I need a 'no brainer' netbook solution, which, so far- the Samsung N145-JP02 has been.

Actually, I was sharing a very low end Compaq laptop with my partner (we share things nicely) but, she had an accident with an 18 wheeler, broke a ton of bones in her body- including her back & wrist- so, a notebook was just too big, heavy & bulky for her to hold, let alone balance in her lap & type. So, as a recovery gift, I searched out & found this little Samsung netbook- on 'sale' at a big box store. I will say, that almost every netbook has the same specs, the only real variance is the size of the harddrive! So, Intel Atom processor, with 250GB harddrive, 3 USB ports, a multi card reader, a serial port, an ethernet port and a measly gig of RAM.


Excellent keyboard! Think about it- you use it the most- it's worth it. Raised, separated keys.
Glare free screen-priceless outside!
Solid, sturdy build. Closer to a Panasonic Toughbook than any other netbook owned or used.
"Fingerprint free" matte finish exterior.
Racy red pin stripe. (OK, that's highly subjective, but, I like it!)

1 GB of RAM. I already upgraded to 2, and thanks to a previous review, will buy a 8GB SD card for ReadyBoost, which I am using a USB drive for now...

That's it. It's fast enough for running multiple apps, the ethernet card is strong (it grabs signal from across the country) and after deleting bloatware and removing items from the start up menu, it's a fast boot too. Lightweight & extremely portable (I've noticed that I 'borrow' it from her whenever she's not using it) I even like the small track pad (adjustable sensitivity), which I have only once tapped while typing an e-mail. I will not type an e-mail on the other netbook in the house for fear of destroying it due to frustration.

Functional, easy to use keyboard, glare free backlit screen & sturdy- what more could you ask for?

Logitech Wireless Mouse M305 (Crimson Red)
Logitech Wireless Mouse M305 (Crimson Red)
Offered by EWorld
Price: $59.99
13 used & new from $12.99

5.0 out of 5 stars 500+ reviews, not 1 below a 4 star- I love this thing!!!, May 27, 2011
Apparently, I am NOT the only person who thinks the M305 Wireless optical Mouse can create world peace, end poverty, homelessness, food shortages & excessive gas prices. I'm writing this because any other manufacturer must use this as the basis for any design of a wireless mouse. Things to love:
1) It's Red
2) It fits perfectly in hand
3) The range of adjustment for sensitivity is ideal
4) It's Quiet, both: clicks & scrolls
5) Perfect interface with both Windows XP Pro & Windows 7 Home Premium.
6) The Nano receiver-'nuff said about that.
7) Wireless range is in excess of 6 feet- at home it's over 10 feet.
8) Price is under $20.00 US Dollars.

Things to Hate:
1) Ummmm. Ahhhh(?)
2) Oh! It's NOT endorsed by the United Nations, World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, the CIA, FBI, NSA, FEMA or NASA. (However, some listed agencies can neither confirm nor deny the actual endorsement or lack thereof.)

Any Questions? Oh, try to buy just one. Really. I don't know anyone who owns less than 2, and most have more. Not being used in my house today: (1)MS wireless optical mouse and (1) no-name, no brand, red one that is sleek and also has a nano-reciever with a shorter range- $7.00. (4) wired mice from really tiny & shiny to one UFO shaped object with a red beach ball in the center.

Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15x70 Binoculars with Tripod Adapter
Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15x70 Binoculars with Tripod Adapter
Price: $61.91
89 used & new from $48.56

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Value/$$ & must be my favorite- as I use them the most!, May 4, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
First off, I have 4 children, who are just as fascinated with the stars, moon & planets as I am. So, it all started with a $29.99 Meade 20218 NG-70SM 70MM Altazimuth Refractor Telescope, in a 'last chance' 1/2 off sale at a 'fancy' chain gadget store. One full moon later, and the sudden realization that there aren't enough eyepieces for eyes who want to see changed everything. One beginner 'scope wasn't enough-so, I ordered another directly from Meade AZ70-A (identical optics, but even lower tech than the 'firesale' purchase). Great addition, as it 'had' everything that the original scope didn't, but- still too many frustrated viewers, and not enough views to go around fast enough!

New tactics: Binoculars will work! I ordered up a variety of sizes (and quality) and now I have a pretty good idea of why these Celstron SkyMaster 15x70's are the clear winner for us. Great optics, easy to use, 'smallest' of SuperGiant binoculars (easy to hold, view & can be left around your neck for a little while without chaffing). Also, these balance almost perfectly on the included tripod mount-which means that a Zeikos ZE-TR101A 72-Inch Photo / Video Tripod includes Deluxe Carrying Case for Use with Most Camcorders and Digital cameras.can easily carry the load without fear of tipping over.

So, the real answer to 'what is the best?' is what gets the most use. I have a really beautiful, fully functional Meade DS-2114AT-TC Altazimuth Reflector that works so nice and is a wonder to use, but, compared to the 15x70's-it's rarely used. Zhummel 20x80's- awesome optics- but, in order to 'find' anything, you really must use the tripod, because of it's small field of view and shakiness after holding them up by hand for a few minutes. (4.4LBS starts to become very noticable when you are holding your arms above your heart for a while!)

Cosmos 15x60 Waterproof Binocular with Premium Carry Case come in 2nd, right behind the SkyMasters because they are slightly heavier and they don't 'look' like stargazing Binocs- blunt, fat, heavy when near the SkyMasters-although extremely great binoculars- explain that to the kids! The Celstron's 'feel' right, they 'look' right, they're smooth to focus (another reason the Barska's lose-individual EP focus is required!) can be used briefly before your arms get tired. Just long enough to know if you're going to grab a tripod, another pair & maybe the big 'dumb' telescope, the Meade 20218 NG-70SM 70MM Altazimuth Refractor Telescope which everyone is comfortable using, is properly sited with the red dot & has a sweet Celestron 93230 8 to 24mm 1.25 Zoom Eyepiece, a multicoated 3X Barlow & great manual slow motion controls.

The SkyMasters actually reside in the kitchen-on top of the cabinets closest to the door, so, anyone can use them on really short notice! Deer in the side yard? Blue Angels over at the AFB using our shed again as a meet up point? The neighbors have a real Ferrari (or is it a kit car, based on the Pontiac Fiero 2M4) in thier driveway? All other optics live in my master bedroom closet and require permission for use (and on the nicer stuff-adult supervision). But, @ $51.00 delivered to my door-nothing comes close in price, fit & finish, optics/$$'s spent & ease of use.

This sounds a little crazy, but, I'm going to put it out there. These binoculars are also beautiful to the eye, they feel properly weighted, are rock solid (yes, my 7 year old dropped them, but, 'it was an accident!') and have kept their collimation over time. My only modifications are individual eyepiece covers & a wide orange neoprene neck strap. The soft bag has held up, the lens covers are still used and kept in the bag with a lens cleaning towelette. Why Orange for the neck strap? I can yell out the window and gently 'remind' my kids to put it on when they're using the binoculars-orange is really quite visible-even in fading light. FYI, I leave the tripod mount attached to one of the quick release plates-and leave it on the tripod all of the time. It;s used so often, it gets it's own 'dedicated' $23.99 tripod and nothing gets lost-because it's always mounted.

Buy them! Use them with abandon-all day & all night long! Do buy a tripod for stargazing-it's the only way my partner got interested. "Honey, check this out" all focused in, in the center of the field of view. Yes, I had to do it often to get her started, but, now, she's willing to supervise 'ours', their friends & neighborhood kids (at any given time) and doesn't even mind lugging out the variety of inexpensive telescopes & tripods as well as other pairs of binocs when the crowd swells.

Update: After multiple months of constant use by adults & children-they slipped out of collimation slightly. Sadly, there is very little information contained in the owners manual (napkins would be more helpful!) however a long web search and reading a variety of sources mulpitle times, I have 'tried' to adjust the internal prisms ever so slightly-without creating cat's eye exit apetures. I have now created 'conditional alignment' instead of proper collimation, but-both my partner & I can use these without developing eyestrain. So, they continue to provide constant & reliable service-again, at a very moderate price. Also, they are still the 1st optics out the door-every time. Easy to use, easy to set up, quick to break down- 15 minutes is all that is needed for a 'viewing' session & enjoyment. Please note: these are not Fujinons or Swarowski optics- and just provide increased magnification for the majority of the field of view! Don't expect perfection, just use & enjoy your 'value priced' binoculars!
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Zeikos ZE-TR101A 72-Inch Photo / Video Tripod includes Deluxe Carrying Case for Use with Camcorders and Digital Cameras
Zeikos ZE-TR101A 72-Inch Photo / Video Tripod includes Deluxe Carrying Case for Use with Camcorders and Digital Cameras

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent $$/Value ratio-BUT, I wouldn't put SuperGiant Binoculars or a large SLR mounted zoom on it!, May 4, 2011
I just purchased (2) of these Zeikos ZE-TR101A Tripods for star gazing with the smallest Astronomy Binoculars. Both tripods were under $25.00 delivered to my door, came in the original box and have an unnecessary zip bag with shoulder strap. No instructions, but, very obvious how to work & use with common sense. First, I loaded up my Celestron SkyMaster 15x70's which are the lighest & smallest of the large astronomy binoculars on the market. Everything fit well, the balance weight of the binocular mount left everything feeling very steady and panning was smooth (not needed to be perfect!) The next pair (15x60), although slightly heavier- is wider & shorter in overall length, fit well on the quick release mount and also had good, solid stability at full extension (without the center lift raised). Note, this pair 'rested' on the quick release plate, which created an additional feeling of strength and stability.

At the end of the day, I would not put my Zhummel 20x80's, nor any pair larger on this mount for the following reasons:

1) Objective lenses are too heavy & far away from the center of gravity (even though a few are adjustable for balance- I'd forget, and the tripod would topple!)

2) The quick release and the head are all made out of plastic. Sure, strong enough for a regular camera without a large zoom lens and even a bulky camcorder of basic commercial grade. (2) 4" pieces of very heavy glass mounted at the end of (2) very long tubes could cause the quick release to just deform and pop out, as there is a limited amount of deflection needed to have that happen!

3) The rest of the plastic head is too weak and unpredictable for such large unbalanced objects. If you release the pan handle, it would probably just drop forward suddenly and topple over the whole tripod. I'm unsure if the metal thread assembly in the quick release can tolerate such unbalance- without just spinning. Also, friction locks are fiddly in plastic, strong until they just let go.

Ok, with these concerns registered, they are so moderately priced, and work so well with smaller binoculars- I'm wondering why keep the carry bag? I mean they have easy foam handles, weigh very little already, can even be strapped together with a single bungee cord, which can be used to tie down a center weight to increase it's stability when in use- I just don't see a need for them!

I would recommend these to anyone, would caution the high end SLR user with a collection of zoom lenses and advise against SuperGiant binoculars on these. Low cost, lightweight, compact to carry & store, easy & fast to set up & use-what more could you ask for in a $25.00 tripod!

Meade 20218 NG-70SM 70mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope
Meade 20218 NG-70SM 70mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope
Offered by Wayfair
Price: $61.59
6 used & new from $45.00

29 of 33 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Value, a real gem of a starter Telescope! NG-70SM, March 22, 2011
I purchased this telescope & a mini R/C helicopter while on a 'get-away weekend' with my partner. Of course, these items were for BOTH the 4 children we share & me! Sadly, the helicopter (like all R/C toys & young children) only lasted a few charges before it wobbled & stopped flying- however- the telescope has been a great addition to our family!

Overall, assembly was intuitive & simple- the balance of the refracting tube on the tripod is perfect for using the azimuth slow motion knobs to get & keep objects in view. The optical lenses, mirrors & eyepieces are of amazingly high quality and the level of visual detail is incredibly sharp, especially when considering the low price for this 'beginner' telescope. Although many parts are plastic, the fit & finish is outstanding, controls are well placed & user friendly and the red dot viewfinder is easy to use. Everything aligned well right out the box & everyone from the age of 7 to 70 was impressed with the visual clarity, ease of use & stability of the telescope on the tripod. Because the whole assembly is lightweight, my 7 year old was dragging it around the driveway & parking area to get the 'perfect view' of many stars!

Bad news/Good News! There were multiple items missing/broken when opened. A quick call to the Meade Customer Service line (800)626-3233 created an Order#, the representative verified that all of the missing/broken items were available & offered to ship them out immediately. Keep a copy of your purchase receipt- I'm still not sure if they'll be willing to ship my parts without it! My bad- don't let it be yours too!

More Good News! [...] is a veritable cornucopia of interesting sites & products. Although I found the website moderately annoying to navigate (I ended up with over 8 'open' pages, not to mention countless tabs on each page) I was able to locate everything I was looking for. As a novice, I want to learn all about our new 'family' telescope- there's lots of great information available. I wanted to know if there were additional products that would enahnce our 'little, beginner' - yes, there are several excellent & reasonably priced- products that really add value & functionality to this high precision instrument! There are astromony 'clubs'/forums to join, articles to read, etc...

Downside? NONE! However, I do dream of a 'bundle pack' for the newbie (like me & my family!). 4 really useful items, packaged together at a price lower than the initial investment of the telescope would be fantastic. Not a negative, just one man's opinion who wants MORE good stuff to use with this outstanding instrument.

The NG-70SM has exceeded all of my expectations: assembly, fit & finish, user controls, balance, stability, ruggedness, magnification & visual clarity & detail.

PNY Attache 8 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive P-FD8GBATT2-EF (Black/Blue)
PNY Attache 8 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive P-FD8GBATT2-EF (Black/Blue)
Offered by antonline
Price: $8.42
20 used & new from $4.47

4.0 out of 5 stars Works fine-flimsy- but does what I need for a low price, February 26, 2011
I bought one of these 'on sale' after the Holidays ina big box store and was able to back up my home PC & another laptop to it. Also, the PNT flash drive offered a promotional free movie if I bought it- so I downloaded 'Close Encounters" and used a new HD screen laptop- fun! But, I plugged it into my new laptop and it offered to be available for 'ReadyBoost', which is a Windows 7 way to use flash memory as RAM. So, I purchased another 8GB unit for less than $18.00 & free shipping, which I am going to commit full time as added RAM, as I only have 4GB in the laptop itself. There are too many reviews claiming flimsiness for it to be a random issue, so, I recommend caution for those who have kids, are rough with thier equipment, or carry it round all of the time.

Strengths: Fast enough for ReadyBoost, came with a free movie, low cost.
Weaknesses: Too fat to allow another accessory to be plugged in next to it.

Overall, an excellent value with a few hiccups. Seems fast enough, but too wide for another usb plug to fit in the slot next too it. That's a bummer, and most flash drives are narrower in overall width. But, for under $18.00 for 8GB, it's a solid value.

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