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Wolf Of Wall Street
Wolf Of Wall Street
Price: $3.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent movie with excellent acting., May 21, 2014
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Leo and Jonah Hill really kill it in this film and portray their character perfectly during challenging scenes like extreme drug use. I'm pretty surprised so many people gave it such low ratings based on the fact that it has nudity and drug use. I think they may marketed this wrong if they watched it with their parents and were surprised that their was nudity and such. Truthfully, I didn't think there was anything excessive about this movie at all and didn't really notice the nudity until I came on here and saw the reviews.

House of Gold & Bones Part One
House of Gold & Bones Part One
Price: $10.00
77 used & new from $4.65

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5.0 out of 5 stars Just out right amazing!, October 28, 2012
My god, I honestly can not accurately convey with words how amazing this album is. It's beautiful, gorgeous, sensitive, brutal, heavy, motivating, depressing, and happy -- all at once. Absolute Zero is motivating and heavy, Taciturn is sensitive and beautiful, Travelers pt. 1 is almost happy, but depressing as well. These are the three songs I'm just listening to over and over, the rest of the album is excellent too, but these three songs have me basically hypnotized and I just listen to them constantly.

One thing that really stands out is a sense of renewed energy. Audio Secrecy seemed like most of it was forced, House of Bone and Gold sounds like the debut album from a band that is newly formed and bursting with new, fresh ideas. I've never heard anything like it honestly.

Another thing I really notice is just how much better Corey is as time goes by. His lyrics have never been bad and I've always enjoyed them, but at this point he's just far superior to his former self in the lyrical department. He's actually poetic at times: "I think I'm happy, mostly happy, on a green autumn day. I'm walking lazy, barely moving, I settle out and fade away..." "In the middle, under a cold, black sky, The sun will only burn for you and I, In the moment.. Before I lose my mind, These hours don't mean anything, this time.."

His vocals genuinely get better every album too and this one is no exception. The dude is one of the most amazing artists of our time and will undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest rock minds in history.

Really, this album is a treasure -- one of those rare pieces of art that cause you to feel butterflies and relate with the pain, anger, happiness, or any other emotion conveyed in the music. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend House of Bone and Gold pt. 1. If you like rock you will LOVE this album.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Dec 5, 2012 2:57 PM PST

Diablo III - PC
Diablo III - PC
Price: $19.99
118 used & new from $6.69

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2.0 out of 5 stars Game is okay, yet dismal in comparison to D1 and D2., May 20, 2012
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Diablo III - PC (Computer Game)
I didn't expect Diablo 3 to be the greatest thing in the world like I thought the past two were, but I at least figured it would be fun enough to keep me playing for a couple years or so.

That's really not the case. After you beat normal, nothing else even has any purpose behind it. In D2, finding loot and leveling up was great because of the pvp. Now, there's no point in leveling because you're LITERALLY doing the exact same stuff you did in normal. There's no point in being stronger because you can't actually compare yourself to other players.

This is what happens when a great game franchise loses the people who actually had the vision, then tries to continue producing this amazing product that did so well back in the day, despite having no one working on the game that actually "gets" the game. I honestly have no clue in hell why they had Jay Wilson lead the project anyway, the guy hasn't done anything even remotely Diablo-esque.

Now we have a Diablo game with no pvp, super happy go lucky ending, 4 person games that you CAN NOT cycle through and choose from, no lobbies, a female-alien thing for the end boss that doesn't look at all like Diablo, the type of ridiculous story line (completely void of any substance) that you would see in a WoW expansion, absolutely 0 replayability, an utter lack of the classic dark, gothic, creepy vibe that you would see in other Diablo games, and a game that is over simplified to the point of absurdity.

This game is so incredibly simple that you literally make 0 meaningful decision while developing your character.

You know the original developers that worked on the franchise are shaking their heads sadly and laughing at Blizz all at the same time. Sad because of what their vision has become, amused at how terribly a massive company can handle a potentially legendary game.

The funny thing is that they didn't actually improve on the old aspects of the game, they simply threw them out completely, or made them even worse.

Stat points? They could have made a new system with more freedom, more choices, and more thought involved, instead they removed any thought at all and made them fixed. PvP? They could have made a system that would satisfy the most rabid pvp'ers thirst for blood and competitive fun, instead they removed it completely. Tiered items? Legendary items are useless in D3. Everyone has rares and blues that are really good, seriously everyone, and their stats are many times higher than that of legendary items.

And now the most ironic thing about the whole situation, the pvm guys thought that Blizz was catering to them completely and only crapping on the pvp players... well it looks like Blizz just crapped on everyone. The gameplay is not anything amazing, the harder difficulties don't change anything, and there's really no point in playing past normal.

Now here's the thing, I enjoy the game, but I enjoy it about as much as I enjoy other rpg's that I play through once then forget about. Without pvp, lobbies, or even a semblance of playing incentive, I'll probably just throw this game in the garbage once I'm done with inferno -- not literally of course but figuratively.

It seems that Activision's need for money is the only thing that put this game into production and they might as well have named it something other than "Diablo 3" because it's nothing remotely close to what the past 2 Diablo games were.

And this game took two or three times as long to develop as the most amazing games in the genre. The whole situation just seems like something that would ruin a smaller company that would handle one of their most beloved franchises in such a dismal way.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: May 21, 2012 10:37 PM PDT

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