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Penny Sparkle
Penny Sparkle
Price: $12.99
39 used & new from $0.98

5.0 out of 5 stars What musical dreams are made of. Absolutely breathtaking!, March 6, 2014
This review is from: Penny Sparkle (Audio CD)
So ahead of its time. Penny Sparkle will gently rock you to sleep, make you cry with a joyful sadness of memories forgotten, and all the while a listener falls in love with one of the best bands ever, Blonde Redhead. It's already been four years since its release, but still feels like yesterday.

What I call the "4AD" era has proved to be the group's best songwritting to date with albums "Misery is a Butterfly", "23", and "Penny Sparkle". Words can't explain how great these three albums are, so just buy them and listen to them back-to-back for days. Open the blinds in the morning, lights off in the evening, and turn up the volume!!! Sooner, if not immediately, a true music lover will grasp the beautiful concepts of founding members Kazu Makino (guitars, keyboards, vocals), Amedeo Pace (guitars, vocals), and Simone Pace (drums, percussion). They've been playing together for 21 years and still going strong!

This being the third album on the 4AD label, I am so grateful for the growth and evolution the band has taken since their initial self-titled debut on Smells Like Records, circa 1995. If you don't have Blonde Redhead's first solo debut on Smells Like Records, then do yourself a favor and definitely add that to your collection as well (it's so good).

Check out recommended artists by Amazon and Google, such as My Bloody Valentine, Curve, Beach House, Sonic Youth, Daughter, the XX, Slowdive, School of Seven Bells, the Cure, Mojave 3, Spiritualized, the Jesus + Mary Chain, and Mazzy Star - just to give you an idea how good Blonde Redhead really is (in case you have not heard them before). There are some great live videos on Youtube as well.

I love me some Blonde Redhead, and have been jamming out to Penny Sparkle all week. Now, it's your turn, "TAG you're IT".

Get excited for the newest recorded album to be released this year 2014.

There Is No Land Beyond the Volga
There Is No Land Beyond the Volga
Price: $12.19
39 used & new from $6.99

5.0 out of 5 stars An Onslaught of Decibels..., February 19, 2014
"Volga" is a mega super heavy skullcrusher! In fact, the album almost embraces its sound entirely from the 2010 album "Throned In Blood" and continues down that abrasive low-end noise metal style. Fans of Crisis, Burning Witch, Sleep, Boris, Black Sabbath, and the Melvins, will not be displeased. This recording is pieced together like a narrated Russian storybook, literally, but the very best tracks run "6 minutes or longer", as oppossed to the typical 3-minutes-or-less format. The short faster songs do break things up nicely, but I would have strongly preferred a mutli-track EP consisting of just the sludge ridden beasts "Song of the Walking City", "White Lies - Winter is Coming", "Fight Hard Live Free", "Siberia", "Wolf", "Evolution I & II" and "Queen of Antlers" opting for all other songs to follow lengthened suites (since these longer recordings pretty much dominate the album and feel most complete). Certain tracks could definitely use a stronger vocal mix, and if you pretend "Ni Shagu Nazad/Pavlov's House/Shame" as a one-song-trilogy, then this album starts to really take new form. "Fight Hard Live Free" sounds about perfect, and truly sets the tone for finished quality. Lastly, "New Graves" is way fierce, but again, I would've loved a much longer version in place of "Barrier Troops", "Patriotic Song", and then cutting "End Narration" down as three minutes only. Add it up that way, and what an album it would possibly really be. No matter the final result though, "Volga" sounds great conceptually from beginning to end, while Ed and Amber are always amazing!!! I really do appreciate their entire diverse discography, their abrupt originality, and their endless dedication to the independent music community. Keep up the fantastic work!

King Animal
King Animal
Offered by NO1122
Price: $12.66
62 used & new from $3.72

5.0 out of 5 stars Dissected. 11 songs stand out. 2 can be deleted., February 14, 2014
This review is from: King Animal (Audio CD)
For those who feel this album fell a little short, try this track listing instead. Takes it to 5-stars with a tweak.

1. Been Away Too Long 2. Non-State Actor 3. By Crooked Steps 4. A Thousand Days Before 5. Blood on the Valley Floor 6. Bones of Birds 7. Taree 8. Black Saturday 9. Worse Dreams 10. Eyelid's Mouth 11. Rowing 12. Live to Rise

By deleting songs "Attrition" and "Halfway There" you will be much more delighted with the solid flow of things. The album takes on a cleaner consistent rhythm, and I personally believe these two songs do not belong on the album. "Attrition" sounds great, but it's too short, feels rushed or incomplete to me, and doesn't fit like most of the other songs which clock at 3-minutes or more (b-side at best). "Halfway There" simply belongs on a Chris Cornell solo album, because it's way too radio-friendly for a Soundgarden recording, in my opinion - well written though.

My only other pet-peeve is "Black Saturday", because it needed an original title without the word "Black" in it, so overdone - maybe they could have called it "Until I'm Born", "Saturdazed", or something else. Archetype is always key in these matters, as much as possible - not a major deal though, still a solid song.

I've just added "Live to Rise" from the Avengers soundtrack as the 12th track on my King Animal album list, to help round things off, since it's an awesome song once considered for the album (just way too good to be excluded). I feel the album really finishes on a "high note" this way and sounds fantastic!

The other major sin on King Animal equates to THERE ARE NO DARK HEAVY SONGS??? "Non-State Actor" and "Blood on the Valley Floor" are pretty awesome and come near to what we wanted more of, but after hearing "Black Rain" repeatedly for two years prior to this 2012 release, fans were practically begging for some bleeding riffs. Collectively, we expected at least some distorted tracks that bordered "Beyond the Wheel", "Hands All Over", "I Awake", "Outshined", "Slaves and Bulldozers", "Mailman" and "4th of July" etc etc... We love the thick low sabbath-esque guitars, stomping drums, and soaring melodic vocals that's trademark.

However, with all of this said, I have really really enjoyed the positive and energetic "elightened" sound on King Animal, it's very new intelligent, as all the guys perform top-notch. I would agree that their songwriting has progressed even more than imagined, artistically matured, and pars in alternate realms with "Down on the Upside", "Superunknown", and "Badmotorfinger".

Overall, King Animal sounds very uplifting for a long awaited return of one music's most beloved bands. After several listens though, "less is more" in the late final verdict. King Animal rocks in its own unique way, a stand alone hybrid of the last three studio releases, and I am screaming with enthusiasm to see what they possibly create next. Like most music lovers in our international community, I am equally so freakin' happy to join the masses that Soundgarden reunited!!! Yes, please support the group, buy this album.

Only in Dreams
Only in Dreams
Price: $12.88
45 used & new from $6.43

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5.0 out of 5 stars FEMALE ARTISTS AND SUB POP ALBUMS OF THE YEAR 2011..., October 1, 2011
This review is from: Only in Dreams (Audio CD)
Plain straight... after my first listen to the "He Gets Me High" EP release earlier this year, I immediately longed for a full-length album and dreaded any waiting period to fulfill this new addiction. I can't believe it! Two amazing recordings in one year, or an illusionist's slight of hand.

Totally impressed and blown away by the display of natural talent and simplistic genius (stripped down guitars bass drums), the Dum Dum Girls music is reminiscent of 60's pop garage rock and a definite choice for music lovers.

The comparisons to Crissie Hynde (The Pretenders), Johnette Napalitano (Concrete Blonde), Hope Sandavol (Mazzy Star) or any array of "decade rare" female songwriters/vocalists are absolutely validated. First Class style all the way! Even a wild combination of The Jesus and Mary Chain meets The Supremes rings a close bell (with a pinch of the Beach Boys and the Ramones mixed in for flavor). Thee Headcoatee's anyone?

Top notch melodies and lyrics will sweep you away in a rhythmic dream of blissful reverb and heartbeats like a drum. Just buy the cd/lp album, download it, whatever... just support artists/musicians everyway possible, especially when they are this exceptional. Worth a million dollars and more.

Last year it was Arcade Fire "The Suburbs" and, this year, without a doubt, it's a thousand mile lead with "Only In Dreams" + "He Gets Me High" by the Dum Dum Girls.

Phenomenal Paprika!
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I've Failed You
I've Failed You
Price: $14.90
26 used & new from $6.96

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5.0 out of 5 stars ROOOOAARRRR!!!! Meow..., September 6, 2011
This review is from: I've Failed You (Audio CD)
FREAKIN' AWESOME! Listened three times already...

"I've Failed You", in my personal opinion, is the best album since earlier releases Oracle/Until the End.

These ladies finally conjure the "new genesis" of sound they've been working so hard on over four years now - mixing our favorite parts of Funeral for Yesterday/In the Black - giving fans the perfect balance of their musical influences (Arch Enemy, Pantera, Black Sabbath, Carcass, Warlock, etc).

This 2011 studio recording OPENS and FINISHES with proper thrash metal Kittie style. It is the band's most progressive material to date, all the while being extremely well written by a first time consistent line-up. All the guitars, drums, and vocals are extremely precise, and the general flow of the album feels totally natural - showcasing consistent high-quality musicianship.

I must give them major props for playing music a decade plus now, despite all obstacles, just like the best of the underground's best... BUY THIS ALBUM, support the band - you won't be disappointed.

Go see them LIVE they are amazing artistic women!!!

Like said, solid.

The Suburbs
The Suburbs
Price: $9.99
77 used & new from $5.00

5.0 out of 5 stars MERGE ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2010!!!, November 3, 2010
This review is from: The Suburbs (Audio CD)
It's that simple. "The Suburbs" has achieved a mature and most cohesive landmark in the group's history, making a spectacular splash of sound in your living room pool. This third studio full-length album is incredibly vibrant, fun, melodic, and tastefully sweet - taking a mild and relaxed vacation from past releases. Once again, the band is building new playgrounds for our audio universe, and I say play it loud with your favorite cheese and a glass of wine!!! Just make sure to put on your bright orange floaties...

Price: $10.67
34 used & new from $0.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Punky Metal Purrrrrfect!, July 30, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Inherit (Audio CD)
In my personal excellent opinion, "Inherit" marks the very best phase of all phases in Free Kitten's long-lived minature discography since the early "Straight Up" Ep.

Honestly, I think the group certainly works most effectively as a trio - just Kim, Julie, and Yoshimi. All the other formats work, as a music duo or quartet, but there's a certain magic on this particular release we haven't heard before.

"Less is more" in this recipe: two primitive mistuned ambient guitars and a fantastic japanese drummer, which spews a goo-goo-goo creme brulee drunken butterfly cauldron of bitch's brew sound and distorted atmosphere. What I like best, is that the guitars are very free form and somewhat loose while the drums hold everything together basically, a puddle of sound floating in the glimmer.

Not a far cry different than their other albums "Nice Ass" or "Sentimental Education" - simply better unstructured mature sonic rock, well written and performed. A favorite selection for anybody who likes early Royal Trux via "Twin Infinitives" or "Cats and Dogs".

Definitely buy this album if you enjoy good music by female punk legendaries - hopefully there will be a follow up to this wonderful trip. These ladies keep getting better with each new album...

Also check out Thurston Moore's album "Trees Outside the Academy", which is also pretty amazing.

Throned in Blood [Vinyl]
Throned in Blood [Vinyl]
Price: $15.15
2 used & new from $15.15

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5.0 out of 5 stars Heavenly noise like thunder..., May 11, 2010
This review is from: Throned in Blood [Vinyl] (Vinyl)
Jucifer rules!!! Go buy all of their albums and ep's and let them melt your face off.

"Throned In Blood" is by far the most aggressive thrash metal offering from the band to date, and sounds freakin' awesome! Another solid album by one of today's most diverse, original, and committed DIY bands ever recorded in underground music. 11 years of touring on the road and keeping it strong. How many other artists have fallen by now? All of the "negative" critics just don't have a clue about how unique Ed and Amber really are, both as live musicians and songwriters.

A definite choice for those who have been wanting more high-powered noisemongers like "Queen B", "Lambs Pt.2", "Fall of the Bastille", "Gunsick", "Antietam", "Traitors", and "Thermidor" from the band's past discography.

I imagine that many fans will be pleased to hear an entire studio recorded album that demonstrates more of what an authentic Jucifer live show sounds like, and a great follow up to previous albums "If Thine Enemy Hunger" or "L'Autrichienne" on Relapse.

Staying true to their musical roots, Jucifer keeps on crankin' out the best in progressive material and has produced/recorded one of the HEAVIEST gems of 2010!!! As if The Melvins have spawned a sibling band of genius, Jucifer is equally varied in musicality and nearly impossible to categorize - they even have a banjo.

Recommended listening for fans of Burning Witch, Sleep, Boris, Bad Brains, Buzzo/Crover, Crisis, PJ Harvey, Jesu, Kittie, Merzbow, Mr. Bungle, Primus, Sonic Youth, Soundgarden, Swans, Thrones, Etc...

Freaks forever!

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