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I'm With You
I'm With You
Offered by B68 Solutions Limited
Price: $7.79
129 used & new from $1.65

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5.0 out of 5 stars Can't Stop Listening, August 30, 2011
This review is from: I'm With You (Audio CD)
I was very intrigued going into listening to this new record for the first time over 5 years after their amazing double album "Stadium Arcadium".
First off there was no John Frusciante..which I'm sure everybody knows by now after reading every review on this album.
There will always be that initial criticism after such a vital and creative force behind a band leaves.
Needless to say I am impressed.
It was not a hit with me after I first streamed it for free on iTunes.
It took awhile to warm to completely but I'm glad I gave it the chance.
I think this is the most spot on move RHCP could have made after a streak of 3 amazing records with John Frusciante (Californication, By The Way and Stadium Arcadium).
The music is not in your face, its not too subtle...its just right.
The new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer is a totally welcome addition. His playing has a lot of texture and warmth and it feels very dreamy listening to the music he plays. He never overpowers the others and always compliments the music perfectly. His background vocals are also flawless. Very different to John but it sounds great and I cant wait for more!
Sure, the songs this time around aren't as hooky and radio friendly as their last batch of singles but I really applaud them for giving the band a real go and putting out the most quality music they could come up with.
My favourite tracks are the opening songs "Monarchy of Roses" and "Factory of Faith", both great thumping openers. "Brendan's Death Song" is a great song. Very moving and powerful and I'm glad others are responding to it the same.
"The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie" didnt make much sense as a 1st single to me but after hearing the entire album I can see why it was selected. It took awhile to grow on me but its also a great song with great rhythms.
The last 4 tracks are also near perfection to me. "Police Station", "Even You Brutus", "Meet Me At The Corner" and "Dance, Dance, Dance" are all amazing and a great way to fill the last quarter of the album.
In particular "Police Station" is a really fine track. Its mellow but its message hits me hard and it is probably my favourite on the album.

Overall, "I'm With You" isn't the giant blockbuster most people were probably expecting, but its the sound of a band re-grouping and making new sounds for a new era. Anthony sounds better than ever, Flea's playing sounds amazing, Chad is still great as usual and Josh is an amazing addition to the new RHCP.
It might take a few listens but the effort is worth it and I highly recommend it!
4 and ˝ stars
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Born This Way (Special Edition)
Born This Way (Special Edition)
Offered by RYU'SHOP
Price: $7.51
118 used & new from $0.01

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2.0 out of 5 stars Honestly...I don't love it., May 23, 2011
I have listened to this album over and over again to try and appreciate it and for it to grow on me.
Because after the 1st listen I was not impressed.
The album seemed like 1 long track to me with very few intermissions of great songs.
I have now realized that the album didn't grow on me and that it is kind of a disappointment.
After "The Fame" which I mostly loved (bar a few filler tracks) and "The Fame Monster" which in my mind was a fantastic album bordering on the accessible and avant-garde but just poppy enough to be a radio staple.
"Born This Way" doesn't continue this trend. You can tell Gaga tried to make power choruses and be radio friendly but it gets washed in with the heavy production which seems very lethargic and just TOO much to me.
The album starts relatively strong with "Marry The Night", the mega over played smash "Born This Way", the intriguing and the very dark "Government Hooker".
Then comes "Judas" which I thought had potential to be a really amazing song but is ruined by the Dance-Dance-Revolutionish chorus.
"Americano" is really over the top and ridiculous.
"Scheiße" is probably one of my favourite tracks. It again borders on mainstream accessibility and complete darkness which is interesting to listen to.
"You & I" is hands down the best thing on this album. Its a fantastic song and highly recommended. It doesnt really fit in the context of the album but its a welcome surprise after the huge filler gap of tracks 8-15
"The Edge of Glory" is the 3rd single and a great closer.
Unfortunately for me, the tracks in between these songs are major filler in my honest opinion. They go on about 2 minutes too long and dont really give you a reason to stick around and listen to it.
It doesnt pack the accessibility punch nor the dark avant garde punch.
Its just below average background music and was very dissapointing after multiple listens.
The only tracks in my mind worth RAVING about are Government Hooker, Scheiße, You & I and The Edge of Glory.
Luckily for Gaga, the public and her Little Monsters eat everything she does up even if the product is inferior and this will lead to huge sales. (That and her hawking the album for 99c on Amazon and giving it away with every phone purchase at Best Buy..which is really not an admirable thing to do as an artist in my opinion)
I honestly cant see any of these singles taking off and being a #1 worldwide smash like she did with "The Fame" and "The Fame Monster" and they probably wont.
But I'll give her credit where credits due and that is with the few songs I mentioned which are superior to a lot of songs on the radio right now.

Femme Fatale Deluxe
Femme Fatale Deluxe
Offered by IMS Distribution
Price: $13.54
65 used & new from $4.28

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5.0 out of 5 stars Arguably Britney's Best Album, April 2, 2011
This review is from: Femme Fatale Deluxe (Audio CD)
The first time I heard "Femme Fatale" I was floored.
Every song flowed on perfectly to the next and every song sounded like an undeniable smash.
Time has passed and I have my favourites and my least favourites but the general consensus is that "Femme Fatale" is Britney's greatest achievement to date.
I have always admired Britney's albums in one way or another and think they are all strong.
From the incredibly diverse "In The Zone" to the flawless coherent dark electronic journey of "Blackout" to 2008's wild candy coloured song hodge podge of "Circus" I have always thought Britney's strengths resided in her albums. Not her singles.
Anyone who has properly listened to her past 3 or 4 albums HAS to agree with me.

She brings a great collection of songs together every time and "Femme Fatale" is no exception!
"Till The World Ends" sounds very generic upon first listen but a little more time with the song reveals a great party anthem that everyone can sing along to. Its a cool, fun track. I still stand by the fact its probably the most generic on the album but in saying that its easily one of the best and catchiest.

"Hold It Against Me" is the #1 smash that everyone knows by now. Its a totally different sound for Britney but at the same time it sounds totally Britney. For a song that was meant for Katy Perry, Britney brings her own thing to it and makes it an amazing song and 1st single. I dont think this is the strongest track on the album but from the thumping opening beats to the amazing dubstep breakdown...this is one of Britney's most adventurous different songs and it was exactly what she needed to kick off the "Femme Fatale" era.

"Inside Out" is easily one of my favourite tracks. The production is simply amazing and Britney really brings it to the song. Especially in the power chorus. While most mid-tempo 'sex' jams are quite the yawn in my mind (Rihanna, I'm looking at you) this song proved me wrong in every way and is easily one of the strongest cuts.

"I Wanna Go" continues the streak of strong song after strong song. This is also easily one of the best songs. This song SCREAMS summer single and I hope they do release it that way! The chorus with the whistling is undeniably catchy and the actual chorus is one of the most addictive out there today. Most people were confused to why this wasn't the 1st or 2nd single..I think Team Britney are saving it for a later date to continue momentum for the album when this song burns up the charts. (At least I hope!)

"How I Roll" is a really strange song. It sounds nothing like Britney would do yet it fits perfectly like a glove. The chorus is infectious and the production is also flawless (Thanks to the amazing dream team of Bloodshy & Avant + Britney!)
It sounds like it belongs on Robyn's album yet at the same time it fits perfectly in this sequence of songs.

"(Drop Dead) Beautiful" is a catchy, fun song but this is where the albums amazing streak of songs begins to wean for me. Its undeniably catchy and Sabi's rap is cool but its something about the overly auto tuned chorus that kind of puts me off the song. However. everything else is pure perfection to my ears.

"Seal It With A Kiss" is also a fun song. Its production is also very good and deserves kudos for the dubstep breakdown. After "Hold It Against Me" I was hoping they would dabble in the dubstep sound more. While there are hints of it throughout the album its probably most strong in this song.

"Big Fat Bass" is a lot of peoples least favourite song on the album. I have to disagree. The production is super fun to listen to and the chorus is VERY infectious. The breakdown with's verse is my favourite part. I can just imagine Britney dancing to it and it gets me moving too! It also sounds AMAZING on a big stereo with a sub woofer. I recommend listening to it that way!

"Trouble For Me" is my least favourite song on the album. I dont know why. The production is great and her vocals are spot on but this song does nothing for me.

"Trip To Your Heart" was not a highlight for me when I first heard the album but now its one of my favourites. Its a sweet song and sounds very girly upon first listen but the hard hitting European dance beats made this song irresistible to me.

"Gasoline" is a cool song. Not one of my favourites and this is the only song on the entire album where the lyrics had me cringing a bit. I could have done without this but its listenable when I'm in the mood.

"Criminal" closes the album and it closes it perfectly. The production sounds like nothing Britney's ever done before and thats what makes this album her best. It sounds at home on Madonna's "American Life" album yet it also fits perfectly here.
Her vocals shine through on this song and I do really hope they release this as a single. I cant speak highly enough of this song! Perfect closer. Not quite up-tempo...not quite mid-tempo...not quite a ballad. It just is!

The bonus songs are good but they seem very 'bonus' to me. Hence why they were probably selected as Bonus Tracks.
I'm glad none of these made the cut for the actual album because they don't fit 100% into the cohesiveness of the album. Especially the vocally stunning "He About to Lose Me" or the rock sounding "Dont Keep Me Waiting".
"Selfish" and "Up N Down" are a bit more in style of the album but there were much stronger dance songs that they used instead. These songs however make a nice little bonus once the albums over and they are fun to listen to.

In conclusion, "Femme Fatale" is no doubt in my mind Britney's strongest album. Each song flows perfectly on to the next, its hard hitting and takes Britney to places she or her fans haven't seen her go before.
The production on the songs is simply put..Flawless and I have to congratulate Dr Luke and Max Martin for giving her a diverse sounding, yet cohesive album that stays in vein of today's popular music but is not the generic trash we hear on the radios every 2 minutes.

4 ˝ Stars!

Michael Jackson's Vision
Michael Jackson's Vision
DVD ~ Michael Jackson
Price: $34.99
20 used & new from $14.93

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4.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Content but..., November 24, 2010
This review is from: Michael Jackson's Vision (DVD)
"Michael Jackson's Vision" looks like an incredible purchase on paper... ALL of Michael Jackson's videos housed in 1 box on 3 DVDs!
Sure, there are a few exceptions (which I will mention in my review) but overall the content in this box set is amazing.
Michael Jackson's music videos are always entertaining to watch and to have 4 and a half hours of pure MJ magic is worth any price in my eyes!
Now here are my gripes with this box set..

1) Widescreen format?
It says on the box that all the videos are formatted to fit your widescreen television..but this is LIES!
Nearly all the videos bar the more modern ones (You Rock My World, Cry, Remember The Time, Will You Be There - these are the only ones-) are all in a 4:3 format..which is fine because nearly all of these videos were made before the 16:9 widescreen format age begun. HOWEVER they appear on the screen in a small "postcard" format! A small box in the middle of the screen surrounded by 4 black bars! Not 2...but 4!
Not gonna lie, this is a really crappy way to watch MJs music videos.. all of his previous releases were in 4:3 but were formatted to fit the screen. On my DVD player in the living room I had to continuously change the setting to 'fit the screen' which was annoying but I could deal with it. On my player in the bedroom I have no such feature so I am stuck with watching it as a small square in the screen!

2) Remastered?
Some of these videos look amazing and I will give credit where credit is due.. "Black or White" in particular looks the best I have EVER seen it! So does "Smooth Criminal" and "Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough"..but some videos still look like pure crap! Namely "Billie Jean", "Beat It", "The Way You Make Me Feel" and "Will You Be There"...the transfer is grainy, fuzzy, blurry and VHS like! This proves to me they couldn't salvage this footage at all to qualify a Blu-Ray high definition release. But most of the videos look halfway decent and as I said some videos really shine so I can look past this more than I can with the widescreen issue.

3) Inclusion/Removal of videos?
My main issue is with the "Blood On The Dance Floor" video..why the hell did they include the lame remix? The original video/song doesnt even compare to the subpar remix version they include on here! It doesnt even say on the packaging that its the remix! I was disappointed by this...but I guess I have my Number Ones DVD to watch that on..but it makes this set far from what it claimed to be.
And finally the "Ghosts" video.. It would have been really nice to include the 34 minute version..there was so much space left on the 3rd disc so it would have been easy to include it! Why not? I can see Sony selling it sometime in the future on its own which would be very very money grubbing to the fans who thought it would be included on this "concise" box set.

However the box set apart from these (in my mind huge) flaws, is a really special thing to own! Its inclusion of never before released videos "Why", "Say Say Say", "One More Chance" and "They Dont Care About Us (Prison Version)" is a definite plus.

The packaging is incredible with the lithographic images on the front with the transparent metallic gold case and the cool gold box and 60 page booklet. This is definitely one of the highlights.
The DVD box is smaller compared to standard DVD cases..Its around the size of a Blu-Ray box so dont be fooled that this is a High Definition release, there are only DVD discs here.

The videos in themselves are amazing and will always stand the test of time, but I had to deduct 1 star for Sony's false information on the box about the screen format, the "Blood on the Dance Floor" and "Ghosts" video and the so-called Remastering.
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Come Around Sundown
Come Around Sundown
Price: $6.99
121 used & new from $0.01

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3.0 out of 5 stars KOL's attempt to mesh the old sound with the new mainstream sound = Not a very interesting listen., October 19, 2010
This review is from: Come Around Sundown (Audio CD)
"Come Around Sundown" is a solid album by Kings of Leon.
But as I finished listening to it the first time, I was very underwhelmed..
It didn't have the creative edge of "Because of the Times" or the mainstream hook goodness that was "Only By The Night". (I am disregarding their first two albums because that band is kinda gone...)
It struck me that the band had really tried to mold these 2 sounds together..the old Critically acclaimed sound of 2007 with the Popular unavoidable radio hits of 2008/2009.
It doesn't really work out..
The final sound is a very mellow (dare I say bland) collection of 13 songs with no real edge or anything interesting to reel the listener in.
Their attempts at a hookier sound (Radioactive, The End) left me kind of cold...I felt those songs never really reached their peak I thought they would.
If I hadn't have given the album a second or third chance, I would have probably ditched it after my first listen.
But it sounded like a decent album and after multiple listens, I grew to appreciate most of the music.
So in saying that, a lot of people comparing this to their previous release will probably be thoroughly disappointed after the first listen and trash this album here, but I tried to get the most perspective I could on this album before I shared my thoughts.
"The End" is probably the only radio friendly song they can squeeze out of this album, which is fine by me because anyone near a radio or television in 2008 and 2009 could NOT escape "Sex on Fire" or "Use Somebody"!
Thinking the band would revert to their "Because of the Times" sound was obviously misinformed, once finishing the album.
I couldn't even compare it to "Only By The Night" because the hooky sound they had then is pretty absent this time around.
I am looking forward to their next album because I have a good feeling they will come back with a vengeance with the sound they attempted to create for this album, but didn't really achieve.

OH and if you are considering getting the 2-disc deluxe version...don't! Unless you are a hardcore fan! The cardboard packaging may seem appealing, but its flimsy and the bonus (cash grubbing) disc of 3 pittance songs is definitely not worth it. (maybe the Closer remix, but just download it on iTunes!)

My favorite songs on the album are:
The End (just..)
The Face
Mi Amigo
Pickup Truck (probably the best on the album!)

The Simpsons: Season 12
The Simpsons: Season 12
DVD ~ Dan Castellaneta
Offered by ClockworkCornucopia
Price: $14.55
34 used & new from $10.18

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3.0 out of 5 stars Why am I still buying these?, September 7, 2009
This review is from: The Simpsons: Season 12 (DVD)
My review for Season 11 of The Simpsons was less than favorable. I dint enjoy that season too much and itched to finish it. Season 12 isnt that much different.
I did enjoy this season a bit more than the last, but thats not to say this season is great by any means..
I find it upsetting that I dont enjoy these anymore...I remember the days of being able to watch Seasons 2-8 within a couple of days!
It took me nearly a week to get through this DVD set!
There are some good *but not great* episodes (HOMR, New Kids on the Blecch, Im Goin To Praiseland, Skinners Sense of Snow) and some not-so-good ones (Tennis the Menace, etc..a few too many to list)
There are no obvious stand out episodes. Because of that, the season leaves you feeling very wishy-washy on the whole. Was the DVD really worth the price?
Season 11 was pretty average but it had Behind The Laughter to save it from complete ruins!
The season is honestly not the worst one...but it is far from the heyday of The Simpsons and is literally (in my mind) The beginning of the end.
I am buying these DVD sets because I started buying these nearly 8 years ago and I want to complete it. Like any avid DVD collector.
Unfortunately if you are looking for quality Simpsons and are thinking of buying this (and you are not a collector)...then I would stay away from this.
Please go and purchase any seasons from 3-9. Those are quality episodes that will make you fall in love with the show.

As for the DVD is horrendous.
Absolutely horrendous.
I was hoping they would fix it after last seasons extreme negative reaction but there are no changes.
I got out a disc and it scratched as I took it out. Not only that, but there was glue on it.
This is unacceptable packaging and I honestly dont know why I bother with these DVDs anymore.
I appreciate the art design ad it looks great..but the execution of the discs with their eco-friendly angle is just such a huge mistake to anyone who wants their DVDs to be pristine!
Not only do I miss the days of the earlier DVD episodes, but I miss the packaging!
If you want to take care of the discs, I strongly recommend buying something else to put the discs in or skipping this set altogether.
Its just not worth it!

Overall I give the episodes 3 stars
The packaging...1 star!

I really hope FOX finds new, less damage inducing ways to package these discs for Season 13...but knowing them..they probably wont.
Id start finding alternate packaging, people!

History Past, Present and Future Book I
History Past, Present and Future Book I
Price: $13.94
172 used & new from $0.07

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5.0 out of 5 stars HIStory is Michaels most overlooked, underrated album!, July 6, 2009
Two things bothered me while watching the Michael Jackson news stories on TV following his death..they always overlooked two of his finest albums, "Dangerous" and this set, "HIStory".
"HIStory" is a set that is the sound of Michael Jackson re-inventing and evolving as an artist.
Disc 1 features some of his biggest hits in its full unedited form (Unlike his other greatest hits set Number Ones), but with the unedited tracks comes the fact that so many of his hits weren't included!
For 1995 it was the only Michael Jackson best of compilation available on the market..and Im thankful more concise hits collections like "The Essential Michael Jackson" and "The Ultimate Collection" are available.
So if you want the hits, and all of them, please pick up those collections! Or even better, buy his 4 original albums! (Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad and Dangerous).
But as for this collection, all the songs are incredible and its a surprise to see songs like "She's Out Of My Life", "The Girl Is Mine", "Remember The Time" and "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" included in a collection where they usually omit those songs!
Overall, the songs are no doubt 5 star quality, but for the omissions of so many great songs I give Disc One: 4.5 stars.

Disc 2 is the very sound of a tortured superstar under the pressure and scrutiny of the media. If you have heard all of his albums, this one right here easily earns the title of his most honest album.
Its a complete turnaround from his previous 4 albums. He's angry. He knows hes been hounded. And now hes writing and singing about all of his tribulations over his career, but mostly about the 1993-1994 era where he was accused of those disgusting (and in my opinion extremely false) allegations.

Standout tracks:

The disc begins with "Scream" a duet with his superstar sister Janet Jackson. The song is a loud, futuristic dance song about all the pressure the two siblings face. Its a great track, and was a big hit back in 1995. (It should have been bigger!)

"They Don't Care About Us" is one of my all time favourite Michael tracks!
Its all about how he's been victimized and how he's basically had enough of all the hatred. Its an incredible song with such danceable qualities, with a heavy subject matter without resorting to over preaching.

"Stranger In Moscow" is a window glimpse into Michaels mind during the 1993 allegations era. It is such an incredibly honest song as he sings about his "Fall from grace" and how it feels to be "Alone and cold inside". I believe that this is one of his greatest musical accomplishments.

"Earth Song" is a typical MJ "Save the world" anthem, but its done to epic proprtions. Its a mammoth anthem, not preaching to people how to save the world, but basically how "no one gives a damn". It doesn't get better than this! Another overlooked gem in Michaels catalogue of work.

"Money" is a song that doesnt sound like anything MJ had done before. Its basically all spoken word, and what he says about what people would do for money is spot on and extremely relevant to his experiences, and whats going on in the world today.

"Come Together" is Michaels remake of The Beatles classic and I really enjoy this one too. Its a great remaking and its cool to have it on CD after seeing it on his Moonwalker film right at the end!

"You Are Not Alone" is the 1996 mega smash and its a great ballad. Theres not much to say about this one, but you honestly cant help but sing along and get caught in the infectious chorus!

"Childhood" is Michaels his most autobiographical song ever. Just listen to the lyrics..its not your typical Verse-Chorus-Verse-Bridge-Chorus song, its structure is intricate and his powerful lyrics are the main attraction to this song. The music alone can also be enough to bring someone to tears.

"Tabloid Junkie" is another roaring dance number similar to "Scream". It tells of how everyone shouldnt believe what they read or see. A great song that is usually overlooked!

The rest of the tracks are also great (This Time Around, D.S., 2Bad, History, Little Susie and Smile) and are well worth a listen..they are great tracks, but those ones I just wrote about are my personal standouts.

My overall rating for Disc Two is 5 stars.

"HIStory" is the evolution of Michael Jackson from the beginning of his musical solo career to his honest later work. You will never hear Michael this honest, frank and autobiographical in any other album.
There are songs on the 2nd disc that I consider some of his finest work ever.
Just give it a try! Just because the television doesnt acknowledge this fine album (and Dangerous), it doesnt mean it isnt good.
Its a fantastic album and should be heard by anyone who considers themselves a Michael Jackson fan.

R.I.P Michael Jackson! You many not be here on Earth, but I am so grateful you left your musical legacy with us, so people now and people in the future can discover how remarkable it really is!

The Simpsons: Season 11
The Simpsons: Season 11
DVD ~ The Simpsons
Offered by westcoastmedia
Price: $14.05
28 used & new from $10.12

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Not really impressed with this season.., March 12, 2009
This review is from: The Simpsons: Season 11 (DVD)
I didnt even really enjoy Season 10 that much, but in all honesty, I enjoyed it a hell of a lot more than this one!
I have always been a huge Simpsons fan, but it was sad at how much I didnt dig this season..I was actually looking forward to finishing the set half way through! I had already gotten over it!
My experiences weren't good with this DVD set at all..
At first..I didnt get the DVD edition I wanted. I had been collecting the heads, so when I got the edition with no pissed me off because it looked nothing like my previous DVD sets, and to a DVD perfectionist like annoyed me!
THEN came the horrendous packaging..OK I get they dont want to use plastic...but it is so hard to get the discs damages the disc!
The art is fantastic, but I wish the executed the packaging a little better. I wish I could teach them a lesson or two so us Simpsons fans can get the packaging we deserve for putting up with their drastic packaging decisions over the past 5 years!!
THEN came the episodes, they were just..not that funny. Honestly, I would put The Simpsons glory years at Seasons 3-9...10 if I was being really kind.
However, with that being said..the last episoe 'Behind The Laughter' was GREAT! It is worth the whole set in my eyes! One of the most creative episodes in their history, in my honest opinion..its a shame it was the last episode on the disc!
The extras are great, with all the commentaries..but if you arent a big commentaries fan..then theres not much else. Kind of disappointing, but the commentaries are a good enough extra.
So overall, I was disappointed in the declining quality of this seasons episodes. The packaging was horrendous and I hope they fix it for next seasons release.

Episodes - 3 stars
Extras - 5 stars
Packaging - 1 Star
Art - 4 stars

So 3 stars from me!

Pinocchio (Two-Disc 70th Anniversary Platinum Edition)
Pinocchio (Two-Disc 70th Anniversary Platinum Edition)
DVD ~ Mel Blanc
Offered by Wheezies_Authentic_Family_DVDs
Price: $76.95
25 used & new from $47.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars An incredible feat...and only Disneys 2nd film!, March 12, 2009
This film is such an amazing example of an animated film.
This is Disneys 2nd film, and it still holds up well nearly 70 years after its release!
The story is great, the animation is beautiful, and a work of art in itself...and the DVD does NOT disappoint!
After 2 really lame releases of 'Pinocchio', Disney gives it the Platinum treatment and it really is a must have!
I dont have a Blu-Ray player, but Ive heard if you have a Blu Ray player, that the Blu version of this movie is a MUST BUY!
This is a great film, with great morals that anybody from ages 1-100 can watch and enjoy!
Get this for your kids if they dont have it! Its a must have in any DVD collection and Im glad that Disney have finally put out a decent edition of this film! Im surprised it didnt come out sooner! But the wait was worth it!

Offered by cdgiveaways
Price: $12.99
63 used & new from $0.01

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Britney gets crazy again - in a good way!, December 2, 2008
This review is from: Circus (Audio CD)
The best Britney album to me so far before "Circus" was "In The Zone", it was something about that album that was very layered and adventurous with its songs that made it stand out way past last years "Blackout" (also a great album but very one dimensional, and it gets old FAST).
Britney returns to her adventurous roots with "Circus", a layered, genre hopping, fun listen thats not as instantly catchy as "Blackout" but ultimately, holds up very well and is without a doubt her best album to date.
Because of how the album has a variety of different sounds, it has much more longevity than the synth heavy, distant "Blackout".

You get your dance songs, always top of the rank, and AMAZING.. Womanizer, Circus, If U Seek Amy (Pop perfection, you have to listen to this), Kill The Lights, Mannequin.

You get the ballads, Out From Under and My Baby which are very good sweet songs that is a complete joy to listen to after not having Britney Ballads for years.

And the great mid-tempo songs like the amazing Shattered Glass, Blur and Unusual You..

The only song I cant get into is Mmm Papi, but its still an OK song, I just need some time with it.

Overall, this is such a worthy purchase. Its her best album to date.
She has definitely matured as an artist and is finally coming into her own.

The Deluxe Edition has the DVD with the Womanizer video and the Making of, which I highly reccomend. PLUS the bonus songs Phonography and Rock Me In which are surprisingly great for bonus tracks.

Recommended definitely! Join the Circus today!

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