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Sony NEX-7 24.3 MP Compact Interchangeable Lens Camera with 18-55mm Lens
Sony NEX-7 24.3 MP Compact Interchangeable Lens Camera with 18-55mm Lens
Offered by PCNation
Price: $1,238.00
35 used & new from $600.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars A delight to use, February 3, 2012
I managed to get my hands on one of these in Jan 2012, and believe me it was difficult.

The body weighs very little without the battery or lens, which is as it should be. Put the weight into a great set of lenses. Place one of those great lenses on this camera, and I've tried the 18-55, 55-210 and zeiss 24, and the results are wonderful. Yes you can argue that at not so low iso ratings the 24 MP is noisy, but dial down the noise in post image processing (I shoot in raw format) and the results are superb.

I find the viewfinder to be remarkably good, better than optical viewfinders as I really see what I will get, and every time I look through it I am stunned at the fidelity. After a great shot the result can look almost 3d, if you have preview one. No dancing dots have crossed my eye's path.

I upgraded from the 5n, which lacked the viewfinder in particular. The difference in ergonomics and quality is worthwhile. Also worthwhile is the expensive Zeiss 24 lens, and the 55-210. Both deliver excellent results.

This range will keep building over time, so any lenses you buy will still be valuable for years. However lenses are also difficult to find these days, as are older Leica lenses which many have had success with.

The best camera I've ever owned, and a delight to pick up, to carry on long treks and to use.

AudioQuest K2 Terminated Speaker Cable - UST 2.44 m Plugs 8' Pair (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
AudioQuest K2 Terminated Speaker Cable - UST 2.44 m Plugs 8' Pair (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
2 used & new from $13,099.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Yes! But wait. It cannot be, November 27, 2010
This is it. The cable I need to complete my music system. I've spent 15 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars, and yet there remained that eight foot gap, that weakest link.

But wait. No. It cannot be.

To my abject horror Amazon refuses to ship this to me in New Zealand.

Why torment us so with the elegant beauty and value of your products, but then at the last refuse to ship to our country? Grant us this one boon, and unleash your electronic devices upon us here, so that we may also partake in the countless bargains of mystical appeal.

Also - do these come in pink?

Peter Jackson: A Film-Maker's Journey
Peter Jackson: A Film-Maker's Journey
by Brian Sibley
Edition: Hardcover
21 used & new from $35.58

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5.0 out of 5 stars Weighty and worthy, November 13, 2006
The book is on the shelves in New Zealand right now. It's a remarkable journey he has made, from struggling apprentice printer to mogul.

The book, like his movies, is long, and rewarding for it. The emphasis is more on pre-LOTR work and life, and it really focuses on the movies - no business or personal exposes here.

Three things struck me:

The first is his overwhelming passion for movies - passion that led him to just do it, rather than learn first by going to university. The results speak volumes, and he is in good company with this approach.

The second is that he is a leader with an ability to gather large amounts of people around him - from the first movie made with a bunch of mates on weekends, to LOTR with over 24,000 kiwis involved.

And the third is that he is an astute businessman - the book only hints at this, but it is clear from the continuous improvement in his Film Commission submissions, and the improvement in the deals struck with New line and Universal.

Read it.

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars the ebay of NZ, April 14, 2004
trademe owns NZ's auctions market, and have a very simple user interface that ebay could learn from. A great site.

Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them
Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them
by Al Franken
Edition: Hardcover
1161 used & new from $0.01

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars funny and sad, August 28, 2003
Franken, a funny guy, teamed up with a bunch of Harvard undergrad and Kennedy School students to fact-check the right wing media and government. The results are both saddening and funny.
highlights are:
-the commentry on the Paul Wellstone funeral - a subject treated seriously, with an excellent eulogy excerpt by the brother of Wellford's driver,
-"Operation Ignore" which tracks the efforts the Clinton administration made against terrorism and how the entire process stalled once Bush et al. arrived. Absolutely damning evidence - there was a good chance Sept 11 & OBL could have been stopped. Condi Rice was told in her handover briefing that terrorism would "consume far more of her time than she ever imagined". She, to her credit, and Richard Clarke tried to push the planned anti Osama plan further but it got stalled by Bush, Rumsfeld et al.
-A visit to Bob Jones U by Franken and his prospective student "nephew" - BJU comes out of it surprisingly well. "we'd come to BJU expecting to encounter racist, intolerant homophobes. Instead we found people who were welcoming, friendly and extremely nice"
most of all Franken accusses IN PRINT the president, vice president, Ann Coulter and many others of being liers - multiple times. Essentially he is challenging them to respond via a lawsuit - a lawsuit he would win as the evidence he has gathered seems very solid. and scary.
The book is let down by one or two digressions into "rabid anti conservative fiction" which will make it unapproachable for those on the right looking to see what Al is on about. A pity - he is saying things that people from both spectrums should be listening to.
Read it.

The Adventure Motorbiking Handbook (Compass Star adventure travel)
The Adventure Motorbiking Handbook (Compass Star adventure travel)
by Chris Scott
Edition: Paperback
22 used & new from $0.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars THE bible for motorcycle travellers, April 12, 2000
I used this book for my own motorcycle travels - it, along with Asia Overland, was the only reference I truly needed. It was fantastic for both pre trip planning and for during the trip.
Chris highlights all of the things you need for a successful and fun journey, and provides enough excitement to build your motivation to buy & equip the bike and get on the road. If you think that you might like to do this the future - watch out, a few months after reading this book you may find yourself on a dirt track in a country you didn't know existed....

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