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CoolIt Toddler/Baby Food Cooling Dish
CoolIt Toddler/Baby Food Cooling Dish
Offered by Product Manufacturers Association
Price: $9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars No more blowing for an impatient little one at meal time!, July 30, 2014
We love this product and had the perfect opportunity last week to try out this amazing invention that I have been bragging about to all my mommy friends since the first moment I used it.

Coolit takes hot food and makes it the perfect temperature for your kids to be able to eat it. No more "it's hot, be careful" or ice cubes added to soup which I do so often I have to keep a bag of ice for this very purpose.

You simply put the Coolit bowl in to the freezer and when you need it take it out, put the hot food in it and in less than 60 seconds the too hot food is perfect!

It is 2 x 8 and made of BPA free material. There is a non-toxic gel like most of our cooling cups that already take up my freezer which means it is completely safe to use with your kids food.

We only had it in the freezer for about 10 minutes, the amount of time it took me to make the soup my daughter requested. It can be used to cool any food!

The Smart Dad's Guide to Daughters: 101 Real-World Tips to Improve Your Relationship-and Save Your Sanity
The Smart Dad's Guide to Daughters: 101 Real-World Tips to Improve Your Relationship-and Save Your Sanity
Price: $8.85

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect Book For Any Dad With A Daughter, July 23, 2014
What a fantastic book for dads. I love dad and daughter relationships when they are pure, loving and beautiful. I love when I see a really good dad who understands his daughter and appreciates her because she makes him softer then he is with anyone else. I sob over father-daughter relationships in movies when the dad is just THE DAD! The one we all wish we had.

Some of the tips are there are 101, so you guys really have a lot of loving things to choose from, are so beautiful!

Unfortunately too many dads don't realize that they are the precedent. They set the stage for what their daughters will settle for in their lives. Make her want more for herself! Make her want to be with a man who treats her right and takes care of her heart.

Take tip #65 Give her a thoughtful present just from you to her on special occasions. It doesn't have to be anything big. It is special because it came from her daddy.

After the tip there is another section such as Think About It, Translation, Taking Inventory, and A Word from the Word section. In this case the writer has a Think About It section where the writer tells you how to make her feel special and what he has done for his own daughters. He is right, flowers and small tokens always work. Daughters love their daddies and showing them how much you love them in your busy day goes a long way.

If you are turned off by preachy, overly religious books don't worry. Although these books contain scripture and talk of religion I as someone who isn't overly religious didn't feel preached to.

If you get one or both of these books, I suggest you pick through them and read what you need to but don't put them away. These are wonderful resources taking you from toddler hood to adult hood.

On a last note, enjoy your kids. They are blessings and without mine, my life would be incomplete. In fact, I couldn't imagine my life without them.

The Savvy Mom's Guide to Sons: 101 Real-World Tips to Improve Your Relationship-and Save Your Sanity
The Savvy Mom's Guide to Sons: 101 Real-World Tips to Improve Your Relationship-and Save Your Sanity
Price: $9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Practical, Loving Tips for Raising Sons, July 23, 2014
What I loved most was how the book broke everything down. When you become a parent you are forever learning just as your child is. You can never have enough help and I believe this book is perfect for a mom who has had a son and wants a loving relationship with him. Face it, he's a boy and they think differently. I know that as a mom of a boy and a girl. I completely understand my daughter and know where she is coming from. I get her! I was her! My son, I adore him to pieces but sometimes I just don't understand the way he thinks. Not surprising because I sometimes don't understand the way my husband thinks or any man for that matter.

The book gives you numbered tips. There is 101 to be exact such as number 22 about letting him roughhouse. This was always something that was hard for me until another mom told me about 9 years ago. "They are smiling. They are not fighting. Let them be it is what boys do. Maria, as long as they all have smiles, you don't have to stop it." She was right. I just saw it as fighting but it was basically roughhousing, exploring, testing themselves, and channeling all that boy energy.

The author basically tells you why they tend to do this and why you should channel it correctly. Then each number has A Word From The Word. Which is basically something from the bible that corresponds with the numbered tip. In this case, ZeChariah 8:4-5 niv This is what the Lord Almighty says...the city streets will be filled with boys and girls playing.

Next, each tip has a Think About It section where the author talks to you! In this case, there are suggestions such as play miniature golf, hit the batting cages, run, etc.

Lastly, there are Final Thoughts. In this case, it says, horseplay is just play. Basically, relax mom. boys are different from girls.

Saturday Night of the Living Dead
Saturday Night of the Living Dead
by Brad Carter
Edition: Paperback
Price: $16.20
9 used & new from $15.19

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars What a great read. From the first page till the end ..., July 16, 2014
What a great read. From the first page till the end I was captivated by the writing and the detail. I could visualize the entire story and what a story it is.

Our main character Ryan is a fan of horror movies. Such a fan that he and his childhood friend set their sights on becoming make up artists for some of the biggest horror movies out there and find success.

There is mystery, murder, horror, romance, supernatural, and violence all tied up in a well written, thoroughly entertaining book with a fun and freaky cover that reminds me of the 70s.

There are some scenes that are so detailed that I felt as if I were watching a movie instead of reading.

Full of horror movie names like Bruce Campbell, Wes Craven, and John Carpenter makes it feel autobiographical at times which once again reiterates how good of a writer Brad is. I was completely into this book. Was it a mystery about two girls who were murdered at a drive-in? Was it about a cult? Was it about B Horror Movies? Was it about Ryan and his high school crush? Was it about Zombies? Ghosts? The Supernatural? Magic? Religious Cults? Well, it is about all of these things and more AND it is quite funny.

I will be recommending this book for a long time. Why has this not been made into a movie yet?

Much different than what I have been reading lately. Great change of pace.

Perfect Summer
Perfect Summer
DVD ~ Perfect Summer
Price: $17.98

4.0 out of 5 stars Nice Family Friendly Movie About Second Chances and Taking Chances, July 15, 2014
This review is from: Perfect Summer (DVD)
The 411 by Maria:

I love family friendly movies were estranged families are brought together due to circumstances and finally find the love they were missing out on.

Jake and his mom live in Chicago but end up in a sleepy little surf town after the death of his father. Thankfully mom has a place to stay while she gets a new job and begins her new life taking care of her and her son alone. She lands in her estranged dad's house. Who is a loner who lives a quiet life, volunteering at the church and trying his best to get close to his family.

On a mission to find Wi-Fi Jake ends up at a little surf shop run by Jason Castro of American Idol fame and so it begins. A pretty girl, a jealous ex boyfriend, a new life in a small town, and a challenge to learn surfing round out Jake's new life.

A story about starting over and letting others help you and "never living with regrets".

Sweet story! Eric Roberts was great as grandpa and while Jake looked a bit too old to play the angsty teen, my kids and I enjoyed it.

When Calls the Heart - The Dance DVD
When Calls the Heart - The Dance DVD
Offered by BuckeyeState-Bulk
Price: $18.99
19 used & new from $14.00

4.0 out of 5 stars When Calls The Heart Is A Beautiful Series, July 15, 2014
Unfortunately we don't have The Hallmark Channel on our TV so I have not heard of When Calls The Heart before this DVD. After researching I see that this is an original series based on the bestselling books by Janette Oke.

When Calls The Heart, the series is about the story about Elizabeth Thatcher a young teacher who beginning a new chapter in her life in a 20th century coal mining town.

In this DVD When Calls The Heart The Dance a group of miners descend on the town and The Dance part of the title is Miss Thatcher and the other woman in town throwing a dance to welcome the miners. It appears that there was a mining accident that took the lives of the men of the town leaving many of the woman to count on each other for support. It also appears that the town's lone law enforcer is a Canadian Monty named, Jack Thornton. He has an obvious crush on Miss Thatcher but so does one of the new miners. A suave miner with a penchant for poetry, Mr. Billy Hamilton takes a liking to Miss Thatcher and she is definitely interested in his debonair ways that she almost forgets she actually likes Mr. Thornton who is only worried about her safety with the unfamiliar Hamilton. While these two gentlemen try to win over Miss. Thatcher. The other woman are dealing with trying to get their lives back in order after the mining accident.

Some are dealing with children who miss their daddies and won't mommy to move on with a new miner, others are dealing with pregnancy and trying to pay for food now that their men are gone.

In the midst of all this newness and attempt to get life back in order after the accident, there have been robberies in town and Monty Jack Thornton must find out who is to blame.

What I loved about this was that the show was very family oriented. It reminded me of Little House on the Prairie without the child stars. My favorite character is played by "Becky"Lori Loughlin who plays Abigail Stanton, a wife and mother whose husband was the foreman of the mine and was killed in the explosion.

Season 2 will begin shooting in August and I now wish I had the Hallmark Channel so I could catch up on Season 1 and watch Season 2.

If you love shows like Dr. Quinn, Little House on the Prairie, or just love the Hallmark Channel shows you will undoubtedly love this series.

I personally love the clothing and how everyone leaned on each other during these times. You needed your friends and neighbors to survive and you could count on them.

DohVinci Deluxe Styler
DohVinci Deluxe Styler
Price: $9.28
10 used & new from $7.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Nice Addition For A DohVinci Project Kit, July 3, 2014
This review is from: DohVinci Deluxe Styler (Toy)
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
My 9 year old wishes there were more Doh sticks with this but was happy to have the added colors. She especially loved the styler which was different than the blue ones that come with the projects. She thought this one was really pretty.

The dough which looks very pretty sitting in the tube with it's flower shaped design, something my little girl loves. She says that the styler is very easy to use. Insert the color you want after removing the came and adding one of the 4 shape applicator tips. She says the doh comes out smooth and clean now that she is used to applying the right amount of pressure and not breaking the dough before she finishes her design. A smooth hand and glide the tip against what you want to decorate for a nice unbroken dough line.

We wish there were more colors but are so thankful for these added three.

DohVinci Peace Project Complete Design Kit
DohVinci Peace Project Complete Design Kit
Price: $9.99
8 used & new from $9.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Peace and Quiet With This Project Kit, July 3, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
This is my 9 year old's second Doh Vinci project and there isn't anything she didn't like.

She set all the pieces out in front of her, gets a glass of water and dives right in. I have not worked with her at all so I can definitely say this is a great keep them busy item at a reasonable cost.

When I asked her what she loves most for the review she said she loved the colors and the ribbons. She loves that she can hang this or place it on the included stand. She also loves that it is so easy to make it your own. She believes that everyone would have a different one because you can style it anyway you want.

The box says that the dough dries overnight but in our case it doesn't. Our house is always at 75 with the central air so we are not sure if that is why but it does take time but we feel this is a great kit to keep the kids busy for an hour or so..

Fekkai Essential Shea Pot De Crme 5.2oz, 5.200-Fluid Ounce
Fekkai Essential Shea Pot De Crme 5.2oz, 5.200-Fluid Ounce
Price: $20.26
12 used & new from $17.50

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Smells SOOOOO good., July 1, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I have very long, wavy, thick hair. It is course from lots of coloring and styling. Now that Summer is here it has become very dry especially at the ends if I don't straighten it but I am trying to stay away from that for these months and love Fekkai Essential Shea Pot De Crme because it makes my hair smell great and softens it up.

Usually in the summer I just make a long braid or wear it out and crazy. Lately I have been applying Fekkai when it is completely dry. I work a finger tip full amount through four sections of hair from midway from root to the ends. Then I work my hair into a thick braid.

The crme goes on without any fuss. You would think because it is so thick it would take a while to work it in but it doesn't. Maybe that is because my hair is super course. It does make my hair very smooth and the smell is incredible.

While it is pricy for every day use, I think it would take a while for me to work through the jar. I plan on purchasing for myself when I run out of this jar.

It does not leave your hair greasy and can be used on wet or dry hair.

Transformers Age of Extinction Generations Leader Class Optimus Prime Figure
Transformers Age of Extinction Generations Leader Class Optimus Prime Figure
Price: $33.74
37 used & new from $29.06

4.0 out of 5 stars Optimus Is The Coolest, June 24, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Come on Optimus Prime is amazing. Look at those colors. We had to research how to transform him but we got it and it is so cool. We think the size is great and it feels hardy enough but we think the price is high considering it is just a toy however, we know this is all to do with the Transformer name and how cool Optimus is.

We think that people who love this type of toy will like it. However, once it is transformed to a robot there is still the carriage with wheels from the truck on the bottom.

Transformer fans will love this.
Kids will find it cool.
Two play possibilities. Robot or cool rad truck.

The directions were hard to follow. We had to research how to transform him
Price. We think it should be more around $18.00 - $23.00

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