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STK Keurig Reusable K-Cup 3 Count for Keurig Brewers K45, K130, K145, K40 replaces Ecobrew, Solofil, and Kuerig My refillable K cup from SterlingTek
STK Keurig Reusable K-Cup 3 Count for Keurig Brewers K45, K130, K145, K40 replaces Ecobrew, Solofil, and Kuerig My refillable K cup from SterlingTek
Offered by SterlingTEK
Price: $14.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Well worth the price. These work perfect in the Keurig K40., January 22, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
These work perfect in my Keurig K40 and they're well worth the price! They're well made, though I did break the lip of one by banging it on the trashcan trying to get the coffee grounds out (it still works fine for brewing coffee). I do notice a bit of coffee built up on the top of the cup when it's done brewing, but it has not been an issue. I do not get coffee grounds in my cup when using these. They're really easy to clean and the dolphins are a cute plus!

NETGEAR N600 Wi-Fi DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem Router (C3700)
NETGEAR N600 Wi-Fi DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem Router (C3700)
Price: $107.10
81 used & new from $67.72

8 of 11 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Nice combo modem/router for the price, March 17, 2014
I've had this modem/router for a little over 3 months now (received a free beta version from NETGEAR) and it's been terrific! I'm not super computer savvy so it took a phone call with Comcast to get it set up, but once it was installed and working with the internet provider it's been awesome ever since. The wireless range is pretty good (have a 2 story ~1600sq' house) and we haven't had any connection issues in the house, though outside in the yard we do start to lose signal. We have an acre though, so it's expected - the wireless does reach the end of the patio and a little down the path leading away from the house, so you can enjoy time outside on your pad/laptop with no issues if you're sitting on the porch. We have also not had to restart the modem/router yet, which was a common occurrence with the modem provided by Comcast. A speed test showed that it wasn't much different from the Comcast modem when it comes to internet connection speed, but I personally feel that it's faster to load internet pages and surf around, especially on a cell phone. My husband, who is a PC tech, thinks it needs more ethernet ports (only comes with 2), but most devices seem to be wireless today and I don't personally have any issues with the number of ethernet ports. The set up screen (very technical here, but the page that you load on the computer with the IP address to change the router settings) was fairly easy to understand, but a navigation page or instructions in PDF would have been nice to access for those who don't know about wap stuff and other technical things. I was able to change the password and set up some security, which is all I need, but the hubby took a look at it and changed some other settings too. When I tested this I didn't know what the price was going to be, but once I saw the price I was very impressed - it's great value for the money and knowing how well it works I would buy another one in the future and would recommend it to friends!

-modem/router in one (saves space and some cords)
-Good wireless range
-no connection issues to date (as compared to Comcast modem)
-fast internet surfing and online streaming

-only 2 ethernet ports

Rosewill X-Slim Keyboard with Low Profile Chiclet Keycap Design (RIKB-11001)
Rosewill X-Slim Keyboard with Low Profile Chiclet Keycap Design (RIKB-11001)

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent for the price., February 18, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I've owned two of these now, one ordered through my previous employer and the other I purchased myself for use at my current job. I love these keyboards. They're cheap and stylish, for one. The keys are very responsive and the keys are raised, but all on the same height (which makes it look flat), which I like. Chicklet keys, but not the scissor type action of a laptop keyboard - which means this keyboard makes noise. It's not too bad, and I actually prefer to hear myself typing which is why I like it. This keyboard is definitely not for everyone - if you like an angled keyboard or a silent keyboard this is not for you. The only other thing to say about it is that it's plastic, but heavier than most of the newer keyboards (think Dell) which makes it feel much more solid. The keyboard itself feels like it has better structure than other plastic ones, but the keys feel cheap like they might break. Don't let this fool you - in two years of daily 8am-5pm use I have never had a key break or stick. I plan to order another one of these for home use. Only thing that would make it better would be scissor-action like a laptop keyboard.

BISSELL 58F83 Rewind SmartClean, Blue
BISSELL 58F83 Rewind SmartClean, Blue
Price: $119.96
18 used & new from $50.00

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Vacuum, February 18, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
We bought this vacuum based on the price and other customer ratings and it has definitely lived up to expectations! As other users say, it's loud but not so loud you can't have a conversation by speaking louder (don't have to shout, but do need to raise your voice), and the extension hose is rigid (the vacuum travels with you if you try to reach too far) - but man does this thing SUCK! I am still amazed at how much dirt this vacuum picks up every time we use it. We never knew how much dirt we were tracking through the house - and we don't even have pets or wear shoes indoors! Absolutely would recommend to others, this is an amazing vacuum.

SanDisk Sansa e260 4 GB MP3 Player with MicroSD Expansion Slot (Black
SanDisk Sansa e260 4 GB MP3 Player with MicroSD Expansion Slot (Black
10 used & new from $44.95

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best Mp3 player ever owned, January 13, 2013
Small, but holds plenty of music
Ease of adding/removing music
Expansion slot
Actual scroll wheel, that actually turns
Replaceable battery
Customer service

Scroll wheel will go on the fritz
Battery will start to lose charge
(note - all cons that show up after at least 2 years of use)

I've had several mp3 players over the years, but this little guy is my go-to player. It has it's problems, as you've probably read from other reviewers, but take a look at currently available models and compare the reviews there to this one (or even the first generation Fuze) - you just can't beat this player. The difference with this device for me, is that it will LAST. I'm sure you can get a much larger capacity player that's lighter and newer at this point, probably for much less money at this point - but I'd still come back to buy this model at this price if mine would ever die.

One of my favorite things about this model is how easy it is to get music on it. It plugs into the computer as a USB device, and adding/removing music is as easy as navigating to folders on your hard drive in Windows. The ipod will change the name of your song to some weird alphanumeric code and remove the properties, AND you have to have itunes installed; the zune requires you to use this god awful software to load music, and again, you have to use this software. I absolutely love how easy it is to access your music/pictures with this player.

I've had mine for over 6 years now, I got it as a gift (can't remember when at this point). The thing that I love the most about this mp3 player is the weight/durability. This is not a light little unit that you can toss around, it's got a metal backing and has some heft to it, which is nice - you can feel it in your pocket, you know it's there. And yet it's not so heavy it's burdensome (it's much lighter than the original Zune, for instance). You can toss this is a pocket for jogging and forget it's there. That being said, I do drop this guy a LOT and it can stand the abuse, especially due to the metal frame on the back - it protects everything. But once, just once, after about a year of owning it, I dropped it and it died on me - I called customer service and they spent about 2 hours with me over the phone and sending several emails to clear the hard drive and get the software re-installed (even though it was technically out of warranty), and it worked like new. The customer service people were polite, patient and helpful.

Another thing I absolutely love about this player is that it has a real scroll wheel - one that turns, and you can feel it clicking as it turns. I like the tactile response of not just pressing a button on a fake wheel. There is a downside to this mechanical wonder however - a couple of years of use, and the scroll wheel started to get a mind of it's own (skipping like crazy, like playing russian roulette with my ears and the volume) - but I found a post online about how to fix that (yes, it involved tiny screwdrivers and disassembling the unit, but the same clumsy person who drops it all the time managed this fix so it's not rocket science to fix the scroll wheel). And you know what, it worked like new. A year or so after that the battery started losing charge, but hey - it's replaceable! And I don't mean replaceable the way an ipod battery is replaceable, it's more like a cell phone battery and you can get the replacement anywhere. New battery, worked like new. Now about 6 years later (or more) the scroll wheel started getting touchy again - found the same post online as to how to fix and and guess what, works just like new!!

I guess what I'm saying is, it'll require maintenance, but this thing is BUILT TO LAST. It's hard to find that nowadays, especially fixes that you can do yourself instead of having to send it to some special shop and pay some crazy amount of money to have it fixed. You're hard pressed to find anything made out of metal at this point, or anything with truly replaceable parts. I know that no matter how much I keep this thing serviced by me, it will die eventually. I know that won't be for another few years, however, and it makes me sad to know that I won't be able to find anything like this little wonder again (unless Sansa decides to listen to customer reviews and make quality products again).

Merkury Innovations Retro Series Headphones - White (M-HR100)
Merkury Innovations Retro Series Headphones - White (M-HR100)
2 used & new from $24.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Decent, October 31, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I bought these headphones based on the reviews here on Amazon. I wanted something cheap that looks good for listening to music at the office and these definitely do the trick. I highly recommend this item if you're not looking to pay much for a decent set of headphones!

Pros: Looks, price, well-made, decent sound
Cons: Really short cord, too tight on head/ears, don't fit over ears well.

I'm impressed with them for what I was looking for, but did notice a few things that take away from them being a 5-star item. The music quality is really good, but the treble can be a little much at times, depending on the music I'm listening to (cymbal sounds blend together a bit at higher volumes). Like other reviewers, I did notice the earphones were pretty tight - and I have a small head. The ear cup pieces are rectangular shaped and don't really fit over the ears but lay on them a bit, so with the tightness of the headband they tend to press on your ears and can be a bit uncomfortable for prolonged use. You can fix this by carefully bending the plastic headband part, but it is plastic so it takes a while to get it right. Also, the cord is pretty short (about 3.5 feet), sitting at a computer it's just right distance-wise but the cord hangs over the keyboard and can get in the way a little. Please don't let these negative aspects fool you - these ear cup pieces are well padded and well made, the headphones as a whole look great, have decent sound and I don't think you can beat quality/looks for the price.

Gizmo Dorks Felt Case (Smoke) with Carbiner Key Chain for the Amazon Kindle Keyboard
Gizmo Dorks Felt Case (Smoke) with Carbiner Key Chain for the Amazon Kindle Keyboard

5.0 out of 5 stars Sleek and Chic!, May 16, 2011
I absolutely love this case! The kindle fits in the back pouch perfectly and the cord fits in the front zipper pouch well with the Kindle in there too. It's also strong, well stitched, has a strong handle, good closure and the embroidered logos on the front are cool (though the one is simply a generic "electronic" and not actually a Kindle - which I knew when I purchased it, since you can see that clearly in the photos).

UPDATE: About 6 months later and the case is still working great, in almost new condition. I wasn't expecting something from felt to last so long but the stitching, zipper, velcro and handle are holding up fine with continuous daily use. I highly recommend this product, especially for the price!
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Oct 31, 2011 12:05 PM PDT

iGadgitz Black & Pink Flowers Silicone Skin Case Cover for Amazon Kindle 3 Keyboard Graphite 3G + WiFi Global Wireless (3rd Generation, released Aug 2010) + Screen Protector
iGadgitz Black & Pink Flowers Silicone Skin Case Cover for Amazon Kindle 3 Keyboard Graphite 3G + WiFi Global Wireless (3rd Generation, released Aug 2010) + Screen Protector

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Nice looks and well padded, May 16, 2011
I love the way this skin looks and it fits well on the Kindle, is thick enough that it's well padded and I like that the buttons for turning the pages are covered as well (I'm pretty clumsy). However, when I went to put it on I put it in bottom-first and it ripped a bit in the upper left corner which was the last part to go on. I might have put it on wrong, but it was a little disappointing that it wasn't a bit stronger. I would recommend this purchase - just make sure you're careful when you put the Kindle in!

Great Danger
Great Danger
Price: $15.42
62 used & new from $1.30

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Solid 4th Release from The Audition, March 18, 2010
This review is from: Great Danger (Audio CD)
Wow, The Audition is BACK! After the disappointing self-titled album (the boys' third release) they've have gone back to what they do best. The musicality, lyric quality, catchiness, and sing-along-ability of The Audition has finally returned! The songs on this album reflect musically their second release, Champion, while the lyric quality is on par with Champion and their first release, Controversy Loves Company. The songs are well-written and well mixed, Danny's singing is getting better with each album, and you can tell that the boys were trying some new things thing time around ("Honest Mistake" being the stand-out example here). What they did works well and brings back my confidence in the band. However, while their underwhelming self-titled release was filled with dime-a-dozen love songs, Great Danger is filled with dime-a-dozen break-up songs and it would have been nice to have a bit of topic variety. The one blaring exception to this blanket statement is the bonus track "Stand Up And Fight" (iTunes exclusive, apparently) which hearkens back to Controversy in a good way, completes the album and is the kind of track we could all hope to hear more of in the future. Great Danger would have earned my 5 stars due to the music and lyric quality, but due to the lack of topic variety I can only give it 4 stars. This album is one the boys should be proud of and one that the fans will most definitely love.

Self-Titled Album
Self-Titled Album
Offered by Customer Direct
Price: $6.85
53 used & new from $0.01

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Just OK, May 4, 2009
This review is from: Self-Titled Album (Audio CD)
When The Audition came out with Controversy Loves Company the music was a hit due to the inspired musings of the lyrics, and their second album Champion had this undescribably catchy musicality that had you singing and dancing along with every song, but their third attempt is definitely a miss in both of these categories. This album is filled with 10 unimaginative, uninspired, dime-a-dozen relationship songs with lyrics that any third grader could have come up with ("I feel my temperature rising for you/There's just no way to describe it, It's true"... or the sickening lyrics from It's Gonna Be Hard (When I'm Gone): "It's gonna be hard when I'm gone/I'll take this time,To sit down and write you a song/With simple words and melody,To explain exactly what you mean to me/Oh, Amy") Most of the songs sound the same to me, but this is most likely due to the same theme in every single one, and clocking in at only 33 minutes the CD starts over before you have time to really get into the groove of the music. With the first two albums from The Audition you'll find it hard not to sing along and dance, but this album is hard just to listen to and you probably won't WANT to sing along with most of the songs. Although the lyrics are crappy and most of the songs seem the same, the musicality of The Audition is still preserved in this CD and that may be its saving grace. The songs are up-beat and you can actually groove to some of them and that's where The Audition has always shined, however, there's nothing really new here like there was in the transition from Controversy to Champion. I give it 3 stars and I think that's a very fair mark. Fans of The Audition will like this CD, but for someone just starting to listen to this band I would recommend one of their first two CDs to start out with. For me, I'm looking forward to their next release where hopefully the testosterone levels will decrease and the songs will start to have meaning once again.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jun 28, 2009 10:20 AM PDT

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