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Star Fox Command
Star Fox Command
Offered by Insane Web Deals
Price: $89.88
60 used & new from $8.93

3.0 out of 5 stars Starfox: Barrel Roll Edition, April 24, 2016
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This review is from: Star Fox Command (Video Game)
Starfox Command is an interesting hybrid of a classic Starfox shooter and turn-based strategy. Each mission has you drawing your ship's course in hopes that you'll intercept an enemy squadron. When you do, you switch over to pilot mode and try to shoot down a set number of one type of enemy and collect their "cores" within a time limit (I. Hate. Time limits.). What's neat is that there's a greater variety in characters and ship types. For instance, Slippy pilots the Bullfrog which sports big shields but has no target lock-on. Little details like that make Command interesting.

Unfortunately, the time I spent with the game felt perfunctory. Each mission feels like the next, and the flight segments don't last long enough to be satisfying. Also, since you have to collect items, the easiest way to do so is by barrel-rolling to pull them in. This resulted in me barrel-rolling constantly. Not as fun as it sounds. And did I mention I hate time limits? In spite of all of this the game is enjoyable, it just doesn't have enough to really sink my teeth into.

Star Fox Assault
Star Fox Assault
42 used & new from $28.00

2.0 out of 5 stars Assaults Expectations, April 24, 2016
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This review is from: Star Fox Assault (Video Game)
Until Starfox Zero came out, Assault may of been the closest thing to Starfox 64. It does have some thrilling Arwing combat; however, it's more of a third-person shooter with vehicles. It reminds me of Halo in that regard, especially because the multiplayer seems to be the focus. Unfortunately for Assault, it's no where near as polished as Halo. Everything just seems to be lacking a little bit. The controls don't always work well, the single player mode is uninspired, and the weapons and enemies lack variety. The cut scenes were well done and I feel like the story could've supported more than what it did.

Two stars feels harsh to me (and if I can really play the multiplayer I may change it in the future) but, to me, two stars is a bad game with good ideas. There's fun to be had here for a certain type of person.

Starfox Adventures
Starfox Adventures
Price: $119.16
99 used & new from $15.26

5.0 out of 5 stars Starfox and the Clone-a-sauros, April 23, 2016
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This review is from: Starfox Adventures (Video Game)
I liked this game more than I probably should have. Developed by Rare (Donkey Kong Country and Banjo-Kazooie) it has a color and humor that is their trademark. Originally planned as "Dinosaur Planet", the game didn't include Starfox at all until Nintendo decided that the two could blend harmoniously (probably to the chagrin of Rare). It's immediately evident that "Adventures" isn't your typical Starfox game. True to the title, this game really has more in common with 'The Legend of Zelda' and the few attempts to add Arwing-flying gameplay come off as a laughable afterthought.

What I really enjoyed was the ridiculous story and characters. It reminds me of how a game like Super Mario RPG was drastically different from any Mario game at the time, but it was still fun and expanded on the source material in interesting ways. This is no technical masterpiece or even a true Starfox game, but I found this to be a fun take on Fox's antics outside of the Arwing.

Star Fox Zero + Star Fox Guard - Nintendo Wii U
Star Fox Zero + Star Fox Guard - Nintendo Wii U
Price: $56.99
57 used & new from $40.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Haters gonna Hate, April 23, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I don't understand the negativity with this game. Even though there are motion controls it still largely resembles Starfox 64 in gameplay and execution. The motion controls add a bit of variety to the gameplay, and makes it so the vehicles feel different from each other. There are medals to earn in the story mode and there are extra vehicle-based missions. Starfox Gaurd is included in the physical release and it's pretty excellent in it's own right. It's a puzzle/shooter hybrid where you switch between gun-toting security cams to defend a mining facility from a robot invasion. It has a surprising amount of depth and missions. Both games are made by Platinum, makers of Bayonetta/2 and The Wonderful 101 (a game that, upon release, had similarly mediocre reviews but has since become known as a "hidden gem" among Wii u games). They're good, challenging games. Recommended if you like fun (remember fun? That thing we use to have?).
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Apr 23, 2016 8:08 PM PDT

Takara Tomy EarthBound Biginnings Figure Strap Set of 6
Takara Tomy EarthBound Biginnings Figure Strap Set of 6
Offered by Yutano Trading
Price: $23.00
6 used & new from $23.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Love 'em, March 25, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
For $20 I received the whole set pictured. They are super tiny but also adorable. The keychain part can be unscrewed if you want to display them, but Pippi and Anna don't stand on their own.

Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.
Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.
Offered by The Best Only
Price: $15.98
104 used & new from $9.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars So Many Steam Puns, February 14, 2016
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This review is from: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. (Video Game)
A strategy game made by Intelligent Systems (Fire Emblem, Paper Mario, and Warioware) that looks like it should be a bad game straight out of the 80s. Luckily, under the right conditions it's fun.

The game is a turn-based 3rd person shooter/strategy. You aim and fire manually for your characters, which is much easier if you have a *new* 3ds with the second thumbstick or a circle pad pro. If not, you use the touchscreen or (try to) use the a/b/x/y buttons to move the camera. Once your turn is over, the enemy has their turn. It takes awhile and you are restricted to what your characters can see (no map) so it can feel like you're just waiting. There is an update available that speeds it up and it makes the game flow a bit better. It's a challenging game, much like it's cousin Fire Emblem, sometimes you're one bad call away from losing. Mentioning F.E.: if you're lucky enough to own the Marth, Ike, Robin, or Lucina amiibos they unlock that character in the game.

I think it's worth saying that the characters and story are absurd and there will probably never be another game story like this again. President Lincoln runs an organization consisting of famous literary characters who use steam-punk technology to fight an invasion of Cthulhu aliens (all of which is depicted in a comic-book art style). The story won't win any awards, but it frames the action perfectly.

The game has flaws but if you like strategy games Codename STEAM is a steal at it's current price of $16.

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter (DS) (UK IMPORT)
Solatorobo: Red the Hunter (DS) (UK IMPORT)
Price: $24.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not compatible with my system, January 6, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Wouldn't play on my dsi xl (or new 3ds xl - no surprises there though). Even though it ships from the UK, the version I got was Australia/New Zealand. After looking into the subject it may be that the game is region locked because it has exclusive dsi features. Bummer! While not as impressive as the North American release w/ soundtrack, it's a nice looking box and instruction book.
Comment Comments (3) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Apr 28, 2016 6:38 PM PDT

Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash - Nintendo 3DS Standard Edition
Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash - Nintendo 3DS Standard Edition
Offered by Stellatechs, Inc.
Price: $19.99
86 used & new from $10.00

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars It's Chibi Robo! Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiibiiiiii Roboooooooooooo!!!, December 20, 2015
As a fan of the short series of Chibi Robo games, I had my concerns about the helpful four inch robot being in a platformer. Chibi's adventures have been mostly silly endeavours where Chibi helps eccentric toys and people "find happiness", not jump around. Fortunately, while the game can be described as a "2D platformer" it manages to be more than just that and does a good job of fitting in with what makes Chibi fun.

See, Chibi doesn't jump very far - so instead he uses his cord to lasso around the levels like a tiny Indiana Jones. As you go through a level you pick up power-ups that increase the distance the cord travels. The levels are designed to make use of the cord and having it ricochet off of walls to reach collectibles and such. Based on gameplay alone I think the game is fun. It's a different type of platformer, and it has some unique ideas.

I mentioned collectibles - this game has tons. In each level there are three "big coins", three Chibi tots (they're like Chibi Robo babies), candy (real world candy. Remember in Pikmin 2 how you discovered treasures that were things like Duracell batteries? It's like that but with tootsie rolls), and an unlockable costume. You'll encounter toys that will make requests for specific candies. And even though Chibi has newfound heroism, he can still pick up litter and trash he finds in the levels (a characteristic of the series, and much more fun than it sounds).

I recommend buying the game with the amiibo, but it's not necessary. As you play you accumulate a score that can be transferred over to the Chibi amiibo, upon leveling up you gain access to a larger number of Chibi robo figurines. There are 200 figurines and you pay 50 moolah (the currency) to randomly get one out of a toy capsule machine. If you have other amiibo they can unlock a corresponding figurine where Chibi mimics their pose. The animal crossing amiibo don't unlock figures, and I don't think pac man did when I scanned him (not sure, just FYI). You can also scan the Chibi amiibo in a level and turn into a super-powered version (higher level means more times you can do this per day).

Addressing one complaint that I feel is misleading: To advance to the next level Chibi must spin a roulette wheel that has six spaces with numbers 1-3. The number he lands on is the number of spaces he moves. This probably sounds like you can't pick the level you want, but it is really easy to select exactly which one you want. The wheel moves slowly, you can buy panels to replace numbers you don't want, and the game gives you opportunities to respin. Not to mention, once you complete a worlds levels and boss you can pick the stages normally from then on. I have never gotten a result I didn't want. It sounds crazy to have a roulette wheel decide where you're going - but hey, that's Chibi Robo in a nutshell. It's a funny eccentric game and I encourage everyone to try it.

Offered by the_gamevault
Price: $124.95
41 used & new from $41.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Cue The Theme Music..., October 18, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Chibi-Robo (Video Game)
So I paid $50 plus to buy this old game really just because it was an oddball Nintendo game that appealed to me in concept. And it's fantastic. It's silly and good-natured. Chibi runs around trying to help all he encounters, be it the Sanderson family or their knic-knacks and toys. But since Chibi is only a couple inches tall, small things can become big problems. It's a puzzle/adventure game and played on a Wii with an HD component cable it still looks pretty good. Recommended if you're willing to risk the cash.

As a side-note: isn't it an odd coincidence how many GameCube games had characters in domestic settings? Chibi robo, Pikmin, animal crossing. Even luigi got to run around a mansion. Just a thought.

Yoshi's Woolly World -  Wii U
Yoshi's Woolly World - Wii U
Price: $39.99
90 used & new from $33.29

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Yoshi's Epic Yarn, October 18, 2015
It may be a bit presumptuous to write a review as I haven't finished the game; However, I was really concerned about buying this because it was getting very "middle of the road" critical reviews. Well my wife and I played co-op all through the first world and we both thought it was great.

In spite of most platformers having co-op they're still very difficult to play that way. Woolly world might actually be better with a second player since they can help reach difficult collectibles. The gameplay itself is very similar to kirbys epic yarn (it's really more of a sequel to that game) and as much as I enjoyed kirbys epic yarn, Kirby was kinda tacked on in that game. This game feels very much like it was designed for Yoshi as a character because it uses the egg-throwing (now yarn balls) and flutter jumps from that series.

So it is yet another platformer, but it's creative. The attention to detail is great, and the unlockable Yoshi designs are fun. Amiibo collectors will like the designs you get when you use a compatible amiibo (duck hunt Yoshi is veeeery cute). So if you're looking for a game to play with a family member, or are just a fan of games that are adowable, then you might want to check this out.

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