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Corsair Gaming K70 RGB LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Cherry MX Red (CH-9000068-NA)
Corsair Gaming K70 RGB LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Cherry MX Red (CH-9000068-NA)

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Wow" Is The Best Way To Describe It, December 9, 2014
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The Corsair Gaming K70 is an excellent keyboard. The typing feel is much like the old IBM keyboards that have a definitive "spring" feel. The feel of the keyboard makes it easier to type on than most of the current keyboards available today; the exception would be the MacBook Pro keyboard. It's a great keyboard but where it excels is as a gaming keyboard.

Overall structure and quality:
* The build of the keyboard is incredible.
* The top housing is made of aircraft aluminum and exceptionally sturdy.
* The keys are well placed and responsive.
* You get a distinct "click" as you type which reminds me of the old IBM keyboards.
* The USB cable has a split with two USB connectors to power the keyboard, which looks more like a power line coming into your house than a USB.
* The function and control panel at the top of the keyboard is also well placed and easy to use.
* There is a physical button that will allow you to dim or turn of the backlighting.
* The LED's can be configured in virtually and color set you could ever want.

* The driver set that comes with the keyboard has more configurability than most people will ever need.
* You might actually need a PhD to full understand what the software can do.
* The basic setup features are ease to figure out and setup.
* Firmware updates are exceptionally easy to execute.

Color Scheme:
* The main color is Cherry Red but the keys can be configured to deliver a multitude of colors.

Gaming Keyboard:

This is easily the best gaming keyboard I have ever used. The keys can be configured to highlight control keys with different colors to make them stand out during a game. For example, the directional keys can be colored white for quick reference and the remaining keys red. You can have different controls with a variety of colors all at the same time. It's very comfortable for longer periods of gaming. There is a physical switch at the top of the keyboard that will allow you to set the keyboard up for either different users or different games without having to reconfigure.

The down side is the price and when you shutdown your laptop or desktop the keyboard goes into a weird disco type light show. I wish I could find a way to turn that off at night.
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Actiontec Multi-Room Wireless HD Connection Kit, Black (MWTV2KIT01)
Actiontec Multi-Room Wireless HD Connection Kit, Black (MWTV2KIT01)
Price: $187.99
18 used & new from $187.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Solution (For Me), November 25, 2014
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I think you really need to consider what the connection kit can and cannot do prior to purchasing it. If you want to wirelessly stream HD video to a TV that doesn't have a cable box, AV Receiver or if you want to transmit from one of those devices across a room this kit will work exceptionally well.

The receiving unit that connects to your TV or projector only has an HDMI out port. You can't loop it through a receiver or cable box on the receiving end.

An example of how the kit will be beneficial would be if you have two DirecTV receivers but want to get signal in a third room without purchasing an additional receiver. You can use this kit to stream HD to the third TV utilizing one of the two boxes you already own.

Another use would be to replace a longer HDMI cable that is having signal degradation issues over the run. This is how I used it.

How I used the kit: I hooked the main transmitter to our A/V receiver and the receiving unit to a ceiling mounted projector. The two had previously been connected by an HDMI cable ran through the wall. The kit worked flawlessly with a full digital signal. There hasn't been any freezing, pixelation or other signal issues since installing the kit. The audio quality has also been far better than I expected.

Instructions: I had to read the instructions a couple of times however; they are fairly detailed and adequately useful. Here is my advice, skip the written instruction and go to the Actiontech website. There is a good "How To" video on the product page that shows you how to set the units up. It's about three minutes in length and a whole lot better than the written instructions. If you're like me, visual, video is better than trying to decipher someone else's instructions.

IR Blasters: The kit comes with a set of Infrared signal transmitters that can be hooked up with each unit. The IR transmitters allow you to use your current remote to change channels, increase volume and perform other functions at the remote unit without purchasing a new remote.

My only complaint is the length of HDMI cables included with the kit. They are about three feet long and if you have a TV placed in a build in cabinet you will need to purchase a longer cable to weave through the installation holes.

In the end, for me it's a much better solution than paying or trying to run wires through the wall and ceiling to fix issues I have with the older HDMI cable. Not to mention, if you move you can take the units with you to the new house.

CANON PIXMA MG6620 WIRELESS ALL-IN-ONE COLOR CLOUD Printer, Mobile Smart Phone, Tablet Printing, and AirPrint(TM) Compatible, Black
CANON PIXMA MG6620 WIRELESS ALL-IN-ONE COLOR CLOUD Printer, Mobile Smart Phone, Tablet Printing, and AirPrint(TM) Compatible, Black
Price: Click here to see our price
6 used & new from $99.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great Small Format Printer, November 24, 2014
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The Canon MG6620 is a great printer in a space saving configuration. You won't set any printing speed records however; it's not an industrial printer. The printer is a good solution for the price and a few very nice features including NFC mobile device setup.

The setup was exceptionally easy and took about 15 minutes including aligning the printer heads.

One feature I really neat feature is built into the cartridges themselves. When you properly seat the individual cartridges an indicator light comes on to let you know the cartridge is ready to go. The cartridge tray is small so the lights do help.

Photo printing is good for the type of printer and the cost involved. I wouldn't print the family 8 x 10 on it however, for smaller photos it work adequately.

* Adequate printing speed.
* Visual light indicator when cartridges are seated properly.
* The paper tray is recessed and minimizes the chance of bumping tray.
* Printing from mobile devices is hassle free.
* Pop up cartridge cover allows for easy access to the internal parts of the printer.
* The power cord is a simple cord without the large box unit that many printer power sources have.
* The printer can be setup to print with mobile devices via NFC.
* Photos print well verses other home photo printers.

* None at this time.

Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine
Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine
Price: $269.95
13 used & new from $254.15

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4.0 out of 5 stars From a Beginner's Point of View - Great Machine, November 15, 2014
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My wife is the crafty one in the family and the following is her take on the Silhouette:

This is my first experience with a cutting machine, so I am unable to compare it to similar machines.

* Easy to install the software on my MacBook Pro
* Simple to connect the Cameo to the Mac
* The software is intuitive and easy to use

Getting Started:
Beyond setting the machine up, installing the software, and reading about some very simple techniques, I felt the directions were not helpful for going beyond the basics - they didn't begin to scratch the surface of what all the machine is capable of producing. Being new to the process, I did some research on and found that Silhouette America has produced some great videos that helped me further than the instruction book:
* Silhouette CAMEO® :: Making Your First Cut!
* How to Print and Cut using the Silhouette CAMEO®

Things I wished I had known before I got started:
* The mat is incredibly sticky - which is great over time...but my first cardstock cut was so stuck that it ripped when I was trying to remove it. I had to purchase the Silhouette spatula to scrape what paper off that was stuck. I read on pinterest that when you first get a new cutting mat, it's a good idea to rub the sticky side to your jeans to make it not as sticky. I used that technique prior to my second cut and it made a huge difference.
* This is not a printer and cutter...just a cutter...however - you can print from your regular printer and then cut with the Cameo.

* Sleek design - very modern and professional
* Lightweight - easy to move when I'm done with the projects
* Software is easy to install and use
* The cut is spectacular and accurate
* The library has tons of images to choose from but I've also found lots of free images online that are great to use as well
* It is fun to learn of the possibilities and then make them come to life!

* Instructions, in my opinion, were not complete - what would help are examples of projects from start to finish - showing the many different types of projects and the machine's capabilities. If you're spending that amount of money on a cutting machine, chances are you are not going to stop at the basic project of cutting lines and simple shapes.
* The machine is quite loud, not sure how this compares, but when it first started cutting, I thought something was wrong because of the noise it made!
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SOL REPUBLIC Deck Ultra Wireless Speaker with Outdoor Loudness Boost and Heist Mode (Gunmetal), 1530-00
SOL REPUBLIC Deck Ultra Wireless Speaker with Outdoor Loudness Boost and Heist Mode (Gunmetal), 1530-00
Price: $126.25
5 used & new from $125.04

4.0 out of 5 stars Exceptional Wireless Range and Great Sound Quality Outdoors, November 5, 2014
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Compared To: Bose Mini SoundLink Mini system

The Sol Republic 1530 is a solid speaker system that performs well, indoors and outdoors, with great sound quality. There is a lot to the functionality of the device. The controls are exceptionally easy to use, as well as, intuitive with voice cues when you change a setting. For example, when you press the “M” button to switch to outdoor mode the unit will say “Outdoor Mode” or when you turn the unit on it tells you the battery level.

The outdoor sound quality is better than the indoor quality due to the “outdoor” boost setting on the unit. The Bose unit has better bass indoors however, that is because it uses hard surfaces to magnify the bass. You can duplicate some to that bass by place the Sol Republic unit’s bass channel facing a wall. It doesn’t completely reproduce the Bose bass tone but does marginally improve the bass output.

Sol Republic states that the battery life states that it’s 22 hours of use on a full charge and I’ve gotten every bit of 22 hours with a little extra. The Bose SoundLink has a max of 6 hours.

The range claim is 450 ft. I didn’t get that outdoors but indoors I couldn’t find a spot in the house that I couldn’t deliver a good signal or generate issues. The tried working the controls when the unit was three rooms over and the signal would have to go through furniture and walls; it worked perfectly. I even tried sticking it behind a bunch of clothes in my closet and switching songs from the opposite side of the house and it still worked well. In a nutshell, if you have range issues with this device you have a big house.

Pairing works well with both Bluetooth and NFC. I’m not sure if it will work with the new iPhone 6 NFC chip however, it works fine with the Samsung Galaxy line of products.

Below is a condensed list of Pros and Cons based on the above. I don’t have any reservations in recommending this product. I’ve been using it as a speakerphone in my office for conference calls and it works far better than the speakerphone mode on my iPhone. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was the bass tone indoors was not as good as the Bose SoundLink Mini.

• The battery life is incredible. The claim is 22 hours, which the unit delivers.
• “Heist” mode enables up to five people to playback music without having to continually re-pair.
• The pairing/reconnecting process is far better than the Bose SoundLink.
• The controls on the unit are easy to operate.
• There is a physical switch for single user vs. “heist” mode with 5 users.
• The 1530 has 3.5mm input and output jacks that allow you to use it in the car if you don’t have a Bluetooth system.
• NFC pairing.
• Outdoor boost mode that is easy to turn on.
• Sound quality outdoors is far better than the Bose SoundLink Mini.
• The range of the Sol Republic unit is incredible indoors and is not inhibited by walls or floors.
• You can use the unit as a speakerphone and it works very well.
• You couldn’t ask for better portability and stability in a wireless unit.

• Bass tones are not as good as the Bose system indoors. The Bose SoundLink Mini uses solid surfaces success as a wall to increase the bass tone.
• Wireless range is diminished outdoors.
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Classic Brands Decker 10.5 Inch Hybrid Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress, Queen Size
Classic Brands Decker 10.5 Inch Hybrid Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress, Queen Size
Price: $323.40
4 used & new from $323.40

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4.0 out of 5 stars Comfortable But..., October 28, 2014
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The classic brands hybrid memory foam and innerspring mattress is comfortable more so than our Sealy however, there are a couple of drawbacks that made us go back to the Sealy.

Overall length: My wife and I are both 5’ 9” and the mattress is shorter than the standard Queen Size mattress. It’s actually about 2 inches shorter than our old mattress and it made us feel like we could never stretch out comfortably.

Edge Stability: The corners and edges of the mattress don’t have as much structure as a standard mattress. When you get close the edge it feels like the edge of the mattress is going to collapse. The outer edge is just not that solid. See the added photos.

Mattress Thickness: The depth of the mattress is 10.5 inches as compared to the 14 inches depth of the conventional mattress. It’s not a big deal but combined with the mattress being shorter the Queen Sized sheets don’t fit that well and bundle up when you sleep on it. You can find a way to pin the sheets but that’s a hassle.

Overall, if the mattress is for one person to sleep on you shouldn’t have an issue. If you share it with someone else, you’re taller, or if your kids occasionally crowd into your bed in the middle of the night you might want to look for an alternative. Below is a consolidated list of pro’s and con’s for your review.

-More comfortable than a conventional mattress

-Two inches shorter than a standard Queen Size mattress
-Sides and edges are not very stable
-Mattress depth doesn’t allow standard Queen Sized sheets to fit well
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Why We Lost: A General's Inside Account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars
Why We Lost: A General's Inside Account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars
by Daniel Bolger
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $21.62
57 used & new from $13.89

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brutally Honest and Refreshingly Sincere, October 28, 2014
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Why We Lost is brutally honest out of the gate. Gen. Bolger opened the Author's note by admitting that his generation of leaders failed to fully understand the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the enemy in each theater of combat. He opened his assessment with "We should have known this one was going to go bad when we couldn't even settle on a name."

To Gen. Bolger's credit he never once laid the losses at the feet of the average Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Airman. He praised them for their selfless efforts and acknowledged their individual sacrifices in the face of subpar leadership.

As a Soldier that served in Iraq it was nice to get confirmation about many of the concerns we each had about the war. First and foremost was the fact that political leaders have either never understood the enemy or simply won't acknowledge the true nature of the enemy and his resolve. An enemy that is perfectly clear on what they wanted to accomplish and how they planned to do it.

The book itself is split into three sections, which, I believe properly, describe what we saw on the ground: Triumph 2001 - 2003, Hubris 2003 - 2011 (Iraq) and Nemesis 2003 - 2014 (Afghanistan). The opening section of Triumph describes the harbingers of what would transpire on 9/11. Osama Bin Laden, like Hitler in Mein Kopf, told us openly what he planned to do. Yet like Chamberlin we ignored him and blew it off, as "surely he didn't mean that."

Other key topics that were addressed included the implosion of Iraq after our pull out, the state of attrition we hit in Afghanistan and the chilling "green on blue" attacks that were perpetrated by the very Afghanis American and coalition troops trained.

Regardless if you were for or against the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan this book will enlighten you. On a personal level it was good for healing to have a leader answer those nagging questions and acknowledge our sacrifice. Like Vietnam, for that generation, my generation will have some part of themselves in Iraq and or Afghanistan till we pass. We done Sir; well done indeed.

Kensington Customize ME Folio Case with Stand, SoundWave Speaker Channels and Skinit Decal for iPad Air (K97255US)
Kensington Customize ME Folio Case with Stand, SoundWave Speaker Channels and Skinit Decal for iPad Air (K97255US)

4.0 out of 5 stars The Sound Channels Are A Great Feature, September 20, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
The Kensington Customize ME Folio Case for iPad air is a nice solution for people that want the experience of the Apple iPad covers but with a little more protection. The folio has the same look and feel as the Apple cover with the addition of a rubberized molded case that protects the back and sides of your iPad. The rubberized material adds a little protection but not enough for me to feel totally comfortable. The back panel is see through and will take a Skinit's custom piece that can be ordered with the coupon included with the folio. I did go to the Skinit's website as instructed, filled out the web form and waited for the email that the website stated would come shortly. The email never came and phone number included with the coupon had a wait longer than I was willing to endure.

The only down side I had with the folio was related to the Moshi iVisor screen protector I have on my iPad. The edges of the folio would often get pulled back when I would put the iPad in my messenger bag and would push up under the screen protector. I tried a different screen protector and had the same issue. However, it's nothing I can't live with.
All in all it's a nice case for the money.

When you folded the cover into the standing position it holds up nicely. I've had my iPad on a table during a slightly bumpy flight and my iPad never fell over.

The cover does turn the screen on and off just like the Apple version so Apps like EverNote Peek work with the cover piece.

The sound channels are the big difference makers. It's a simple design however, the sound channels at the bottom of the folio route the iPad's sound forward so you hear better verses to the side and away from you. Honestly it's such a simple and good solution I'm surprised it's not used on more cases.

All in all it's a nice case for the money.

The G. K. Chesterton Collection [50 Books]
The G. K. Chesterton Collection [50 Books]
Price: $1.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Important Library Addition for the Christian Apologist, September 11, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The G. K. Chesterton collection is a great edition to anyone who wants a classic view of Christianity and defending the faith. The teachings that are outlined in his writing are timeless and applicable to every generation. His writings are a great counter to the current wave of relativism and "what's in it for me" culture. A classic Christian Apologist

Linksys USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter, Works with MacBook Air, Chromebook, or Ultrabook (USB3GIG)
Linksys USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter, Works with MacBook Air, Chromebook, or Ultrabook (USB3GIG)
Price: Click here to see our price
53 used & new from $19.99

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Updated: No Mac OS-X or Chrome Book Drivers Available for Download, August 27, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I was hopeful that the Linksys USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter would be a good solution for use with my MacBook Pro Retina however, I ran into a couple of issues out of the gate.

When you open the package it includes a driver CD and a slip of paper with instructions for installing the needed drivers if you have Windows PC or Mac without a CD drive. Which, I don't.

When you go to the Linksys support site you will find drivers for Windows Vista, 7, 8, and PC setup wizard. No Mac OS-X or ChromeBook.

I tried plugging the adapter in hoping it would trigger an installer file. Nothing.

I tried to register the adapter with Linksys thinking maybe you need to register it to get a full menu of compatible drivers. When I enter the adapter serial number I received an error stating the serial number didn't exist. I tried a couple more times with the same result.

I contacted Linksys support via their chat app and the support tech checked to see if she could find the drivers and she could not.

What I don't understand is if you are marketing a device to MacBook Airs and Chrome Books which don't have CD drives why include a CD and not a USB jump drive? If that is too expensive, at least make sure you actually have the needed drivers available on the support site.

So for now I'll toss the adapter in a drawer with all the other cables and adapters that don't get used.

Update: I'll give Linksys credit they are persistent. Their customer support team contacted me daily for about four days, I was traveling so talking with them was a challenge. Their team offered to use their technical support software to take control of my Mac and install the drivers from a remote disk. The operation worked out well. The drivers are installed and the adaptor is working fine. I was able to use it on the road and it worked very well.

I did leave one star off because I still believe that the drivers should have been available on the website and it was a hassle to get the drivers installed.

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