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Logitech Soundman X1
Logitech Soundman X1

5.0 out of 5 stars Rest in Peace, Soundman, March 26, 2014
After more than 15 years of use on 4 different computers, and the last 5 as the sound system for my ipod Classic at the office the Sub finally blew. I fear I'll have a tough time finding another set of speakers with such a combination of sound quality, long-term durability, convenient size and reasonable price as these.

You little guys will be missed.

Price: $4.99
84 used & new from $0.95

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3.0 out of 5 stars Not horrible, but..., September 21, 2008
This review is from: Firm (Audio CD)
Looking back, so much more was expected from this union of Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers and if the remainder of the CD could have been as electric as "Radioactive" we'd have had a good thing going; but it almost seems like we ended up with a quick cash grab and several songs that weren't good enough to save for later solo projects. Not a bad listen, but don't set the bar too high.

Lights Out
Lights Out
Offered by skyvo-direct-usa
Price: $17.15
22 used & new from $8.30

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4.0 out of 5 stars Time to upgrade, September 21, 2008
This review is from: Lights Out (Audio CD)
I was so impressed with the recent Remaster of Obsession that I decided to replace the old Lights Out CD with this release. The sound quality is improved, but the extra tracks and extensive liner notes are what make this an absolute steal for the price. There are but a handful of times I felt justified in "making the upgrade" but in this case I wholeheartedly recommend doing so.

Live Aid  (4 Disc Set)
Live Aid (4 Disc Set)
DVD ~ Bob Geldof
15 used & new from $30.89

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4.0 out of 5 stars No denying the quality, but if only..., July 27, 2008
This review is from: Live Aid (4 Disc Set) (DVD)
Those of us who didn't have MTV in 1985 really did get the Royal Shaft ( those of us working that afternoon received an additional shaft of a lesser degree). Years were spent trying to cobble together something this comprehensive from friends' collections.

While there is no denying the heartfelt intent and the wonderful quality of this package, there is a part of me absolutely furious at the exclusion of some songs. The Plant/Page/Jones performance was a subject of much media discussion, and while the guys felt their showing was below their standards, they made a generous donation to the Band Aid Trust. Fair enough. Having actual VHS of that performace and comparing it with Knebworth 1990 and the Atlantic Records Anniversary performance, I disagree personally but can understand their point. My issue is that I've got VHS of Ultravox performing "One Small Day" and I don't see anything there making it subpar compared to the included performances on "Vienna" and "Dancing with Tears in my Eyes." On the other hand, only after getting this set did I see Judas Priest's performance (yes, yes, there's Youtube but 55" vs. a tiny window on the monitor...) and there was an obvious feedback issue during "Living After Midnight," yet it's included!

In a way, I see Live Aid as probably the zenith of Live Rock Music, before technology made electronic aids and digital backing a real issue, and before light shows and effects were so meticulously programmed that it limited space within the songs to improvise. And the entire event was available to watch! There were no "passengers" on this gig. Some better than others, but everyone out there from Bryan Ferry to Bryan Adams had to pull it off, live, in a neutral venue with minimal prep and for the most part nailed it.

Even if there are "warts", the feedback in the Judas Priest set, a little clumsiness with the camera guy onstage trying to capture Freddie during Queen's set, it's how it happened; and to include these bits, and exclude "Drive" from the Cars, with minimal flaws, or Black Sabbath other than Paranoid, just flat-out baffles me.

So while what I've got is certainly of impeccable quality-- far beyond my own dubbed and redubbed VHS dating back 20 years. Having Queen's legendary set alone on DVD is probably worth the price alone. I'm just really peeved that after laying down my money I still can't watch Black Sabbath's full set on my own TV. With the space available on DVD, would it really have made that much difference to cram a little more in, or maybe add another disk or two if that's what it took?
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Offered by HTF CD $4 Discount on every item at checkout
Price: $39.99
17 used & new from $8.92

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4.0 out of 5 stars Unfairly maligned, July 2, 2008
This review is from: Mechanix (Audio CD)
A lot of folks, particularly the brigade that feels any UFO without Michael Schenker is worthless, seriously dump on this disc. More so because of Pete Way's departure from UFO shortly after its release, claiming the band had started going soft. Granted, if all non-Schenker UFO is rubbish to you, this disc won't be capable of changing your mind. Regarding Pete Way comments, "The Writer" and "Dreaming" are both solid, and the fairly mellow "Back Into My Life" is one of Way's tunes.

Measured up against some other Hard Rock of the day, say Def Leppard at the time of High 'N' Dry and the Joe Lynn Turner Rainbow era, and you'll find yourself having an enjoyable listen, plus I'd also liked what teaming up with then UFO Keyboard/Guitarist Neil Carter did for Gary Moore's output (Wild Frontier and Run for Cover).

Expensive for sure, but perhaps with the recent run of UFO extra-track remasters this too may be added-- so long as folks quit ragging on this one. It's really not that bad.

Black Rose
Black Rose
Offered by dmkrr
Price: $24.98
11 used & new from $10.09

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5.0 out of 5 stars The one with Gary Moore, March 8, 2008
This review is from: Black Rose (Audio CD)
Personally, this one and "Thunder and Lightning" rank at the top of my Thin Lizzy hit parade. All the Lizzy elements are present and accounted for on each release, Phil's clever lyrics, Brian Downey's solid drumwork and the guatar-harmony interplay, but in my book "Thunder and Lightning" is up there for the presence of John Sykes, and "Black Rose" for Gary Moore. On this one, there just seems to be a stepped up intensity, a viciousness to the guitar solos I don't find on the Snowy White or Brian Robertson releases-- though to be fair I'm also a huge fan of Gary Moore's solo work.

OK, for one criticism, "My Sarah" is a sweet little tune but just seems the oddball stacked beside "Waiting for an Alibi" and "Toughest Street in Town".

I've read warnings about dodgy sound quality on the Wounded Bird releases. Mind you, I'm not expecting a Remaster, but for a CD replacement for a well-worn vinyl LP, it's worth the price.

20 used & new from $7.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Variety isn't always the spice, but..., January 13, 2008
This review is from: Doppleganger (Audio CD)
Describing this release as a MBV/Garbage hybrid is accurate. Though other reviews of Curve's "Doppelganger" have criticized the band for 'recording the same song eleven new ways' (from the "Trouser Press Guide to 90's Rock"), if you like that song to begin with it's not a bad thing.

Thunder & Lightning
Thunder & Lightning
21 used & new from $6.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Out with a bang, January 6, 2008
This review is from: Thunder & Lightning (Audio CD)
I found Thin Lizzy to be either tired or hit-and-miss during the Snowy White albums. Thunder and Lightning was not so much a return to form as an evolution into something different. The higher energy numbers like "Cold Sweat" and the title track had more power than Lizzy had shown, and even something moodier like "The Sun Goes Down" still had a dark energy beneath the surface. In a perfect world, there would have been no need to Lizzy to split after this effort, clearly there was life left and the new blood John Sykes brought to the band had to have helped.

I'd seen the other reviews criticizing poor sound quality on the Wounded Bird release, but with no extra tracks on the Import Version I couldn't justify the higher price. True, this is no remaster, but if you're like me and have only had this one on vinyl for 20 years it's good to have a reasonably-priced version you can listen to without "dragging out all the gear".

Dio Years
Dio Years
Price: $6.99
99 used & new from $1.93

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4.0 out of 5 stars Perhaps the sole flaw is "not enough", December 29, 2007
This review is from: Dio Years (Audio CD)
This isn't the place to debate the whole "who is the better singer" issue. If you prefer Dio or want a good cross-section sampler, getting this one is money well spent. Could it have been better? The original press with Tony and Ronnie hinted at a box set so the single-disc compliation-- however complete-- does feel like a bit of a cheat, particularly because both this disc and the "Heaven and Hell" tour did brisk business. A box set or at least two discs certainly would have sold well. Nothing on here really merits dropping, but "Sign of the Southern Cross," "Computer God" and the "E5150" intro to "The Mob Rules" are serious omissions, and only a single song from "Live Evil" is a shortfall.

Make no mistake, a superb product with great sound, I just wish there were more to it.

Run for Cover
Run for Cover
Price: $10.99
57 used & new from $4.64

5.0 out of 5 stars Missing 80's Hard Rock Classic, April 9, 2007
This review is from: Run for Cover (Audio CD)
There was a LOT of 80's Hard Rock/Semi-Metal Garbage that sold a bunch more copies and got bunch more airplay circa-1986 than this, and that was a shame. Gary Moore refers to music from this period as his "Billy Idol" phase and if you don't look at photos, it's not a totally inaccurate comparison. Gary got a bit more contemporary, refined his songwrighting, and still kept the guitar chops as sharp as ever. A little disjointed due to the lack of a solid band. Too bad the Gary Moore/Glenn Hughes partnership couldn't work out as it appeared to have much potential, and it is REALLY too bad we never again got to hear Gary work with the dear, departed Phil Lynott.

Bonus points if Amazon gives you an offer to buy this one and Gary's follow-up disc Wild Frontier at a special price. Do it now.

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