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Chrono Crusade - Complete Collection
Chrono Crusade - Complete Collection
DVD ~ Tomoko Kawakami
14 used & new from $5.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Chrono Crusade, February 26, 2007
Chrono Crusade is one of those rare anime that is just outside of the traditional mold.It's story focuses entirely on Christian mythology, which is for the most part obscure and foreign to the Japanese people. But is what sets it's apart from other anime of it's time, or anytime for that matter.This series occupies a special place in my collection, and should be added to your collection as well! This is the story of a boy and a girl who lived long ago, and whose lives defined the course of a single moment...

The Magdalene Order is a non-denominational (meaning not belonging to any particular faith) group of people whose sole objective is the eradication of demons, and all other forms of otherworldly creatures. It is in the New York branch of the Order that this story unfolds, with the men and women who work to rid this world of evil and it's many forms. Rosette Christopher an exorcist of the Order, and her demon partner Chrono "The Sinner", have spent the last four years serching for Rosette's younger brother Joshua. Joshua was taken by a demon, "The Sinner" Aion, who needs his powers for an unknown purpose. Unable at the time to stop what was happeninig, Rosette makes a contract with Chrono, a contract that will eventually consume her life! Knowing full-well the outcome, Rosette and Chrono set out on a journey to take back Joshua and their lost time, well that was the plan anyway! After years of searching, they meet a young girl who also happens to be an Apostle like Joshua. FYI, the Apostles are people bestowed with powers by God in the form of the Seven Virtues. And like Joshua who could heal others but not himself, Azmaria Hendric can heal peoples wounds and hearts with her voice, but seems to only bring missfountune to those around her. Next Rosette , Chrono, and Azmaria meet another young women with ties to Aion,her name is Satella Harvenheit, a jewel witch/summoner. He killed her family and destroyed thier home,then abducted her older sister, leaving Satella all alone in the world. When the fact that the person they are all serching for is the same one, they band togehter to end this nightmare. But when Rosette and Chrono finally catch up to Aion and Joshua, it is revealed that Rosette was Aion's real target all along, not Joshua or the other Apostles. Rosette becomes Aion's tool to re-write the ending to the Apocalypse by making Heaven into Earth, and Earth into Heaven, and by taking God's position as his own! So is this the end....not quite, but you'll have to buy it and see for yourself!!!

Another classic anime to add to your collections immediately,the story , the characters, everything is top notch. This is another of Gonzo's masterpieces through and through, animation , character designs, etc. This is the pinnacle of animation and a testament to the human spirit. This is what got me into anime and keeps me here, this is what it's all about!!!

This is one of those stories that haunts you for along time after it's finished, I still find myself crying at the ending everytime I watch it. "This is the story of a boy and a girl who lived along time ago, and whose lives not only defined the course of a single moment, but brightened an era filled with the darkness of night." This is the story of Rosette and Chrono; "Chrono Crusade"!!!

Full Metal Panic! - The Complete Collection
Full Metal Panic! - The Complete Collection
DVD ~ Satsuki Yukino
19 used & new from $17.35

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5.0 out of 5 stars Full Metal Panic!, January 6, 2006
Full Metal Panic!(FMP)was one of ADV's biggest shows in '03.The GONZO show based on Shouji Gatohs' shonen masterpiece now available through ADV manga, has finally arrived as one complete thin-pak collection.The entire 24 episode series available all at once at one great price,but what makes this a need to own set,let's take a look.

The premise while not entirely unique,is very entertaining.There are people called "the whispered",individuals who have knowledge of "black technology".They know it's secrets,how to use,and abuse it's power.To that extent most of the world is oblivious to it's exsistence,except the men and women of Mithril.Mithril is a secret organization outside of the governments control,an organization who is both aware of this black technology, and implements it as part of their formidable arsenal.Kaname Chidori(Kana-chan to her close friends)is one of the whispered .Ordinary high school student by day and uh...ordinary high school student by night!Anyway when a certain group becomes aware of Ms.Chidori's special abilities,no not her figure, or her mouth,her abilities as one of the whispered,she becomes their primary intrest.Well not one to slouch,Mithril members Sgt. Major Melissa Mao,Sgt. Kurtz Weber,and Sgt. Sousuke Sagara spring into action.As part of their assignment Melissa,Kurtz,and Sgt.Somber Sousuke are assigned to guard Ms.Chidori 24/7.When at school,in the shower,anywhere she goes they go,or rather Sgt. Sagara goes.So begins life at Jindai High,until a ghost from Sousukes' past comes back to haunt him.Excited!Well you should be,it only gets better after that.

From start to finish FMP delivers a fullcourse of action,comedy,romance,and of course giant humanoid robots.This is one of ADV's better dubs in my humble opinion and it doesn't hurt that GONZO is known for it's theatical quality animation,high prodution values and great direction as well.FMP is a masterpiece,another series on it's way up.The fun doesn't stop here though,the follow-up to FMP,Full Metal Panic!Fummofu?is out and the third piece in the trilogy,Full Metal Panic!The Second Raid just wrapped -up in Japan.(It should be noted that TSR,The Second Raid,is rated R-15 in Japan,meaning no one under fifteen years of age should watch it.It is cosiderably more violent and there is brief nudity throughout the series.).FMP is one of my favorites and i'm sure you will like it as well,so check it out NOW!!!!You will not be dissapointed.

Fullmetal Alchemist, Volume 1: The Curse (Starter Set)
Fullmetal Alchemist, Volume 1: The Curse (Starter Set)
DVD ~ Aaron Dismuke
16 used & new from $45.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Transmuting for fun and for profit:Full Metal Alchemist., May 6, 2005
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi,(Full Metal Alchemist)has become one of the most talked about shows of this year and with good reason.Full Metal Alchemist just rocks,it's truely THE show to keep an eye on this year and is already on it's 26th episode on Cartoon Networks' Adult Swim.So what is so great about a show about some forgotten science, let's take a look.

I'm sure just about everybody knows the basic story,Edward and Alphonse Elric lose their mother,they begin to study alchemy in an attempt to bring her back to life.When this goes horribly wrong,(by the way,human trasmutation is sticktly forbbiden)Ed loses an arm and leg, and his brother Al loses much more. In order to return things to the way they were, their only hope is to search for the legendary Philosphers stone,an alchemic modifier said to grant it's posseser the abillity to ignore the laws of equivelent exchange!So they set out on a journey to recover what they have lost.What am I willing to sacarifice? It's this question Ed and Al struggle to answer throughout FMA.But will they ever find the answer,or is the price too high to pay!

After watching all 51 episodes myself I can say this without any doubts, it's a stunning accomplishment in modern tv animation,and without a doubt one- of- if -not- the greatest anime series of all time. With very solid characters in a very human drama, the moment you step into Ed and Al's world you're hooked. Watching them as they grow-up,and to realize that not everyone uses alchemy for "good" or for "right",you begin to feel their frustration,their frustation of believing in the power of alchemy,a power that can cause so much pain and yet can help people just as much.It's truely a 'heart-breaking,thought-provoking',and beautiful series.Destined for a place in modern anime history.

As fo the english dub there is little to worry about in the way of a "Fun-imated" disater.The dub of the show is very well done the tin box is cool,but the coolest thing has to be FMA OST cd.It's awesome. This is one series not to be missed,for more full- metal fun be sure to catch FMA on Cartoon Networks' Adult Swim every Saturday night!!!So buy it right now,even if you don't read this review.This is one series to buy and to really enjoy time and again, and is one of those rare series that I was totally addicted to from the start.You will never look at anime the same again.

Ikki Tousen - Legendary Fighter (Vol. 1) + Series Box
Ikki Tousen - Legendary Fighter (Vol. 1) + Series Box
DVD ~ Artist Not Provided
4 used & new from $17.13

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4.0 out of 5 stars Another one bites the dust, or does it?, December 30, 2004
Ikki Tousen is based on Yuji Shiozaki's over the top fighting manga of the same name.(In America its title is "Battle Vixens" published by Tokyo Pop.).To be completely honest with you the original manga is way better than it's anime counterpart, but that's not to say it isn't worth a look or two!
Loosely based on the "Romance of the three kingdoms" Ikki Tousen is primarily a fighting story.During the three kingdoms era several heroes tired to unite China and failed.Their spirits came to rest inside of jewels called magatama.Whoever inheirits these "sacred beads" has their own natural fighting ability increased many fold.The down side however is that they must fight to become "Ikki Tousen", one warrior with the stength of one thousand.Along with becoming ikki tousen the must live out the destiny of the warrior inside the magatama until they die.Unfortunately for Hakufu she loves to fight, so will she be able to overcome her destiny as the "Shou Hao of Koutou"?
Only time and the next few volumes will tell.All-in-all Ikki Tousen has a pretty decent storyline thats not too philishophically heavy with questions of morality or anything like that, it's straight forward and to the point.The animation quality is good, the character designs are awesome, and the music is pretty cool too.Defenitely not for the kiddies, it has a ton of panty shots, graphic fights scenes, and later on some more controversial and questionable content. The final verdict is if your into fanservicey fights between girls in school uniforms then Ikki Tousen is right up your alley, if not then your missing out, and before I forget don't forget to check out the origial story in "Battle Vixens" from Tokyo Pop.Also avalible now at

Inuyasha - Season 1 Boxed Set (Limited Edition With Necklace from Japan)
Inuyasha - Season 1 Boxed Set (Limited Edition With Necklace from Japan)
DVD ~ Kappei Yamaguchi

6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A history lesson (sort of)that you will enjoy!, December 10, 2004
The wildly popular cartoon network smash hit finally availible as a five disc boxed set!Inuyasha based on Takahashi Rumiko's 1997 manga of the same title.This set has the first 27 episodes on five dvd's complete with a limited edition necklace modeled after Inuyasha's necklace.Just in case you are unfamilliar with the story here is a brief review.
Higurashi Kagome a fifteen year old Japanese girl, is a non believer in the legends surrounding her family's shrine.But the day she turns fifteen she falls down the "bone eaters" well,she ends up in Japans ancient past the "Sengoku" or "warring states era"(period) where she meets Inuyasha(it literally means evil dog).She then finds out that the "shikon no tama" or "jewel of four souls" is hidden within her body, the jewel is then shattered into thousands of shards.So begins Kagome and Inuyashas quest to collect and re-unite the shards of the sacred jewel.What follows is one of the most enjoyable stories that I have ever watched.If your into some romance,action,comedy,and just a feel good time then Inuyasha is for you.If you've seen the show already then what are you waiting for?If not, it's not to late to check out what Newtype magazine ranked as the third most popular anime of all time, and what better way to start your collection than with the entire first season in one complete collection.

Please Twins - Three's Company (Vol. 1) + Series Box and Collectables
Please Twins - Three's Company (Vol. 1) + Series Box and Collectables
DVD ~ Please Twins
Offered by PVP Filmworks Store
Price: $43.99
12 used & new from $10.64

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5.0 out of 5 stars The classic boy meets girl meets another girl???, December 8, 2004
First off let me start out by saying that Bandai,you did it again.You have made this one complete package,they always have the best extras;cd soundtrack,photo album,and collectible postcards!This is definately a series to own.Okay lets start the review!

The players:

Kamishirow Maiku(pronounced like "Mike").

Miyafuji Miina.

Onodera Karen.

The plot:

Maiku Kamishirow has only one clue to his childhood,a photograph.This photo shows two children,one apparently Maiku,and the other his twinn sister.With this one and only clue Maiku moves out on his own to the house shown in the picture.Hoping to get some clue as to who he really is and to finally find his true family,or at the very least find the girl in the photo.Just when things begin to settle down both school and his job as a computer programmer,ol' life has a way of messing things up.Enter Miina Miyafuji,a 16 year old girl claiming to be his twin sister."We have the same color eyes."(You are going to hear that alot.)Because this is the only lead he has, he decides to let her live with him in the house they were born in ......maybe?As if things could'nt get any worse(wink,wink)knock,knock!"If you're some girl claiming to born in this house Go Away!!""So I can't come in then?"Theres ol' life again,meet Karen Onodera, who also happens to have the same color eyes as both Maiku and Miina.I don't want to spoil the rest of the episodes so you'll have to buy it yourself and see just how good finding a family is, even if it is just for awhile!

Please Twins is a sure bet if you enjoyed last years Please Teacher(Onegai Teacher).But even if you did'nt I highly recomend adding to your collection,you will not be dissapointed.

Steel Angel Kurumi  - Complete Collection
Steel Angel Kurumi - Complete Collection
DVD ~ Artist Not Provided
17 used & new from $44.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars The truth about angels?, August 18, 2004
First off let me say that I've been an anime fan for a long time.Yet rarely have I seen a show that I instantaeously fell in love with.Based on the original manga by KAISHAKU,Steel Angel Kurumi is an awesome series.The characters like Kurumi,Saki,and of course Karinka(voiced by Hilary Haag.)are very well developed.Kurumis' charming childish personality,Sakis'lesbian feelings for her sister,and last but not least Karinkas' psycho "I'll down the ..... when I'm good and ready", attitude.

The animation and characters are extremely well done,and the music and the voice acting is superb.I believe It's some of ADV's best yet.As for the extras ADV offers interesting historical notes,art galleries,and even printable fortune tellers.All in all Steel Angel Kurumi is a worthwhile buy for any anime fan,especially for those of us,like myself, who enjoy a great story with a side of eye candy!

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