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5.0 Mispelled, May 22, 2014
Reviewer:  J. Ogul (Frederick, MD)
...Even though it is mispelled it does work well and it is a good looking watch as well. I just wished they had not mispelled Atlanta.... Read more

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5.0 Version 1 with mispelled name & Different Shirt colors., March 10, 2006
Reviewer:  J. Richmond "Nearly Mint Collectibl..." (Maryland, USA)
...First they had Huey's name mispelled, adding a w between the u and the e. When they reissued them, version 2 corrected the mispelled name and changed the colors of the shirts. ... Read more


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5.0 The title is mispelled. It's WORCESTER, not Worchester, October 20, 1999
Reviewer:  Anonymous

...Excellent pictorial history, but the title is mispelled as indicated in the above one-line summary.... Read more

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5.0 Important Mispelling, March 15, 2010
Reviewer:  Dorian Ford "Athenadoros" (California)
...However, shame on Amazon for the major mispelling! ... Read more

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Nude ~ Vast
2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 This album rawks, mispelling intentional, January 31, 2005
Reviewer:  Beau (St. Louis, MO USA)

...This is a damn good album. It does have a vast kind of sound, it sounds large and powerful. ... Read more

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Cosmos: Carl Sagan ~ Carl Sagan
3 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 Dweet! (not a mispell... I meant DWEET!), June 12, 2001
Reviewer:  "meshuga" (Kalamazoo, Michigan United States)

...This set is completely Awesome! The episodes are wonderful and in 5.1 DIGITAL SOUND! ... Read more

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Crusader ~ Andrew Chapman
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5.0 sex/guns/vampire sexuality/mispells/rock and roll/a cat, November 16, 2011
Reviewer:  soggybiscuitchamp5

...when i was born, the doctor told my mother that she might as well as left me in the woods to die, i was born with a really weird bone condition. Its kind of like what Samuel L. had unbreakable ( its exactly like that, but I have cat eyes), well my dear sweet mum took me home and did her best to raise me, even thou i was a freak and everyone hated me. one day mum went deaf because i screamed constantly, like 24/7. ... Read more


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5.0 GREAT BOOK-MISPELLED TITLE, December 24, 2000
Reviewer:  Charles G Salmon (Las Vegas, Nevada United States)

...The correct title for this book is "Reinforced Concrete Design" not "Reinforced Cornet Design". I am not sure what a reinforced "cornet" is?... Read more

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Caminhos ~ Dulce Pontes
0 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 Name MISPELLED..........there is no G it is CAMINHOS, February 4, 1999
Reviewer:  Anonymous

...Caminhos means Roads or Streets.....meaning there are many roads or ways to take.... Read more


16 used & new from $6.07

Il Nome Della Rosa ~ Umberto Eco
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5.0 mispelling, April 19, 1999
Reviewer:  fabianrios@earthlink.net (Washington, DC, USA)

...The word "name" in Italian is spelled "nome", not "noma". :) btw, I love this book.... Read more

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