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5.0 Important Mispelling, March 15, 2010
Reviewer:  Dorian Ford "Athenadoros" (California)
...However, shame on Amazon for the major mispelling! ... Read more


The Elements of Murder ~ Craig V. Boren
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5.0 Could care less for the mispellings, November 10, 2013
Reviewer:  Angi

...But overall I loved the book. Beware there are children that die, this saddened me but understand that this was part of the story and needed to be told to understand the story.... Read more

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5.0 great meaningful rosary. Spanish mispellings., November 2, 2013
Reviewer:  José Miguel Amaya

...the smell of true rose petals is great.. there are misspellings on the spanish description/history of the rosary but other than that this is a great meaningful rosary, but don't forget that the most important thing and the true power of this or any other rosary is to actually pray it.... Read more

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5.0 good for price and great for knifes lol (mispelled on purpose), November 14, 2013
Reviewer:  John Stahl IV this sharpener and use it alot. i want to get a backup one but until then, this is all i use for my parang (bg gerber) and my pocket knives.... Read more


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5.0 GREAT BOOK-MISPELLED TITLE, December 24, 2000
Reviewer:  Charles G Salmon (Las Vegas, Nevada United States)

...The correct title for this book is "Reinforced Concrete Design" not "Reinforced Cornet Design". I am not sure what a reinforced "cornet" is?... Read more


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5.0 mispelled larry the cable guy (gu), September 7, 2012
Reviewer:  punk

...I will not send the other one back so they can resell a mispelled word. ... Read more


5.0 What's up with the mispelling?, September 4, 2013
Reviewer:  Amazon Customer

...I really wanted this hat until I noticed "environment" was mispelled. ... Read more


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5.0 mispelled author's first name, October 30, 1999
Reviewer:  Anonymous

...You have mispelled the author's first name. ... Read more

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5.0 Bizzare mispellings, but Good Recipe Collection, April 6, 2014
Reviewer:  Tinfoot (Florida, US)
...There are some rather eye-jolting mispellings in some of the recipes, i.e. ... Read more


5.0 I like it for the subject matter (dogs) and clever use of shadowing, but I can't rate it 5 stars given the mispelled words..., January 29, 2014
Reviewer:  Don Kidwell

...Dogs are a favorite pet of mine and book might be a great teaching tool with lots of fun illustrations for the kiddos, but author has to change the word "dottle" to "dawdle" as made mention by another reviewer for this to happen. Otherwise, a very good book!... Read more

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