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Genre: Thriller/Suspense - Readers searching for such books, please visit here. Authors of such books, please post yours here.

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Initial post: Sep 15, 2011 5:59:02 AM PDT
Ever since Amazon created the "Meet Our Authors" Community and limited promotions to this forum in May of 2011, I've noticed a good many readers have commented on how difficult it is to wade through the numerous pages of promotions to find books in their preferred genres.

Since, I've been urging Amazon to create a genre-specific "Meet Our Authors" Communities, but no changes have been yet. Personally, I think it's only a matter of time before this sort of change will be adapted, but in the meantime, why don't we authors begin own genre-specific threads right here in the "Meet Our Authors" Community?

Everyday there are new Kindle and e-book owners and readers who find their way here, so why not make it easier for them to shop for new reading material now?

My suggestion, is to begin the thread with "Genre: What-have-you. Readers in search of such books, please click here. Authors of such books, please post your link and info here."

Again, this is merely a suggestion, but I believe posting genre category first would be the most reader-friendly.

And authors, please post only appropriate genre-related links for each thread. If you're novel is multi-genre or cross-genre, post your information in each genre thread in which it fits.

Well, let's see how this goes.

Posted on Sep 15, 2011 9:24:57 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Sep 16, 2011 10:52:43 PM PDT
M. Jordan says:
I'll bite. Here's the product description and some review snips for Never Saw It Coming

((Warning, if it were a movie, this book would be rated "R" for graphic violence, strong language, sexual situations and the senseless and brutal murder of a bucket of chicken.))

Everyone knows someone like Tim Finnegan. Just a guy, barely scraping by. Someone with too much squandered potential. Someone with not enough of anything, aside from anger and resignation. He works too hard for too little, and would prefer to be left alone. He lives a seemingly joyless existence. It's much worse for him, because he knows what he had, and exactly how he lost it all. Things get worse, however when a band of miscreants known to the media as the Jackson Five decide to rob a bank as he's walking out, two weeks worth of not-enough in his back pocket.

They discover trying to rob a man like Tim Finnegan was a mistake. Tim discovers getting shot in the face really ruins the week.

Things get worse for Tim when he awakens two days later, his bullet wound completely healed, and plagued by precognitive visions. Common wisdom dictates that people fear what they don't understand, and it's safe to say Tim Finnegan scares the hell out of himself.

Unfortunately for him, he scares the hell out of a lot of other people as well. In short order he finds himself running from the Law, the scumbags that shot him, a group of whack-jobs calling themselves the Disciples of Nero, who want nothing more than to watch the world burn. The Reverend Father Jonathan Blake, however, believes that Tim may be the Second-Coming, or the Anti-Christ.

Then, and only then, does Tim forge his own path. Only one thing is certain: They never saw it coming.

What Readers have said:

"Tim Finnegan sure has his work cut out for him and goes on the run in a fashion similar to Quaid in Total Recall. An unusual, original and highly entertaining read." Michael Thomas- Author of the Star Crusader Series

"Mike Jordan utilizes cinematic storytelling devices to great effect - the action sequences are energetic, the dialogue is hard-hitting and the prose entertaining. The dialogue is the book's strongest feature - it never wastes a word yet it propels the story and character development with rapidity and precision."-Aman S. Anand- Author of 2032.

"I was hooked from right at the start and it didn't let go until the very last word."- Jess Mountifield, Author of With Proud Humility.

"This is one of those books that it's JOY to read. Lots of action, lots of humor, lots of twists and turns and lots of fun!"-Dennis Lively-Self Publisher's Talk Radio

"I thought my kindle needed airbags."-Patrick Donnell- Author of the Legacy Inheritance

So there it is, Everyone. If this seems like someone you'd want to read, please grab the sample.

If it seems like some you'd like, I'd appreciate the business.

Never Saw It Coming
By Mike Jordan
$2.99 US

*formatting errors corrected

Posted on Sep 15, 2011 9:32:35 AM PDT
SIRIUS says:
New thriller from Lawrence DeMaria, career financial writer for the NY Times and WS Journal, a gripping story and per trade and peer reviewers:

JANET EVANOVICH (#1 New York Times Bestselling Novelist) says:

"Real women, real villains and real heroes make Lawrence De Maria's Sound of Blood a terrific read. As with Jaws, you won't want to go near the ocean - but the land isn't much safer."

DAVID O. STEWART (Washington Post bestselling author of The Summer of 1787: The Men Who Invented the Constitution) says:

"From Miami to Staten Island, Lawrence De Maria's Sound of Blood grabs you by the scruff of the neck and doesn't let go - a thriller that delivers on every page, with enough heart and financial intrigue for three books. When you buy it, put in an order for his next one, too."

JOHN CRUDELE (Columnist, The New York Post) says:

"Fast, funny and furious, featuring a femme fatale for the ages, and a shocking ending, Sound of Blood hits all the right notes. The bodies pile up in a sweeping thriller that mirrors today's headlines (and actually predicted them!). A father's search for the truth about his son's murder and an investigator's dogged pursuit of the killers lead to the collapse of a vast international financial empire. But there is more to Sound of Blood than murder and mayhem. At its core is something missing from most of today's fiction: real characters and a terrific love story."

Sound of Blood ; $2.99 via Kindle/apps. Don't miss this one!

Posted on Sep 15, 2011 12:18:35 PM PDT
Roger Cave says:
Why not try one of the Alec Fincham novels this autumn.

All eight books are military, espionage, action thrillers and feature Commander Alec Fincham, of her Majesty's Special Boat Service. Because of his military training, he is seconded to the Special Operations Department of M.I.6. Every difficult job that comes along, he and his team have to face head on.

The Barcza Gambit (The Alec Fincham Novels)
Someone wants to keep the American military in Iraq, and possibly escalate the war. Fincham, in his first outing, finds himself in Miami, trying to find out what's really going on.

Sicilian Defence (Alec Fincham #2)
Fincham and his team are after a Middle Eastern terrorist, but the Italian Mafia stand in their way. Can he and his team outfox the Mafia, and still catch the may they're after.

White King (Alec Fincham #3)
British anti-drug patrols in the Caribbean are dealt a blow by a Venezuelan drug lord. Fincham and his team are sent in to deliver a message. However, the message turns out to be more dangerous to deliver than they could have possibly thought.

Zugzwang (Alec Fincham #4)
A man wants revenge for his son's death. If successful, he'll kill hundreds of thousands. Fincham and his team find themselves in the Iraqi Western Desert, alone and outnumbered, and in a wose position than when they started. Can they survive?

Octopus Knight (Alec Fincham #5)
A death in London sets Fincham on to the trail of a Russian drugs smuggler. He will have to face death in the frozen Chernobyl ghost towns, if he is to succeed.

Medusa Defence (Alec Fincham #6)
The murder of a politician sends Fincham on a chase to find Medusa, a world famous model. He has to find out what she knows, and protect her from those who also want to know what she knows.

Deep Blue (Alec Fincham #7)
Somali pirates kidnap a South African diamond miner. Fincham is engaged to get him out, no matter the cost. To fail will deepen the world's financial crisis, and strengthen foreign terrorist cells.

Grand Prix Variation (Alec Fincham #8)
Fincham is tasked with providing protection to a Formula 1 Racing Team. The team's owner is also a supplier of military technology to the Armed Forces. One man wants that relationship terminated, permanently.

Posted on Sep 15, 2011 2:09:57 PM PDT
M. Jordon, SIRIUS and Roger,
thanks for stopping by and adding to the list! Glad to see it!

Be sure to stop back by periodically and post again for those who stumble across this thread in the future.


Posted on Sep 15, 2011 2:37:12 PM PDT
Tommie Lyn says:
Scribbles (A Meg MacAllister Novel Book 1)
Do dreams come true? Meg MacAllister hopes they don't....
Because in Meg's dreams, she kills. Or worries that she does....
Johnny Peyton doesn't believe her fears have basis in reality. At first.
Does she? Or doesn't she? And does she really want to know?

...And Night Falls (Shelley Goodnight Suspense Book 1)
Bullets and blackmail and beaches...a hit man and a hurricane and a high-stakes political campaign

...And Night Falls ramps up the action and suspense when Pensacola native Shelley Goodnight finds the body of a murder victim...but not just any victim. Dead man Farrell Gilbert worked at the desk next to Shelley's in her father's real estate inconvenient fact the authorities can't ignore.

Add a hitman, Hurricane Ivan, and conscientious Deputy Clay Cameron from Santa Rosa County to the mix, and the tension tightens like a corkscrew.

Tugger's Down
An evil entity summoned through a Ouija board killed Tucker's mother. Now it wants him.
Lacy and Porter were two college students who each thought their future was all mapped out. Until they met each other.
These three lives are about to collide. And what happens when they meet will change them forever.

Posted on Sep 15, 2011 2:39:26 PM PDT
Tommie Lyn,
nice to see here you as well. Looks like you're getting the hang of it. Glad to see it!


In reply to an earlier post on Sep 15, 2011 2:43:52 PM PDT
Tommie Lyn says:
Thanks, Shannon. I guess an old granny can learn something new, after all!


Posted on Sep 15, 2011 2:45:15 PM PDT
LOL! As long as you stay within the Meet Our Authors Community to promote, you'll be fine.


In reply to an earlier post on Sep 15, 2011 3:01:01 PM PDT
Tommie Lyn says:
Thank you! I appreciate your patience!


Posted on Sep 15, 2011 3:05:33 PM PDT
Philip Chen says:

This is a brilliant idea. y novel is both science fiction and a thriller. If I can add a suggestion since I am sure these will be very popular. I believe that these threads are like Quotrons for eBooks, not unlike the Quotrons used for stock tickers. Readers will eventually scan only the last few pages rather than the entire thread. My suggestion is the following. Authors should introduce their books with a full blurb the first time, thereafter they should limit their messages to short blurbs with the relevant product information. Authors, while respecting other authors need to use the fast moving ticker, should not post their short blurbs more than every couple of days or after 2-4 pages have passed.

If I may begin:

You may wish to consider reading Falling Star if for no other reason than the fact that its story keeps getting more real each day.

This confluence of events is eerily reminiscent of a true situation that I found myself in over forty years ago when I was a young ocean research engineer. In that case, I was visited by four huge men dressed in black suits who apparently were not amused about a memo that I had written the previous day. They demanded and took away the drafts, materials and drawings that I used to prepare my memo on the basis that I was not cleared to read -- my own memo. I never saw that memo again.

This book describes the following:

First, there was the Russian spy ring that was uncanny in the way they hid in plain view for decades, just like the fictional spies in my novel written over twenty years ago (and released on Amazon in response to the news in 2010, with excerpts having been published at starting in May 2009).

Second, my novel is about large mysterious objects accidentally discovered deep in the ocean. Recently, Swedish explorers recently found such an object deep in the Baltic Sea.

And now comes word of a third amazing life imitates art incident.

As readers of my novel are aware, the principal character is a member of a super secret governmental agency called CSAC which draws its forces from the most elite military forces in the nation. The charter for CSAC is to do the things that other agencies of the government cannot or will not do. Its agents have the power to terminate situations with extreme prejudice. One of CSAC's primary missions is to deal with the mysterious objects in the ocean. Fiction, right?

Think again. The Washington Post reported recently that there is a super secret force comprised of personnel drawn from the most elite military forces. Its mission is to do the things that other agencies like the CIA cannot or will not do. The members of this super secret agency can terminate situations with extreme prejudice. It's name? JSOC.

JSOC > CSAC? Coincidence? Maybe. Then again, maybe not.


A very realistic science fiction thriller about the accidental discovery of mysterious, but mute, objects in the ocean in 1967 and what happened when they woke up in 1993 and began sending signals to outer space. Mike, pulled back into a clandestine agency to finish the job he began over twenty-three years ago as a. navy ensign , is strangely attacked by gangs of what look like ordinary Americans. Attacks he can handle, but he is shaken when he learns that a revered friend has died. Will the death of Mike's friend mean that the secret of these mysterious objects will be locked forever in the dark ocean bottom?

47 four and five star reviews on Amazon US and UK. 98,250+ words. Many more on other platforms. 354 pages.

This book is so realistic that readers often finish the book wondering, "if this story might not be fiction at all, but something very real and very disturbing."

Strongly recommended by noted U.S. book critic Alan Caruba, who says, "If you read just one novel in 2011, make it Falling Star."

Falling Star | Print

Posted on Sep 16, 2011 6:18:02 AM PDT
Good morning all!

Authors, feel free to post your info and links. Readers, please feel free to make suggestions for books you've read and enjoyed.


Posted on Sep 16, 2011 3:37:04 PM PDT
Philip Chen says:
"Bob, can you come to my office for a minute?"

"Yes, Sir."

Lieutenant Commander Robert McHugh replaced the handset on the telephone, gathered up the documents on his desk, and put them into his metal security cabinet; making sure to roll the tumblers several times on the locks to be certain that they were secured. He then went up two flights of stairs to his boss' office. Captain Edward Mitchum was in charge of the Special Projects Office of NAVFAC, the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, headquartered in Port Hueneme, California, just north of Los Angeles. The Special Projects Office was responsible for undertaking investigations of an engineering nature referred to them by other units of the U.S. Navy.

"Good morning, Sir."

"Close the door, Bob," said Mitchum as he took out a manila folder from his desk drawer. "Have a seat."

Wonder what's up, thought McHugh, as he pulled up a metal side chair.

"Two months ago, a geomagnetic surveying team encountered a strange signal during what was supposed to be a normal mapping run over the Hatteras Abyssal Plain in the Atlantic Ocean southwest of Bermuda. Apparently, none of the eggheads have ever seen anything like it. It's got quite a few folks in Washington in an uproar. I don't need to tell you how sensitive that area is to our national security."

"What do they think it might be?"

"You know the usual, Bob. Some think the Russkies might have something there."

"Isn't that pretty deep?"

"Yes, but who knows what the Russians have."

"How does it involve us?"

"Apparently, someone at the Oceanographer of the Navy's office thought that NAVFAC might have some systems that could get a better handle on what is making these signals - with all our assets, that is."

"Why did it take so long to get to us," asked McHugh.

"How long have you been in the Navy?" chuckled Mitchum.


"Why the excitement? It's just an anomalous signal ... isn't it?"

"The report, which I am now handing to you, tells all about it. Apparently, it was a sharp report in an area that shouldn't have had anything like that, especially since the Hatteras Abyssal Plain in that area is pretty deep."

"Just shouldn't be there," agreed McHugh.

"What's more, less than a week following the detection of that signal, a boomer, SSBN-620, running silent in the same region was knocked around by some unknown force like it was a toy boat in a bath tub. The captain was a top-notch submariner. He had never seen anything like it."

"Those guys sure don't like to spill their coffee."

"Well, this one did. Let's run an investigation on the signal. It could be something natural, or maybe a wreck we didn't know about. I don't know what to make of the boomer incident."



47 four and five star reviews on Amazon US and UK. 98,250+ words. Many more on other platforms. 354 pages. A very realistic science fiction thriller, that readers think just might be real. Highly recommended by notable U.S. book critic, Alan Caruba who says, "If you read just one novel in 2011, make it Falling Star."

Falling Star | Print

This book actually describes events which eventually became true in chilling detail such as the 2010 Russian spy ring in the United States, the recent discovery of a mysterious object in the Baltic Sea, and now the super secret military force called JSOC. Get it before it becomes nonfiction or disappears in the hands of men in black.

Posted on Sep 16, 2011 5:47:52 PM PDT
Cliff Ball says:
Here is my thriller, which normally goes for $2.99, but I dropped the price to $.99 for this month.

The Usurper
Ever wonder what would happen if our worst fears were realized, and we elected someone who was willing to destroy the USA no matter the cost to him, his fellow Americans, or the rest of the world? The Usurper is that novel.

Gary Jackson is raised to hate. Hate the United States, and everything it has ever stood for. His mission is to destroy the country from within, allying himself with the worst of America's enemies, and one very powerful and malevolent billionaire, to accomplish the deed. Once elected to the highest position in the land, Gary puts his lifelong goals to work, and puts the USA onto the path of ultimate destruction. He stops at nothing to rid the USA of his political and spiritual enemies. Once his goals are met, he sets his eyes on the ultimate prize, control of the rest of the world. Will anyone stop this man before it's too late?

Posted on Sep 16, 2011 11:05:02 PM PDT
Roger Weston says:
The Golden Catch - After a violent storm, Bering Sea crab fisherman and ex-assassin Frank Murdoch discovers a treasure cave on his remote Alaskan island. Only problem is the Korean mafia has been searching for this particular cache of artifacts since WWII. Can Frank use the survival skills from his past to save his friends and son?

#10 in Kindle Store > Books > Fiction > Men's Adventure

Only 99 cents on Kindle

Posted on Sep 17, 2011 12:53:17 AM PDT
Tim Greaton says:
My difficult childhood (true story):

Unfortunately, the fighting between my parents had grown worse. In an attempt to escape the insane screaming and sometimes physical battles, my older sister and I moved upstairs into the two ancient rooms on either side of the open attic where bats and lord knew what else resided. Several mysterious and dark crawl spaces also haunted our imaginations.

I remember waking one particular night in my room on the railroad side of the building. I had long since grown used to sleeping through the vibration and noise of the passing freight trains, but when I woke and jumped bolt upright in bed, I knew something was wrong. A cold breeze whipped through my room. Confused, I looked around and realized that my entire window was gone. The passing train must have shaken it loose from its frame. I poked my head out to see thousands of glass shards strewn across the sidewalk four stories below me.

Tired and cold, I sat down on the floor, pulled my blankets around me, and stared out past the railroad bridge at the distant moonlit rooftops.

It was a beautiful night.

I know how to write about pain:

The Santa Shop (The Santa Conspiracy) Christmas through the eyes of suicide.
Under-Heaven Pain doesn't end at death, at least not for nine-year-old Nate.

99 cents each

Posted on Sep 17, 2011 6:17:52 AM PDT
[Deleted by the author on Sep 26, 2014 6:25:34 AM PDT]

Posted on Sep 17, 2011 6:24:20 AM PDT
Ian Fraser says:
Hi there, The Depths of Deception is a thriller unlike any other. It has 11 five-star reviews.

'There are only a few good solutions in a world gone mad. America has disappeared some years ago. A neo-fascist Party has come to power in the UK. China is on the rise.

A submarine hurtles through the cold dark waters of the Atlantic en route to an unknown destination. Only the ship's doctor knows its true mission, but he is not who he appears to be.

A sweeping tale moving from the violent heart of Apartheid South Africa, to the ruins of the United Kingdom, and down to the edge of the world in the frozen Antarctic landscape, The Depths of Deception is a tale of revenge, served as a shatteringly cold dish.'

Praise for The Depths of Deception :

"I found this to be one of the most remarkable books I've ever had the pleasure of reading."

"Not only a cracking good read, but one that insists one lend an extra ear to the various scenarios occurring in the world around us and begin to think a little more outside the accepted box. This damn book will just not let me go."

"Prepare to feast on this scrumptious word meal! If this novel could be described as a cut of beef, then The Depths of Deception would be Prime Rib or better still Filet Mignon! Include your favorite red wine, voila! An all around superb dish."

"An adventure tale on the order of LeCarre's The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, Ian Fraser's Depths of Deception follows a trained assassin as he makes his way through the remains of the modern world..."

Posted on Sep 17, 2011 9:55:35 AM PDT
Roger Weston says:
The Assassin's Wife - Meg Coles is a drama professor who lives a simple life with her loving husband until the day he is gunned down by assassins. When she discovers that he was one of the world's foremost assassins and that he had been lying to her for years, she is furious. His deception reopens old wounds that she inherited from her father. Wounds that caused her to never trust anyone. Now Meg is on the run from the same assassins who killed her husband. As she adapts to her new reality, she discovers that her husband left behind a legacy that could help her overcome the terrible situation she has found herself in. As dark forces pursue her, she relies on her late husband's advice and adopts his habits and find they keep her alive. She is surprised to discover that she is more skillful in the game of deception and survival than she could have ever anticipated. But as she seeks to uncover the identity of her pursuers and expose their plot, she finds that the danger is increasing, and time is running out.

From the Bering Sea to Hells Canyon, the deepest river gorge in North America, The Assassin's Wife unfolds with plenty of action and unexpected twists.

#23 in UK Books > Crime, Thrillers & Mystery > Political

Only 99 cents on Kindle!

Posted on Sep 17, 2011 10:00:20 AM PDT
Susan Jane McLeod, author of Soul And Shadow, gives another 5-star review of my thriller DEADLINE.

She writes: "Read All About It! This is a gripping tale that you will have to finish before you put it to bed."

Read the full review on and check out the book only 99 cents on Kindle.

Posted on Sep 17, 2011 4:36:16 PM PDT
JR says:
Please consider my novel, The Protocol (A James Acton Thriller), now on Kindle and in paperback.

For two thousand years the Triarii have protected us, influencing history from the crusades to the discovery of America. Descendent from the Roman Empire, they pervade every level of society, and are now in a race with our own government to retrieve an ancient artifact thought to have been lost forever.

Caught in the middle is archaeology professor James Acton, relentlessly hunted by the elite Delta Force, under orders to stop at nothing to possess what he has found, and the Triarii, equally determined to prevent the discovery from falling into the wrong hands.

With his students and friends dying around him, Acton flees to find the one person who might be able to help him, but little does he know he may actually be racing directly into the hands of an organization he knows nothing about...

The Protocol is a complete novel at 80,000 words or 310 trade paperback pages.

The Protocol (A James Acton Thriller), only 99 cents

Also available:
Book #2 in the James Acton Thrillers series: Brass Monkey (A James Acton Thriller, Book #2), only $4.99
And the international Kindle bestseller: Depraved Difference (A Detective Shakespeare Mystery), only 99 cents

Praise for The Protocol:

5 out of 5 stars
Fast and furious

If you want fast and furious, if you can cope with a high body count, most of all if you like to be hugely entertained, then you can't do much better than J Robert Kennedy.

Having read and loved Depraved Difference, I started this, his earlier novel, with high hopes and I certainly wasn't disappointed. Take an archaeologist or two, a conspiracy, a secret society, the US military, the British police - mix in some car chases, a lot of gore and a little romance and you have the recipe for a cracking thriller that gallops along at breakneck speed.

This book has a huge cast and a fairly complicated plot but Kennedy manages to keep all the balls in the air till the very end and then catches them neatly and skillfully. Sure, you might have to suspend your disbelief from time to time, but that's no hardship - with likeable protagonists and some humor to lighten the tone, this is a great, fun read. Highly recommended.

Posted on Sep 17, 2011 5:13:38 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Sep 17, 2011 5:15:21 PM PDT
Tommie Lyn says:
On Berryhill Road

Fallon McKniere is a person you probably wouldn't favor with a second glance if you saw her on the street. She's not only petite in stature, she's toothpick-thin, and her clothes say "thrift shop." Her stance says "don't mess with me."

But if you take a closer look, you'll see a haunted expression in her eyes.

Donovan Pfarr takes a closer look. And can't turn away when he realizes that Fallon goes hungry most of the time. He feels compelled to help her...and falls in love.

But he wonders: how did Fallon end up living in a run-down trailer taking care of her mentally-unbalanced mother, barely eking out an existence on her meager paycheck from the convenience store where she works?

The answer, tied to an event from Fallon's childhood, comes when a man involved in that event learns he is dying. He tries to make peace with his conscience by setting up an anonymous trust fund for Fallon. And unleashes a force that places himself, Fallon and Donovan in danger.

Four 5 star reviews and four 4 star reviews
On Berryhill Road

Posted on Sep 17, 2011 6:02:28 PM PDT
Wow! Glad to see all the new posts!

Tommie Lyn, J. Robert Kennedy, James Anderson, Cliff ball, Roger Weston, Tim Greaton, James Blakely and Ian Fraser, thanks for joining us here!

Be sure to stop in periodically and post something new and exciting for new visitors!


In reply to an earlier post on Sep 17, 2011 7:25:12 PM PDT
pmr says:
Thanks Shannon - great thread. I'll add:


What would you do if you found your own double? Sabrina discovers that hers is part human and part computer. Things become harrowing when the CIA, the Russians, and a Japanese business man will do anything to possess the woman she calls Eve. The CIA wants to study it. The KGB wants to abduct it for the technology. The Japanese don't care if they have to tear the woman to pieces--they want to know how she was made. The two women are in terrible jeopardy. How can they remain free?

The Living Image
Complete novel for $2.99

Posted on Sep 17, 2011 7:59:37 PM PDT
R W Ley says:
Terror by Night In the space of three months, Libby Bartlett acquires a psychotic stalker and two potential suitors. As the actor seeks to win her heart and the detective works to protect her life, the question remains; who is the stalker and why is he targeting Libby? Faced with two would-be heroes, she is torn between the dashing English prince charming and the daring American white knight. When the stalker's attentions turn deadly she turns to her ultimate protection, her faith in God. Her silent prayers throughout her ordeal keep her sane, if not entirely safe.

4 1/2 and 5 star reviews

Available for Kindle and in soft cover.
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