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The Basics

"I just bought my first digital camera and need help learning the basics."

Whether you are new to photography or transitioning to a digital camera, these books will show you everything you need to know to get up and running. Choose from camera-specific titles or general digital photography guides that will help you become more comfortable behind your camera.

Miss the moment, and it's gone forever. That's why you bought a digital SLR--and why you need this full-color guide that covers not only using every feature of your XTi/400D, but also getting great shots in more than two dozen situations. You'll find step-by-step techniques in Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi/400D Digital Field Guide that enhance exposure, composition, and perspective, plus professional advice for photographing children, pets, sporting events, concerts, street scenes, landscapes, even fireworks. Wherever you take pictures, take this book along.

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Mastering the Medium

"I know the basics, but I still haven’t mastered the medium."

Feel comfortable working with your digital camera, but still want to know more tips and tricks for getting the shot you want? These topics will help you get to the next level so you can shoot the best picture every time.

The Digital Photography All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies is your one-stop, full-color guide to creating digital images with "wow"! From picking your camera to posting photos on the Web, here's what you need to know about digital photography in eight easy-to-use minibooks! Packed with full-color examples that will get your creative juices flowing, this guide helps you take better pictures; edit, organize, and share them; restore vintage prints; and more.

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Serious Editing

"I want to learn how to edit my photos like a pro."

You know how to use your camera, you take fabulous photos, but how do you improve them in post-editing? Explore different methods and basic programs that help you do just that.

With Photoshop CS2 Workflow: The Digital Photographer's Guide you'll learn to both set up an effective workflow and set your imagination free. If you're like most artists, the idea of structuring your work may seem at odds with true creativity, but you'll be surprised to learn from digital imaging expert Tim Grey that just the opposite is true. This latest edition of his bestselling guide to Photoshop shows you how proper workflow can free you from the repetitive parts of a project and let you focus on your vision.

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For the Hobbyist

"I am serious about my photography and I want to keep up with current digital photography trends."

Want to take your portfolio to the professional level? See a new piece of software that could help you develop your digital photography talent, but aren’t sure where to start? These titles help experienced photographers refine their talents.

Why waste a thousand words? Photos tell stories. And the more you can do with your digital camera, the better the story you can tell. With Hacking Digital Cameras you'll learn to build a remote control and sneak up on that picture that keeps eluding you. Create an adapter that lets you use SLR-type lenses on your point-and-shoot. Play with lens magnification or create a pinhole lens. Beef up flash memory. And that's just where the tale begins. The ending is up to you.

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