The Pillars of the Earth: Oprah's Book Club® Deluxe Edition

What is the Oprah's Book Club® deluxe edition?

Oprah wanted to ensure that readers of her latest Oprah's Book Club® selection would not only be delighted with Ken Follett's marvelous novel, but also with the look and feel of the actual book. With this in mind, a deluxe paperback edition of The Pillars of the Earth was published especially for Oprah's Book Club®. This edition features a stronger binding, higher quality paper, and French flaps.

What are French flaps?

French flaps are simply extensions of the paperback cover that fold inside the book. Not only are paperback books featuring French flaps sturdier and more attractive, but they are also useful because the flaps can be tucked back into the book to mark the reader's place. Since The Pillars of the Earth is a longer novel--over 900 pages in length, in fact--the improved binding, paper, and French flaps will no doubt be appreciated by both the casual reader and collector.

We hope you that you enjoy the deluxe edition of The Pillars of the Earth!