A Different Kind of Election...

As a companion piece to the real Presidential election in 2008, we ran our own primaries and counted down to a good ol' fashioned, head-to-head face-off with the two candidates you voted as the best President... on DVD. Be a part of history in the making on January 20 by visiting our Inauguration Day 2009 Store.

And the Best President on DVD Is...

Laura Roslin Congratulations to President Laura Roslin from Battlestar Galactica! As played by Mary McDonnell, President Roslin bested Paul Giamatti's portrayal of President John Adams in John Adams by winning 68.5% of your total votes. Here's to your reign, President Roslin... at least for the next four years.

Election Schedule

See how the voting schedule went in 2008:
  • Sept. 16: Round 1 voting
  • Sept. 23: Round 2 voting
  • Sept. 30: Round 3 voting
  • Oct. 7: Round 4 voting
  • Oct. 14: Primaries, real-life presidents
  • Oct. 21: Primaries, fictional presidents
  • Oct. 28: Final election
  • Nov. 5: Winner revealed

Election 2008: A Map of America's Political Reading

Audacity of Hope
Faith of My Fathers
Election 2008 Map
Want to see what political books America is reading, and where? Visit our Election 2008 Store to see our new interactive electoral map, showing which states are reading red and which are reading blue. Click the map to see local favorites for each state and to see how the map has changed over time in 2008 and 2004. You'll find much more there, too, including:
  • McCain/Obama and Palin/Biden sales meters
  • Bestseller lists of "purple" books that aren't red or blue
  • Election-year interviews with top political authors
  • Dozens of booklists on top issues and presidential politics

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