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DivX Enabled Blu-ray Players
  • When it’s time to upgrade to a Blu-ray player, look for the DivX logo. With DivX certified Blu-ray Players, you can enjoy the stunning clarity of HD plus playback of all your DivX videos
DivX Enabled Digital Televisions
  • Who needs discs when you have a television that plays DivX video? Quickly and easily transfer up to HD-quality DivX videos to your DivX certified digital TV via USB
DivX Enabled DVD Players
  • Take high-quality DivX movies from your computer to your TV. Simply burn your video to disc to play on any DivX certified DVD player
DivX Enabled Gaming Consoles
  • Certified to play DivX video, the PlayStation 3 gives you amazing video performance as well as advanced capabilities, including network streaming
DivX Enabled Mobile Devices
DivX Enabled Software