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Amazon's Retail Customer Experience Team Is Hiring

Within Retail Customer Experience (RCX), multiple teams are dedicated to delivering the Internet's best shopping experience to millions of customers around the world who visit Amazon retail websites. The teams featured below focus on tailoring the experience to accommodate our growing and diverse selection--helping customers make buying decisions, enabling discovery of products, and addressing customer pain points. Take a look to see which one is right for you. For additional opportunities in Retail Customer Experience, visit, click the “Search for Jobs” link, and type “RCX” in the Keywords field.

Gateway & Global Navigation

Gateway and Storefronts Creating the welcome page for Amazon presents great challenges and greater opportunities. What do we want to present to each customer who visits Amazon and how do we make it relevant, timely, and intuitive? The Gateway & Global Navigation team at Amazon is focused on creating a personalized and intuitive experience for our customers that is lightning fast. Join us in tackling complex issues, such as how to deliver the fastest page possible and how to balance highly personalized offerings with serendipitous discovery. We want to simplify common tasks, such as checking the status of an order, and evolve the page for each customer every time they visit. Come help us define the meaning of "Welcome to Amazon."

Seattle positions:

Software Developer, Global Navigation - RCX, #122704

Software Development Engineer, Browsing Technology - RCX, #123660

Software Developer, Global Navigation - RCX, #122709

Recommendations & Personalization

Gateway and Storefronts You know that thrill you get when someone helps you find exactly what you’re looking for before you really even know what you want? The Recommendations & Personalization team at Amazon is dedicated to creating that positive, personalized experience for millions of individual worldwide customers every day. We use different clustering algorithms, collaborative filtering, data mining, and machine-learning techniques to make sense of some of the biggest databases in the world, and then we write real-time Java software to generate the most relevant recommendations possible. We’re obsessed with creating the best personalized experience possible, one customer at a time.

Seattle positions:

Senior Product Manager, Personalized Recommendations - RCX, #116273

Software Development Engineer, Recommendations - RCX, #121266

Software Development Engineer, Recommendations - RCX, #122196

Shopping Advice

Gateway and Storefronts

Amazon offers Earth's biggest selection–-we have millions of products to choose from. The Shopping Advice team helps customers sort through this multitude of options to find the best items to meet their specific needs. Whether it’s a kitchen gadget, a digital camera, or some summer reading, Shopping Advice helps customers who know what they need--but not exactly what they want. We provide advice by applying machine learning techniques to the collective opinions of the millions of customers who’ve submitted star ratings and customer reviews. So no matter what a customer is looking for, we can probably help. Join this brand new and expanding team to help millions of customers figure out just what they want and where to find it.

Seattle positions:

Software Development Engineer, Shopping Advice - RCX, #121580

Software Development Engineer, Shopping Advice - RCX, #121963

Wish List

Gateway and Storefronts What’s on your Wish List? Books? Movies? Music? Or maybe a new job with the team that is building the only Wish List you’ll ever need. Energized by solving challenging problems and developing customer-centric features, the Amazon Wish List team is a close-knit group of passionate and experienced software developers looking for exceptional new talent. Millions of Amazon customers use their Wish Lists to keep track of any item they desire, whether they want to buy it for themselves, receive it as a gift, share it, or simply show their interest. Our goal is to make Wish List an indispensible shopping tool that people use regularly, as well as the best place to find what anyone wishes for. We own both the business and the technology for these features, including the high-performance web services, the Wish List user interface, and the browser extensions that make our Wish List universal. Join our team and help make some wishes come true.

Seattle positions:

Software Development Engineer, Wish List - RCX, #125148

Software Development Engineer, Wish List - RCX, #132312

User Experience Design & User Research

Gateway and Storefronts

Do you feel passionate that a customer’s online shopping experience should be effortless? Are you willing to put in a lot of behind-the-scenes effort to make that happen? The User Experience Design & User Research team consists of a spirited, inquisitive group of people who are obsessed with solving customer problems and making Amazon an easy place to shop.

Working with our other development partners, we help conceptualize and develop new initiatives and products, providing UX designs and research for a variety of global features and page types. As part of our team, you’ll collaborate with a community of tenured experts in research and retail design, taking advantage of constructive peer reviews, enlightening mentorships, robust shared knowledge repositories, and more.

Every day is a unique learning experience, and each new initiative is an opportunity to raise the bar and help create shopping experiences that are increasingly useful, usable, fluid, and fun to use for millions of customers worldwide.

Seattle positions:

Sr. User Experience Designer - RCX, #129798

UX Designer, Apparel - RCX, #137252

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Amazon Customer Reviews are a vital part of the Amazon experience for millions of customers. As a member of the core development team, you'll be creating new, highly visible features to help Amazon shoppers harness the power of millions of customer reviews. Our developers contribute directly to one of the most recognizable shopping experiences on the Internet and get immediate feedback from millions of users. Customer Reviews are critical in helping customers make great buying decisions. Our passionate customers help us out by offering feedback early and often when we launch new features. Join our team, and you’ll find a software development position that lets you show your work to millions of people every day.

Seattle positions:

Senior Product Manager, Customer Reviews - RCX, #136244

Software Development Engineer, Customer Reviews - RCX, #137163

Software Development Engineer, Customer Reviews - RCX, #137168

Software Development Manager, Customer Reviews - RCX, #137171

Software Development Engineer, Customer Reviews - RCX, #137569

Software Development Engineer, Customer Reviews - RCX, #137570