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Looking for that perfect gift, but not sure which color, features, or model to choose? Give them an Gift Card suggesting an item and let them decide for themselves. They can buy the featured item, choose something similar, or pick from millions of other items at Amazon. It's the right gift, guaranteed.

Here’s how:

Give It as a Gift Card
  • Select an item. Search Amazon and find the item you think they would like.
  • Click the “Send gift card” button. You'll find the button under the Add to Cart section on select product pages at Amazon--digital products excluded. (No button? Read our FAQ)
  • Place your order. Fill out the order form, including the amount you'd like to put toward the item, and add your personal message. The gift card can be e-mailed immediately or scheduled for delivery up to a year in advance.
Give them exactly what they wanted. Your recipient will receive an Gift Card featuring your suggested item. They can redeem it for that item, or towards millions of other items at

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this?
A: Gift Cards can now be sent featuring a specific item from It's a great way to give a gift that is both thoughtful and flexible--returns are never necessary. This is especially handy if you aren't sure which model, size, color, etc. to buy. Redeemable for that item or millions of others, it allows the recipient to pick their own perfect present. Give us feedback on this gift card feature.

Q: Am I buying the selected item or a gift card?
Technically speaking, you are buying a gift card that can be redeemed toward millions of items at Your recipient will receive a customized gift card that displays the image and title of the item you suggest. They can use the gift card towards the purchase of that item, something similar, or almost any other item storewide. See Gift Card Terms & Conditions at

Q: Does the recipient have to buy the item I choose to feature on the gift card?
No, Gift Cards are redeemable for millions of items in over 40 categories. The gift card they receive will feature the item you choose and will prompt them to purchase the item upon redemption, but they can opt to apply the gift card amount to an item of their choice. See Gift Card Terms & Conditions at

Q: Does purchasing the gift card hold the inventory of the item I selected to feature?
No. You are purchasing a gift card, not the item itself. There is no guarantee the item will be in-stock when the recipient chooses to redeem their gift card.

Q: Does purchasing the gift card hold the price of the item I selected to feature?
No. You are purchasing a gift card, not the item itself. There is no price guarantee.

Q: What about tax and shipping?
Shipping and tax varies, based on the shipping address, prime membership, and speed of delivery. Therefore, we do not include any shipping or tax in the gift card total when buying a gift card featuring an item. However, if you want to make sure your recipient won’t need to pay extra, we recommend adding 10-15% of the item’s cost to the gift card value. Any unused balance will still remain available for your recipient to use later.

Q: What if the item is not available when they want to redeem the gift card?
The recipient can choose another item, or simply claim the gift card amount to their Amazon account and purchase the item when it becomes available.

Q: Can I send a gift card featuring an item that is out of stock or on Pre-order at Amazon?

Q: What can this Gift Card be used to buy?
Regardless of the type, all Gift Card claim codes can be redeemed towards millions of items storewide at or The recipient can choose to use their gift card for the item you suggest, or they can shop for something else in over 40 other categories. See Gift Card Terms & Conditions at

Q: I can’t find the “Give this as a Gift Card” button?
Currently, only select items on are available to give as a gift card. However, standard Gift Cards can still be used towards the purchase of these items. Simply buy an Gift Card and mention the item in your gift card message for a personal touch. Shop all Gift Cards.

Q: Can I choose the image to be featured on the gift card?
Yes, you can feature any image shown on the item's Amazon page. Simply scroll through the images and pick the one you want to be displayed on the gift card. You can see what the entire card will look like upon delivery, just click the "preview card" button on the order form before proceeding to checkout.

Q: Can I add a personal gift note?
Certainly! You may add a personal message up to 300 characters long that will be delivered in the e-mailed gift card. You can see what the entire card will look like upon delivery, just click the "preview card" button on the order form before proceeding to checkout.

Q: How and when is the gift card delivered?
The gift card is delivered to the recipient via e-mail. You can choose immediate delivery for instant gifting, or plan ahead and schedule a delivery date up to a year in advance.

Q: What happens if the price for the item changes after I purchase the gift card?
Amazon doesn't guarantee product price or availability through the gift card purchase. As part of normal market cycles, prices can go up and down and products may become unavailable or discontinued. In some cases, the item price may go down and the recipient will have an extra gift card balance. In other cases, the price may go up and the recipient will need to pay the difference if they want to redeem their gift card for that item.

Q: What happens with the remainder of the gift card funds if there are any left over?
Once a customer enters a gift card claim code on our site (either claimed to their account or used towards a purchase), the balance remains in their Amazon account for use on future purchases.

Q: Will I know if the gift card recipient purchased the item I selected for them or chose a different item?
No, in order to protect the privacy of our customers we do not share the redemption details of Gift Card recipients.

Q: Do Gift Cards expire?
No, Gift Cards never expire or lose their value. See Gift Card Terms & Conditions at

Q: Can I resend the gift card if the recipient did not receive it?
Yes. Instructions to re-send a gift card can be found here.

Have more questions about Gift Cards? Read the Gift Card FAQ.

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