You shouldn't have to switch devices when having fun and getting things done. Whether you're at the office, traveling, or at home, Kindle Fire helps you access your work when you need it.

Check Your Work Email

Fire tablet has a robust corporate e-mail experience with Exchange's fast-syncing email, calendar, contacts and conversation views. These easy-to-use features keep you connected so you never miss an appointment or the latest project update. Exchange email with ActiveSync keeps you connected to your company's Exchange server while also meeting your IT's security policies.

Access Your Corporate Network

With Fire tablet, you can stay connected whether you are in the office or away using secure remote VPN. You can also access your company's intranet and keep your corporate data protected with encryption. With access to your corporate network, submit your expense reports, download shared documents, or view your company's wiki directly on your Fire tablet.

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Get Things Done Wherever You Are style=

View Microsoft Office Files

With WPS Office, you can create, view and edit Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations on your Fire tablet so that you are more productive wherever you are.

Apps to Take Care of Business

Take advantage of the rich selection of productivity apps available on the Amazon Appstore: take notes, scan documents, prepare invoices, and remote desktop from your tablet. Free apps like Skype and GoToMeeting also make it possible to collaborate with colleagues on the go. Browse Productivity Apps

Keyboard and Mouse Support

Boost your productivity with Fire Keyboard, Amazon's own thin and lightweight keyboard with trackpad, special function keys, and a superior typing experience on Fire tablets. Learn more

Printing from Your Fire Tablet

Fire tablet supports printing to your home or office wireless printer, getting you handouts when you need them.


Secure and IT Friendly

Fire tablet can keep corporate data secure, drives down costs, and improves employees' productivity on-the-go. With Fire tablet, you now have an enterprise-ready tablet, management solution options, rich productivity apps, and supporting accessories, for less.

Mobile Device Management Compatibility

If your IT department has a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution for managing its mobile devices, Fire tablet is supported by AirWatch, MaaS360, Citrix, GoodTechnology, and SOTI. IT administrators can manage Kindle tablet deployments in a business or a school easily and reliably with controls for:

  • Network configuration
  • Device security
  • App management
  • Device feature control
  • Device inventory
  • Wi-Fi/VPN context-aware controls

Developers - Want to use Amazon's MDM API for your app? Learn more

Device Encryption

Fire tablet supports the rigorous requirements you need to maintain the security of your corporate data. Fire tablets are now built with encryption (AES-256 bit hardware encryption on HDX tablets and AES-128 bit software encryption on HD tablets); you can encrypt your tablet to keep your data secure.


Fire tablet comes with a native VPN client to connect remotely to your corporate network using the IPSec, L2TP or PPTP protocols. You can also download other VPN apps from the Amazon Appstore. Browse the Appstore

Single Sign-On

Access your corporate intranet on your Fire tablet with single sign-on support in the Silk browser that caches Kerberos tickets securely on the device.

Certificate Enrollment

Request a digital certificate on to your Fire tablet with a native Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) client on the device to obtain secure access to corporate resources.


Secure and IT Friendly

With Kindle Fire, you now have an enterprise-ready tablet, management solution options, rich productivity apps, and supporting accessories, for less. Kindle Fire also has the advanced hardware that provides high performance and long battery life for uninterrupted usage at work.

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Secure and IT Friendly

Amazon's Whispercast is a free web-based tool businesses can use to manage their Kindle devices and distribute content. Apps, eBooks, and documents can be distributed effortlessly wherever employees are when connected to the internet.

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Kindle Whispercast