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Why Rent eTextbooks?

Great Savings - Save up to 80% off the list price of the print textbook. Shop now
Pay Only for the Time You Need - Choose a rental length between 30 and 360 days and pay only for the exact time you need the eTextbook. Extend your rental for as little as one day or convert to purchase.
Rent Once, Read Everywhere - Rent and read tens of thousands of textbooks on Fire tablet, the Kindle app for iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, or Mac. Learn more
Keep Your Annotations - Notebook for eTextbooks displays all of your notes, colored highlights, saved images and bookmarks in one place. Access your notes and highlights anytime, even after the rental expires, at
Study Smarter with X-Ray for Textbooks - Get everything you need with a single tap, including definitions, related pages in your eTextbook, and even relevant content from other sources like Wikipedia and YouTube. X-Ray for Textbooks is available on Fire tablets and on the free Kindle reading app for iPad, iPhone and Android.

How Renting eTextbooks Works

eTextbook Rental on is a flexible and affordable way to read textbooks. You can rent for the minimum length, typically 30 days, and save up to 80% off the print list price. If you find you need your textbook longer, you can extend your rental by as little as 1 day as many times as you want and just pay for the added days. Note that some eTextbooks may only be available for a fixed rental length such as 180 days if the textbook publisher has disabled the flex rental option.


Download one of our free Kindle Reading Apps for your iPad, iPhone, Android, PC or Mac - wherever you'd like to read your textbook. The Kindle Reading App comes pre-installed on Amazon devices. For print replica eTextbooks, you will need to read them using a Fire tablet or the Kindle Reading App for iPad, iPhone, and Android. Be sure to check for this on the eTextbook's description.


Search for your textbook in the eTextbooks Store or from the search bar. If an eTextbook is available for rent, you'll see an option in the Formats section on the textbook page. Select this option.

Select Dates

On the eTextbook page, select your rental end date. eTextbooks can typically be rented for any length between 30 to 360 days – you pay only for the time you need and can extend or buy anytime. Note that some eTextbooks may only be available for a fixed rental length such as 180 days if the eTextbook publisher has disabled the flex rental option.


Click on “Rent now with 1-click” button to place your rental order.

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