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What is Game Connect?

Game Connect is a service provided by Amazon which enables customers to discover and purchase virtual items on and have these virtual items sent directly to their linked game account.

How does Game Connect help you find more customers?

Convenience: Customers can link their existing accounts with their account in your game to purchase digital items, delivered directly to their linked game account.

Trust and Security: Game Connect enables Amazon customers to purchase your games and virtual items using existing and trusted order processing and payments technology.

Discoverability: Your games and virtual items will benefit from the familiar Amazon personalization and recommendation engine, surfacing your products where it makes the most sense for customers.

How do you get started?

1. Contact Amazon at for a copy of the service agreement and integration details.

2. Integrate with Game Connect: Game Connect is designed for easy integration. During our private beta, developers took an average of 2 developer weeks from start to completing testing.

3. List your digital products on Amazon will help you list your games and virtual items, test the account linking and game play experience, and provide merchandising opportunities for you to reach even more customers.