25th Anniversary of Michael Jackson's "BAD"

The deluxe 25th Anniversary edition of Michael Jackson's "BAD" album includes three CDs and two collectible booklets as well as a previously unreleased DVD of the 1988 concert at Wembley Stadium in London during the record-breaking BAD tour.

BAD 25th Anniversary 3 CD/1 DVD Deluxe Edition

25th Anniversary of Michael Jackson's BAD
• This Deluxe 25th Anniversary Edition includes three CDs, two collectible booklets, and a DVD featuring the first-ever authorized release of a concert from the record-breaking BAD tour.

• The DVD contains Michael Jackson's legendary July 16, 1988, concert at Wembley Stadium in London. This DVD is not a compilation of performances, but rather one complete show exactly as Michael performed it for Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and the 72,000 fans who were in the audience for that night's sold out show. The DVD was sourced from Michael Jackson's personal VHS copy of the performance as shown on the JumboTrons during the concert. This footage was only recently unearthed and is the only known copy of the show to exist. The visuals have been restored and the audio quality enhanced so that fans can share in the excitement of that famous night.

• The first CD is the original re-mastered album.

• The second CD contains previously unreleased material recorded in Michael's personal studio at Hayvenhurst. This material includes early demo versions of songs from the album as well as demos for songs not included on the final album. All of this material is being released as it was recorded during the BAD sessions. Nothing has been added or changed. In addition, this CD also includes new remixes from internationally renowned DJs and producers.

• The third CD showcases the audio from the sound truck recordings of the July 16th Wembley performance. This CD is the first-ever live Michael Jackson CD to be released and is the only concert from the BAD Tour known to exist on multi-tracks.

• This magnificent 3 CD/1 DVD box also includes two extensive booklets with never-before-seen photos from the recording sessions, video sets, and the concert tour as well as the original BAD cover art, a two-sided poster and more.

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