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    Lenovo IdeaTab A1000L 7-Inch 8 GB Tablet
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    "Perfect for what it is" - By Zachary Baer
    Technically 4 Stars because 5 Stars would be an IPad. But for what it is, its 5 stars.

    I had been looking everywhere for a budget tablet without much success. Since most tablets under 100 are made by no name companies, I was really surprised to see one made by Lenovo. For this reason, I bought it.

    Boxing = great
    Size= Just right
    Graphics= No retina display, but definitely not inadequate. Pretty solid
    Speed= So far, so good
    Appearance= very sleek, well designed tablet
    Software=Well put together, well programmed. Its nice its connected to Google, as most budget tablets aren't

    If you are expecting an Ipad, it isnt. But if you are expecting to get a solid tablet that will last you a few years, this is the best youll get for the money. Anyone looking to get a nice gift for a person of any age ... full review

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (7-Inch, White) 2013 Model SM-T210 8 GB
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    "Three reviews in one **" - By Whoever (Midwest, USA)
    This review is three reviews in one:

    ** A case for the littlest Samsung Galaxy tablet (7")
    ** A comparison of the Kindle Fire and Samsung tablets
    ** The world of apps and games outside the Amazon, not available on any of the Kindle Fires

    In the first place ignore anyone (always) who starts off with "this is a rotten product," unless the majority of other folks are also saying it's a rotten product. And there is nothing "rotten" about this any of these products. Some people just get a corncob stuck in the wrong place and or just like to howl to hear themselves howl.

    In the second place, others have written detailed reviews about the Samsung tablets, feature for feature, spec for spec, and I'm not going to do that. I'm going to wander around and talk about what sold me on this particular ... full review

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    Dell Venue 7 16 GB Tablet (Android)
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    "Pleasantly Surprised" - By Ryan
    I am very pleased.
    Overall good deal.

    I admit I did not get my hopes up when I ordered it - $150 for 7" tablet? When the "big names" are selling at two to three times as much (or more)?

    But I am quite happy with it.

    * It is lightweight. A great size too - can hold it easily in one hand and navigate with the other.

    * Screen is bright enough to see on a sunny day.

    * Speed/Performance is very smooth. All my favorite Android apps run on it. (I was wondering about that since it's an Intel chip versus the ARM usually found on these devices.)

    * Browsing the web is a breeze (home wifi).
    Can easily zoom in out on the page areas for reading - double tap and/or pinching both work nicely.

    * In general, a 7" ... full review

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    SquareTrade 1-Year Tablet Protection Plan ($0-$100)
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    "Fantastic Warranty is even more than advertised!" - By 4killerbs
    This warranty is amazing. I bought my son a new Kindle Fire for Christmas in 2011. I knew that he would need the accidental warranty coverage. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend so much on a warranty, but let me tell you... it is definitely worth it. After 2 months, my son dropped his kindle & cracked the screen. When I called squaretrade (no wait time to talk to someone) I was told that this would use up one of my 3 accidental replacements! We received the replacement very quickly. I am now looking for a less expensive tablet as a bday gift for my other son. I will definitely purchase this warranty again, even though the warranty will probably cost me more than 1/2 the price of the tablet, I think it is still worth it!

  • "i love it" - By nannette simon
    I received my tablet 2days after I ordered it. I didn't think it would work too good because of the low price, but it works great. Its fast and enjoyable. I see some people say its slow as dialup. I have wireless internet on my laptop so I just turn my tablet on and it did everything else. You got to have wireless internet to do that. I see now that its even cheaper for what I paid for it. I only paid 83and its great. I give it a five star

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7-Inch, Wi-Fi) 2012 Model
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    "First tablet, good choice, but read updates" - By Andrea Polk (Pacific Northwest - USA)
    It was my birthday and my family asked me what I wanted. I decided a new toy would be nice.

    My needs are minimal as I'm at my desktop much of each day, but occasionally like to read from my Kindle, surf for deals on Amazon, watch a Netflix movie, listen to music and email. I have accomplished these things with my Android phone, but slowly using 3G and a 4" screen.

    For a tablet I wanted a 7" screen, camera w/ video capabilities, responsive operating system, expansion capabilities with a microSD card, and a built in GPS, not dependent upon wifi or 3G. I found all of that in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Not the fastest OS (Google Nexus 7 will have the 4.1 Jellybean) or the fastest processor or the very best screen resolution, but 'very good' which translated into a ... full review

  • "Excellent Value Tablet" - By rpv (California)
    Tagital 7 inch is an Allwinner A13 1.2GHz CPU and is a very good value in price per performance. It has 512 MB RAM and also has a GPU. The GPU is a Gaming GPU and helps in Android games. This runs Android 4.2.2 Android. I will go into the specifications and review based on my user experience. The dimensions are 7 x 4.75 x 0.30 in and weigh 9 oz.

    Most of tablets have ARM based processors. This makes sure all of the Apps in Google Play ecosystem available. If you look at my video review, I have screenshots showing the CPU speed and other kernel details. The screen is 800 x 480 Pixels. This supports a wireless with Wi-Fi (802.11 BGN). Tablet has 2 cameras - front and back. This has 4 GB storage and you can use ... full review

  • "Not bad." - By Undertone tire
    Coming from an Ipad (first Gen) i was expecting something similar, well, not built as well for sure. Now saying that, being more of an Android fan than IOS, i love the Jelly Bean. My phone is Ice Cream Sandwich, so there were some minor differences. The tablet is faster than the old Ipad, has more of a wide screen format, has 2 cameras, USB, HDMI, and the Micro SD slot. These continue to be my biggest complaint with Apple not providing these minor additions(other than the camera on newer models). I agree with others, the camera is marginal, the 720P video recording function is a little choppy. Works well enough for Skype etc. I was able to plug in a Micro USB charger, and it seems to be able to charge through that, time will tell. The standard charger is a pin type power connector, this one thing drops ... full review

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7-Inch 8 GB Tablet (White)
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    "Nice tablet" - By TorridlyBoredShopper ("Daddy Dagon's Daycare" - Proud Sponsor of the Little Tendril Baseball Team, USA)
    The tablet has some nice pros going for it. It has a nice feel and it runs smoothly depending on what you do with yours. I use mine while waiting - I ride with people sometimes and read and I sit in the bed and want to lounge - and thought it worked really well for that. I do have to say that I was really surprised by how thick it was when I first got it, then even more surprised by how well it handled considering how thick the item is. There's a light-weight quality to it that allowed me to use it easily, tilting it this way and that while goofing off - I mean testing it. I suppose that's what Lite means.

    I want to also note that I'm tech-savvy enough to utilize an item, but I'm not going to quote specifications. There are other ... full review

  • "Have patience and you will learn to like it" - By missgoodenough
    My boyfriend and I bought it for my parents to Skype, primarily. Neither of them have ever had a email or been on a computer. I had a LOT of trouble with the current version of the Skype program that is downloaded from the google app play store. This is the version I finally downloaded and was able to get working with no problem what so ever. [...].....It is not fast, but I think it works well for beginners, or people that won't bog it down with a lot of stuff. I personally like the larger screen. I would recommend it for the price. Thanks,