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    Dell S2240T 21.5-Inch Touch Screen LED-lit Monitor
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    "Great monitor for Windows 8" - By G. Huber (Toledo, OH United States)
    I have an older PC (4 years old), but recently upgraded it to Windows 8. A keyboard and mouse works OK, but you really need a touch screen to take full advantage of Windows 8. This monitor delivers! It is also much crisper in terms of color and clarity than my "main" monitor, which is a Dell 24".

    Using this monitor as a second screen works well, but in order to do so there is a simple set up needed by windows. Otherwise, the touch may register on your main monitor.

    To set it up, do the following:
    1. Press the Windows key and hit S to bring up search.
    2. Type in "Tablet"
    3. Click on "Tablet PC Settings"
    4. Click on "Setup"
    5. Follow the instructions, which basically identifies which monitor is your touch screen.

    The stand seems a little gimmicky. I don't have the ... full review

  • "Very good value when on sale" - By Mark K.
    Did not buy from Amazon but this product is great. Most of the connections (usb, memory card etc) are hard to get to because they are either between the back of the screen and the stand or on the underneath of the of the screen. After thinking about it, I realized that was likely for aesthetic purposes. The best part is that it is a nice looking piece of equipment that only needs a power cable. It allowed us to have a nice pc outside of our office room without a tower and a bunch of cables. A laptop wasn't ideal for us due to the smaller screen sizes. I did notice some slight backlight bleed and screen uniformity issues but this thing is half or a third of the cost of an Apple so there is that. 5 stars.

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    HP Pavilion 23-p112 AMD Quad-Core A8 23" Touch Full HD All-in-One Desktop Computer
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    "Exactly as described! Works like new!" - By Lace
    Came as described. Perfect right out of the box! Can't even tell it's a refurb! We could not be happier with this!

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    HP 21.5" Touchscreen All-in-One Desktop | Intel Core i3 | 1080p | 8GB RAM | 1TB HARD DRIVE
    • Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.
    "Five Stars" - By irfan dharma
    so far perfect. will update after few month. I hope that this will be a long lasting computer

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    HP Pavilion 23-g010 23-Inch All-in-One Desktop (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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    List Price: $697.00
    Price: $539.99
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    "Very Slow for Development" - By Andrew A.
    This computer is nice if you plan on only doing light work with it. Say you want to do some word processing, email and internet; you will be happy and satisfied with this purchase.

    I bought it as a development machine, my bad. If you have large programs such as Visual Studio and other development programs you need to run, you will find this computer painfully slow. Still a good machine, but when you purchase this make sure you order additional memory; you will need it!

    Shared memory between video and memory reduces your installed ram to 3.5 gig usable by Windows 8. Currently if I open my development programs I used 3.5 gig of the 4 gig installed, without doing any work...

    I think this is a great machine, but consider use and make some additional decisions based on how you are going to use it. ... full review

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    LG ChromeBase 22CV241-W 22-Inch All-in-One Cloud Desktop
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    List Price: $349.99
    Price: $299.00
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    "This is the best $300 I've ever spent on a PC or a Monitor!" - By Austinhorn
    I love this thing a lot. I own several chrombook laptops & now have set this up as a desktop. Because it has an HDMI-in I have been able to hook up my new windows desktop with it too & now I just push the chrome button on the front of the monitor stitch back & forth between Chrome OS & Windows. It is really great to have the best of both worlds with what is essentially an all in one monitor. A lot of the reviews have said bad things about both the wired keyboard & mouse & long-term I will probably go wireless but to be honest I have had zero problems using either one. They both work well & I'm a good typist & I caaan keep my speed up with no problem when typing. The IPS screen is a huge improvement on ... full review

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    Acer Aspire AZ1-621-UR15 21.5-Inch Full HD All-in-One Desktop (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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    List Price: $399.99
    Price: $394.95
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    "wanted to be able to move it easily between rooms in her house - she loved it" - By Louis Maglione
    The lightest AIO I've ever used. My customer, a petite lady, wanted to be able to move it easily between rooms in her house - she loved it!

  • "Great computer" - By L. A. (Milwaukee, WI)
    This is an awesome computer. It takes up a minimal amount of space on a desk or table. The back of the screen has an adjustable easel like stand. The USB ports are on the right side of the screen. The screen is nice and crystal clear. Set up was super easy. When I initially turned it on, there was a system check that took quite a while to get through. You can cancel out of that screen and continue computer set up if you want. In fact, I canceled out of the system check and successfully completed set up in about 15 minutes. The computer is nice and fast. I can have multiple applications open and do memory intensive things and there is no slow down. There is nothing I don't like about this computer. It would make an awesome home computer for anyone.

  • "Best All-in-One desktop one could buy for such a reasonable price." - By Hari Thapa
    I wasn't sure if i wanted to buy this computer since I didn't see any reviews on this product. But after knowing about all its features I decided to buy this anyway. So far I am satisfied with the product. It arrived on time and was packed very neatly. It is very very easy to simple to setup this computer.

  • "Solid entry-level all-in-one" - By Bluemax1914 (Texas)
    I bought this computeras a gift for my sister-in-law whose old model would not even receive e-mail. Although not exactly computer literate, she set up the computer almost without help, and loves everything about it. The model has all of the features that she needs, the only problem was getting her away from it to visit with us during the Thanksgiving holiday.