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    League of Legends - PC
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    "Great game, some flaws, also beware of "full game"." - By Aekero
    So before I get into the review let's get this out of the way. Currently there are 40 heroes, with plans for more to be added. If you buy this game you will get _25_ heroes unlocked, with the others needing to be unlocked via playing (riot points), or paying ($$). Also you won't get all the runes you'll end up wanting either, you just get a few. Keep in mind they give you credit towards the Riot Store which can be used to buy characters/runes, but know you don't get everything for ~$25.

    LoL is very much in the same vein as DOTA (5v5, creeps, towers etc), but there are things I like much better i.e. buying items is just from one shop, and if you have enough money you can buy a high lvl item and it will automatically buy the items below it. (i.e. you could ... full review

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    SADES SA-708 Stereo Gaming Headphone Headset with Microphone (Blue)
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    "Best headset for gaming/music." - By Deborah K. Bateman
    I have been an online gamer for several years and have used countless types of headsets/mics always to be disappointed...THIS one is by far the best I have used. I have used Logitech, Turtle Beach and Skull Candy over the years and I'm super happy with this one!

  • "Fun MOBA with superior controls to other MOBA games" - By Geddon
    Same as League of Legends except it uses an action 3rd person style of controls rather than clicking to move.

    e.g. You use WASD style movement and the mouse aims your abilities. It is a TON more intuitive than the normal click-to-move interfaces in DOTA and LoL.

    Theme is gods from all pantheons across history.

    Regular MOBA mode is the most fun but they have some extra modes and a straight up deathmatch arena mode if you are into that.

    Fun game. Well worth trying since it is free. You can buy gems to speed up your acquisition of gods or just grind them out slowly via gameplay.

  • "PRETTY NICE!" - By Jay
    I just got this keyboard and have been using it for about a week now i can say its pretty good

    Fast responding

    the lights are bright

    and easy setup

    only some things that bug me a bit are the keys are a little "slippery" and the enter key the shape throws my pinkie off when typing
    all n all its worth the price!


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    Zelotes 5500 DPI 7 Button LED Optical USB Wired Gaming Mouse Mice for Pro Gamer
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    "great for the price" - By tyler brown
    when i bought this i wasn't expecting much out of it i just needed to replace the wireless mouse i had that was begging to crap out. ei like this mouse a lot more than my old one.
    side buttons
    DPI switcher
    very responsive
    Fairly light weight
    the button near the right clicker is just a duble click and is not customizable to do other tasks

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    E-Blue Mazer II 2500 DPI Wireless Gaming Mouse (EMS601BKAA-NF)
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    "Excellent, Sensitive, Tactile Gaming Mouse Fits Even a Woman's Smaller Hands" - By CircaRigel's Tears of the Phoenix (Colorado)
    ***** Very comfortable, even in a woman's smaller hands
    ***** Customization is quite easy, with all of the buttons you need easily programmed and accessed
    ***** Rubber grips on the wheel offer greater control, with excellent tactile sensation to know exactly how many clicks it is being rotated
    ***** Button function of the wheel not overly sensitive- no accidental pressing
    ***** Thumb platform improves comfort and control
    ***** Instant adjustment of mouse sensitivity with the dpi button, located centrally where it isn't easily pressed accidentally

    Excellent mouse! Depending on the sensitivity and responsiveness, you can adjust the dpi setting with the push of a button. Programming the buttons is quite easy, and can be customized to your needs. I've tried other gaming mice, even those with higher dpi, yet many of them are too bulky for the hands of the average woman. Not this ... full review

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    Price: $249.99
    "An awesome shooter...but lacks a 2 player mode" - By (Acworth, GA United States)
    Einhander has got to be the best looking shooter available on the Playstation. It's full of colorful and detailed backrounds, the enemies are imaginatively constructed, and there's a nice variety of weapons. The gameplay is similar to side scrolling shooters of the past, with a couple of new the ability to choose your ship and being able to change your weapon configuration on the fly. Einhander will keep even the most experienced of gamers on their toes with long and difficult levels. The only feature that keeps Einhander from perfection is the lack of a 2 player mode. Shooters have alot more replay value when they have a multiplayer option. Still, Einhander is a great game...and since it's now available at a low price, there's no reason not to get it.

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    Razer Naga Hex League of Legends PC Gaming Mouse
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    "Great for gaming" - By A. Bailey (CA, USA)
    We got this for my husband who loves to game. He likes the side buttons as well as the scrolling and top buttons. I think the mouse itself is a bit small but he doesn't seem to mind. It glows a fun green too. We lost the center thumb rest inserts (our toddler ran off with them) and we contacted Razer and they sent us some in the mail for free so great customer service if you ever need.

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    Razer Nostromo PC Gaming Keypad
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    Price: $299.95
    "Suited to World of Warcraft" - By Live to read (Grafenwoehr, Germany)
    If you are in the market for a dedicated left-hand controller, you could do far worse! I am only going to address its suitability for playing my favorite video game, but it is well-suited for any application requiring a large number of dedicated keystroke combinations or macros.

    The Nostromo (originally by Belkin) has been around in various forms for a number of years and I have used most of them. This latest Razer implementation is the best to date. If anyone is interested, I have added comparative mini-reviews of the other controllers I have used below.

    This latest version includes improved drivers, a better (IMHO) programming interface, and access to more key functions by toggling a thumb button (eight, up from three on the previous Belkin n52te version). The thumb button can be set to either cycle through all eight sets of keys, or ... full review

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    Killzone: Liberation - Sony PSP
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    "My favorite game on the PSP" - By James Lhi
    This game has it all. Fantastic graphics: awesome character models and animations, environments are lush and full of life, or appropriately metallic. Great sound: every explosion resonates, the gunfire is intense and the voices of the Helghasts are very well done, great voice acting during the cutscenes. Great gameplay: the controls are different at first but once gotten used to (the first mission is a great tutorial that helps you) the controls become natural for such a third person shooter. There is lots of strategy involved and the gunfights can get intense. Great moments: great boss battles, but I won't spoil them. You just have to buy it!