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1. Great Whiskeys
Great Whiskeys
by DK Publishing
4.6 out of 5 stars (5 customer reviews)
Out of Print--Limited Availability.

"Great Trivia Book for Whiskey Lovers" - By S. Nguyen (Irvine, CA)

A must for any whiskey/scotch lover! Great way to learn about various whiskeys from taste, origin and short history on just about any whiskey. Also a great way to discover new ones!

2. The Craft of the Cocktail: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Master Bartender, with 500 Recipes
The Craft of the Cocktail: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Master Bartender, with 500 Recipes
by Dale DeGroff
4.7 out of 5 stars (102 customer reviews)
In Stock.
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List Price:$35.00
You Save:$14.70 (42%)
"A must-have for any pretender or contender" - By (Seattle, WA United States)

First of all, I am just a pretender, and I have no intention of ever becoming a professional bartender. With that said, this is definitely one of the best books I have picked up, and definitely the best bartender book I have ever seen. It contains vivid pictures of everything that Mr. Degroff is trying to explain and he gives great tips on everything from knowing what glassware and alcohols to have in your bar to unbelievable mix drink recipies. For those who do not drink, it even contains an unbelievable non-alcholic drink (the citrius cream). This book also makes a great coffee table book. Vistors that come by cannot keep their hands off of it! I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to bartend for fun or professionally.

3. The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need
The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need
by Andrew Tobias
4.6 out of 5 stars (93 customer reviews)
In Stock.
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List Price:$14.95
You Save:$4.32 (29%)
"Really two books in one" - By Slow Runner (NY, NY)

Amazing that the title is true, it is the only investment guidebook you'll ever need!

I've often looked at the bookstore for other investment guidebooks, and read a fair number of them, but this book is by far the best. This book is at least two books in one. First, Tobias tells you some common sense things to do before sinking thousands in stocks or other investments. I loved this section of the book, and have gone back to it to again and again for clarity in monthly money management. The rest of the book goes through the menu of investment options and shines a bright light on each one. I learned from this section of the book, and ultimately concluded that Vanguard index funds were the best option for me. Once someone clearly explains to you that it is irrational to try ... full review

4. Lonely Planet Cambodia (Travel Guide)
Lonely Planet Cambodia (Travel Guide)
by Greg Bloom
3.7 out of 5 stars (35 customer reviews)
Out of Print--Limited Availability.

"Pretty spot on" - By Paul Lawrence (Australia)

This guide book is pretty spot on and a good all-round companion while in Cambodia. At least I found it so on my trip there only a few weeks prior to writing this review. Effectively it covers all the bases which are;

A broad though comprehensible history section and all the mundane stuff like electricity supplies etc is towards the top of the list. Yeah it makes for boring copy but it is need-to-know stuff. Visa information and foibles about the country in general and a good grasp of the overall 'vibe' of a place are also good to have. You want to get the impression the author(s) have a good feel for the place. And some cultural dos and don'ts thrown in.

Ideas for accommodation, what to see and what to do and some tips for how to get about the place that are actually realistic. Rough ... full review

5. Seduction and Snacks
Seduction and Snacks
by Tara Sivec
4.6 out of 5 stars (1,519 customer reviews)
In Stock.
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List Price:$12.00
You Save:$1.20 (10%)
"A censored interpretation of the actual review" - By Tough Critic Book Reviews

My original review got banned with the, "We do not allow profane or obscene content. This applies to adult products too" warning from amazon. To fix this, I've used code words to replace the "inappropriate" content.

Code Key:
"O"--The big "O" as in OH...MY...GOD!
"vag"--to replace the anatomically correct phrasing for lady bits!
"latex protection device"--this one's obvious; think "trojan"
"darn"--this one's pretty obvious, but think beaver structure (no not that kind)
"chuck"--come on!! Think of another word that rhymes with chuck
"hi-men"--misspelled on purpose; it's EXACTLY what it sounds like
"twot" was also misspelled on purpose, but it is what it is!

The unfiltered hilarity of this book made me laugh and "o" at the same time. Can you laugh yourself into an "o"?? Never in my life have I been so darn proud to have a vag! I normally don't like vag; it can be very ... full review

6. Do More, Spend Less: The New Secrets of Living the Good Life for Less
Do More, Spend Less: The New Secrets of Living the Good Life for Less
by Brad Wilson
3.5 out of 5 stars (220 customer reviews)
Only 4 left in stock (more on the way).
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List Price:$17.95
You Save:$2.75 (15%)
"SO much more than airline miles" - By Bumbly91786

I got this book after getting hooked on Brad's awesome website of great deals, expecting it to be a guide for how to use airline miles and points from credit cards to travel cheaply to amazing places. It is that, but it's also so much more.

I did not expect to come away from reading this book feeling inspired and empowered, but I did! The author talks you through the ways in which consumers are expected to shop for and buy things, and how these normal routes often cost us money or time, or both. It's true that in the examples about the opportunities he has taken advantage of, the deals and promotions that made that *specific* example work are often not in operation anymore, but what you're supposed to take away is that if you can be just a tiny bit creative and follow his lead, when an ... full review

7. 1001 Whiskies You Must Taste Before You Die (1001 (Universe))
1001 Whiskies You Must Taste Before You Die (1001 (Universe))
by Dominic Roskrow
4.8 out of 5 stars (40 customer reviews)
Only 11 left in stock (more on the way).
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List Price:$36.95
You Save:$10.10 (27%)
"Amazing Wealth of Information" - By Jeff Albers

Gave this book to a friend for Christmas but plan to go back and get one for myself. This is much more than a coffee table dust collector. The information and graphics are amazing. Would highly recommend for both the novice and the more experienced whiskey drinker.

8. Special Topics in Calamity Physics
Special Topics in Calamity Physics
by Marisha Pessl
3.6 out of 5 stars (478 customer reviews)
Only 1 left in stock (more on the way).
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List Price:$16.00
You Save:$3.18 (20%)
"Special Topics in Calamity Physics" - By Stephen Williams (Hawthorne, California)

Review of: "Special Topics in Calamity Physics"

By Marisha Pessl

This is a murder mystery. We learn of the mysterious death of one of the main characters early in the book. The death might have been a murder or might have been suicide. As the story develops, we learn that the victim is one of a cast of extraordinary characters. We know from the start of the death. When it happens, the sequence of events is still surprising.

The main character is a precocious teen girl named Blue van Meer. She has extraordinary talents, exceptional perception and is a dynamic central character. The reader quickly builds up sympathy and concern for her welfare.

The gradual introduction of revolutionary cabals, conspiracies, hidden societies and secret identities keep the readers attention up to the astonishing ending. Other reviewers noted ... full review

9. Truth in Advertising: A Novel
Truth in Advertising: A Novel
by John Kenney
4.1 out of 5 stars (118 customer reviews)
Only 8 left in stock (more on the way).
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List Price:$24.99
You Save:$6.42 (26%)
"When Disillusionment Is Hilarious" - By Gregory Zimmerman (Chicago, IL)

Here's a test to see whether you'll like John Kenney's debut novel, Truth in Advertising; if you find the following is funny, you will. In the opening scene, our narrator, 39-year-old advertising copywriter named Finbar Dolan, is on the set of a diapers commercial. Gwyneth Paltrow is starring as the mother. When the casting agency sends over a black baby to be Paltrow's son, Fin's art director Ian quips, "Chris Martin is not going to like this." (Just so we're clear, Kenney's not saying Chris Martin is racist. The joke is that Chris Martin would be pissed that Gwyneth had a fake love child that clearly isn't his.)

Me? I thought that was hilarious -- and it's a good indication of the type of humor in store for the next 300 pages. Truth in Advertising is what would happen if Mad Men had sex with Jonathan Tropper. It's sarcastic, ... full review

10. Korea: The Impossible Country
Korea: The Impossible Country
by Daniel Tudor
4.6 out of 5 stars (79 customer reviews)
Only 19 left in stock (more on the way).
Ships from and sold by
List Price:$22.95
You Save:$3.98 (17%)
"the impossible made plausible" - By Acorn

The subtitle of this important book stems from two extraordinary facts about South Korea: that in the space of two generations it has gone from being one of the poorest countries in the world to being a member of the OECD (the group of rich countries), and it has gone from being under the rule of US-backed military dictatorships to being a thriving democracy. Such dramatic changes make the country worthy of study on a number of fronts and Daniel Tudor has made a strong effort to help us understand this remarkable, if also darkly flawed, state.

The book begins with a brief history of Korea from ancient times up to the division of the peninsula in 1948 and the ensuing civil war that ended in 1953. The overview introduces some key themes about relations with China and Japan, the influence of religions and Confucian ethics, attitudes to outsiders ... full review

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