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    Printing in Plastic: Build Your Own 3D Printer (Technology in Action)
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    "Essential for the Home Tinkerer" - By Vesper Aeon (I'm with Carmen San Diego. JEALOUS?!)
    3D printing is the wave of the future, and this book is a great introduction to the field. The book is neatly laid out, written in clear, simple language, and filled with illustrations. At times it seemed as if the authors could have spent another week or two tweaking the manuscript before submitting it for print, but they themselves acknowledge that several times in the text.

    Overall, it is a great addition to any home library that has a section on how to build and maintain your own electro/mechanical devices.

  • "Awesome" - By Timothy Damiani
    This was the best book ever. Except for the illustrations the ones on book 1were a little bit better.
    I really think u should get this book it's a great sequel to the first book I think it should be called the best minecraft book sequel...NOW GO BUY THE BOOK NOW!!!

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    Big Picture Economics: How to Navigate the New Global Economy
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    "Best book since Freakonomics" - By nh
    Most interesting book since Freakonomics. It clearly explains the whys behind conventional wisdom and economic truths (which I’d accepted but never really understood)--why companies are slow to expand after a recession, why government spending doesn’t always boost the economy, why wages stagnate and why tax policy has such an impact on the economy. And it reviews subjects I’d never pondered—how the Fed predicts the economy, when the increase in home prices is not good and how dogs suggest economic indicators and how cities change their tax bases and why that’s important.

    This isn’t a book for economists. It’s for everyone else who wants to make sense of the world because, after all, most everything boils down to money in the end anyway.

    After Big Picture Economics, you'll more completely understand what you read in the paper and online as well as better comprehend your own buying decisions.

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    Just Another Leap: A Layman's Guide to Get from There to Here
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    "I thought it was great and would recommend to others" - By Dean Newton
    Just Another Leap is a concise, quick read that offered many practical steps that anyone (or any team) can conveniently fit into their life. It not only provided a refreshing perspective, but came complete with instructions to develop skills that may be out of your comfort zone. I thought it was great and would recommend to others.

  • "Destined to make a global impact" - By Erin Reese (San Francisco, CA)
    Pamela Lund is a practical visionary who is destined to make a global impact. I've been waiting a long time to see a creative thinker of her caliber set foot on the world stage.

    Massively Networked takes the reader on an insight-packed journey into emerging technological, social, and economic realities. She makes one think - hard - about putting our imagination to work and why it matters now more than ever. Abstract concepts of our time, such as the Internet of Things and augmented reality, are brought to life in ways that make complete and total sense.

    Lund's massively networked universe is not a portrayal of the future - it is already here. Paying attention to the principles presented in this book could make all the difference as to whether we surf or slog through the 21st century.