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1. MLB 14: The Show
MLB 14: The Show
by Sony Computer Entertainment
4.2 out of 5 stars (228 customer reviews)
In Stock.
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List Price:$59.99
You Save:$30.00 (50%)

2. NBA 2K14 - Playstation 3
NBA 2K14 - Playstation 3
by 2K Sports
4.3 out of 5 stars (339 customer reviews)
In Stock.
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List Price:$39.99
You Save:$16.01 (40%)
"Fun but can use some improvement" - By Sreenadh

Whatís good:

Brilliant in game presentation.
MyCareer is an incredibly in depth experience.
Gameplay is challenging and flows smoothly.
Commentary is some of the best in any sports game.

Whatís bad:

Menu interface is bloated.
No tutorial introducing newcomers to the game.
A bit too much focus on Jay Zís contributions.

NBA 2K13 is a brilliantly fun basketball game and one for all basketball fans to pick up. Casual sports game fans should also pick this up as itís good to play against others. Sure there are a few things 2K can improve, like the menu interface and the inclusion of a tutorial, but once you get a hang of it NBA 2K13 is a great experience.

3. 2K Sports Combo Pack - MLB2K13/NBA2K13 - Xbox 360
2K Sports Combo Pack - MLB2K13/NBA2K13 - Xbox 360
by 2K
4.0 out of 5 stars (25 customer reviews)
Only 3 left in stock.
Sold by Chachi Toys and Fulfilled by Amazon.
List Price:$79.99
You Save:$12.24 (15%)
"Decent combo package for sports fans" - By JWink

MLB 2K13 review

I have played the game for a bit now and to me one of the biggest weaknesses of the game is the graphics. The players just dont look as nice as others in the sport videao game arena. Although they have made some improvements from the previous years MLB games the graphics still look poorly done and could use some work. The modeling of the players seems out of place to the rest of the game. For the most part, the gameplay is pretty good, pitching and fielding work smoothly and seem to perform the way it should. The weakness seem to be in how the ball performs when it is hit. It doesnt appear to be rendered accurately at times.

MLB 2K13 really seems add very little over MLB 2K12 and doesnt really make you think there is something ... full review

4. MLB 13 The Show - Playstation 3
MLB 13 The Show - Playstation 3
by Sony Computer Entertainment
4.5 out of 5 stars (340 customer reviews)
In Stock.
Sold by Shark Distributors and Fulfilled by Amazon.
List Price:$59.99
You Save:$38.51 (64%)
"Gameplay review, for Show veterans" - By Charles M. Strnad (Tulsa, OK)

I have been playing MLB The Show from the inception of the series, and only use it for one purpose every year: to play through an entire season (Spring Training, Regular Season, and Playoffs)with my hometown Chicago White Sox, playing against the CPU. What I am looking for in a baseball videogame is one that is realistic (for both stats and gameplay), challenging to win (part of the realism thing), visually appealing, The last one has been a seeming point of contention amongst Show reviewers over the years, and I suppose it most depends one what one considers "fun". It probably goes without saying, but I'll say it (again) anyway: if what you consider fun in a baseball videogame is winning most of your games, while piling up tons of hits and homeruns, and striking out most of the cpu hitters, then this game is not (and never has ... full review

5. NBA 2K13 - Xbox 360
NBA 2K13 - Xbox 360
by 2K Sports
4.3 out of 5 stars (485 customer reviews)
Only 4 left in stock.
Sold by Insane Web Deals...Simply the Best Deals on the Web! and Fulfilled by Amazon.
List Price:$39.99
You Save:$17.77 (44%)
"Finally they made the game better!" - By A. Griffith (Central Illinois)

This game is much better than the last 2 years' offerings.

1. You can now drive to the hoop and do some dynamic shots. This is all some players can do in the NBA. Not being able to do it in the game in the past took away from the true sim feel. If you are a true sim fan then you should appreciate the game more now. That being said it does seem a little over powered.

2. Players seem a tad smarter then in the past. This should be the case every year though.

3. Dream Team! All 12 of them are in the game and on the team. That includes Scottie Pippen who wasn't going to be included during the announcement of this feature. The 2012 Team USA is also on the game. Neat bonus ... full review

6. Madden NFL 25 - Xbox 360
Madden NFL 25 - Xbox 360
by EA Sports
3.9 out of 5 stars (671 customer reviews)
In Stock.
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List Price:$29.99
You Save:$15.85 (53%)
"Madden stumbles at the end of the generation" - By pastapadre

Madden NFL 25 is one of the most difficult to evaluate sports games in recent memory. It carries with it considerable value thanks to a deep feature set, distinct improvements to gameplay, and appreciable fun factor. For every positive though there seems to be something dragging it down from potential excellence. Features aren't completely fleshed out, gameplay looks and feels chaotic, and legacy issues remain unaddressed.

-Connected Franchise: This is obviously the big one - especially with the return of Owner mode - and I wrote over 3000 words and posted nearly 100 screenshots regarding it on my site detailing everything from the executive duties of an Owner and how things progressed within the entire Connected Franchise universe having played every game in a season and extended into year two.

Owner mode provides some compelling elements which will be especially fun when joined by friends but Connected ... full review

7. FIFA 14 - Xbox 360
FIFA 14 - Xbox 360
by EA Sports
4.1 out of 5 stars (420 customer reviews)
Only 14 left in stock.
Ships from and sold by media&more.
"FIFA 14!!" - By John Omelina

Great game! Great price. My brother loved it. If you like old FIFAs you will LOVE this one. A must buy!!

8. NHL 14 - Xbox 360
NHL 14 - Xbox 360
by EA Sports
4.1 out of 5 stars (171 customer reviews)
Only 10 left in stock.
Ships from and sold by C3 Computer Consultants.
"NHL 14 is truly addicting!" - By goo22

I am not a huge hockey fan, yet I do watch an occasional Red Wings game; but NHL 14 makes you truly enjoy playing hockey on your video game console.

The commentary has improved from 13
It operates very naturally and smooth
The uniforms look great, especially the alternate ones that you unlock with a code
Be a GM mode is very fun
The online shoot out mode is enjoyable
Gameplay continues to be great,

There is many more pros, yet I will address the few cons.

Face-offs are extremely hard to win, compared to NHL 13
Opposing goalies seem to play amazing, making almost every save
Last, your own goalie seems to have a tough time against deflections and long slap shots

Other than the few cons, NHL 14 is an addicting game that has all of the things you could ask for ... full review

9. NCAA Football 14 - Xbox 360
NCAA Football 14 - Xbox 360
by EA Sports
4.2 out of 5 stars (281 customer reviews)
Only 3 left in stock.
Ships from and sold by OOP Collectibles.
"Tom Clancy Blacklist" - By cheeseeater

NCAA 14 is the best football game I have ever played and I have been playing games since 1989 or longer, THANKS BE TO THE LORD GOD MY FATHER AND JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOR, THE SAVIOR OF ALL WHO CALLS ON HIM. THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF THE ONLY TRUE LIVING GOD, for THEY are reason that we have this great freedom. But I started out playing Sega, then Sega genesis 16bit and then Nintendo and now I'm a big fan and supporter of Xbox and Xbox 360. I don't remember what year I first started playing madden, but back when my brother and I was kids our mother and dad would buy us the games and I remember the madden of today being called back then John madden sports talk football. I been on madden for a long time and I played madden 13" but I ... full review

10. WWE 2K14 - Xbox 360
WWE 2K14 - Xbox 360
by 2K
4.4 out of 5 stars (242 customer reviews)
In Stock.
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List Price:$29.99
You Save:$6.00 (20%)
"wwe 2k14" - By lockera

I love this game im so addicted ro i give it 10/10 its excellent game.
There some wrestlers are new on the game
1) Antonio Cesaro
2) Damien Sandow
3) Darren Young
4) Dean Ambrose
5) Roman Reigns
6) Ryback
7) Seth Rollins
8) Titus O'Neal
9) AJ Lee
11) Kaitlyn

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